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101030 Max Matsuura’s Statement on Twitter

If reading from the image, please read the tweets from bottom to top; text version is below.

Text Version :

Good afternoon. This is the last day of my ascetic practice. Only week, but it may have changed my viewpoint a bit for the rest of my life.

I got a call from Mr. Chiba, CSO. We talked about Twitter and how we can best use it. I’ve decided to read, but not reply to, expressions of opinion and criticisms. When I receive helpful opinions from our customers and fans I will forward them to the right people in our company. They will address issues and respond if needed. We believe we should use Twitter effectively and in a friendly way.

Many customers have very strong feelings about Tohoshinki and other artists. I’m not always the best person to answer them. Twitter isn’t always the best place for addressing concerns or making statements – some contracts have very strict non-disclosure language.

For example, there may have not been enough explanation about JJY, but as a listed company we can freely release only limited information. We abstained from making contentious comments, even though there were some differences of opinion between the other party and ourselves.

As CEO of avex I was blamed by the fans. It made me consider my responsibilities and I honestly felt that sometimes they were too much. That pressure caused some emotional Tweeting. But I do want the fans to be able to vent by telling me their anxious feelings or complaints.

I’ll continue listen to all opinions and complaints, but I may use the blocking function for people who apparently attack me personally.

I want this Twitter account to be fun and use it to receive valuable opinions from all of you. Thank you very much for your understanding.

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Sometimes, people just really needs to know when and how to shut up in order to not make things more complicated.

Japan Avex CEO masatomatsuura’s tweet about JYJ is creating a commotion

TVXQ’s members, Micky YooCheon, Xiah Junsu, Hero JaeJoong signed a contract with CJes Entertainment and there by forming JYJ. On the 12th, they mark the start of their first World Tour Showcase at GoRyo University. After the end of the showcase, on the 13th, masatomatsuura posted a tweet at his twitter page saying “I opened my heart and spoke to them but I was betrayed like nothing happened. It’s important to have trust. Especially when you’re in such an industry, trust is a must. I had wished that I can speak of the matters someday.” Adding on he tweeted “Losing is winning. Even it is so now, someday things will change. The strength that allows me to endure such humiliation is perseverance and training. Someday, I will tell these stuck-ups off. Because I will not lose in the end. I’m just talking to myself.” And he added, “If there’s no pain, it’s not interesting.”

For JYJ fans who have seen those messages, they replied harsh messages like “I start to hate Japan.”, “JYJ is so pitiful”, “Bad guy” [this word is not very pleasant in Korean.] But masatomatsuura replied saying “You’ll get your retribution.” “Please be careful of what you say.” With that, a fight of resentment has started.

AVEX has expressed on the 16th sept that because of the law issues that CJes is involved in and the on-going contract issues with SME, AVEX has used these reasons to express that they will stop JYJ’s activities in Japan. With that JYJ expressed on 17th Sep that “we have no intentions to stop our activities in Japan and we had abided with all our contract terms faithfully. But from a few months back onwards, AVEX has started to stress that the contract terms were unreasonable and one-sidedly decided to stop the contract and even issued released news saying that we will be stopping our activities.”

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100922 Twitter Updates – Chiba Ryuhei

Everybody, Max Matsuura is the president of our company. I know that you guys want to stand against him, but I was the person responsible for this issue. Our president has reminded me many times to consider whether or not what I was doing was appropriate, but I told him on numerous occasions ‘Please leave it to me!’

It will take time for all of you to understand, but in my position, we cannot work with their company. I really like the three of them, as does our president. I replied (not sure who he’s referring to) that if they’d chosen us, then it would’ve made things very difficult, but it would have been the correct decision. Let us wait a while to see whether or not the decision was right or not.

All the tweets were translated by members of TVXQBaidu, yet somehow the message was interpreted differently by RockJJ, so I’ve translated this (below) as well.

We’ve chosen to pursue a course of action which will be more time-consuming, they are not money-making tools to our company. The president likes them as well, it’s just that they did not choose us! This is my reply. Also, whatever is difficult is the correct choice. Let us wait. We don’t know who’s right and who’s wrong.

I’ve read all of your replies. As a person in charge of running the company and as a human being, I will put this into deeper consideration…
So that we can bring back their voices, oyaji gags, dances, and laughter. I will tweet again. Good night.

