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It was reported today that JaeJoong was ‘dating’ a Japanese actress(?) named Abiru Yuu. This rumor has been a hot topic in Korea and netizens are going crazy on this. This has topped  a lot of search rankings the moment it went public and news sites also reported it. But the thing is, THIS IS ONLY A RUMOR.

JaeJoong, through his representative, has clarified this rumor and said that it is FALSE.

TVXQ Hero JaeJoong clarifies on rumours of love relationship with Japanese actress Abiru Yuu

Dong Bang Shin Ki Hero JaeJoong’s representative spoke up about rumours of love relationship between JaeJoong and Japanese actress Abiru Yuu.

It was said in Japanese weekly magazine ‘Female Seven’ on 26th November, “JaeJoong and Abiru Yuu were seen on a date late night in Tokyo recently. The date between the 2 was first witnessed in early October where they were spotted very initimately together on late night date at about 3am.”

But a representative said on 26th November, “Totally absurd. The date which the magazine stated – early October – JaeJoong was in Korea. How can the 2 be together, we really cannot understand. And according to Avex Japan, JaeJoong has never met Abiru Yuu before.”

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There you go. Jae says it isn’t true and so I believe him. Many netizens and DBSK fans has been up in arms when this news came out. The reason behind such disapproval to the supposed relationship between them (which is not true as clarified by Jae’s rep)  is somehow  because some fans refuses to let the fangirl in them accept that Jae will one day find a girlfriend but mostly because of Abiru Yuu’s “bad reputation”.

For all those who doesn’t know Abiru Yuu and why she is getting such a disapproval from fans, well she is the ex-girlfriend of NEWS member Yamapi. The two of them broke-up because Yamapi found out that she is having an affair with another guy. Also apart from this, she was involved in a lot of scandals in Japan, ranging from being drunk while guesting on a TV show to having “unpleasant” photos of her released on the internet.

I know I don’t really have a say on who should Jae (or the other members for that matter) end up with but I just want to give my opinion. I really don’t mind if ever one day he finds a girlfriend. I’m a Jae fan but I’m not crazy enough to forbid him and wish that he won’t be with a girl other than me. As long as he finds a FITTING and DESERVING  girl to be his girlfriend and one who will make him happy, then I won’t have any complaints.  I just wish he’ll be careful and smart enough to choose a girl who has a “good background”. I’m actually one of those people who are EXTREMELY thankful that this rumor is false. Like the other fans, I also disapprove of him  being with Abiru Yuu just because of her not-so-good background. I don’t want Jae to be committed to someone who has a history of cheating on his boyfriend. Jae had a bad experience with his past girlfriend before debut and I don’t want him to experience that again. It took him quite some time to recover from that and I wouldn’t want him to have another similar heartache. He deserves someone better than that.

Anyway, I hope this helped clear this issue. Again, THIS IS A FALSE RUMOR, JaeJoong and Abiru Yuu are not together. I hope this issue stops here. There’s no point in dragging this longer.

CreBeau CEO finally speaks up regarding the lawsuit filed against the three members by a Chinese company as well as SM’s continuous involvement of CreBeau on their dispute with the three members.

Crebeau President Kang Seok Won speaks about SM and TVXQ

The cosmetic company that is being shown by SM Entertainment as the crux of the TVXQ dispute. To find out what exactly the relationship is between TVXQ and the cosmetic company, we met with Kang Seok Won, President of Crebeau, for an interview. President Kang Seok Won carefully picked his words and said, “More than 10 years of hard work to build this company are being rattled because of TVXQ’s small investment.”


What is the relationship between Crebeau and the three members of TVXQ?
=Crebeau was created over 12 years ago. It has been over ten years since we began using sheep placenta as a main ingredient in the cosmetics. This can be easily verified in our homepage or on our certificate of authentication. We have over 100 stores in Korea alone. We are also a company that has spread to China and Japan.TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun and YoungWoong Jaejoong made only small investments in our company.

