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The episode of Boy Pop Factory where JaeChun appeared in a few months ago is finally aired. I posted the fancams of their performances but this time around, the clips below are the actual performance clips of “Begin” and “Colors ~Melody and Harmony~”. There are no available clips yet of their “Been So Long” and “Rainy Blue” performances. Watch them NOW because these will be taken down by the uploaders after a while for them to avoid suspension of their accounts.


I like this performance because JaeJoong and Yoochun sounded so good. But like what I said before when I commented on the fancam I posted, it’s still different when the five of them sings this song together. This is more like the unplugged version of Begin.

Colors ~Melody and Harmony~

The performance was ok but it’s not one of their best performances of this song. I think the accompaniment was so soft and slow and both of them, especially Yoochun, sounded off in some parts. Nevertheless, it’s an ok performance. And I finally confirmed that JaeJoong DID cry at the end. T_T

[Video credits: Eternalmerkamoon1 + tohosomnia]

Again, congrats to the boys!  A lot of their singles ha turned GOLD this year and I’m pretty sure some will reach (or have already reached) PLATINUM by the end of the year. Yay for DBSK! :D

TVXQ’s CD & DVD Certified Gold By RIAJ

[20th, Tokyo, Yonhap News] The CD and DVD that was released in Japan by the popular group Tohoshinki, have been certified “Gold” by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ).

The RIAJ have published the certified list on their homepage, for works released up until September. “Gold” certification is only awarded for works which sell 100,000 copies and more, and Tohoshinki’s Tokyo Dome solo concert DVD “4th LIVE TOUR 2009~The Secret Code~FINAL in TOKYO DOME”, released in July, as well as the single “COLORS~Melody and Harmony~” released by Tohoshinki members Jejung (Hero) and Yuchun (Micky) as a project group on the 30th of last month, have been certified.

Sales of the unit’s (T/N: project group) single exceeded 100,000 copies on the day it was released. The DVD for their Tokyo Dome concert sold over 171,000 copies during the week it was released.

Source: [yonhapnews]
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Here’s the interview translation from FRaU magazine:

FRaU November Issue – Jejung and Yuchun Felt the Love from the Other Members

YuChun smiled shyly after being praised ‘Sexy’ by JeJung who peeked at him during his photoshoot. “I feel really great to be able to work on a music piece with someone who has the same goal as me. But our personalities are really different, I’m more introverted and not very sociable.” YuChun who was saying that, seems compatible with the quiet deep ocean background during the photoshoot.

Mika Ninagawa said while pressing the shutter, “Though the atmosphere is quiet, it is not pressurizing. He gave people a sense of responsibility, gentleness and charm.” Their single has included the desires to stand on the stage as 5 once again no matter what happens. “We have always been together as 5. As the others are not with us right now, it’s embarrassing to say this (laugh~), but I felt the love from them. Therefore, I do not wish to forget the most important thing to me, and this song was written based on this feeling.”

Mika Ninagawa expressed, “JeJung is like a big red and elegant flower, while YuChun is someone who has the ability to give others a sense of responsibility and charm even underneath his quiet exterior.”

JeJung and YuChun from Tohoshinki, the legendary group, has just released their special unit single. Can you escape their ultimate charisma?
Photo taken by: Mika Ninagawa (T/N: A famous Japanese photographer ; her work pieces are versatile and dreamy, mostly through the use of ‘flowers’ and ‘natural scenes’ as the theme.)

JeJung and YuChun are famous all over Asia as they are members of Tohoshinki, a 5 member idol group from Korea. Tohoshinki debut in Korea at 2004, and Japan at 2005. This summer, they have also successfully ended their 4th live tour concert at Tokyo Dome. JeJung was born in 1986 and is the lead singer in the group. YuChun was born in 1986 and is in charge of the bass and rap in the group. Both their digital single [Endless Sweet] and single [COLORS~Melody and Harmony~] have been released on 23rd September and 30th September respectively.

Please enjoy our new style.

JeJung and YuChun formed a sub-unit and released a single [COLORS~Melody and Harmony~]. Today, both of them are here in the studio. “Though it is kind of lonely, at least YuChun is with me so I’m feeling better! We want to show everyone a new style of us which is different from when we are all together as 5”, JeJung said. While YuChun was having his solo shoot, JeJung who was really mischievous, was disturbing him from the back of the backdrop setting. But once the actual shoot started, he immediately turned into someone who is serious and charming, seemingly like the prince who just walked out from a romance manga.

Mika Ninagawa said, “That’s how someone, who is idolized by others, should be! His generous working attitude is really close to my style of working. A few of my works required him to pose in a regal manner, and he was willing to give it a try, which was really remarkable.” JeJung who was posing while playing with the flower petals said, “The flower is still prettier than me ah~”, which made everyone laugh. His presence always creates a cheerful atmosphere.

Source: TVXQの国度
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Yes, you guessed it right. Another set of pictures! Hahaha.


fraumagajaechun (1)

fraumagajaechun (2)

fraumagajaechun (3)

fraumagajaechun (4)

fraumagajaechun (5)

fraumagajaechun (6)

[Credit: soyoyujj]

Woah, HOT HOT HOT. Nice concept – Jae with the flowers (are those for me, Jae? <3) and Yoochun’s (I think) spider web. Their stares are hypnotizing me (in a good way)! I’m under their spell. *sings to Mirotic*

Pictures of JaeJoong and Yoochun from Pati-Pati magazine. Is anyone of you keeping count of how many magazines have featured them so far? Because I’ve already lost count of it! LOL.


patipatijaechun (1)

patipatijaechun (2)

patipatijaechun (3)

patipatijaechun (4)

patipatijaechun (5)

[Credit: soyoyujj]

The picture where JaeChun are lying on the floor… *goodness!*

Love their smiles on the third pic.. =)

Here is the complete translation of their steady magazine interview. The one I posted before are just the short questions. I didn’t cut those on this post so you won’t need to trackback. See the pictures ON THIS POST.


