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100810 Chinese Cassies to Release Album Dedicated to TVXQ

1. All tracks on the album were written and composed by Chinese Cassiopeia
2. In addition to the songs which have already been released, there will be 8 other tracks on the album
3. This is the first ever full album made for TVXQ (A copy will be sent to the boys)
4. There will be Chinese, Korean and English versions of each track

To the boys who’ve touched each and every one of us with their music,

This is something that’s been in the works for 5 years now, and it’s finally going to be released.
It is a gift for all of Cassiopeia,
whilst the lyrics may be simple, this is our way of conveying our never-ending love.
We may not be real singers, but we are true Cassies,
every note in this song holds a promise we’ve made to the boys and to ourselves.

Demo of the song ‘Only 5’
(The song doesn’t start till around 01:08)
CLICK ON THE LINK THAT SAYS ”仙后之歌(Only Five)2009-10-15′

I’ve translated the lyrics below so that those of you who don’t understand Chinese will be able to follow along.

We’ve given you all our time, it’s for you to decide baby
We’ve given you all our love, it’s for you to keep baby
From the moment I fell in love with you, I decided that
No matter how difficult it may be, I will stay by your side
The stars tell me it is my duty to protect you
No matter how far, regardless of the hindrances, we are determined to stay
You made me understand what’s really worth waiting for
I’ve given you my wholehearted love in exchange for yours

Only 5 Forever 5
There’s nothing that could replace it
As long as you’re here, we’ll never be alone
Only 5 Forever 5
We’ll never be apart
Nothing will ever stop our love for you

We’ve been with you along the road, through ups and downs
All our experiences have become memories, stored in my diary
From the moment you fell in love with us, did you also decide that
No matter how difficult it may be, you’ll stay by our side
I’ve listened with my heart, to every word you’ve said
We’ve shared your happiness, your tears and I’ll always understand
Our promise is not only to wait with you

Please don’t forget, there are stars up above
The meaning of the colour red is that we’ll forever be by your side
My Love

Please don’t forget that we Cassiopeia will always be here

Credits: TVXQBaidu
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights

I think I already heard a sample of the song “Only Five” by the Chinese fans before (back in 2009 or 2008). Finally, they’re going to make an album. Hopefully this will be a successful project and I’m sure the boys will love this. :)

This is an a cappella cover of JYJ’s new song “W” by some female fans. I suggest you listen to this because I think it’s quite a good and touching cover. Listening to it knowing how much this song meant to our boys made me tear-up.

[Credit: amesakurako1]

Hey guys! I just want to share this article made by one of the readers of this blog, Stephanie. She emailed it to me and I promised her that I’m gonna post it here so that you could enjoy it, too. :) It’s like an introduction to DBSK, complete with videos that you can watch. I think you’ll be able to appreciate this one especially those who are new to the DBSK fandom. Enjoy!


The Ultimate Introduction to DBSK:

Hi everyone! My name’s Stephanie and I am an Australian Cassy (but Japanese at heart). I have studied Japanese for 7 years and am now in my first year of university continuing my language studies. I have also begun to study Korean this year (and find it extremely enjoyable and exciting!). I was introduced to DBSK mid-way through last year by one of my Thai friends who was in love with Jaejoong and Yunho at the time! I soon became a crazed fan myself, and am to this day! Recently one of my friends at uni, a very crazed SuJu fan, compiled a collection of videos and anecdotes about the members for me to enjoy. I decided to do the same for her, and then realised that this really should be available to all newcomers to DBSK! And thus, here it is: an ultimate introduction to the best band on earth!! Beware of crazed fangirlism from here forward!

Now, I will give you a brief introduction of the members. Excuse my bias for Jaejoong and Changmin!

Firstly, the all famous JAEJOONG. Who we all know and love (hopefully already) – DBSK is amazing, but without their lead singer, I don’t know how they would go! Jaejoong has the voice of an angel in my opinion, and whenever I am upset or anxious, listening to his beautiful voice and the lyrics (when in Japanese) soothes me to the core of my being..*drifts off into Joongie lala land* – plus he happens to be extremely SEXY!! *dies* (He didn’t win hottest Asian man 2010 for nothing ;-) ).

He shows so much love and affection for the members – it’s very beautiful. Joongie saranghaeyo!!

Okay moving on!

