A glimpse of DBSK’s “deadly” schedule…

Posted: November 15, 2009 in DBSK in Korea
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Let’s take a look DBSK’s schedule from July 7, 2008 up to July 20, 2009. This is a proof of how overworked they are and how cruel SM is for giving them such a packed schedule JUST FOR THE COMPANY TO GAIN A LOT OF PROFIT. If I were given this kind of schedule, I would have been dead by now. I pity the members so much because they had to work THIS hard and yet they don’t get the income share and proper treatment they deserve. SM’s cruelty is beyond words.

Also I request the people who still believe that these boys are not treated as “slaves” by SM and that they shouldn’t leave the company, if ever you are reading this, please take a look at the schedule below. If you still think that it’s not enough proof of the unfair treatment the artists are experiencing under SM, then I think you guys are on the same league as SM. People like you are heartless, unsympathetic, insensitive and uncaring.








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  1. - says:

    My only reaction’s “wtf” and “how the hell.” Then, I really want to punch SM Ent (the people who are just this heartless to overwork such sweet, brilliant boys)

    Dbsk better fight for all it’s worth and kick SM Ent in the balls.

    (Pardon my language and you could always imagine wtf stood for what the fudge or something… I’m never really this vulgar but I have anger and frustration seething through every cell of my body right now. Need. To. Punch. Something.)

  2. maya says:

    when i saw it’s a daily schedule,i was not surprised but when i saw ‘in 2007,7 countries visited in one week’,i was like,’damn,that’s crazy.’ and ‘no sleep at all’ seems frequent,considering the schedule,though they might not state all.

    but then again,what andy said earlier got me thinking.and we all know that andy knows best,right?i really hope that things will get better for the boys.soon.

  3. i likey says:

    “nov 28/08 return to korea. nov 28/08 depart from korea.” WTF?
    7 countries in one week in 2007. sme’s xmas present to dbsk=no sleep from 12/30-01/01. that’s not cool.

    ='( we all saw how chaotic the year end of 08 was for them.
    =0 holy snap, overpacked schedule!

    i feel soo bad for them. they never back out from working so hard and they barely get what they deserve. im glad jaechunsu stepped out.

    dbsk hwaiting. seriously, someone’s gotta burn down that building!

  4. lyrico jae says:

    really really getting on my nerves =(

  5. DBSKrockstheworld says:

    oh my god, to hell with you SM!! My god DBSK is their top boyband and this is the kind of shit treatment they get??!! GOSH DBSK ARE HUMANS, NOT ROBOTS!!! THEY WILL BREAK DOWN SOMEDAY WITH THIS KIND OF SLAVE SCHEDULES!! HOPE THAT SM WILL BE DESTROYED!!

    I’m very very sure that the court will definitely rule in favour of DBSK!! No way they will side with that cruel bastard SM company!!! I know that this issue cannot be resolved anytime soon, but I really hope that there will be a good outcome for DBSK!!! I just want them to be happy and have enough rest, I will always pray for you DBSK, ALL THE BEST!!!

  6. RiNoA says:

    maybe the owners of this company are very very hideous-looking creatures.. they don’t want DBSK to have their beauty rest at all.. LOL… but unfortunately for them, these guys are angels… hahaha…



  7. pine says:

    Thank God that they are still alive …

    i also want to say a big thank u to the people around them for their supports. people behind the curtains are also very important. e.g. staff, managers, designers, stylists, dancers and so on.

    huh … hwaiting dbsk!!! we know how much you all gave us the best of you. thank you so much.

    but to me, i have no strength to see them smiling brightly toward us with very tired mind, body and soul. they need to take a rest. all human beings need to take a rest at least once a week. regardless of how strong you are, your body cannot take it. seeing them like this make me hurt.

    i’m now wondering whether sm is organized with people without hearts??? my gosh! how cruel!!!! didn’t they???

  8. lovetohateme says:

    @ – -: Don’t worry, we understand. I sometimes use those kinds of words too when I’m furious with SM.

    @ maya: That schedule is actually lacking so many things. If only EVERYTHING was listed there (including their rehearsals) then it would have been MUCH longer than that.

    @ i likey: “seriously, someone’s gotta burn down that building!” – Come on! Let’s do the honors of burning SM. LOL. =)

    @ lyrico jae: I know, right? SM is really pushing my patience to the limit.

    @ DBSKrockstheworld: Agree. I just want the boys to be happy and be in good health all the time.

    @ RiNoA: LOL! :D

    @ pine: Yes, thank goodness they’re alive. Some people say that this schedule is NORMAL for artists but if only they would realize that there are so many things that weren’t included in the list and also how tiring flying from one country to another in just a span of a day or two, they’ll probably sympathize with DBSK, too.

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