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100711 Junsu Ray Magazine August Issue

As a member of TVXQ, Junsu ventures into the music world as a solo artist!

Junsu’s new song ‘Intoxication’ which was recorded in his solo single ‘Xiah’, includes the dance genre of matureness that fully displayed of his talent in singing.

“‘Intoxication’ brings a completely new side of me. It conveys the sexiness of men. The dance track has a club-feel, it exposes the truth side of myself without any reservation. Therefore, while performing, the vast dynamic range and large intervals would amplify and is also sang sexily!”

The music style of ‘Intoxication’ is something which I have always wanted to try out. On the other hand, ‘悲しみのゆくえ (Kanashimi no Yukue )’ is an opposite of ‘Intoxication’. It is a expressive composition which conceal one’s sorrow. It says about someone who wanted to confess to a person he loves yet wondering if the person would understand and accept your feelings.”

Able to walk on the path of music, Junsu is greatly affected by the impact of his mother。

“My mother really loves music. She was once approached by a management agency which hoped that she’ll become an artiste, and this is the reason why she’s so happy when I became one. It makes me scared sometimes when my performances or compositions are somehow similar to hers, she really did leave a huge impact on me. Now that I’ve become more professional than what I used to be, I no longer need her advice. Sometimes I would hear those words from her “After hearing such words, I feel lonely and complicated.”

Junsu, who feels like he has only just embarked on the journey to become an artist said, “I’ve never really considered what type of artist I’d like to be, but I hope that my songs will last for the rest of eternity. As long as there are people who liked and enjoyed my music, I will continue to sing regardless of the time and situation. It is the things that I love which motivate me to sing.

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I LOVE his last statement. <3

Junsu had a small live event at Zepp Tokyo last June 18, 2010. It’s like a mini fanmeeting, I guess since he only performed 3 songs and only had a short talk part.

100619 XIAH junsu’s Live Concert

Zepp Tokyo, June 18

Yesterday, June 18, I went to XIAH junsu’s live event at Zepp Tokyo

Outside of Zepp Tokyo, with the long queue for goodies (waiting time, approx 20 minutes)

The goodies stand.

Receipt, with painter Junsu’s picture.

The live performance was full of Junsu’s charismatic charms~♪
The event was held for one hour, starting 16:00.

The program was:

* The MC appeared on stage (Takashi Makino of Tokyo Purin. He is a comedian belonging to avex)
* Junsu’s song “Kimiga Ireba”
* Junsu’s song “Kanashimino Yukue”
* Talk show: approx 20 minutes
* Intoxication (with 4 Toho dancers)

First of all, Makino appeared on stage, and explained that the number of winners for the lottery was 2400 people (over 70000 applicants). We fans were asked where we came from, and the answers were Hokkaido, Okinawa, Kobe, Vancouver…etc. Many came from far away places. Later, we also found that there were Korean Cassies in pink T shirts.

The two ballad songs “Kimiga Ireba” and “Kanashimino Yukue” were the opening songs. Junsu was wearing casual style black clothes, and he was looking very cool. It seemed that his assistant stylist “Park-kun” (Jaejoong) was doing a very good job!

The singing was…I wish I had enough English vocabulary to express in words. He was singing heartily, my soul was moved by his heartfelt singing. Since it was a rather small place, it seemed that we can hear his breathing during singing. It gave me the bumps, and I was in tears. Oh, this was the true charismatic Junsu!

During the talk time, this charisma changed to our cute Jun-chan.
Starting from here, my memories are not clear, so the order should not be correct, lol.

In the first part of the talk, there was a surprise message from Park-kun of Sunanare (Jaejoong), wearing a white polo shirt! It was a surprise for Junsu, too. He looked so surprised and also very happy. He was looking earnestly to the big screen at the back of the stage. Jaejoong said that he could not go to the event since he had the shooting for Sunanare, but he left a comment saying “Please support Junsu!” This was a message from an elder brother, I could feel the love between the members, it was very heartwarming.

The talk was mainly of Q&A which the staffs made, “Junsu, which even the fans do not know”. Junsu was always checking the screen, listening earnestly to the questions, and answered each questions with the best of intentions.