What kind of company is the Beijing Representation Corporation that sued the three members of TVXQ?
=The Beijing Representation Corporation is the company who is in charge of all the Crebeau stores in the Shanghai region in China. We currently have three chain stores open in Shanghai as of now. We met for the first time at the Company Presentation that was held in China in January of this year and signed a contract together. This company opened these three stores in July and officially began their business. As soon as they opened, complications arose. (President Kang showed Sports Seoul the contract between Crebeau and Beijing Representation Corporation) Beijing Representation Corporation were not adhering to the clauses in the contract and were using TVXQ to advertise their products. They irrationally held advertising events, and when we intercepted their actions, they decided to file the lawsuit.

If the three members of TVXQ only hold small investments, why where they sued?
=The three members attended the Investment Presentation we held in Shanghai in January. After listening to the Investment Presentation, the three completed their investments in March/April. The Beijing Representation Corporation interpreted ‘The TVXQ Three members have invested’ as ‘The TVXQ Three members are now ambassador’s to Crebeau.’ Therefore, the company tried to use TVXQ to advertise products but as soon as we heard of this and intercepted their actions, they retaliated. (Holding the contract)In the contract, not even the ‘T’ of TVXQ is mentioned. The three members of TVXQ represent SM Entertainment, not Crebeau. The side that violated the contract is in fact Beijing Representation Corporation, not the three members.

Do you have proof that Beijing Representation Corporation violated the contract?
=On October 2nd, when the TVXQ Shanghai concert was coming up, they sold cosmetics tied with tickets for the concert. We have even collected evidence of this. They opened a store that did not follow our standards, and illegally sold cosmetics at discounted prices near the concert location. These are all violations of the contract. The main office located in Korea told Beijing Representation Corporation to ask for all of the cosmetics sold along with tickets to be returned so that the company’s image would not be tarnished. 70 million Won worth of damages were incurred but the main office compensated for all of these losses.

When you say a ‘small investment’ by the three members of TVXQ. How small is their investment?
=The three members invested less than 100 million Won each in the Chinese branch of our company. Crebeau itself invested more than 3 billion Won for the Chinese expansion. The three members’ investments combined are only worth around 300 million Won. It is only around 1/10 of all of the investments. Xiah Junsu’s father also showed interest in investing. We gave him the right a chain store outside of Seoul. All the investment money related to TVXQ does not amount to much.

How are you planning to deal with Beijing Representation Corporation?
=We are going through the appropriate steps with a lawyer from China. They are at an advantage as this is a case that will be dealt with using the laws of China. That is why Beijing Representation Corporation did not sue the Chinese office of Crebeau either. If there was a problem with the company as a whole, why did they just sue the Korean main office? This is their blind spot. I believe that the truth will always win.

SM Entertainment is blaming the cosmetic company for the TVXQ dispute.
=We find it quite absurd that we are being blamed for the dispute between TVXQ and SM Entertainment. Many people were witness to TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu receiving permission from SM to invest in the company. All the procedures we had to go through were legally correct and there were no problems. SM Entertainment blamed us only after the dispute occurred between the agency and members of TVXQ. Because of SM, our work has been disrupted and our image has been tarnished.

How do you plan on solving the issue regarding SM?
=This is a problem that has nothing to do with the three members of TVXQ. It is a problem between two companies. SM Entertainment used Crebeau as a scapegoat and tarnished our image to put the blame of the TVXQ dispute on us. The Chinese and Japanese plans we have been making have been rattled because of SM’s claims. The main office of Crebeau in Korea, as well as our offices in China and Japan are planning to get together and file a large-scale lawsuit against SM. We will receive an appropriate apology for our tarnished image and disrupted work.

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I’m glad the CreBeau’s CEO cleared the name of the members with regard to the issue against the Chinese company. Now we know their side of the story and frankly, without any bias, I believe this statement by CreBeau’s CEO more than the supposed “facts” released by the Chinese company before mainly because Kang Seok Won WILLINGLY showed the contracts to the interviewer. This means a lot as it gives the impression that he’s no trying to hide anything.

Changmin and Yunho left for Japan a yesterday and of course, pics of them at the airport were immediately posted in the internet. Changmin’s new hairstyle caught my attention. OMG, it looks so nice! It ALMOST looks similar to his hairstyle during their HUG days with a slight difference. He looks so young during those days while he looks so mature now. Nevertheless, he still looks HOT. I’m loving his hair! :D

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I hope this can shed some light on this issue and clear JaeJoong, Yoochun and Junsu from any blame for the cancellation of the Shenzhen concert.