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100921 Max Matsuura’s Twitter Updates

masatomatsuura Without limiting certain companies, to try and sign contracts, there are companies that will say completely different things. To the end, that is the common opinion. RT @a_milky: @masatomatsuura You already knew the actual condition of C-jes, so why did you still sign on JYJ?><

There are a lot of things I want to say. However, I will stop now. Although I’m sorry that among the Tohoshinki fans, there are people who feel displeased (t/n: precise meaning of the word is discomfort) with me, but can’t you please unfollow me? But of course, this is the individual’s freedom.

masatomatsuura From now on, for me, even if there’s anything, I will definitely not speak ill about them.

masatomatsuura Everyone, anyone, you’ve had the experience where you date someone and they turned out to be the worst, right? At that time, when you find out, if you said that it is wrong to swiftly change courses, then in the inevitable future, it might become something worse. However, making the decision is difficult. For this matter, I’m just talking about a general opinion and has nothing to do with Tohoshinki.

The termination of the trio’s contracts does no good for the profit of sales and is a big blow to avex. However, as a socially responsible company listed on the stock exchange, this was the only choice we could make.

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100917 Max Matsuura’s Twitter Update

If we were such a bad company, then all the artists in avex would have said that they wanted to leave. All I can say is….we’re just a good company. A company that doesn’t talk well I guess. The matter this time too, honestly we were the ones who suffered the most damages.

Everything we could do, we did. But, I don’t know why they still chose that person. And this was the result! It probably couldn’t be helped. If Baek has anti-social powers, we can only do this. For us, even until the end, we were asking them to choose avex. But, I don’t even know why I was rejected, I still love these 3 people.

Like it spilled out from the inside, these are not lies…. The above.

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I haven’t been on twitter the past days that’s why I didn’t know about this incident.

“Ayumi Hamasaki intercedes conflict between Tohoshinki fans and Avex president”

There was a little conflict recently between Tohoshinki fans and Matsuura Masato the president of Avex, on twitter.

The conflict started when fans asked him about Tohoshinki. Matsuura tweeted, Wanting them to get back together is my wish, but not getting back together is their decision.

Fans were upset by his tweet and said to him, Dont you know how many fans would get hurt by words like this?, Why dont you stop tweeting?, Stop saying stuff as if you know everything.

Matsuura tweeted back to the fans again, Then dont ask me anything, and dont believe my words, You want me to lie about that?

Then people who are not Tohoshinki fans tweeted to him, You are being too immature, You should know how effective your words are to fans.

The twitter exchange became over heated, and Ayumi Hamasaki tweeted on behalf of Matsuura to the Tohoshinki fans.

Please stop pushing all your anger and sadness only on Masa(Matsuura). Because of his position, he had to know something he didnt even want to know. Isnt Masa the same as you (fans)? Who didnt give up, even after going through all that pain?.

Source: MENS CYZO & tokyohive

I don’t really know what happened but based on the article above, I think both parties – Max Matsuura and the fans – are at fault here. I won’t be hating Avex like the way I hate SM Entertainment (I guess, my hatred for SME is incomparable) for saying sensitive matters like this but I do think that what Max Matsuura did was, in a way, improper. Definitely, a lot of fans were hurt and got worried by what he said. The fans’ hearts are in a very sensitive state right now and saying those kinds of things would surely affect us.

But I think the fans are also at fault. They shouldn’t ask Max Matsuura such questions related to TVXQ at the moment especially those pertaining to their relationship and plans as a group in the future. We all know that Max Matsuura is quite a frank guy and he sometimes says things that shouldn’t be said publicly. If the fans are not ready to accept the answers that come from him, whether positive or negative, then we shouldn’t ask any questions in the first place.

My point is that what Max Matsuura said is indeed sensitive and most of the time he’s being a bit too tactless but we can’t fully blame him because he’s only answering the questions of the fans based on his own opinions or what he knows. If we, the fans, are not ready to hear anything negative, then let’s just stop asking him questions about the boys. We also have to understand that he can’t always give us positive answers and hopeful comments if we expect him to answer our questions honestly.

Being open-minded is the key in the situation we are in right now because if we’re not going to open our minds to everything and be understanding, then we’ll just get hurt over and over again.