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Here I am again in the wee hours of the morning typing an entry on my blog while I’m at a state of insomnia. I’m taking this opportunity to update my blog so as for me to feel a bit productive while I’m still wide awake at this hour of the day with nothing to do and also since I don’t get to update my blog that much due to my laziness and the so-called “writer’s block”.

I really don’t have any sensible thing to narrate since my life isn’t as exciting nowadays (wait, when did it even become exciting in the first place?). This summer vacation is such a boring one for me. There’s really not much things to do. Well at least not much of the EXCITING activities that SHOULD be done during summer vacation a.k.a having fun, relaxing, and having worry-free outings and escapades with friends and family. Yes, I don’t have those kinds of things this summer. All I have are headaches (both literally and figuratively speaking) and moments of unproductiveness.

Anyway since this summer vacation of mine is not fun at all, I just try to do the thing that I enjoy doing the most, which is listening to music. Music has been  big part of me ever since I was young. I love listening to different kinds of music even back when I was a child athough it seems like music doesn’t really love me that much. Hahaha. It has been one of my methods for relaxation and “healing.” I don’t settle on a particular genre/type of song but instead I try to explore each and every genre/type. And honestly, I sometimes cannot classify correctly as to what genre/type a song really belongs to due to the fact that most songs nowadays are composed of a mix of different types/genres. Besides, I really don’t care since I only listen to songs that catches my attention and are fit to go with whatever mood I have.

Currently I’m into Korean songs, most specifically the songs of DBSK (seriously, they should decide which name they would use and stop using the others, i.e TVXQ and THSK, cause its really confusing having to call them so many names). My WMP’s library is actually composed of 50% DBSK songs, 25% Korean songs (songs performed by Korean artists apart from DBSK), and the remaining 25% is a mix of English, Filipino, and Chinese songs. Nowadays, I’m particularly hooked to DBSK’s “Begin“, “One“, “Proud“, “You Only Love“, “I’ll be there“, and “Your Love is All I Need” as well as JaeJoong’s solo song entitled “Footsteps.” These songs are not exactly new, they’re not even part of their newest Japanese album entitled “T” (note: Congrats to DBSK (or should I  say Tohoshinki?) for making it to the number one spot of the Oricon Singles Chart. I just don’t know if they were able to sustain it so as to get the number one spot in the weekly charts but nevertheless, it’s still an achivement for the dong bang boys. Yay!). But I just got addicted to these songs when I saw the videos of them performing these song in some of their concerts. I actually downloaded the videos and asked Patti to convert them into MP3 format so I could include them in my media player. So basically, their live performances of these songs really got me intrested in them. In fact, even if I have them in MP3 format already, I still play the videos everytime I want to hear these songs. There’s something with their performances which makes me love the songs even more as well as DBSK. :)

Aside from DBSK’s songs, I’m also into Whitney Houston and Carrie Underwood songs lately. Don’t ask me why because I also don’t know the reason behind it. One fine day, I just found myself downloading their songs from Limewire. I particularly love Whitney Houston’s “One Moment in Time” and “I Have Nothing” while I love Carrie Underwood’s “Ever Ever After”, “When You Remember”, “Some Hearts”, and “It Starts with Goodbye.” I guess their ability to hit high notes just amazes me. Hahaha.

But my most favorite songs lately to which listening the them the whole day would be just fine to me are Beyonce’s “Listen”, David Cook’s version of “Always Be My Baby” (an original by Mariah Carey), and David Archuleta’s “When You Believe.” I just love listening to these songs especially to David Cook’s version of “Always Be My Baby.” I’m not really a fan of his but when I saw his performance during American Idol 7 MC week, I just totally fell in love with the song. He sang it in a very different way – well at least different from MC’s version. He owned the song and he definetly nailed it. Right after watching his performance, I immediately looked for the full verision. Luckily, I found one. Hahaha. David Archuleta also did a very nice version of “When You Believe”, which he also sang during American Idol 7’s MC week. These two guys definetly gave a different feel to these songs. Too bad Michael Johns was eliminated early. I would have wanted to know how he would sing a song by MC. =( As for Beyonce’s “Listen”, I guess I got addicted to it because so many singers nowadays are singing this song just to show their “belting” prowess. But I have to say that Beyonce’s version is still the best. ;p

Anyway, I added the YouTube links of some videos of the performances by DBSK. I just felt like sharing it. Just click the title of the song on the 4th paragraph of this entry where I listed DBSK’s songs. Hehehe.  Oh, I also got the subbed versions of some of them just in case some of you can’t understand the songs and you want to understand their meanigs. lol. Sorry can’t find any subbed clips of the  others (or better yet GOOD SUBBED CLIPS of the others). Hehehe. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did (and still do)! =)

Ok, don’t freak out just yet and forget your plan of texting me or worse calling me and put that damn phone down.