Changmin – the youngest one!! He always looks up (or down if you like – as he is the tallest) to his hyungs! He is often very buff ;-). He’s about 2 years younger and once again…stuns me with his amazing looks but also his incredibly powerful voice. He can hit very high notes and never makes a mistake live. I have grown to particularly love his facial expressions during live performances – his concentration face is extremely squeeable!!!! >.< ‘”  I love him very much I JUST ADORE HIM (we are destined to be married one day..>_>…) and thus, I am often tagged as him on facebook XD. I think, if you aren’t familiar with their faces – you will get to know which is which quite soon! (As there are only 5, it makes things a lot easier!)

Then there is Junsu!! He once again, has a flawless voice and is also a fantastic dancer!! Junsu hwaiting!! He puts so much emotion and effort into every performance! He is known as Mr. Charisma! And likes to tell very silly jokes all the time -especially to the Japanese audiences – he makes up little Japanese puns and tongue twisters.

Yunho – Mr. Leader!! XD I have to say that while his vocal abilities shy in comparison to the other members, he always stays strong for his brothers AND he is very smexy and a wonderful (if not the best) dancer in the group!

Yoochun (Chunnie XD) – what to say about him?! He is generally the trouble maker in the group and enjoys rapping in English (even when we can’t understand half of what he’s saying XD). I admire his confidence a lot!

Okay, you are probably very sick of my ranting on now, but let’s move on to the videos!! :D I have decided to put them into categories.

The first one I will entitle “Most Squeeable” (for a number of reasons – which I will explain with each video link).


WRONG NUMBER – (Jaejoong’s amazing rap is the feature here for me, and Yunho’s shirtlessness!! *squee!!* – we all love that!)

呪文 MIROTIC – extremely famous song of theirs!!! The features here are just the amazing-ness of the song itself – I love this song to the extreme! But also..Minnie (Changmin) in the water…*stares* and Joongie pressed up against the cliff face!! Mwahah I would like to be the  ghost dressed in red! >:D

RISING SUN – this is another one of my absolute favourites!! (Although I do love all the songs…)

Look out for:

-Joongie’s hilarious shirt (read it) during the dance sequence!! And leaning on the bike..trying to look very manly…;-)

-Minnie’s screams that send people flying back through the air – now that’s power!!

-And Junsu being bad boy when he makes a gangster drop his hot dog, and then just walks away so carelessly!

-I don’t know many people who aren’t at least partial to this song! It’s incredible!!!

PICTURE OF YOU (Korean) – this is one of those songs that makes me…cry actually ^^; of their Korean ones. Everyone is so so beautiful here – physically, and vocally! And the lyrics – I looked them up (my Korean isn’t proficient enough to understand yet!) are just beautiful! Oh and don’t you love Minnie’s sunglasses? When he sits on the dock and says ‘I do LOVE YOU’ …I…..SQUEE!!

FORGOTTEN SEASON – I couldn’t find a recorded one of this – but Jaejoong is singing live here ‘Forgotten Season’ (Korean) – it’s not the whole song – but I think it’s a beautiful song..definitely one of my favourites again!

INTOXICATION – This is Junsu’s brand new single!!! And the only word for it is SEXY!!!!!!!! I LOVE THE SONG – very…sensual but VERY smexy..*drool!!* Oh – and try to ignore the fake tan ^^;… haha! Now envision – your favourite Korean idol doing these dance moves… especially the part where he slides his knees along the floor! *I will wait while you recover!!*

Okay! Next category::


I don’t know if DBSK can compete with SuJu in terms of hilarious videos..But I think they come pretty close with these three!! One isn’t an actual PV (Box in the Ship) but the song is soo funny because it really does sound like they are on a deserted islands fending off pirates to defend their loves!  – and the question remains – What IS the Box in the Ship? XD

BOX IN THE SHIP (Japanese)

CRAZY LOVE (Korean) – This song is Just FANTASTIC! But the video is equally as fantastic – isn’t the real video – but it’s a good fan made one to go with the song – all about the Love between Mother and Father (Yunho and Jaejoong!) YUNJAE … Saranghae..they made a very fan service based mini drama…..which is on my ipod..on loop XD – try to listen to the song if you can!

BALLOONS (Korean) – the first EVER DBSK video I watched… me hooked!! I am sure you will see why!!!! – Competes with SuJu for cuteness I think!! >.<

Next category:

HAPPY! – I know most of their songs are happy, but these are particularly happy and they didn’t seem to fit into the other categories!

CHOOSEY LOVER (Japanese) (second song I ever heard) – I have sung this at Karaoke many times! XD Yunho is quite a babe here if you ask me!