The Q&A were (sorry, not in order)

1) Who is your favorite soccer player?→ Messi

2) Where is your position in the soccer team→ Left wing
Here, Junsu, responding to the proposal of the MC, did a gesture as though he was really kicking a soccer ball. Of course, his pivoting foot was his right leg, he was kicking with all his might with his left leg. Kya~~~~~Jun-chan, you’re really cool!!

3) Where is your position in a baseball team?→ Pitcher. Here, he again showed us his southpaw. So cool~~~~~~~!

4) What was your favorite learnings?→ Gymnastics! He said that he had great reflexes, and fleet of foot.

5) If you were to go into a time capsule, which time of your life do you want to go back to?→ Just when I was born.

6) What will you say to that baby? → “Hello!”

7) If you were to meet Mozart, what will you say to him?→ “Hello!”
Here, again, responding to the MC, he sang the first hook-line of “Ich bin ich bin Musik”, in a cappella. Yes, it was the song he always sang at the curtain call of the musical “Mozart”. He was raising the last note, just as he had always done during his musical performance. My whole soul was again moved by his singing, it gave me the bumps, and I was in tears. This is the true charismatic Junsu! For me, this was the most impressive part of the event.

8) What do you want to be if you are born again? → I want to be the wind. I want to fly freely in the vault of heaven.

9) What are your pickup lines?→ “Shall we have a cup of coffee?”
Junsu really looked very shy during his answer, ever so cute! He is different from the other two members… that may be said by the MC, Junsu himself, or maybe it is just my imagination. He seems to be very naïve. Oh, Junsu, you are so cute!

10) If you were to win 300 million yen by lottery?→ Donate half, and save up the rest.

11) Being realistic, if you win 100,000 yen??→ I will go out for a party with the staff.

12) What do you want to first do if you become a woman?→(There was a call from the audience saying “look at your breasts”, and Junsu laughed out loud, bending backwards.) I want to go to hot springs with my friends.

13) What is the necessary characteristics to be Junsu’s manager?→ To be positive and cheerful.

14) What do you want to be when you become an old man?→ I want to continue singing on stage.

(There were many more, but I was to excited to remember all, lol.)

Jun-chan was always smiling, answering very politely to all the weird questions that the staff requested. I was falling in love with his gentle and honest personality. Each of the answers were so cute and funny, Junsu’s charms were switched on, full blast!

Here, Junsu went backstage to change his clothes. During the break, the lovely images of “3HREE VOICES” were shown on screen.

Junsu appeared on stage again with the 4 dancers. The last song, Intoxication was performed. The costume was the same as always, the black version.

To see Intoxication in live, in a small hall, was really exciting! I would not have looked enough of his sexy dancing, perfect vocal, and the complete formation dance with the dancers. There were cheers, screams, and squeals…of course, I was one of them!

Junsu was gasping for breath after singing Intoxication. Again, he was so sexy and manly!Junsu said in a content tone that he was very happy that he could sing in such a small hall, just near the fans. He looked so manly, and also, so cute.

This time, I was also able to feel his preparedness that he wanted to continue singing for his whole life.

Oh, XIAH junsu ~~~~ you really intoxicated me!

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OMG! SOULMATE HOTNESS! Nosebleed-worthy! <333


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Well, this might be helpful to those who are going to attend the concert. :)

100606 Junsu/Jejung/Yuchun Dome Concert CD2 Promotion Activity Confirmed!

2010.6.4 Confirmed

■ The starting times of selling inside the venue

<Kyocera Dome, Osaka Concert>
6/5 (Saturday), 6/6 (Sunday)
9AM start sales

<Tokyo Dome, Tokyo Concert>
6/12 (Saturday) – 9AM start sales
6/13 (Sunday) – 10AM start sales

★ First stage of promotion

For customers who bought「XIAH」’XIAH junsu’ on May 26 at the venue, they will be given limited edition, original picture postcards as presents
*Postcards are given on a first come first serve basis (Once they run out, the activity will end)
For every concert promotion, we will distribute the presents separately so as to avoid having no presents to deliver on the first day of the concert

Objected product of the promotion: May 26 release of「XIAH」’XIAH junsu’
1,890 Japanese Yen (approx. 20.50 USD) (tax inclusive) RZCD-46562/B
1,050 Japanese Yen (approx. 11.40 USD) (tax inclusive) RZCD-46563

