I read the news in Soompi about Kris of EXO filing a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to terminate his existing contract with the company. Though the details of this request for contract termination were not discussed in detail, it was mentioned that his circumstances are similar to that of former Super Junior member Hangeng/Hankyung who also filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment years ago for contract termination.

Though I’m not a hardcore EXO fan, I must admit that I was a bit shocked by this news. I was shocked not because of the fact that Kris was asking for his contract to be terminated but because of how soon this happened. I was somehow expecting this to happen some of the members of EXO especially considering how ‘focused’ SM Entertainment is to this group, similar to how ‘focused’ the company was with DBSK and Super Junior before. Add to that, we’re talking about SM Entertainment here who is a company known for its sneaky and unfair contracts and treatment of its artists. The long list of artists who left the company due to the same reason is enough to prove this. With Kris’ case, I was just not expecting it to come this soon because EXO has been in the business for only around 2 years. Well, I guess Kris has had enough of whatever it is that SM  Entertainment is giving him/them so he decided to end it as soon as possible. I mean if he’s not happy with it anymore, then why stay, right?

Just a word of advice to EXO fans from a Cassie who has been in the same situation years ago: let Kris be and respect whatever his decision is. You will never know what he feels and what he’s going through because you’re not in his shoes. Yes, this kind of situation is surely painful for the fans but you must also remember how much more painful this is for Kris and the other EXO members. Try to understand him and just support him no matter what. Taking sides in this kind of situation is inevitable but if ever you choose not to support Kris’ decision, then it’s ok to leave him alone as long as you don’t put him down. I know sometimes it takes a lot of time and courage to accept these kinds of things and move on from it. For those who have been following this blog, they know that I, for one, is guilty of taking sides when  DBSK was put in the same situation. I chose to support  JYJ and though I tried to keep supporting Yunho and Chamgmin too, I failed in doing so. I felt a sense of disappointment towards Yunho and Changmin so I just decided to let them be – I avoided watching their performances or listening to their music to try and ease the pain and bitterness that I’m feeling towards them. This proved to be effective because in time, the pain, disappointment and bitterness I felt was gone. I’m actually ok now, I can finally enjoy watching the two of them again, maybe not the same joy as I felt before when they were DBSK5 but at least I’ve already accepted their situation now and I’ve completely moved on. Yes, I still consider myself a Cassie (I always will) but I think I’m a more “mature” Cassie now, something that I hope DBSK5 members will be proud of.

EXO fans are probably still in the stage of denial right now and I know how hard this is for you but stay strong and support each other. Take care of all the EXO members because what they need most now is your love, understanding and support. Look back at how Cassies and ELFs responded when put in this kind of situation before and learn from our mistakes. EXO is a young  group and your fandom is just at it’s beginnings. This is just a challenge and a test of character for you so do everything you can to pass this with flying colors for this will be the foundation of your fandom in the years to come.

As what we Cassies always tell each other before: Always keep the faith!

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JaeJoong released his newest solo album and I have no words to describe it but AMAZING AND PHENOMENAL. Really, those words aren’t even enough to describe it but I can’t think of any other adjective to use that would fit it.

I can’t choose any song as my favorite in this album because all the songs are equally great. They all stand out for me because JaeJoong used different styles and melodies for each. I can honestly say that I like this album better than “I” simply because of the variety of styles that JaeJoong displayed on “WWW”. He just keeps on improving on every album/song he releases!

I’ve said this a million times already but I’ll never ever get tired of saying it again and again: I’m super proud of JaeJoong! I’m proud of his improvements as an artist and on what he has achieved in his career. I’m thankful that he’s finally showing the whole world the God-given talent that he has. I’ll forever be proud that I’m a die hard Kim JaeJoong  fan because I know that I’m supporting an artist worthy of all the support and praise I give him.

Listen to the full album below and please, please buy his album! I swear you’ll not regret it! Keep supporting Kim JaeJoong and JYJ! :)

I haven’t posted in AGES but I just can’t help but share the new single of JaeJoong from his first full solo album. The track is called “A Sunny Day” featuring Lee Sang Gon.

Unlike the main tracks from his previous mini album, this song is a ballad – which I think is one of the genres where JaeJoong really excels. I love him the most when he’s singing these kinds of ballads that’s why I fell in love with this song instantly. It’s so easy to listen to and so soothing. JaeJoong’s voice really never fails to enchant me when he sings ballads such as this one. I can’t wait for the release of the full album!

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For all JYJ and JaeJoong fans, the long wait is finally over.

JaeJoong finally releases his mini-album entitled “I” (album title was changed from “MINE”  to “I”) today and it did not disappoint. The long wait of the fans was worth it because the mini album was exceptional and impressive. It contains a variety of tracks that are individually amazing and that are all actually capable of being title tracks of the mini album. JaeJoong indeed prepared for this album so well and he was able to deliver a masterpiece. I’d have to say – personal bias aside – that this is one of the best albums I’ve heard  in recent years. It breaks away from the usual K-Pop style of songs nowadays. The songs in this album are raw and beautiful. No auto-tunes/dubstep or any other song enhancers of the same kind were used. Only the beautiful melody, fantastic arrangement and JaeJoong’s unbelievably versatile vocals could be heard and that’s what made these songs even more amazing.