KISS THE BABY SKY (Japanese) this is such a joyous song!! It was written by Yoochun and I love the part towards the end when they all jump into the air! I also think that Yoochun’s hair in this video is extremely cute (nice and ruffled!) ~ Just to clear things up, Yoochun is the guy at the start of the song who speaks in English XD.

Next category:

ENERGETIC! Now there are definitely songs that I included above which are full of energy. But these are the songs that didn’t really fit into those categories.

PURPLE LINE – Look out for Yoochun’s famous English line towards the start…which sounds VERY ….questionable…I usually listen to the Japanese version but the Korean version is the original so here’s the K version! XD

SKY (Japanese) – look out for Minnie’s orange cardigan and Yoochun’s purple pants- squee material without a doubt! The dancing in this video is quite epic, in a hilarious kind of way! Especially the kicking-of-the legs-whilst-hands-are-in-pockets dance!

‘O’ ! –  This is also a great energetic song! Once again I am sending the Korean version!! Yunho’s dancing at the start is :-O!!! Hahah Joongie and Minnie…and Chunnie have hilarious hairdos here XD.

TAKE YOUR HANDS – This is a live performance (I have this concert at home! XD) of ‘TAKE YOUR HANDS’ (Japanese) – it’s a very motivational song about trying your best now and succeeding in the future!! – everyone performs brilliantly as usual!!! I especially love the Changmin gets the chance to radiate his vocal talents here!

SURVIVOR (Japanese) – I love this AMV and this is a very popular song of theirs!! Brilliant too in my opinion!!

BREAK OUT (Japanese) – second most recent single!! The video is very spooky – Jaejoong’s ruffled hair is drool…XD

MISS YOU (Japanese) – The video is not so entertaining in my opinion, but this is such a fantastic song!! I especially love Joongie’s lyrics in this song!

Next category (Phew!):

I’m going to call it LOVE SONGS:

I will list my favourites first! But then again..they are all beautiful! The first has to be my favourite DBSK songs – and that is a very tough call. The lyrics made me cry the first few times watching it, and so did Jaejoong’s voice!

BEGIN – T_T….cried a bit again….

明日は来るから Asu Wa Kuru Kara (Because Tomorrow Will Come) – this once again…is just a beautiful song with beautiful vocals as usual – an older one as well.

LOVE IN THE ICE (Japanese) – beautiful live performance…T_T..*sniffs*

忘れないで Wasurenaide (Don’t Forget) – Jaejoong wrote this song – I love it very much…I am also v. proud of dear Joongie for writing this beautiful song in Japanese!

キスしたままさよなら (As we kiss, it’s goodbye) written by Yoochun – so much emotion was put into this performance T_T…and once again everyone is beautifully performing in their sexy sweatiness! Haha ^-^

MY LITTLE PRINCESS – back to the early days with this one!! Their second single after HUG – it’s called MY LITTLE PRINCESS (Korean) – hard to believe they were all 17 here, and Changmin was 15!!! Jaejoong looked like a beautiful angel at 17….still does…but ahhh!!

Now…at the other end of the spectrum, just for contrast..even if that’s painful for me…their last single together T_T…from earlier this year…it’s called Toki wo Tomete

時を止めて TOKI WO TOMETE (Stopping Time) (Japanese)

FOREVER LOVE (Japanese) – another moving Rabu song…T^T – Jaejoong and Chamgin’s hair is styled extremely beautifully here!!! XD

LOVIN’ YOU (Japanese) – the title says it all. The lyrics are worthy of the highest class of love poetry! (In my humble opinion..^^:)..

STAND BY YOU (Japanese) – the video clip is not particularly exciting, but then there are the beauteous members to observe..>=>.. And once  again, amazing song! I am literally running out of words in English to describe the wonderment of DBSK!

Almost done!!!


Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou? (Why Did I fall In Love With You?) (Japanese)ー most definitely on of their most popular Japanese songs!! I love it too – very painful (oh can I relate)..but beautiful too.


Colors – Melody and Harmony – squee at the beauty of this song (lyrics and vocals) and the very cute video ♥

My Girlfriend – it’s a Yoochun solo…very cute..however..I think you will not be able to help but laugh :D…the song is in English..but yet it’s still hard to understand XD. My favourite line is “My love is as big as the gingerbread man’s vitality)

Shelter – I really really love this song. It’s another very emotional one..I particularly like the instrumental section accompanying Mickey’s rap. It invokes beautiful dramatic imagery! And of course Jaejoong’s vocals are superb ^_^.