Even when their opinions differ, they are able to naturally understand each other when they communicate with one another.

-Even when they’re on and off as Tohoshinki members, the two are always close together. Where do you think each other’s charm lies? To further inform our readers who only see the two on stage, please let us hear your thoughts
JJ: I think Yuchun’s good point is when his heart moves. Besides having that in common with him, I feel that we are the same. I’ve always felt that way since the first time I met him.
YC: I think Jaejung’s best point is that he is the type who listens to others well. His charm lies in both the way you can talk earnestly with him and how he understands your pain.

-Was the image of your first meeting memorable?
JJ: When I heard that Yuchun was coming back from America as an exchange student there to join Tohoshinki, I freely built up an image of him in my mind. He was totally different from my image of him: blonde hair, blue eyes, and white skin (laughs). He wore a colorful shirt, short pants, and sandals. He looked like a Chinese action star (laughs). But his mind was free-styled, and I was really glad. It just shows how you can’t judge a person from his appearance (laughs).
YC: At that time, Jaejung was into sports and he had these huge muscles. It was about twice the size of what he has now (laughs). When I first met him, he wore a tank top and shorts. I thought he was a K1 player. But after talking to him, I discovered that we had a lot in common and became really good friends.

-Is conversation important in seeing into men’s (hearts)?
JJ: Yes. We have differences in opinion too. We’re similar in the way how our emotions sway and we can talk with each other about anything- I think that’s the most important relationship of all.
YC: After a day’s work, while we go drinking, I’ll say, “I think this way, what do you think of it Jaejung?”. We do this quite often. Because we work with a lot of people, usually we have to read the overall atmosphere and be careful of what we say so that there are no misunderstandings. But during off-time, we can relax and say anything we want.

-So the important point is to not pay too much mind and speak frankly then. So how do you catch the other’s feelings and thoughts?
JJ: Yuchun discusses everything with me. That’s why I can completely understand that I can completely put my trust in him.
YC: During those times, I feel that I found happiness and I’m laughing with my whole heart. When we are together, I can put my full trust in him and talk to him about anything. We’re able to naturally understand each other.

-For the men who are able to open up to others, they can also trust in girls. This can serve as a reference. Thank you (for the interview).

The big quotes on the second page in green~

JEJUNG: Even though it may be sad when we’re busy and can’t meet, I think this is a good experience.

YUCHUN: I want a special/important someone to treasure me.

Re-posting Notepad Questions:


Q: What type of girl do you like?
A: Not a very talkative person, and when I meet her, she’ll make my heart go *thump*

Q: Where do you want to go on a date?
A: If it’s with the person I like, anywhere is ok. I want to hold hands while walking together.

Q: When was your first love?
A: In sixth grade, I fell in love with an angelic cute girl one year younger than me.

Q: Are you the type to closely/meticulously contact your girlfriend?
A: I’m bad at calling, but I want to tell her my feelings through my diary or letters after a long time not seeing her.

Q: What do you look forward to her doing?
A: For her to be considerate when I’m tired after work- that would make me really happy.


Q: What type of girl do you like?
A: Rather than a pretty girl, a girl with personality.

Q: Where do you want to go on a date?
A: To go to Paris during winter and breath the cold air while walking together.

Q: When was your first love?
A: I didn’t understand what “go out with me” meant in elementary school.

Q: Are you the type to closely/meticulously contact your girlfriend?
A: Because I haven’t had the experience, I’m not really sure. But every now and then when I meet her, I’ll treasure those times.

Q: What do you look forward to her doing?
A: If she is able to make a stable relationship even when I’m busy (with work/traveling overseas, etc).

Translations by: whispperpuppies@soompi
Shared by: lovetohateme@wordpress

This is such a sweet interview. We can sense from JaeJoong and Yoochun’s answers that they are really close. Soulmate <3. ;)

I think the reason why JaeJoong knows how to listen well and understand other people’s pain just like what Yoochun said is because he had gone through a lot of pain in his life, too. He knows the feeling of having hurt and having so many problems coming his way that is why he easily understands the pain of the people around him. I don’t understand JaeJoong’s statement “I think Yoochun’s good point is when his heart moves,” though. Does he mean he easily feels touched/moved by other people?

LOL @ their first images of each other. I can’t even imagine Yoochun looking the way Jae has imagined him the first tiem! Hahaha! Hasn’t anybody told JaeJoong during that time that Yoochun is actually Korean who just lived in America and not actually of American descent? Naturally, he’ll still have dominant Korean features. LOL. And JaeJoong had bigger muscles then? Twice as big as his muscles now? Woah, can’t believe it! I always thought JaeJoong was a thin guy during his training days up until their Hug days. It was only during their O JBH days that I actually think he bulked up a bit. I wonder what Jae looked like with those big muscles before? *curious*

I love their answer to the last question. I can really see and feel how much trust they have for each other. They really are not just bandmates or friends. They have developed a strong “blood-brother” relationship throughout the years and they’ll stay that way in the years to come. :D