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120524 Kim Jaejoong Greeted By 600 Fans At The Airport, Taipei Trip Ends Successfully

JYJ member Kim Jaejoong, who has been extremely popular in Taiwan due to the Korean drama “Protect The Boss” reached Taiwan’s Taoyuan Airport on 23 May, for his “2012 KIM JAE JOONG FAN MEETING IN TAIPEI”

Yesterday, approximately 600 fans gathered from early on at Taoyuan airport to wait for Kim Jaejoong, and when he was greeted by the fans as he left the customs, Kim Jaejoong responded with a dazzling smile. Airport staff were surprised, and said, “Kim Jaejoong is only here for a short trip, for his fanmeeting, we didn’t think that so many fans would be at the airport to greet him.” The Taiwan papers also reported on Kim Jaejoong’s popularity, with the headlines “Airport Paralyzed”

Event organizers said, “The highly popular drama from last year “Protect The Boss” has been very well received in Taiwan as well. Recently, there has been many request for a re-broadcast, and it’s popularity has not waned. For this fanmeeting, all 2,500 seats were snapped up in an instant, and his explosive popularity is amazing.”

At the start of the Taiwan fanmeeting, Kim Jaejoong sang “I’ll Protect You” from the “Protect the Boss” OST as well as the movie OST “For You”.  He also played games with his fans, and revealed personal items that he had brought along, as well as singing the song that he had presented to fellow member Kim Junsu as a gift, “No Gain.”  This 2 hour fanmeeting was packed with activities.

At the end of this fanmeeting, Kim Jaejoong said, “Last year, during the world tour we came to Taiwan once, and I really missed this place. Thank you everyone for your support and care so far, and I hope that the fans had a great 2 hours here, just like I did. I also hope that I will have a chance to come back again.”

Kim Jaejoong has been very busy, appearing in the MBC TV drama “Time Slip Dr. Jin” which starts broadcast on 26 May, and he will also be featured in the movie “Here comes Jackal” which will screen in the second half of the year.

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120502 ‘Protect the Boss’ Exported into Ukraine

SBS drama Protect the Boss set a new record of success in exporting to Ukraine.

Having aired August of 2011, Protect the Boss (written by Kwon Ki Young, directed by Son Jung Hyun) is waiting to be aired as the first drama to be exported to a Ukrainian standard broadcast channel.

Protect the Boss is a popular and successful production of both romance and comedy about a novice secretary, No Eun Seol (Choi Kang Hee) and an incompetent, conglomerate’s son, Cha Ji Hun (Ji Sung).

According to the SBS Contents Hub, in charge of international exports of SBS programs, the broadcasting rights and the remake publication rights of Protect the Boss were both sold to a Ukrainian broadcast channel. “Starting 2013, there are plans to create a new Ukrainian remake of the drama.”

They added, “The Russian remake of the drama, That Woman, featuring Shim Hye Jin, Jang Dong Jik, Jung Sung Hwan, Oh Yoon Ah, and Kim Jung Nan, reached number one, as well as a rating of 42% when broadcasted in Ukraine,” and “It seems that Ukraine’s interest in Korean dramas has heightened.”

Before this, productions have been shared free of cost through the Ukrainian embassies or government offices, or through a distribution company, but this is the first time a program has been sold directly to a broadcasting studio. Depending on the success of Protect the Boss, it has been carefully predicted that it may be possible for the hallyu wave to enter Russian markets.

Meanwhile, Protect the Boss has been sold to Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, as well as many other countries, and the DVD will released in Japan at the end of June.

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120430 JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, To Hold An Individual Fanmeeting In Taiwan In May Due To The High Popularity Of “Protect The Boss”

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong will be holding an individual fanmeeting in Taiwan on 23 May.

Kim Jaejoong’s management agency C-Jes Entertainment released a statement saying, “Following the individual fanmeet event held in Shanghai in December last year, Kim Jaejoong will be holding another fanmeet event at the ATT Hall in Taipei, Taiwan, on 23 May. The fanmeet event, titled “2012 Kim Jaejoong Fanmeeting In Taipei”, is held to thank the fans for the explosive interest they have given to the drama “Protect The Boss”, in which he appears.”

In response to this, the local organisers expressed, “The drama “Protect The Boss”, which Kim Jaejoong appears in, received increasing popularity when it was broadcast via Taiwan’s GTV last year, and was broadcast again recently. The reason (for its popularity) is because Kim Jaejoong is one of the few artists to enjoy long-standing popularity in the Chinese industry. Besides that, based on official figures, there are more than 100,000 members in Kim Jaejoong fansites online.

There have been more than 2 million searches related to “Protect The Boss” on China’s popular search-engine Baidu, and more than 280,000 search results on popular Chinese search portal, Sogou. The high popularity of this drama is evident.