TVXQ Three Members State “China Shenzhen Concert Note Of Confirmation Signatures Were Forged”

-Note of Confirmation-

-Personal Number:
-Phone Number:

I, the writer of this note of confirmation, followed orders from ooo of SM Entertainment in March of 2009 and signed the documents for the Shenzhen concert instead of the three members. In signing these documents, neither the writer of this note nor SM Entertainment received permission beforehand and afterwards from the three members to use their signatures.The Shenzhen concert was completely unknown to the three members at the time of the lawsuit and it was confirmed after the lawsuit began.

Written date: November 15, 2009 Sunday

Three members of group ‘TVXQ’, Xiah Junsu, YoungWoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun, who are locked in a legal dispute with SM Entertainment, has stated that their signatures were forged on the note of confirmation for the Shenzhen concert and this is expected to cause major ripples in the case.

Regarding SM Entertainment’s stance that ‘The three members suddenly notified SM of their non attendance two weeks before the Shenzhen concert which was to be held on November 21st and there are no legal problems with our ticket sales,’ the three members’ side stated on the 24th that, “The China Shenzhen Concert note of confirmation holds signatures of the three members that we are attempting to prove were forged.”

They also stated, “Some Chinese and Korean fans notified us that the signatures used on the note of confirmation looked forged, and after thorough examination, we were able to know that the signatures were indeed false,” and “SM Entertainment stated that there were no legal problems regarding their ticket sales of TVXQ’s Shenzhen Concert, yet they forged the members’ signatures for this.”

The note of confirmation for Chinese performances is a document that proves that the musician will be attending the event through their signature. This document is placed where tickets are sold so that the consumers will know that the singer will be attending.

The three members’ side also stated, “In the case of the Shenzhen concert, the three did not sign the documents saying that they would attend but SM had someone forge the signatures,” and “The person who forged the signatures submitted a hand-written note stating that he was ordered by a representative of SM to forge the signatures.”

The fake signatures (left) and the real signatures (right)

They also stated that, “SM added this Shenzhen concert into the members’ schedule after the agreement they made with the three members that all pre-planned activities would be performed. They are trying to distort the facts to make it seem like it was an event planned from before the trial,” and “The three members have asked SM to tell them of the 배경 of the forgery of the signatures as well as to reveal the full contents of the Shenzhen concert contract. The three hope to dispel any misunderstandings the fans may have felt from this happening.

They also released the real signatures of the three members along with the fake signatures on the note of confirmation.

Before this, SM stated that the three members knew of the Shenzhen Concert before the exclusive contract suspension request was submitted and that they pulled out of the event suddenly two weeks before the concert which was why the event was canceled. SM also stated that the three members never asked to see the details of the Shenzhen concert contract.

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SM, die and go to hell! *furious*

Good thing the members got a hold of the person who was tasked to forge the signatures. The statement by this person is a very strong evidence against SM’s illegal ways. I’m really furious with SM for stooping this low and doing such dirty and illegal tricks just to ruin JaeChunSu. SM’s way of “fighting” this war vs JaeChunSu is definitely unfair and uncalled for. The company is going too far. I hope the Courts would take this into consideration in making a final verdict on the dispute between the three members and SM. If SM could do such thing as hiring someone to forge the members’ signatures WITHOUT their consent, then it is definitely HIGHLY POSSIBLE that they are really doing horrible things to their artists.

Also, may this serve as an eye opener to those who still believe that SM is “innocent”. This  forgery issue only goes to show that SM is fooling the public by doing such things. People at SM really regard the public as stupid and dumb people who can easily be fooled. I hope people, especially non-DBSK fans, will be more cautious in taking in any information or statement released by SM. With this as evidence, I believe we have every right to doubt whatever comes out from their mouths.

By the way, I would just like to say that the fake signatures are WAY different from the original signatures of the members. If I were to choose one that is closest to the real one, it will be Junsu’s. But still, it still looks different. For fans who possess items with the members’ signatures or who have seen their signatures numerous times, it can easily be detected that the signatures are fake. It doesn’t take a genius to see that.