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110322 “We Went Through A Lot Of Pain To Be Able To Laugh Like This”

Twenty-three year old Lee Yeon Hee and Shim Changmin… Acted as an ‘Immature Couple’ in their drama

Acting contoversies… The TVXQ dispute… “I made it seem fun on purpose to lesson the pressure on his shoulders.”

Lee Yeon Hee(23) with her white face and long arms and legs and Shim Changmin(23-stage name Choikang Changmin) with his dark face and tall height. These two, who remind us of characters from melodramatic comic books, recently played the roles of an immature couple in the drama ‘Paradise Meadow’ and received the support and jealousy of fans throughout the series. Married at 19 but divorced six months later, the two meet again after six years and fall in love again. Shim Changmin, who has already risen to fame as Choikang Changmin, a member of the popular idol group TVXQ, made his debut as an actor through this drama. Lee Yeon Hee, who was swept up in controversies surrounding her acting skills, or lack thereof, in the drama ‘East of Eden’, received positive feedback for her take on a completely new and different role. The two youthful stars’ growing pains were deeper than expected.

-This was Changmin’s debut as an actor.

Shim Changmin – I’ve always dreamed of being the main character in a romantic drama. But I wasn’t prepared for it, so I took lessons on basic acting right before filming started. I learned how to enunciate by talking while biting a pen, and I learned how to block and stress my words. I kept thinking, ‘The one thing I don’t want to be criticized about is my acting.’ But I was so scared that I went around telling people around me that, “I’m probably going to be criticized.”

Lee Yeon Hee – I personally think Changmin’s acting was good. Han Dong Ju, the role Changmin played in the drama, is quite similar to the real Changmin in terms of his character and looks. There were a lot of scenes where he had to yell, and his vocalization was so good that it seemed so natural.

-Did Yeon Hee help you as a senior in the acting field?

Lee Yeon Hee – His shoulders seemed burdened enough without having me bring the subject up, so I though it would actually put more pressure on Changmin if I approached him first. I tried to make it seem fun while we were filming.

Shim Changmin – It was hard because I kept thinking about how the staff members had all eyes focused on me, which is so different from when I sing in a team. I wasn’t able to confess these thoughts to Yeon Hee. Yeon Hee had a lot of lines and had the responsibility of leading the flow of the drama, but she still lead and guided me.

-Is there anything you wish you could have fixed?

Shim Changmin – I have the kind of personality that does not easily let me feel content with myself and what I’ve done. I can’t forgive even the smallest mistake that I make. I really wanted to do well in the more affectionate scenes, but I don’t think I looked that natural.

Lee Yeon Hee – In ‘East of Eden’, I had to act very mature. After that, I was searching for a bright and sunny character and this drama caught my eye. It wasn’t the timid and burdened roles I had played in past movies and dramas. I got to play the role of a determined and clumsy veterinarian who had done anything and everything. I wanted this to be a turning point and an image change in my acting career. I’m content with what I’ve done.

-Your fans must be curious of how TVXQ has been after the three members left.

Shim Changmin – It’s not easy for two (with U-Know Yunho) people to fill in the space of five people. I feel so much more responsibility now compared to when all I had to do was follow what my hyungs were doing. So I give my all for everything, dancing, singing and the visual aspect. There are times when I feel frustrated and disappointed. Sometimes, I ask myself, ‘After years of performing, I’m still the same, I’ve been doing fine without anything happening, but how did our team become this way?’ Idol singers who debut at a young age own many things people their age usually don’t own, and are faced with many temptations. I think people need to possess the power of discernment and good judgment.

-Many female actresses say that they wish to take on a role with many action scenes.

Lee Yeon Hee – I watched Soo Ae and Lee Jia act in ‘Athena’, and I thought it was so cool. I exercise every day and build up my stamina, because I might get a chance to play such a role someday.

Shim Changmin – They look so frail (he makes an exclamation) but they’re really fit.

-What kind of actor, singer do you want to be in the future?

Lee Yeon Hee – When I was younger, I watched Natalie Portman in ‘Leon’ and thought, ‘I want to be like her.’ She is my idol and benchmark. She’s an actress I want to take after in all aspects of acting.

Shim Changmin – Recently, I met Senior In Sooni. I enjoyed watching her create a passionate performance with difficult and powerful dance moves that are hard, even for younger singers. As this is only my first step in acting, I will do my best.

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110316 Success Without Unnecessary Drama… What ‘Paradise Meadow’ Left Us With

SBS Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Paradise Meadow’ ended on the 15th drenched in the smell of spring.

‘Paradise Meadow’ garnered great interest even before its airing as it was the debut drama of TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin that was edited and completed before it was aired. When its lid finally opened, it received a constant stream of love from netizens throughout the entire series that seemed to match the anticipation that came before the airing date. Though it was not classified as a ‘hit’ because its viewer ratings jumped around 10%, it received a steady support from viewers of all ages.

◇Excess drama isn’t necessary to succeed.. A good-natured drama’s success story

The biggest accomplishment by ‘Paradise Meadow’ was its ability to draw viewers in and maintain high popularity regardless of the fact that it did not contain any unnecessary drama. Though drama series with too much drama are criticized heavily, such drama acts like ‘insurance’ and ensures broadcasting companies high viewer ratings. On the other hand, ‘good-natured’ dramas have always been greeted with a warm reception but never have they really succeeded in terms of viewer ratings.

Though ‘Paradise Meadow’ didn’t rake in large viewer ratings, it received a surprisingly high interest from viewers, taking into consideration the difficulties that came with the time slot it was in (8:50pm).