★ Second stage of promotion

Directly at the venue, send people who have pre-ordered「3HREE VOICES」JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN DVD that’s scheduled to be released on July 28 an original mouse pad
*Mouse pads are given on a first come first serve basis (Once they run out, the activity will end)
For every concert promotion, we will distribute the presents separately so as to avoid having no presents to deliver on the first day of the concert

Objected product of the promotion:「3HREE VOICES」JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN that is scheduled for released on July 28
12,600 Japanese Yen (approx 137 USD) (tax inclusive) RZBD-46600~3

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And this is Junsu’s interview. :D

100606 Nikkei Entertainment July Issue – JunSu’s Part

-Even so, I, will still sing.-
XIAH junsu

As a THSK member, he has already spent five and a half years developing in Japan. JunSu, a member of the five-men group, began his solo activities using his full name on the 26th of May. This is an interview which will let you see his determination.

Vocal talents, ability to dance, good looks, these are some of the essential elements a South Korean boy band must possess, and to date, [these boy bands] have thrown the world into a unprecedented state of chaos. Without a doubt, JunSu is one of those causing this state of chaos.

Having a quality that no one else is able to imitate, he is thus able to gather the attention of the audience and put up performances that have been affirmed by thousands of people. The “voice”, which is a singer’s life-line, is an unsurpassed talent which he possesses.

Having gone through a difficult period when his voice was changing, the voice that emerged thereafter, if we were to describe it, it would be ”a hoarse yet high tone”. Fully displaying the limits of a natural voice, it has performed numerous beautiful melodies thus far. Within the list of songs the group has sung, the thrilling treble parts has been covered by this person many times.

This May, this person who possess such a voice, XIAH junsu, will be releasing a new solo work. His thoughts regarding the group’s future direction and his own cannot be fully comprehended through these songs alone. Let us try to step in and see what all it is about.

“Men, while they cannot not appear strong, there are also times when they want to show the fragile side of themselves. This is exactly how I want to present myself, so I tried two songs which has completely different styles.

The first track is the self-composed <<Intoxication>>. There is an underlying meaning of “indulgence” and “yearning” in this track, and it’s a sexy R&B style track which sings about the basic instinct that cannot be suppressed. As this is a dance track, there is this cold suppression of the melody, and from within it highlights the hidden strength of a man.

The staff said, this is a track that has the same intense feeling as the previous work <<Xiahtic>>. Even so, I still wanted to try to change the entire atmosphere. After having decided on my solo activities, I wanted to present a more truthful side of myself. I want to present myself that can dance and sing live at the same time. In this track, I have placed in more emphasis on the R&B style, which is a style I personally like a lot. Most of the lyrics are English (it takes up about 80% of the entire song), and this is so that the overall effect of Western-style music is not undermined. This song required a lot of different means to keep the balance.

The second and third tracks (normal edition) is a collection of the traditional ballads. Both are focused towards the theme song of BeeTV’s television drama for mobile phones. One of the tracks is performed for the romance story in which fellow member YuChun is acting in. The other song << Kanashimi No Yukue>> is the theme song. The theme, which was somewhat deep and profound, was very quite interesting. I asked myself ‘this time, what is the significance behind the expression of this song’.

Even though this song is not self-composed, I chose it from amongst 20-30 other compositions. As to why it was chosen, one of the main reason was, it is quite a simple reason to me, throughout the entire song, from the start to the end, it is not purely about plain repetition of the melody and harmony, and it is not just about a single voice singing. To be able to put in one’s real feelings into the song, this was the part that suited me most. The lyrics are also very moving. In the later part of the song, where this is the line “Compared to the conclusion of happiness, changes have made me feel lonelier”, it touched me deeply.”

– Even if I am unhappy, I will suppress it-

“As a singer, I like this type of songs a lot.

To be able to express the song more vividly, I would think that the total absence of a single piano or guitar would be even better. That was the effect I was listening out for this time. Therefore, I chose this song. Even though it is sad, it also merged in the sorrowful emotions that have been suppressed.”