During the fanmeeting this time, Kim Jaejoong will be speaking about some of the happenings which occurred during the filming of “Protect The Boss”, as well as his recent activities. Also, games and talk time to allow interaction with the Taiwanese fans has also been planned. He will also be singing the “Protect The Boss” OST, “I’ll Protect You”, which he personally wrote the lyrics for.

On another note, the fanmeeting will be held on a scale of about 2500 seats. Details regarding ticketing will be revealed via the official site as well as the Taiwanese ticketing portal at a later date.

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111004 Jaejoong Says, “If I Was Born In The Past, My Palate Would Make Me Jang-geum”

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong boasted about his ‘perfect palate’ and showed confidence in his cooking skills.

At the press conference of JYJ’s first Korean album ‘In heaven’, which was held at a cafe in Jung-dong, Seoul on the 30th, Kim Jaejoong revealed, “I have such a good palate that I would have been born as Jang-geum if I was born in the past.

Kim Jaejoong showcased stabilized acting skills as Cha Mu Won in the recently ended SBS drama ‘Protect the Boss’. He revealed that all the scenes in the drama that showed him cooking were real shots of him and not an extra. His fellow members explained that Kim Jaejoong has a superior talent for cooking.

Junsu said, “Of everything he can cook, I recommend Jaejoong hyung’s kimchi fried rice and japtang jjigae,” while Park Yoochun praised, “As we don’t live in a dorm together anymore, we don’t have many chances to eat Jaejoong hyung’s food full of his love and sincerity but he’s really good at it. Even when it looks like there’s nothing to cook with, he always makes tasty food.

Junsu added, “He can make food tasty, even without any artificial flavoring. I think even Jaejoong hyung takes pride in the fact that he doesn’t use any of that stuff.” At his members’ praise, Jaejoong joked and said, “My palate is really… If I was born in the past, I would have been born as Jang-geum.”

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111004 Park Yoochun Says, “Kim Jaejoong Will Win The Best Newcomer Award.. His Acting Shone”

JYJ’s Park Yoochun praised the acting of his fellow member, Kim Jaejoong. Kim Jaejoong recently took on his first domestic drama with SBS’ ‘Protect the Boss’.

Meeting with reporters, Park Yoochun said, “I really enjoyed watching Kim Jaejoong act. Everyone, from my mother to my female cousins, were avid viewers of ‘Protect the Boss’,” and “I don’t know if I’m qualified enough to say whether he was good or bad, but honestly, I think he shone the most out of all the characters in the drama. I could see a kind of aura around him. It made me think, ‘So this is the power of Kim Jaejoong.’

As a senior actor, Park Yoochun said, “I think he molded into his character really well. He was quick to mesh his character and his own image together to fit his role. I feel envious and I was moved by him. If I ever get the opportunity later on, I want to try out a character like the one Jaejoong showed.”

He ended his praise by adding, “To tell the truth, everyone in the agency thinks he’s going to win the Best Newcomer Award and I want him to.

At his fellow member’s praise, Kim Jaejoong said, “I met a great character. It was a character that would have been a huge hit if I was a better actor,” and “It’s true that I was hesitant at first because I thought I’d be compared a lot to Yoochun as an actor.

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111006 Choi Kang Hee Says, “Ji Sung Is A Perfect Guy, Kim Jaejoong Is A Charming Guy”

Choi Kang Hee received the full attention and love of two great guys in ‘Protect the Boss’. What are the charms of Ji Sung and Kim Jaejoong according to Choi Kang Hee?

Choi Kang Hee, who said that she had met Ji Sung and Kim Jaejoong two days ago, stated, “Ji Sung was still Cha Ji Hun. But Jaejoong had transformed into the great Kim Jaejoong of JYJ,” and laughed as she said, “Choi Kang Hee had a drink with Cha Ji Hun and Kim Jaejoong.”


She did not hold back her praise for Kim Jaejoong. Describing his facial features, Choi Kang Hee said, “I don’t think Kim Jaejoong’s human. Have you ever seen another kid with eyes as big as his?” and “He’s so unrealistically good-looking so I found myself staring at him a lot. He’s like a figurine.

She also stated, “Jaejoong has a lot of aegyo (cute charm) and is a really innocent and pure friend,” and “Jaejoong is like a person who has never known evil. I don’t think he purposely avoided evil, I think he was just never damaged by it. He’s pure and acts cute a lot.

“A couple of days ago, I fell over while we were out for a drink and I ended up with a scrape on my hand. Ji Sung sent me a caring text message that read, ‘How’s your hand?’ while Jaejoong sent me one that said, ‘Noona, your hand is, like, bleeding’ (laughter). The actors in the team of ‘Protect the Boss’ were extremely close to each other. Sometimes when I act, I feel as though I’m working up against a wall but in this drama, I think the four characters really understood each other really well.”


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