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I had trouble sleeping last night (I bet I’m having insomnia attacks again. T_T) so I decided to check out some videos of DBSK on YouTube. Since there’s really not much videos of them nowadays except for a couple of segments on shows or fancams from their various concerts, I decided to watch old videos of them. I came across nomoddy‘s account and she has a playlist of the Making Film of DBSK. I was really having a good laugh last night while watching them even though the videos were quite old already. It’s fun watching the crazy and carefree behavior of the boys while doing their activities. Sometimes, it really feels good to back track on the past videos of DBSK and see the changes that happened to them through the years. =) Anyway, here are the videos that really got me laughing my heart out last night. These are the videos for the Making Film of Balloons.


JaeJoong is so HYPER! He’s so funny, dorky, and plain crazy on this video. I love the first part where he laughed because of his mistake and then at the end of the next take, he looked at the camera and attempted on putting that “innocent-and-cute” look on his face. Gah, I’m fangirling again! But seriously, JaeJoong is pure <333 on this video. I also laughed so hard when JaeChunMin were playing around. I’m telling you, those three are crazy. They’re definitely out of their minds! Hahaha! Oh, and this video only shows how much of a camwhore JaeJoong is. He just keeps on popping out EVERYWHERE. Why can’t he let the other members film their parts without any distractions from him? Ah, this man is really in love with the camera (and I think the camera loves him, too!).

Here are the other funny parts:

Making Film Part 13-1 Repackage Ver. D
Making Film Part 13-2 Repackage Ver. D
Making Film Part 13-3 Repackage Ver. D
Making Film Part 14-1 MV Balloons
Making Film Part 14-2 MV Balloons
Making Film Part 14-3 MV Balloons
Making Film Part 14-4 MV Balloons (this is actually the video I embedded above)

And if you want to see all the videos because you haven’t seen them yet or you simply want to reminisce like me, then CLICK THIS.

Enjoy! :D

It’s a short video of the boys in a Japanese show during their A-Nation concert. Their talk wasn’t really relevant but I just enjoyed watching the clip since the four members were bullying Junsu again. Poor Junsu. Hahaha. But I guess he’s used to it already. It’s almost like an everyday routine for him to be bullied by the other four members. =)

And oh, I just have to say this out loud even if I’ve said it a million times already: JaeJoong is so HOT. Man, love the hair! I think it’s getting shorter and shorter by the day but who cares?! It still looks good on him. Add to that, I’m finally getting used to Yoochun’s inexplainable hair although I still don’t like it. ^^

[Credit: YunhoLoverXP@ YT]

Wow, it took me a while to post an entry again. I actually planned on posting some stuff (not so important but some things I still want to share) but I had to write so many final school papers the past week so I really had no energy to write an entry anymore. I bet I won’t be able to post next week, too since I’ll be out of the country. I might post a couple of random entries tonight if my brain would permit me to. Hahaha. I won’t be posting most of last week’s DBSK updates (like airport pics and JaeJoong’s phone call on ChinChin radio) since I’m sure a lot of Kpop sites already posted entries about those things. =)

Anyway after the SMTOWN LIVE ’08 in Shanghai this September 13, the next event that DBSK will attend is the 2008 Asia Song Festival happening this coming October 3-5, 2008. Refer to THIS POST for the line-up of performers for the said concert. Information about how to get tickets is now available on the 2008 ASIA SONG FESTIVAL website but here are screen caps if ever you don’t want to check the website anymore. (Just click on the picture to view a larger version of it.)





Honestly, I’m a bit confused on this. Are the tickets free or do you have to buy them? (NOTE: That was a QUESTION not a statement.) I was just wondering because I never watched any Asia Song Festival in the past and it’s only now that I really paid attention to it (because TVXQ, SHINee, and Fahrenheit will perform) so I don’t know much about how it really works. IF the tickets are free, gawd I want to watch it. But of course I already knew from long time ago that I don’t stand a chance of watching this live. *pouts*

Anyway, for international fans out there who want and can watch the concert, I guess you have to send your emails to them already since there is a deadline for the ticket exchange pass. Be quick so you’ll not regret it. in the end. :D

There’s a big possibility that I won’t be able to watch this concert. Although I was able to somehow convince my mom, looks like my dad doesn’t really want me to go. :( But whether I will be attending this concert or not, I will continue posting updates regarding the concert to keep you guys updated on the recent news and info about the concert. (That is unless of course you want me to stop posting any more info. Hahaha!)

Anyway, the latest update I got is about the date of the 2nd press conference and THE OFFICAL SELLING OF TICKETS @ THAITICKETMAJOR.COM. Here’s the piece of news posted at Soompi:

On Sunday, 7th of September, ADAMAS will have [the] Press Conference with SM artists (unknown) at Parc Paragon, Siam Paragon under the name “Yamaha Presents SMTOWN LIVE ’08 IN BANGKOK.” Also , PUBLIC SELLING [OF TICKETS] WILL OPEN IN THE SAME DAY [SEPTEMBER 7] AT THAITICKETMAJOR ( Don’t miss it!!!

More information about the artist will be confirmed from the company again.