‘Paradise Meadow’ is the story of two people who marry at a young age, divorce and meet again six years later on Jeju Island, only to fight, make up and learn to love again. It didn’t contain any birth secrets, acts of adultery or over-dramatic twists that seem to flood most dramas these days. It wasn’t bubbly and surprising like a soft drink; instead, it was warm, light and fresh like healthy food you would never get sick of.

◇The ‘majesty’ of a drama 100% edited and completed in advance

‘Paradise Meadow’, which was SBS’ last 9 o’clock Monday-Tuesday drama, became a hot topic before it aired due to the fact that it was edited and completed before its first airing date.

The shooting took place over a period of six months from December 17th, 2009 till May 26th of last year, and was completed over another six month period. Thanks to this hard work, Jeju Island’s beautiful landscape was properly appreciated and the plot, editing, background music and transitions between scenes flowed as smooth as running water.

It is a stark contrast with recent dramas such as ‘Secret Garden’ and ‘Sign’, that seemed to chase a hastily written script every episode and that ended up making a gross error. Even the full stop that ended the drama was perfect.

Female lead Lee Yeon Hee stated in an interview with AsiaE Sports Today that, “Honestly, I worried that people would say bad things about the drama. Other dramas are able to communicate and take into account the opinions of the viewers, but we couldn’t change anything because we had already filmed and completed everything,” and “But the way the drama was completed taught me once more of the importance of creating a drama that is of a high quality, even if it takes a while to complete.”

The director of ‘Paradise Meadow’, a well-made romantic drama, was none other than PD Kim Cheol Gyu of ‘Daemul’. He was able to showcase his unique style and was applauded for his talents of drawing the viewers deeper into the plot every episode.

◇From major to minor character.. ‘A rediscovery of the actors’

If we were to choose the beneficiaries of ‘Paradise Meadow’, it would have to be Shim Changmin (Choikang Changmin) and Lee Yeon Hee. Shim Changmin was able to earn the title of ‘actor’ through this drama and Lee Yeon Hee was able to silence all controversies surrounding her acting. They were showered in praise by viewers for their diverse emotions, from the bright and free moments to the sad and earnest approaches.

Joo Sang Wook, who rose to fame in the drama ‘Giant’, was able to change his image into a ‘Daddy Long-Legs’ man and Lim Soo Hyang, who appeared as Lee Yeon Hee’s sister, captured the attention of many in the industry for her change in character, that was completely different from her previous one in ‘New Tales of Gisaeng’.

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110316 Choikang Changmin-Lee Yeon Hee Donate 10 Million Won To The Fruit Of Love Foundation

‘Paradise Meadow’ held a meaningful closing event to commemorate the end of the series and topped it off with a large donation to help those in need.

At the ‘Paradise Meadow’ closing event that was held on the 15th at the Mokdong SBS Hall, the lead roles Choikang Changming and Lee Yeon Hee were seen attending. During the event, the two donated 10 million Won, which they collected through the Star Sharing Auction, to the ‘Fruit of Love’ foundation.

To thank Choikang Changmin and Lee Yeon Hee for their donation, the ‘Fruit of Love’ foundation presented them with an appreciation plaque. Twitter fans of Dajee and Dong Ju cheered the two actors on for their heartfelt donation.

Lee Yeon Hee said, “This is really meaningful to us as we were able to do a good thing and donate for a good cause,” and “We thank all our fans.”

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110208 Choikang Changmin’s Horse Is Named Choikang Gangja?

Shim Changmin’s horse is named Choikang Gangja (The Strongest)? Then what’s the name of Joo Sang Wook’s stead? The answer is, Giant.

The horses that appear on the SBS Monday-Tuesday miniseries <Paradise Meadow> are a hot topic because of their names.

On the 5th episode of <Paradise Ranch> that aired on the 7th, a horse named Choikang Gangja appears. Shim Changmin, who sings under the name Choikang Changmin in TVXQ, is garnering attention for saving Choikang Gangja from ending up at a horse meat restaurant.

Dong Ju (Shim Changmin) and Dajee (Lee Yeon Hee) go on a search for a missing horse and end up finding another one. Dajee says to its owner, “How could you sell your horse just because it can’t run well,” and Dong Ju ends up buying the horse on the spot. The production team of <Paradise Meadow> said “The writer has a great sense of humor,” as a comment to the horse’s name being Choikang Gangja.

The stead that appeared in episode 1 is named Giant. As Joo Sang Wook, who plays the role of Seo Yunho, rose to fame through the SBS drama <Giant>, his stead was named Giant as well.

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Yoo Ha Na talks about an ‘excessive kiss scene’ with TVXQ’s Changmin

On February 8th, SBS gave viewers a surprise preview of Changmin’s segment on “Strong Heart“, which revealed a story involving his “Paradise Ranch” castmate, Yoo Ha Na.

The two explained that they were concerned over an upcoming kiss scene that they felt was a bit too much.  Yoo Ha Na explained, “I was so nervous while recording that I didn’t notice until later. While monitoring, I think the kiss was a bit excessive.”

She continued, “Changmin is a man with who lacks nothing,” and went on to reveal an event that happened while they were traveling abroad together.

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TVXQ’s Changmin cast for “Athena: Goddess of War”

TVXQ’s Changmin will be joining the cast of SBS’s “Athena: Goddess of War” alongside labelmate Super Junior’s Choi Si Won.

Changmin began filming last week, and he’ll appear for the drama’s 16th through 20th episodes. The idol/actor took on the role of a nuclear bomb specialist from the National Intelligence Service.

Viewers will be able to see him for two hours in a row starting from 9 PM and 10 PM respectively, thanks to his leading role in “Paradise Ranch” as well.

Changmin will be making his first “Athena” appearance in the February 7th episode.

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