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Here’s the official statement released by Sejong, the law firm that is representing JaeChunSu in their lawsuit against SM. The statement is all about the Court’s ruling and that JaeChunSu wants to thank their fans the support.



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No need to thank us, boys. You’ve done so much for us and supporting you in times like this is only one of the few ways to show our love and gratitude to you. For us fans, it’s enough to know that you are aware of our unending support for you and that you appreciate all our efforts. We’re always here to support you as long as you’re happy with what you’re doing because your happiness is also our happiness. We love you just like that. :D

Remember Park Chan Jong? The lawyer and former member of the national assembly who said this and this in relation to the dispute between JaeChunSu and SM shared his thoughts on the Court’s ruling over the case. Here’s what he has to say:


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I hope SM would just listen to PCJ’s advice and make the right choice but I guess that’s near to impossible because of SM’s stubbornness and the inability to feel any guilt.

People at DNBN gives a clearer and more detailed explanation of the income distribution in DBSK’s contract with SM. I think reading this will give us a clearer picture of what is really stated in their contract concerning the income distribution.

SM-TVXQ Contract w/r/t/ Income Distribution

The Court has granted the injunction filed by the members of TVXQ against SM Entertainment.The Court found that the Contract between SM and the Members was unconscionable and against public policy. Following this victory, the Members are proceeding with the main suit to ask for the rightful shares of all income generated from their activities.

The following is a summary of the outrageous terms of the Contract that relates to the distribution of income. The clear conclusion is that the TVXQ members have received next to nothing for their six years of work, and that virtually all money we spend to buy SM products stay with SM. Please read the below to see the extent of the injustice.

Please keep in mind that SM’s contract with TVXQ has been amended five times and therefore the applicable terms have varied over time. Accounting for all the resulting complexities, the truth adds up to the following:


I. TVXQ has received $0 for their album sales prior to July 2008, and only a negligible amount after that date.

Prior to the fifth and final round of amendments on July 1, 2008, the Contract read that for any album or single with sales not exceeding 500,000 copies, SM would be entitled to 100% of the profits, leaving the members with nothing. From the time of TVXQ’s debut in late 2003 and until TVXQ’s release of their 4th Korean album “Mirotic” in September 2008, no Korean album had sold more than 500,000 copies. Therefore, prior to July 2008 TVXQ has had absolutely zero income from their album sales.

On July 1,2008, SM amended the Contract to give each Member 1% of total sales for each album that sells over 200,000 copies. For any albums that sell fewer copies, the members are to receive 0.6% to 0%. SM has not honored even these outrageous terms, as it has not paid TVXQ a single cent since February 2009.

In sum, SM has kept 100% of all sales that TVXQ has generated with the sales of their albums and singles prior to July 2008, and has kept 95% or more of the sales after that date.


II. TVXQ has received $0 for the sales of concert DVDs and albums featuring recordings from such concerts.

Under the Contract, the Members are not entitled to receive any share of the profits generated from sales of concert DVDs and “live” albums.


III. TVXQ has received $0 for their appearances on TV programs.

Under the Contract, Members are not entitled to receive any share of the profits made through their TV appearances if the appearance is of a temporary nature. As all programs on which TVXQ appeared have featured the Members as “guests”and therefore by nature have been temporary, SM has kept all profits that TVXQ has generated from these TV appearances.


IV. For all other possible sources of revenue, SM subtracts from the total revenue all expenses, including salaries of other staff, stage preparation expenses, rent, travel expenses, food expenses, and the like, then gives TVXQ only a fraction of the remaining amount.

As for all other sources of income, the Contract states that TVXQ is entitled to varying percentages of the “net income.” The Contract defines “net income” to be the amount remaining after the applicable “operating costs”. The “operating costs” are defined to include such expenses that are traditionally expected to be covered by the employer, including but not limited to 1) salaries of the staff (manager, clothing coordinators, makeup artists, dance crew, and the like), 2) performing stage preparation costs, 3) living expenses, including rent and water/electricity bills, 4) travel expenses, including plane ticket costs, 5) meal expenses, and the like.

Even after all these “operating costs” are deducted from the net income, the Members are only entitled to a small percentage of the remainder while SM keeps the rest.


In conclusion, please realize that SM has kept virtually all of the profits that our Members have generated over the past six years. Our Members have received, literally, next to nothing.

Following thevictory of the granting of the preliminary injunction, the Members now prepare for a suit to claim their rightful share of the profits that they themselves generated. Please help them win the lawsuit by boycotting all SM-made products and merchandises (this excludes all Avex-made products, which includes Japanese albums and singles released in Japan).

Please remember that every cent you spend on SM will be used to fuel SM’s efforts against our Members in the main suit. We as fans support TVXQ in their rightful fight for their rights.

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From 20 episodes, it was cut to 18 and now they’re cutting it even shorter to 16 episodes. Seriously, how will they end this drama?