I hope that you have enjoyed the DBSK adventure!! And I secretly hope that I may just have succeeded in converting you into a mad fan like myself! XD Remember that this is only the start, and as you continue to further explore the DBSK universe, you will no doubt happen upon many more fantastic songs, like I myself have done!

Written by: Stephanie
Shared by: lovetohateme@wordpress

This is not an official news article but I just thought of sharing it here. My friend and one of the regular readers of this blog, Emerald (SilentPixie) made a drawing of our boys as an entry for a certain contest. Apart from the beautiful drawing, she also provided an explanation of what her drawing represents. I found it so nice and interesting and thought of sharing it here for all the other readers to see and read. I asked her permission if I could post it here and I want to thank her for allowing me to do so. Thank you for sharing this to us, Emerald! This is such a nice drawing and I love the meaning behind it. :)

Just a reminder: IF YOU’RE GOING TO TAKE THIS OUT OF HERE, PLEASE MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE THE CREDITS. It took Emerald a lot of time and effort to do this so it is only proper to give her the credit she deserves. Thanks!



This is an entry for :iconjaejoong:‘s contest on “How does DBSK inspire you?”

I don’t think there are enough words or enough space on here to describe how much they inspire me. BUT I’ll try.

I’ve known about DBSK for almost 2 yrs. now. I found out about them by chance on youtube. At first they didn’t grab my attention because they looked so young (the first MV I saw was “Hug”). I looked up more videos from them and found “O-Jung Ban Hap” which made me like them right away because of their dancing skills. I didn’t understand a word they were saying but something about Jaejoong caught my attention.

They have inspired me to become a better person by having perseverance, courage, strength, patience, and humbleness. All of these traits can be seen on them when they crossed-over to the Japanese market. They had already become huge stars in Korea but they had to start over in Japan. They worked hard to learn the language and customs. All the while, they hardly seemed to complain. They didn’t act like they needed to be treated like royalty, when they COULD have asked to.

DBSK has inspired me to be forgiving. When Yunho was poisoned by an anti, he didn’t press charges against her because he thought of his sister. Jaejoong has also been forgiving. When he knew he was adopted, he didn’t reserve hatred for his biological mom or his sister. He could have hated his mom for leaving him, but he didn’t.

DBSK has inspired me to be even more caring and loving towards my family and friends. They have shown us countless times how much they care for each other.

There has never been a group I admire the most like I do DBSK. I usually like a group for about 1 year and then I move to the next best thing. DBSK has earned their title of “Gods of the East”. No matter what they say or do, they always do it with courage, passion, and humility. They inspire me to realize my dreams no matter what other people say.

I couldn’t choose just one song to inspire my drawing so I chose to do albums. It took me a whole 2hrs. to try and decide a song to be inspired from, but it was en EPIC FAIL! So I chose these albums because I can honestly say that I will sing-along to EVERY single song in the album.

– Junsu represents “Mirotic”. The ref. pic was from where he injured his ankle right before the concert. His passion for singing was enough for him to want to perform even while being injured.

– Jaejoong represents the “T” album. I have the concert for it and I saw the behind-the-scenes in it. I loved when Jaejoong was talking about his hairstyle. He talked about his little hair flip as a “point-uh desu” and he looked so cute! So I decided to draw him with his “point-uh”.

– Yunho represents the “O-Jung Ban Hap” album. I loved his smile and the hairstyle. He looks so genuinely happy that it makes me want to hug him. The album has a lot of meaning to me because it was the first album I bought from them.

– Micky represents the “Five in the Black” album. I know his hair was shorter in the album, but I like Micky with his hair a bit longer (not as long as the “Rising Sun” album tho). Also, I think Micky looks hot with specs!

– Changmin! Oh my lovely maknae! He represents the “Tri-Angle” album. I chose this pic because it shows him smiling and you can see his mismacthed eyes! He used to be so cheerful during the “Tri-Angle” days… until Junsu stole his “cute” image. Aww~

– The words are actually their song titles. This represents “The Secret Code” album. Instead of numbers I used their songs. (Guess how many songs I’ve used?)

And I will stop now because I’ve written an essay! Mian haminda! Sorry! (BTW, this is an 18″ x 24″ and it took me 28hrs. to finish over a 3-day period. Junsu and Micky are supposed to be darker but the window was on their side so they look lighter. Their hair is actually darker than Yunho’s.)

Credit: PixieJJC@deviantart
Shared by: lovetohateme@wp