No need to panic my friend. Don’t take the title of this post to heart – well not too much, that is. Yeah, I’m definetly struck by an illness but I’m more than happy to announce that no, my life is not in grave danger.

So you can settle down now, ok? Regain your normal breathing, yeah?

Good. That’s better.

Now, let me go down to business. What is my illness, you may ask? As I’ve said it’s nothing serious (well at least for now?). I’ve got insomnia going on these past few weeks. And I think its getting worse these past few days. I can’t seem to get myself to sleep early recently. Before when I was in high school, I used to sleep at around 10pm and then when I got to enter college, I started to sleep later than usual. But even so, my latest sleeping time when I was in my first and second year in college was 1pm, which only took place mostly during midterm week and finals week. I don’t know if that is part of the reason why I have insomnia right now. I think my body got used to that kind of sleeping habit, which caused me to have a sleeping disorder. I’ve complained about this a lot of times already in my old blog but little did I know that those times were just, as I would like to call it, the “calm before the storm.” My third year in college was really a grueling one and it’s when my sleeping disorder became worse. I started to sleep past midnight because my eyes just won’t stay shut. I had to make my eyes busy by reading or watching just for them to get tired and close by themselves. Recently (this week to be exact),  I had the worst insomnia attack I’ve ever experienced. I’ve been sleeping at 6am and it’s like my eyes and my body refuse to rest unless it’s about 6am. This difficulty of sleeping has really gotten my mom a bit worried and she kept on lecturing me to lay on my bed early so that I can fall asleep early as well. It was an effective method for her but is not for me. I’ve tried it but I did not get the results me and my mom wanted. It’s like my body got used to the fatigue and stress that I’ve been experiencing during school days that it doesn’t want to follow me now no matter how hard I try to force myself to rest early and take advantage of the short vacation to regain all the energy I lost due to school work.

I, too, am worried of the condition I’m in right now. I really don’t like it because like what I’ve mentioned, I want to take advantage of this summer vacation to rest my body before I suffer from overfatigue once school starts. I also know that sooner or later, I would gravely suffer from the consequences of this sleeping disorder of mine. I may not feel too much of the weight of its cons right now but I’m definetly sure I will in the years to come. I’m really finding ways on how to get back to my normal sleeping habits. And I’m seriously staying away from anything that contains a large amount of caffeine (yes, I haven’t been drinking coffee for quite some time now) since its believed that it helps people to stay awake – which is the opposite of what I want right now. I don’t know if its logical to believe that and if avoiding it will do me any good but at least I’m trying to eliminate any possibilities of it contributing to my sleeping disorder.

Even after posting this entry, I’m still not sleepy. I have hoped to feel tired and fall asleep after typing this entry but to my dismay, I’m still wide awake in the wee hours of the morning. I guess I have to resort to my usual “sleeping pill” then, which is reading fan fictions at Winglin and Soompi. I swear I’ve finished reading so many fanfics already because of my illness. It takes me one to two fanfics a day before I completely start to fall asleep. Good think I still manage to complete my 8 hours of sleep. Yes, my friends. This week, my earliest waking time was 2pm and my latest was 4:30pm. So I haven’t been able to eat breakfast AND lunch this week. And although its ok for me to wake up this late this summer vacation, what am I going to do once classes start next month? I can’t possibly wake up that late since my classes next term starts at 8am. This only means that I have to find a way to get rid of my insomnia ASAP.

Ugh, I seriously hate this. 

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

I never thought I would be using the password protect option here in WordPress for any of my posts. Ever since I started blogging, I’ve been thinking that this will be a tool for me to speak my mind and to update my friends of what’s happening to me and rightfully so, my entries should be posted for all of them to see and read. But I guess there are some things that are too personal and sensitive that I have to keep them to myself. These are the things that are too hard for me to bear and thus I have to let them out but may be too harsh or hurtful for someone else to read. So I guess my only option is to “protect” these entries.

Having said this, starting from now I will use the password protect option for some of my entries which, in my opinion, are worthy of keeping private. This is to avoid some sensitive matters from leaking out and also to avoid any conflict from arising should I lose my senses and say anymore reckless things that could offend other people. I know for a fact that sometimes I lose control of the words that come out of my mouth (or mind?) to the point that I forget to consider other’s feelings and opinion and thus the need for me to stop being insensitive. And even though it may seem that nobody reads my blog, I know that there are some souls out there who devote their time reading my entries (btw, for that I say a big THANK YOU to all of you). My friends may not be the type who comment on each and every entry but I know they take time to visit this page to get an update of me and my so-called life. They just want me to to hear what they have to say PERSONALLY (which seriously sucks sometimes. sorry, my dear friends. ;p). But aside from people close to me, I definitely know that strangers also visit my blog. I mean this is the cyber world so what do you expect, right?  It’s actually fine with me if strangers read my entries (at least some people take interest in reading my senseless posts, right?). But I think some things in my life are meant to be personally kept.