In his life as an artiste, the words “strength” and “sorrow” has memories attached to it. Especially now when he possesses the voice that “everyone wants to hear”, the issue of “the long period when his voice underwent changes” is also very well-known among fans. It is not enough to use the term “distressed” to describe it, and as JunSu would say, “That was a total despair”.

From the age of 15, it continued all the way throughout his second year in high school to the third. Even though the doctor said that “the duration for the voice change has ended”, there was still no improvement, and the hope of being able to sing seemed far away. Just trying to reach the higher pitches would make him exhausted and unable to produce any sound. While he had the desire to sing happily, gradually, however, he was unable to project any voice out. The doctor said, “You probably cannot sing anymore, stop singing”, and upon listening to such words, he would cry every night.

The trend of debuting at 17 years old is still ongoing in South Korea. The younger generation has always been made fun of numerous times while at work.

“I totally do not touch cigarettes or alcohol, and people usually ask, ‘Is it because you have a low tolerance of alcohol?’ I would be quite sad to hear this and think, so this is what you think of me, and there are times when I did not even want to explain myself. There were also people who said, ‘Can you sing with such a voice?’ However, after they heard me sing, they would be very surprised and say, ‘You can actually sing.’”

Generally, it is heard that most successful artistes would have had, at some time, gone through a period with memories of humiliation.
This will then become a source of motivation for them.
As for JunSu, he probably had such thinking, but after asking him, he said, “I don’t think I have had such hateful experiences. Because I have confidence in my singing.” Immediately, he revealed a dashing smile. To this person, confidence has already gotten victory over any hate and hurt, and that is probably why he is easier to understand.

After chatting so much, he was asked about his recording session at a radio programme and it was really bad (laughs).
However, his desire to stand on stage and sing became more intense.

During that period, he received a lot of letters from fans saying, “I like your voice”, and this has given him more confidence.
He commented, “See, it’s not that bad.”
During the period of the voice change, perhaps his efforts to force out sounds were not good for his throat.

“This was also probably why, my voice became, how do you say this, a bit weird, but it also made me unique. As I kept thinking like that, my voice gradually stabilized, and to me, it was nothing short of a miracle.”

Regarding singing, two years before, he was invited to a programme.
And that was in the year 2008, and that was his first time performing on Kōhaku Uta Gassen.

-A “Graduation Certificate” from his mother-

That was the first time his mother told him “I feel right now, you are at the stage where you don’t need me to give you anymore guidance.”

“My mother has always wanted to be a singer from a long time ago, but due to the vehement objections from my grandfather, she never got the chance to fulfill that dream. Because she is someone who can sing, so whenever I make a mistake in singing she would know. When everyone around me was complimenting me and saying “well done”, in actual fact, I was the only one who could grasp my mistakes, and my mother would always discover it too (laughs). ‘Why don’t you try singing it like this?’ she would always provide a lot of guidance.”

“There are four members in my family, including my twin elder brother.”

His elder brother, Junho, is a fraternal twin, and in spring this year, he has begun his own activities in China. I heard that for their mother who never got to fulfill her dream, she would hum songs as she does household chores, and when she is able to rest, she would sing as she plays the guitar.

“I learnt the method of pronunciation from my music teacher, I also learnt on my own accordingly. However, on learning how to involve emotions into the song, a lot of it was influenced by my mother. Our way of expression is basically similar (laughs). I have learnt how to use vibrato in singing since I was in primary school, and it was because my mother used to always do so, and I felt that was very impressive. I didn’t know then that that was a sort of technique. In school when everyone else was singing, the people around me couldn’t do it, and I was trying to figure out why they weren’t able to.”

With a mother like that, both her sons eventually became professional singers.
I heard their father sings very well too, but he ranks last in the entire family (laughs).

Which is more tiring, a dance track, or a ballad which requires no dancing?

[Intoxication] is a very intense dance track. Here, we tried asking “Dancing and singing at the same time, compared to singing a ballad which requires no dancing, how different is the level of fatigue”.

“That is a good question (laughs). The answer is it’s basically a different situation singing a ballad, there are times when it can be as tiring as singing a dance track, it’s wrong to say that it’s not tiring singing a ballad.” JunSu explained.

“Ballads is where everyone has to focus completely on the song, there are a lot of places in the expression of the rhythm, melody and song which you have to pay attention to.”