“Heading To The Ground” to be Early Cut After 16th Episode, Flooding Criticisms from Viewers

MBC drama “Heading To The Ground” will call its early ending after the 16th episode airing this November 4th. The drama was previously planned to have 20 episodes, however due to the poor rating record, finally its episodes are cut and will finally have an early ending.

“Heading To The Ground” crew on the 29th after the broadcast of the 15th episode said, “The final episode will be aired next Wednesday,” announced such caption informing the viewers.

The drama ending episode is too early even than the previously expected, caused many disappointment from the viewers.

Earlier before, on last November 14th, “Heading To The Ground” crew confirmed, “The final is planned to happen after 18th episode.” Therefore, “Heading To The Ground”’s successor “Heroes” would kick off its first broadcast on November 11th, a week earlier that it’s previously scheduled.

Nevertheless, after the episodes were cut by 2, it went another further drop to only 16 episodes which is shorter than it’s first announced, gathering strong complains from the viewers.

After the announcement of “Heading To The Ground” early final, the drama message boards was flooded with many dissatisfaction messages from netizens. “20 episodes were cut to 18, and now to 16… it’s really too much. Next time I won’t watch drama which has low TV rating anymore.” “With the unfinished problems being left in the drama, I really don’t know how they’re going to solve it. This sudden reduction will leave the storyline development being absurd.” “If the rating is good, the episodes are extended, when the rating is bad, they’re cut. The viewers seem to have no rights at all.”

Meanwhile, “Heading To The Ground” is starring popular idol group TVXQ’s Yunho who is starting his acting career for the first time. Modern actors Ara, Lee Yoonji, and Lee Sang Yoon have been co-starring with Yunho in the production and received lots of anticipation. However the series has been receiving much criticism of acting skills, uncreative story development, etc and been ignored by netizens.

Especially since the recent drama “Iris” starring Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee has been broadcasted, it has recorded a shabby viewing rate of 3~4% and received an insulting review such as “The Viewing Rate is Heading to the Ground”.

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I have to admit that the editing is bad and the story, probably for Koreans and people who aren’t into sports, is a bit “ordinary” but I’d have to say that the acting of the cast members isn’t bad. Yes, Yunho’s acting isn’t perfect but for a starter, I thought he did a decent job at it. Ara and the others’ acting was ok, too. I guess the storyline just didn’t appeal to most of the viewers. I just hope Yunho won’t take this too seriously and treat this as a learning experience to be even better in the future.

Wohoo, interesting title. It sounds like it will be a lively song. Can’t wait for it to be released! :D

TVXQ’s New Song in Japan!! NHK Drama’s Theme Song!! On Air From January 2010!!

New Song’s Title: “BREAK OUT!!”

It is revealed on October 28th, 2009,  that TVXQ will take charge of the main theme song of  “Break Out!” which will be used at NHK’s New Drama Series,  “Tomehane (Let us jump together)! Suzusato High School, Calligraphy Club”.  (The Drama will start to air on January 7th, 2010; 8 PM on Thursdays.)

It is the first time for TVXQ to sing the theme song in Japanese production work of NHK.  They sang “Beautiful You”, the theme song of the historical Korean Drama, “The Legend”,  broad casted at NHK (2007-2008).

NHK chose TVXQ because they are:  “The group which has the most power right now (by NHK).  TVXQ participated last year’s “Kohaku Utagassen,  (Red and White New Year’s Music Special by NHK)”;  they also performed two nights in Tokyo Dome very successfully.”

The song will be a light pop music.  It is connected to the story line of the drama,  which displays the love story and the competition of the small calligraphy club  at the High school.

“Grab your own future, be positive and keep on going, then your destiny will become bright! It is all up to you!” That kind of message is included in this theme song.

TVXQ’s leader Yunho (23) said, “That will be nice if we could support young people who are trying their best to achieve their dreams in their lives.”  (T/N: That is who our TVXQ are!)

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Yay! We’ll see the boys perform again together! :D

Tohoshinki To Re-start Japanese Activities In The Near Future

It was revealed on the 28th that the 5-member group Tohoshinki, who are currently embroiled in contract troubles with their management company, will be re-starting their activities in Japan in the near future. These activities include the NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen and other music programmes and activities.

On the 27th, the Seoul District Court partially approved the 3 members’ (Jejung, Junsu, Yuchun) application for an injunction on their exclusive contracts, and there have been rumours floating about possible disbandment. On the other hand, their Japanese management company AVEX will expand their activities in Japan this fall.

While the company has not revealed any concrete activities yet, they said that they are adjusting their schedules for year end activities like the Japan Record Award and the Kouhaku Uta Gassen. This suggests that the 5 members, who returned to South Korea and are currently there, will come to Japan soon.

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Gosh, I really love AVEX! So supportive of the boys. =) I also can’t wait to see them at Kohaku this year. Second time in a row! :D