And so, there you go. Just telling you guys that some posts will be kept private. Well, actually they’re not that private. If you can guess my password, just type it and you’ll be able to read out my protected entries. That is IF you can guess my password. I’m definitely not giving it out. Hahaha.

P.S. I sooo love WordPress. I’m so thankful that they have this option. At least my blog is public but still has some privacy in it. I think Blogger doesn’t have this option, does it? =)

If you’re a morning person or just happens to love waking up early to watch morning show, please do check us out tomorrow and our product, TSINEELAS at Unang Hirit.

What: Feature on TSINEELAS

Time: 6-8am (our call time is 6am so I’m guessing we’ll be on air around past 6am or 7am)

Program: Unang Hirit

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Thanks! =)


At last my final exams are officially over! I’m finally free from the clutches of school even for just a few weeks. It’s time to enjoy, yeah? Hell YEAH! =)

First of all, I would just give some updates on what’s going on with my life. Well there’s really not much happenings in my life lately since I’ve been busy with school. I haven’t gone on any gimmicks as of late but I sure hope I could go out with my friends a lot this summer (that is if you can call 1 month of no classes as summer vacation). Apart from school, I’ve been much, much more addicted to DBSK/TVXQ these past weeks, all thanks to the almost 200+ videos I’ve already downloaded. I found videos of their live performances of some of their songs in their concerts the previous years and boy, I really loved them. The songs BEGIN, PROUD, ONE, and FOOTSTEPS (performed by my favorite DBSK member, KIm Jaejoong) have really become ear candies to me these past weeks. I also realized that I’m slowly beginning to be a Cassiopeia myself, thanks to the man named KIM JAEJOONG. Gawd, when will they visit the Philippines again? I can’t wait to see them – especially HIM – in person. And because of Jaejoong, my taste for guys somewhat changed. I’m now looking for someone LIKE HIM. Ugh, I super hate it because I know I won’t find someone like him here in our dear country, which means my hope of finding my ideal man is in a blur. Seriously if you know someone who has the same physical features and personality as Jaejoong, please let me know. I would surely be very grateful to you.

Moving on to my second update (yes, the first update is my growing addiction to DBSK in case you didn’t know) I’m happy to announce that I’m FINALLY over withh KL/RED. (For those who have no idea as to who this person is, please visit my blogger blog and read my entries about him there.)  This time around I REALLY MEAN IT. I don’t get the chills and the feeling of excitement I used to have before every time I see him around campus. Although my friends would ocassionally tease me whenever he’s anywhere near us, I don’t get that much affected anymore. I’m more normal now. Sure, I still give them those ocassional smiles everytime they tease me but  not as “meaningful” and radiant as I used to give before. But I have to admit that I’m not crushing on anyone YET as of the moment. What I meant by that is crushing on someone “within my reach” and not on someone who lives in Korea/Japan and is a member of a very popular Asian boy group. =)

Third update is that I went to my grandparent’s house last sunday for the graduation celebration of my nieces, Lean and Hannah. Lean graduated in high school while her sister Hannah graduated in pre-school. I’m so happy to see Jam and Lean again since it’s been quite a while since we’ve seen each other. We spent our time last sunday talking and talking about random things but mostly about Lean’s so-called lovelife. Hahaha. *Ahem, does LONG ring a bell?* I’m gonna see them again this sunday because it’s my nephew Miguel’s 2nd birthday and I bet this would be another “gossip” day for the three of us. Who will it be this time, huh? Hehehe.

Fourth update is that the whole Loophole Inc. team (minus Linds since she still has one final exam left tomorrow) will have a live TV guesting tomorrow at GMA 7’s morning show Unang Hirit. We were invited by one of the members of the staff to do a guesting since she wants to feature our product, TSINEELAS. After seeing our product featured in the newspaper THE PHILIPPINE STAR, she immediately contacted us and asked us if they could feature our product. Really, we are thankful for that newspaper feature because it opened a lot of opportunities for us to market our product and to make it known to a lot of people. Orders kept coming since the day that TSINEELAS was featured on THE PHILLIPINE STAR. We also hope that our guesting tomorrow will also bring about good results in terms of the sales of our product. We’re also currently gathering contact information on different TV programs and print media that could possibly feature our product like US Girls, The Sweet Life, MYX, Candy, Seventeen, Pink, and Chalk magazines. We hope to find some more media sources to market and promote our product.

And finally my last update for today is our plan of going on an overnight @ Alex’s rest house in Antiplolo this friday. We just came up with the idea a while ago so it’s not yet finalized. But all of us are pretty decided on pushing through with it. We only need the confirmation of the people who will come with us so that we can decide on what to do. I’m so excited and I hope we’ll push through with it. Come on! We need a rest, guys! :)