His method of singing, which requires him to give in all of his energy, is definitely a good way to burn calories. If you pay attention to this while trying to listen to him sing, it will definitely be more interesting.

In January this year, he made his debut on the musical theatre stage in Korea in the play “MOZART!” as the main actor.
Just based on singing alone, the experience has extended till now, and those who had performed had also commented that it was a complete change of style.
Despite being termed as Asia’s TOP singer, he still went through with it.

“It was tough. POPS who usually sing, even though the voice might break sometimes, as long as the emotions were right, the expression of the song can still be performed as well, right? But if you were to put such emotions in the musical theatre, it will be a complete NG (laughs). If you wish to express something extraordinarily, you first have to understand the lyrics well. Also, you must change yourself to become the role you are playing in order to sing it well.”

“To date, I have done a lot to express myself, but to express emotions as a completely different person, I have never done it before, so I really learnt a lot from this experience. Therefore, I want to participate in new performances increasingly, and develop further in my emotions. In the past, I knew very little about musical-related songs, and I rarely listened to them too, but I have been listening to more lately. I am very happy when I find that ‘there is such a nice song!’”.

While he continues to build up on his experiences, he continues to sing.
He’s only 23 years old.
Beginning activities as a solo artiste is only the “Second Chapter” of his life, and JunSu, who is quite sensitive towards the arts, has a bright future ahead.
Lastly, as someone who is able to sing as well as he does, what training did he go through in order to reach such a standard?
Upon hearing this question, he made a “bu-chi” sound as he burst out laughing.

“I have talked about this a lot, a lot (laughs). But what is worth mentioning is, there’s nothing impressive about someone who has had a wide range [in terms of vocal range], what is impressive is when the singer knows how to control the range well. In the songs that I have sung, what is most important is being to immerse yourself in that emotion. I don’t know the full range or limits of my vocal range, but it doesn’t matter. I always think that if I don’t work harder, it won’t be enough. Really. There is no 100 marks in music, but I want to work hard to achieve 99 marks.”

A face without make-up is more aggressive? Lyrics which are animalistic gives off a stronger emotion?

“Even though the songs that are prepared are not many, but there are a few,” JunSu said. “[Intoxication] was chosen from amongst the three works.” What grabs people’s attention are the lyrics, from the start of “Kill and touch me baby~” to “Bite me”, “Pulling off and leaving our clothes” et cetera are very animalistic words. It is very hard to imagine JunSu, who often pulls off gags in programmes saying such words, but such a change is something definitely to keep a lookout for.


Q: What did you eat today?
A: Bento! I really like Japan’s bento. If there is soup included in the bento which I buy from the convenience store, I would be very satisfied. The ramen is also good. But I stop eating from 6PM onwards. Rather than say that I’m dieting, why not say that it is a form of self-discipline, which I am now keen on.

Q: Are you still not able to drink?

A: I drink about 5 cups a year. If my heartbeat is too fast, I would be in a bad mood.

Q: If so, then under what circumstances will you be able to drink then?
A: Usually during an award celebration dinner. I don’t want to spoil the surrounding atmosphere (laughs). I would usually drink a bit of red wine on the plane or in the hotel. Sometimes it helps me to sleep better after drinking a bit of alcohol.

Q: Who sent the latest SMS to you and what did it say?
A: Elder brother. He said that he will be going to China next. He was in Korea recently, but he’s going over today. We have a very good relationship.

Q: What is the one song you listen to frequently in your iPod?
A: [All I Ask Of You], it is in German. In order to imagine my performance on stage, I also listen to my own songs frequently.

Q: Which Japanese artiste do you prefer and which song?
A: Ayaka-san’s [Minna Sora no mini coopera]. Ayaka-san is really very powerful.

Q: What have you bought recently?
A: A bag and wallet. I haven’t bought a bag in 3 years, and a wallet in 5. Even though I am not thinking of changing, but some of the fellow artistes help to choose (laughs).

Q: If you were to give a girl an accessory, what would you give?
A: Er~~ Necklace.

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I love the part where the “change” in his voice was discussed as well as the part where he mentioned how his mother helped him with his singing. I thought that was sweet. :)

ROFL at his answer “I drink about 5 cups a year. If my heartbeat is too fast, I would be in a bad mood.” Hahaha! :D

This really is a must-read interview. Junsu’s responses are so deep and it cannot be denied that they came straight from his heart.