Below are the tracks from JaeJoong’s mini-album “I”:


This is the title track of his mini-album This song actually reminds me of the Japanese track “MAZE” that he released before when he was still with DBSK. This is the authentic Rocker Jae that we’ve all been waiting for. Again, JaeJoong’s voice is what makes this song amazing because I think his husky voice really suits the rock genre. The piano parts at the intro and middle of the songs were also great. It’s kinda anti-climactic (especially the middle piano part) but I think it also makes the song interesting because it somehow gives the song more drama.

One Kiss

What I love most about this rock-ballad is the melody, the instruments used as well as JaeJoong”s raw and husky voice. You can just hear the rawness of his voice when he hits the high notes – just stunning.  Also, I love how he was in control of his low and high notes. The transition from low to high and then back to low is so smooth that he makes it sound so easy. This is my personal favorite in this mini-album.

All Alone

From Rocker Jae, we go back to  Jae the Balladeer. This is another genre where JaeJoong excels because his voice is just as amazing when he sings these kinds of songs. “All Alone” is such an emotional song. I actually got teary-eyed listening to this track because it just gives you that sad and painful feeling. The way JaeJoong sang it also adds to the emotion the song gives off. His voice is so soothing and emotional that it would be impossible not to be moved when listening to this.

You Fill Me Up (내안 가득히)

Again, the melody and arrangement is amazing. It’s the most balanced song in this mini-album, in my opinion, because it’s not too rocker-ish and it’s not a ballad, too. And may I add that out of all the songs in the mini album, this is where I found JaeJoong’s husky voice to be the sexiest. :) This is definitely another favorite.

Healing for Myself (나만의 위로)

This is part of the OST of his movie “Jackal is Coming”. Another ballad where he proved how versatile his voice is. Those high notes towards the end left me in awe. I also love how the songs seems to be divided into two parts and my favorite is the 2nd part where the drums were injected in the melody of the song.

In conclusion, I’d have to say that “I” is beyond amazing. It’s so great that I’ve run out of adjectives to describe it. JaeJoong and the other people behind the production of this mini album are geniuses. I sound like a broken record but seriously, this mini-album is a masterpiece. I am so proud of JaeJoong for releasing an album that showcased talents and proved how much of a real artist he has become over the years. For someone like me who has been his fan for the years, I’m happy to see his improvements over the years and how he developed into the amazing artist that he is. He is such a talent – a gem that we don’t see that often especially nowadays where people (especially in K-Pop) gives priority to looks over talent. He is indeed perfect.

JaeJoong is visual AND vocal shock. Enough said. :)

…and I am speechless.

Ok, not totally speechless but I just don’t know the right words to express the beauty and depth of this MV. It’s so masterfully done that it can rival the MVs produced by top companies in the Korean music industry. The visuals were superb and JaeJoong was able to convey the right emotions for each setting and was very effective in portraying the images of a lost soul/captive/dark angel. When I saw the teaser for this MV, I actually felt it’s a bit scary because of the dark concept (well, too dark for my taste) but now that I finally watched the full MV, I came to understand why he chose such a concept and I’m glad he did because there’s no better way to interpret such a powerful song with meaningful lyrics other than with a majestic MV like this one.

Check out JaeJoong’s full MV below and see for yourself!


I know I’ve been out of the blogging circle for so long already and I swear I regret not being able to post about JYJ and Kpop anymore but I just can’t stay silent any longer – especially not when my ultimate bias Kim JaeJoong pre-released such an impressive track from his mini album “Mine”.

JaeJoong has pre-released his track “One Kiss” today off his upcoming solo mini album entitled “Mine” which is slated to be released on January 17.


Check out the full song below:

I’ve always loved listening to JaeJoong singing rock songs because it fits his voice perfectly so just imagine how ecstatic I was to hear ‘One Kiss’. I knew JaeJoong has got great vocals but he ever fails to impress me with his new songs and this is no exception. I love how husky his voice was and how powerfully he hit those high notes. I love the emotion on his voice, too and his transition from the low notes to the high notes – just perfect! As other fans would put it, listening to ‘One Kiss’ is complete eargasm. And as if his amazing vocals isn’t enough, he also wrote the lyrics of the song which is equally amazing. I would love to hear him perform this live because I’m sure it would be epic. ‘One Kiss’ is an amazing masterpiece that will surely be remembered for it’s greatness.


As a fan, I am so proud  of JaeJoong (and the rest of the JYJ boys, too) for releasing such great songs and compositions and for being brave to take on genres that are not mainstream in K-pop.  I truly believe now that they are no longer in the “K-pop idol”  league with the rest of the idols nowadays. They can now be truly called as REAL ARTISTS because they experiment with their music and they dare to be different. JYJ as a group and as individuals are truly one of a kind. They are a gem in the Korean music industry that are unfortunately not getting the attention and recognition they deserve just because of some crap that the broadcast stations keep on pulling on them. But I am proud because even after so many years of being ‘banned’, they are still surviving and are still going strong, thanks to their talent and the support their loyal fans.

Anyway, I can’t wait for JaeJoong to release his mini album on the 17th of January! I am so looking forward to it because I know it’s gonna be mind blowing! :)

P.S. ‘One Kiss’ gained the top spot in the iTunes rock category in several countries today so congrats, JaeJoong! And by the way, I love his album photos released so far – mysterious and sexy! <3