Sources: ADAMAS &
English trans:
Credits: smtowninbangkok I I

{NOTE: I typed it again instead of copying it directly from the post at Soompi. The words enclosed in [ ] were added by me to make the news more clear and I changed the font color  of some words to RED to give emphasis to that certain part of the news. If you’re taking the news I posted above (meaning including the words I added and stuff), please include me on the credits as well ZhiYan@Soompi who posted it. Thanks!}

So I guess that answers the question of when will be the selling of tickets. Those of you who finally decided to go but doesn’t have a ticket yet can now go to that website and purchase it online starting September 7, 2008. For those who do not know the website, just click THIS LINK and you’ll be redirected to Thaiticketmajor’s website. The link I provided is already in English “mode” so hopefully you won’t have any problems anymore accessing and reading the website. I checked the website now and SMTOWN concert is actually already on the list of concerts included on the “Coming Soon” page. So I guess the info above is correct. =)

I really hope I’m helping you guys. :D I’ll just post more updates as they come.

EDIT: Ticket selling at will start on September 7, 2008 at 10am and will end on November 29, 2008. The artists that will participate in the 2nd press conference are TVXQ and 5 members of Super Junior-M.


This coming October 11, 2008, Ulsan MBC will celebrate its 40th anniversary. A concert called Big Music Festa will be held at Munsu Cup Stadium to celebrate the said event. The line up of performers for the concert includes DBSK, Wonder Girls, Big Bang, SNSD, V.O.S, and Jewelry.

DBSK and Big Bang on the same stage? Wow, I wish I could see this. Not that I am a Big Bang fan but just the fact that Seungri of Big Bang and Xiah Junsu of DBSK will see each other and perform on the same stage excites me. Junsu and his fanboy will meet again. I wonder what will happen? Will Seungri refuse to let go of Junsu’s hands again? LOL.

Selling of tickets for the concert will be on August 29, 2008 at 7pm via Interpark. Ticket prices range from 33,000 won to approximately 55,000 won.

It’s been four days since my last post here in my blog. Surprisingly, I missed blogging so much. I was so busy with school the past week so I had no time to blog. Add to that, there’s really nothing much news about DBSK lately so I also have nothing to blog about them. I refuse to blog about school so I opted not to write anything instead.

Anyway, here are some pictures of JaeJoong (the other members were included in some pictures too) at Incheon airport today. They’re going back to Japan for the A-Nation concert just after going back to Korea the other day.

Seriously, these boys are going back and forth between Japan and Korea a little too much lately. They’re practically on a plane trip almost every other day. I think they really need to rest. It’s a bit too obvious that they’re already tired from all these trips. It’s good that the boys are working hard but what they’re doing is too much. I’m afraid that their bodies will eventually wear out because of too much stress and fatigue if they continue to be like this. *knocks on wood* SM and Avex should give these hard-working guys a rest especially since they will surely be busy with the release of their next Japanese single AND the release of their 4th Korean album. They really deserve a break, even just a short one.

Here are some JaeHo/YunJae moments at the airport.

And here’s a fancam of the incident:

Yunnie’s trying to cheer up Jae who looks like he woke up on the wrong side of his bed. Based from the pictures and fancam, it seems that JaeJoong isn’t in a good mood. Lately, especially when I look at JaeJoong’s airport pictures, it seems like he’s always pissed. I mean, I know that it’s normal for JaeJoong to look so damn serious and seem like he doesn’t have a care in the world whenever they’re at the airport but I think its been worse these past few weeks. In this case, something probably happened before their trip to the airport or maybe he’s just plain tired. Either way, I hope he’s ok now and it’s so sweet of leader-sshi to try to make him feel better. I’m not really into the coupling thing so I’d just term this as BROTHERHOOD. =)

On a lighter note, is it just me or did JaeJoong dye his hair again? I see that the shade of red is back. Well, that is unless of course I’ve been deceived by my reliable (note the sarcasm here) eyes again. I think he’s dyeing his hair a bit too often lately. Isn’t it bad for the hair to be dyed that often? I think he (or his stylist) should make up his mind and settle with one shade for a longer period of time. His hair is too beautiful to be ruined just because of too much hair coloring. =(

[Photo credit: as tagged + baidu] II [Video credit: phutran1981vnn2@ YT]

I decided to make a separate post for the KILLER pictures of JaeJoong since they’re quite many and I guess I just love putting JaeJoong on the spotlight. ;D This is also a treat for all fellow JaeJoong fans out there. Just a warning though, make sure to view these pics with someone beside you because you might faint WHILE looking at these pics. Believe me, I nearly did. =)


Hey, are you guys still there? Are you still alive and breathing? ;D

TOTAL HOTNESS, right? Jae’s getting bolder and bolder by the day. Next time, I’m betting he’s gonna go topless just like what Junsu and Yunho already did. It’s a trend. LOL.

To recover and revive yourselves, here’s another set of pictures.


[Photo Credits: as tagged + baidu + dnbn]

After those heart attack-causing pictures *points to the first set of pics* it’s refreshing to see the usual playful and cute side of JaeJoong. But of course, I won’t mind if he’ll go shirtless often. =)

Anyway, here’s some more additional treats:

JaeJoong almost shirtless cuts @ SM TOWN ’08 concert

[Credit: sophia1813@ YT]

JaeJoong and Lina’s (CSJH) duet

[Credit: eternalshapely]

I swear if JaeJoong would do that *points to the first video* again during the other SM TOWN LIVE ’08 concerts, I will do every possible thing to be able to make it to the Thailand concert. I definitely wouldn’t want to miss JaeJoong’s “SHOW”. Hahaha.

Ok, I’m done. Hope you enjoyed the pictures and videos of JaeJoong. Did you have fun looking at them? =) ‘Till the next SM TOWN concert! ;D

EDIT: Added some more pictures for both sets, which I got from Soompi. So ladies, indulge yourselves with these gorgeous pictures. =)