100604 Xiah Junsu Non-No Magazine – To Seal Up The Gags For Good

July Edition Interview

–Using the name XIAH junsu to newly commence his solo activities, Junsu has many hidden entanglements and frustrations that he has always been holding in his heart… Now, let us talk about our thoughts together.

“Although I’ve always used the name Junsu in Japan, I use Xiah Junsu when I’m promoting activities in Korea. Even though I’m debuting as a soloist this time, I wanted to change my name because I want it to be closer to my own self.

On a larger front, I wanted to express the artist in me, conveying the best of myself to everyone. Up until now, I’ve always earnestly worked hard, wanting to stand up on that stage as an artist.

However, in Japan, I don’t when this started but it seems as if everyone has been focused on my amusing gags and such, right? From the beginning, whether it’s saying gags or assuming the role of the mood maker, I’ve always liked it, but that’s just one part of me. If there are times when people only focus on that part of me, honestly, I will sometimes feel despondent.”

–Because of these dilemmas, Junsu openly expressed that he wanted to “seal up the gags for good”.

“I can say that I put effort into doing them, but everyone didn’t treat my efforts seriously (laughs). Even though it’s still me, I still sometimes think ‘changing so fast right now feels weird…’ On one hand I feel distressed, but on the other hand, I’m really happy about it. I’ve just been moving forward with this contradiction.”

–He wanted to display the artist side of him and not the joking side of him… Carrying this hope, his first single “XIAH” is a new name for him.
His self-composed song “Intoxication” applied the strong, sexy R&B style. The “mature Junsu” feeling that hasn’t been tried until now.

“This song was written when I went to the Han River after work on the car. It was winter so it was really cold and the water had already turned into ice, so it was really regretful. As I gazed into the distance, I thought, ‘when will this ice melt?’ and a small melody just floated into my mind.”

–As an artist, Junsu is very interested in music production.

“I have a lot of inspiration when I drive around or when I watch movies. As the melody drifts around in my mind, I tend to forget to eat and become deeply engrossed in creating the piece. But as I look on the table in front of me, I will sometimes think that it isn’t right. At times like these, I will immediately cheer up and become stimulated again (laughs). Songs aren’t able to be thought through while you’re composing it at the same time, but rather sudden inspirations that strike you.”

–Another song included is “Kanashimi No Yukue”, a sorrowful ballad. This song was chosen by Junsu among 20 other songs.

“Compared to the ending of a relationship, a deteriorating one makes people feel even more miserable. Lyrics that include such feelings can be felt from the bottom of the heart. Maybe, one of the lovers has had a change of heart?

If it were me, I would chase the other person back. Although in my work and other areas, I have to maintain my pride, love is the only thing that can make me throw it away. That is my style. Whether it’s apologizing or doing anything else, I will do the best that I can. However, if the problem didn’t originate from me… I need to fully comprehend the situation.

The heart, is something that cannot be swayed by others, but something that can be changed by oneself.”

–His maturity can be perceived through his preference and views on music.
“Up until now, there hasn’t been a deep impression of my serious expressions.” If that’s the case, “Don’t I seem really mature today? So far, the word ‘maturity’ has only been used on myself when I purposely try to be that way (laughs)”, Junsu still loves to joke around!

“The playful and cheerful me is the real me, and the serious me is also the real me. I still want to display the many more sides of me, starting from now, slowly revealing a little bit at a time to everyone. Please don’t be too shocked!” (laughs)

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Is he trying to convey a message to us? Well, I guess it’s up to you to decide on that. :)

The first episode of Yoochun’s drama for BeeTV entitled “Beautiful Love”. :) Sorry guys, no subs for this yet. I’ll just post the subbed videos once they’re available.

[Credit: BeeTVch]

OMG, Yoochun’s character is sooo~ cool! He really suits the role of a rich man. I like his acting, too! He definitely can act! Awesome! :D

I’m already loving this drama so much but it’s just so sad that each episode is so short. Cliffhanger! I can’t wait for this episode to be subbed and for the next episode to be released. :P

P.S. Did you hear Junsu’s songs in the background? :D