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I’m actually not familiar with this music station but just the thought of the boys’ song gracing the airwaves in other parts of the world apart from Asia is really exciting so I just felt the NEED to post it. =)

TVXQ on New York’s Hit Music Station, Z100!

The ever-popular Z100 (100.3 FM), which is based in New York City and the nation’s largest radio station, has a special segment on their morning show (Elvis Duran & the Morning Zoo) in which they play short segments of top songs from around the world. Guess who was featured from Japan? None other than TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki and their latest hit, Break Out!

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And here’s a screencap of it.

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Another interview of the boys that is somehow related to Valentine’s Day. Again, JaeJoong and Yoochun mentioned their “loneliness” because of them not receiving chocolates for Valentine’s. Seriously, we (fans) should make a last-minute project of collecting funds to buy these two dorks  all the kinds and brand of chocolates there is and send it to them this Valentine’s so that the next time they’re asked about their Valentine’s Day memory, they’ll answer “I received A LOT of chocolates from fans”. Good idea? LOL.

*Those in [] are my own comments. They’re not part of the translated article nor are they the translator’s notes.

RAY Magazine March 2010 – Valentine’s Day Q&A


Q. A menu you’d like to create yourself?
A: a-nation’s LOVE Bento. I want to make it for someone I like. Although my cooking is considered good, it’s lonely if I keep eating by myself! [Right! Jae, we should eat together! I’d love to eat with you everyday! Haha!]

Q. Do you think it’s better if a girl knows how to cook?
Although it’s good if she knows, I can always teach her if she doesn’t! Cooking together, isn’t that nice? [Wohoo! Love this answer! At least now I know I stand a chance in capturing Jae’s heart even though I don’t know how to cook. Yes, teach me Jae!]

Q. Favourite food right now.
A: It’s still super spicy food! It’s different from my appearance, I’m full of passion inside! (laugh) I can’t do without spicy food! [“I’m full of passion inside!” – ROFL! :D]

Q. For Valentine’s Day, under what kind of circumstances do you want to receive chocolates?
A: As long as I receive them, I’m happy~! [Told ‘ya guys, we should buy him chocolates!]

Q. Please talk about a highlight of your new song!
A: Even though it’s the cold winter season, those without partners please listen to this song and cheer up! [Uhm, listening to “Break Out!” alone is ok but I think I’ll need someone beside me when I watch the PV. It’s so damn creepy!]

“Everyone has been supporting us for a long time, our achievements are all thanks to you.
Please continue to support us. See you^^”


Q. Please tell us a recipe that you’d like to taste again.
The healthy tofu and chicken hotpot that was published during December 2008. Because it’s healthy and good for the body, but it’s also delicious! [As expected from leader-sshi… such a healthy eater!]

Q. Do you think it’s better if a girl knows how to cook?
A. It’s better if she can! Compared to someone who can’t, if she knows how to then it’s additional points. Something like that. [I hope Yunho’s fangirls are taking note of this. Additional points, girls! Now, learn how to cook! LOL.]

Q. Favourite food right now.
A. Intestines hotpot. It’s really tasty! It also keeps your body warm so I crave it when it’s cold. [Ugh, I hate eating intestines! =/]

Q. Please talk about a highlight of your new song!
In the PV, there’s a scene where I’m dancing surrounded by other dancers. I think it’s cool, so everyone, please be sure to watch it. [Yeah, the scene where each member is surrounded by dancers is creepy but cool. I guess it’ll be much cooler if they are surrounded  by us instead of the dancers! Hahaha!]

Q. It’s going to be Valentine’s Day soon. Under what kind of circumstances would you like to receive chocolates?
After a date and we’ve said goodbye, to suddenly discover that I’ve received it! Didn’t notice it when we’re together and I only discover it in my bag after I return home. That would be really nice. [LOL. I can almost imagine Yunho’s face in this scenario… ]

“Please use the recipes that we’ve introduced, enjoy delicious and healthy meals and spend each day well~
Thank you everyone~”


Q. A recipe that you tried out?
Crispy pizza. I love pizza! If I make it, I can eat it to my heart’s content! [Yeah, I love pizza, too!]

Q. Do you think it’s better if a girl knows how to cook?
I think so. I think men can’t resist a girl who can cook. If they use healthy ingredients they can become prettier too. [Changmin fangirls, are you taking notes?]

Please talk about your Valentine’s Day memories!
A. There’s nothing special… When I think about it, I just recall that it’s Valentine’s Day. [Why am I not surprised with his answer? Typical Changmin. LOL.]

