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I haven’t posted in AGES but I just can’t help but share the new single of JaeJoong from his first full solo album. The track is called “A Sunny Day” featuring Lee Sang Gon.

Unlike the main tracks from his previous mini album, this song is a ballad – which I think is one of the genres where JaeJoong really excels. I love him the most when he’s singing these kinds of ballads that’s why I fell in love with this song instantly. It’s so easy to listen to and so soothing. JaeJoong’s voice really never fails to enchant me when he sings ballads such as this one. I can’t wait for the release of the full album!

Hey, everyone! :)

I’m finally back from a 3 months hiatus. I’m happy to be able to post on my blog again because I really missed updating about JYJ news and their activities. I was forced to be on hiatus for a couple of months because I was busy with work. I was so stressed and pressured that I didn’t have the energy and the time to update anymore. I’m actually busy until now but I just felt the urge to blog again because I think that my blog’s idleness for 3 months is unforgivable (at least for me). Haha. I can’t promise to update often but I will definitely try to do it when I have free time.

So, a lot of news about JYJ came out while I was on my blogging break, which I didn’t get to share to my readers. I’m really sorry! I apologize especially to those who had been following my blog for JYJ news. I cannot post all the past news here because there’s just too many of them but I did post JYJ’s twitter updates translated by starting from the last one I posted last December 2011 until their latest translations this March 2012. I posted them in their corresponding dates to make archiving a lot easier.

Anyway, let me just give my comments/opinions on some news that came out while I was on hiatus:

JYJ’s South America Tour
I am so proud of our boys! They are not only the first Korean artists to have a concert in South America but their concerts were also very successful! Congratulations to JaeJoong, Yoochun and Junsu for a job well done and thank you to all the South American fans who supported them. :)

Yoochun in Rooftop Prince
Yay, another drama by Yoochun! I saw the teasers and the drama really looks interesting. I love watching Yoochun in these light dramas and I’m sure I’ll love this just like how I loved Sungkyunkwan Scandal before. I think the first episode already aired this week and I can’t wait to watched the subbed videos. If anyone knows where I can watch the English subbed episode, please send me a message. ;)

Junsu in the musical ‘Elisabeth’
What more can I say? Junsu is definitely the king of musicals! Also, I love Junsu’s blonde hair! He is so freakin’ hot. Haha. He actually looks like JaeJoong during their OJBH days every time his blonde hair is styled upwards.

JaeJoong to star in a period drama
I’m not sure if this is confirmed but if it is, then it will really be an interesting drama to watch. I’ve always wanted to see what JaeJoong would look like if he were to play a role in a period drama. I’m excited!

Yoochun’s father passed away
My condolences to Yoochun and his family. :( I’m glad that he’s staying strong for his mom and his younger brother Yoohwan. I hope he’ll feel better soon and I’ll always be praying for him and his family.

JYJ and the sasaeng fans controversy
This is a pretty hot topic so I’ll write my opinion on another post.

Ok, so that’s it for now. I’ll try to post again tomorrow. :)

And here’s the newly released MV of “Get Out”.

[Video Credit: lovena33]

Never mind that some of the scene/frame transitions are fast. All I can say is that this MV is FIERCE. I LOVE IT. <3


110531 Park Yoochun Reveals His Fluent English Ability

On the episode MBC’s “Miss Ripley” that was aired on 31 May, Park Yoochun attracted everyone’s attention for his ability to speak English fluently.

[Contains Spoilers]

In the drama, Park Yoochun plays the role of successor to Mondo Group, Song Yoo Hyun. Born in Japan, Song Yoo Hyun is not only fluent in Japanese, but also speaks English well.

Song Yoo Hyun, who was present for his Director’s inauguration did a simple greeting, then continued his speech in fluent English. Song Yoo Hyun spoke about the prospects of the company, then asked for the support from his staff, before showing his unique smile.

Park Yoochun has once again proved the superior charm of a man in a suit. Park Yoochun showed  his gentle dominance, while dressed in a white shirt and black suit, or a baby blue shirt matched with a navy blue suit.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + TVReport]
Translated & Shared by :

110428 avex’s Statement Concerning JYJ’s Charity Event

April 28, 2011

To Whom It May Concern

Avex Group Holdings Inc.

Concerning the Charity Event by JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN

There was an announcement on April 5 this year, that JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN (exclusive artists of our company, hereinafter named “JJY”) will hold a charity support event (hereinafter called “this event”) for the Tohoku Kanto Earthquake Disaster.

This event was planned without receiving any permission from our company, which holds the exclusive management rights for JJY in Japan.

Our company has protested multiple times to the organizer ZAK Corporation (hereinafter named “ZAK Corp”) and JJY’s Korean management company, C-JeS ENTERTAINMENT, (hereinafter named “C-Jes Corp” ). However, they have not listened to our protests, and forced through with the ticket sales unilaterally.

Concerning our company’s above handlings, we have received many comments and requests from JJY fans that this event should push through. Or, that since the sole purpose is for charity, we should especially dissolve the exclusive contract. On the other hand, we have received protests from multiple antisocial forces. Furthermore, we were under duress that our president should be harmed, etc.

However, our company holds the exclusive rights for JJY’s activities in Japan, and we have just taken actions for the infringement rightfullly and properly.

Additionally, as we have announced in our press release of September 16 last year, there remains to be compliance problems such as the criminal record of the President of C-JeS in assaulting/blackmailing an artist (of whom he was in charge of). Moreover, the exclusive contract declaratory judgment is still going on in Korea. Therefore, we have no other choice than to suspend the activities of JJY until these are settled.

In spite of the above circumstances, ZAK Corp and C-JeS have in their joint names, and, as ZAK Corp by itself, have filed two provisional dispositions against our company to the Tokyo District Court, claiming that our company’s handlings have no legitimate basis.

Hereafter, our company will contend our legitimacy at the judicature.

Our company does not think that the JJY members themselves are aware of everything that is happening.
Our company wishes that the JYJ members will understand the situation correctly and the real intention of our company.
Additionally, as we have been consistently commenting, our company long for the day where the compliance and legal problems in Korea will be resolved, and that our company can once again manage JJY. Furthermore, to resume the artists’ activities as Tohoshinki . We will do our best in the future.

For the fans who support JJY, we understand that we are making all of you worry.
We appreciate your kind understanding on the above.

Source: Avex Group Holdings Inc
Translations: smiley @
Special Thanks: ミ♥ Lovedust @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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JaeJoong has a very soft and gentle voice… I actually felt like crying while listening to his humming.

Credit: farahJYJ