Q. What would you give on White Day?
I’ll learn to cook and do it with sincere feelings. [Awww… sweet!]

Q. Please talk about a highlight of your new song!
As you listen, it has an energetic melody that makes you want to get up and dance. That’s my recommended highlight.

“I hope that everyone can keep healthy and try a lot of delicious food and become prettier~
We’ll meet again!”


Q. Please tell us a recipe that you’d like to taste again.
The Thai curry that was introduced the first time. It tastes very unique. I feel comfortable after eating it, it was good. [Wow, Junsu’s becoming a spicy lover like Jae?]

Q. Favourite food right now.
Mentaiko onigiri. (T/N: Riceball filled with spiced roe.) I eat it whenever I have time. [See what I mean? He’s being influenced by Jae! Hahaha.]

Q. For Valentine’s Day, under what kind of circumstances do you want to receive chocolates?
I want her to feed me chocolates. [I’m trying to imagine this scene but every time I do, I can only see a child-like Junsu being fed by a girl. More like a mother-son tandem. LOL. Cute~]

Q. Besides chocolates, what other gifts would make you happy?
Kiss (laugh). [That’s my boy! ROFL! :D]

Q. A highlight of your new song?
The B-side to this single is “Xiahtic” and the beat is very cool. The melody and electronic beats blend well, recommended! [LOL. He promoted “Xiahtic” instead of “Break Out!” Hahaha!]

“For always giving us so much love, thank you everyone.
This year, I hope everyone has a happy year as well~”


Q. Please tell us a recipe that you’d like to taste again.
The mushroom and cheese gratin publish on October 2008. [Hmmm… sounds yummy!]

Q. Do you think it’s better if a girl knows how to cook?
I think it’s better if she knows, but it’s alright if she doesn’t know from the start! If a girl wants to cook for someone she likes, she’ll definitely become good at it! [I agree!]

Q. On Valentine’s Day, besides chocolates, what other gifts would make you happy?
The time that we spent together. [Cheesiness! LOL.]

Please talk about your Valentine’s Day memories!
When I was living in America, I didn’t receive a single chocolate. [Awww… =( ]

Q. Please talk about a highlight of your new song!
It’s a song with powerful beats and melody. It gives you strength and makes you feel “I’ll work hard for the next 10 years!”

“Everyone~ That’s all for now.
Please continue to keep supporting us.”

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Yay! Let’s celebrate! :D

Recording Industry Association Of Japan – “Break Out” Certified Platinum!
Works from January 2010 that are certified

These works were released between 1 January 2010 – 31 January 2010. The “Million” recognition also comes with the certification.
The date that certifications are released falls on the 10th of the next month that follows. (With the exception of December works, which are certified on 15 January.)

Certified – Singles

Platinum – “BREAK OUT!” Tohoshinki, AVEX
Gold – “Gloria” Yui, Sony Music Records
Gold – “Bless” L’Arc~en~Ciel, Kioon Records

T/N: This is their first single to be certified Platinum, iirc.

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Congratulations to our dear DBSK for another achievement! This is another first for them – their first ever platinum single in Japan! Wohooo! :)

So far, the first two months of 2010 has been great for the boys. Hopefully, this will go on until the end of the year. :D

LOL. I’m like a proud mother. I post every news about the success of DBSK’s single “Break Out” in Japan. Hahaha. :)

100203 Oricon’s Top 10 Highest Selling Singles of 2010

*1 *,255,917 255,917 BREAK OUT! / 東方神起 10/01/27
*2 *,242,722 **5,962 はつ恋 / 福山雅治 09/12/16
*3 *,136,508 ***,487 GIFT~緑~(雪をください/One day in winter/Snow White) / 関ジャニ∞ 09/12/25
*4 *,136,003 ***,446 GIFT~白~(冬恋/君の歌をうたう) / 関ジャニ∞ 09/12/23
*5 *,133,978 ***,410 GIFT~赤~(I wish/マイナス100度の恋) / 関ジャニ∞ 09/12/24
*6 *,113,546 **1,992 You were…/BALLAD / 浜崎あゆみ 09/12/29
*7 *,*95,501 *14,751 GLORIA / YUI 10/01/20
*8 *,*80,859 *80,859 BLESS / L’Arc~en~Ciel 10/01/27
*9 *,*78,944 **9,673 PHANTOM MINDS / 水樹奈々 10/01/13
10 *,*48,159 ***,362 この愛を捧げて / THE ALFEE 09/12/16

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SALES UPDATE: 259,773 as of February 2nd.

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Yes, DBSK’s single “Break Out!” is really breaking into the top spot of every category of the Oricon Charts! The Oricon Monthly Singles ranking are out and our boys are crowned as the kings for the month of January. This is their VERY FIRST single to be ranked number one on the Oricon MONTHLY Singles Chart with 255, 917 units sold in total since it’s release last January 27, 2010. Not only did they top the monthly ranking, they also surpassed the sales of popular Japanese artists like Ayumi Hamasaki who stands in second with her single selling 113,546 units and YUI who is in third place with 95,501 units sold. Certainly, this another achievement for them! Congratulations to our dear boys and hopefully more success will come their way in the future! :D

[Credit: Oricon Chart + lovetohateme@wordpress]

Just a recap of what DBSK have achieved so far with their single “Break Out!”:

1. It reached the top spot of Oricon Daily Singles ranking on it’s release day with sales of more than 169K units.

2. This is DBSK’s 7th single to reach the top of the Oricon Charts (both Daily and Weekly) – thus breaking their personal record.

3. They broke the record held by Elton John for more than 12 years as the foreign artist with the most number of sales with almost 256K at the end of the week thus seating them on the top of the Oricon Weekly Singles ranking.

4. DBSK got the top spot for the Oricon Monthly Singles ranking – their very first one since they started their activities in Japan.

5. This single is their VERY FIRST SINGLE to reach PLATINUM in Japan.

Again, congratulations to our boys! I’m so proud of you! :)

Ok, as promised here is a much clearer translation of the records that the boys broke with their single “Break Out!”.

Again, congratulations to DBSK and the fans for another job well done! :D

Tohoshinki Breaks Record – First Foreign Artist In 12 Years To Sell Over 200K In Singles For Initial Sales

Date: 02 February 2010

Time: 04:00

■First to break Elton John’s record in 12 years and 4 months

Korean 5-member group Tohoshinki have made the record as the highest selling artist for foreign artists in the initial sales for singles category. Their 29th single 「BREAK OUT!」was released on 27 January and became first on the 8 February Oricon Singles Ranking Chart.

For the initial sales record for foreign artists, up until now, it had been held by Elton John’s “Memorial Song for the former British Princess Diana”, 「Candle In The Wind〜Tribute To Princess Diana, Britain’s Princess」(released September 1997), which sold 184,000 copies. In this area, Tohoshinki broke this record which lasted for 12 years and 4 months, by selling 254,000 copies of their single, becoming the first foreign artist in history to pass the 200,000 mark in initial sales.

In addition to becoming first place for foreign artists in initial sales, this will also be Tohoshinki’s 7th work to add on to their list of achievements for getting a #1 single, making this a double achievement for them.

Their first single in 2010 is also the theme song for NHK Drama 8’s 『とめはねっ!鈴里高校書道部』. The B-side to this song is the solo number 「XIAHTIC」which was written, composed and arranged by Junsu.

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I know the translation below is kinda confusing but let me summarize it (well, based on my own understanding):

1. DBSK’s sales for the single “Break Out!” is the highest (Oricon Chart) weekly sales for a FOREIGN ARTIST in the history of  Japan.

2. DBSK broke their personal record as the FOREIGN ARTIST in the history of Japan to get the most number of Oricon Daily Chart #1 for 7 times.

Again, that’s how I understood the article. I’m pretty sure of the first one but I don’t know if I got the second one right. Once a clearer translation is out, I’ll post it again. ;)

And oh, just to remind you, the figure “256,000 units” isn’t final yet. Let’s wait for the final figure from Oricon’s website, alright? But I bet it’s around that number.

TVXQ #1 Oricon Single Weekly Chart!!

Another History Broken!! #1 Foreign Single Sells In Japanese History!

2010.2.2 05:00
Sankei Sports News…20502000-n1.htm

“BREAK OUT” a new song of TVXQ”, group of five from Korea, won the first place in the first appearance of a singles chart of the Oricon Single Weekly Ranking. First action sales reached 256,000 pieces and set the most record as a foreign artist in history in Japan. (T/N: This number 256,000 must be the first day count. Oricon will release exact weekly sells number soon.)

In addition, TVXQ updated the first place for the foreign single sells, by accomplishing their 7 singles to be the top sells in Japanese market. The first place album sells is “Whistle” of HY.

T/N: Sankei Sports News (One of the Top selling Japanese News Paper Company) reports,

1. TVXQ Won Weekly Single Oricon Chart. Number One Single Sells in Oricon Ranking.

2. TVXQ sold the most single in the foreign artist category in the history of Japan.

3. TVXQ’s seven singles were recorded top sells in Japan,

which updated the foreign artist’s single sells history in Japan.
(They broke their own record! laugh.gif )

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