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Nothing much to comment since the interview part is quite short. But dang, Junsu’s so funny! LOL. And the members’ narration of Changmin’s embarrassing moment is just hilarious. Poor Changmin, he forgot to zip his pants and the fans kept staring at “it”. Man, fans nowadays are pervs, eh? LOL. But at least he received more love from the fans after the incident. That would somehow compensate for that boo-boo. Hahaha.

090726 Onlystar Magazine

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Tohoshinki in Oronamin C with Aya, using their acappella to touch everyone’s hearts.

Together with Aya Ueto who is endorsing Oronamin C in 2009, they released the 2nd version of the advertisement, this time featuring Tohoshinki!
The group had just ended their Tokyo Dome Concert that lasted for two days on the 5th of July which is considered a big achievement for them. Last 7th of July, bringing along the excitement of being able to perform at the Tokyo Dome, they appeared onstage with Aya Ueto for a press conference on Oronamin C.

Because it was coming close to the Chinese Valentine’s Day (T/N: The Japanese believe in that legend, too), Aya wore a kimono representing herself as the Weaver Girl, which also represents Oronamin C’s color. After which, accompanied by the advertisement background music “Doush.ite~?” Tohoshinki appeared on the stage, wearing white suits.
And very quickly, everyone was shouting “We want to hear the full version!” Thus, with Jaejoong as the lead, everyone started the acappella. “Tohoshinki’s live singing is just awesome!” Aya too gave a sigh of amazement for the boys’ performance. Everyone at the press conference gave the boys a big round of applause.

This time, the advertisement is named the “Acappella Tohoshinki” version. In the office, Aya acts as an OL who was doing some copying. However, her copying failed and when her mood was really down, the wall that had Tohoshinki’s poster on it collapsed and the five members of Tohoshinki suddenly appeared! Singing “Doumini coopere~ Why did you make a mistake while copying~?” this kind of acappella tries to encourage Aya to do better. The whole concept is just too funny.

At the press conference, they too showed their humorous side, showing that the members are really close. When being asked “To you, who’s the best partner?” and Jaejoong immediately answered “(Tohoshinki) members!” and added “Ah! There’s one more today! Oronamin C!” After hearing this, Yunho reacted immediately too, saying “Jaejoong said it all too well!”

And then, a question like “On a daily basis, what’s the most embarrassing thing that happens?” made the members reveal some secrets. That made the people at the press conference laugh loudly.

This is the first time that the members of Tohoshinki are doing an advertisement in Japan. But they weren’t radiating arrogance; instead, they showed everyone a comfortable and active side of them. They showed everyone their normal selves during the conference, which could be said is the most active press conference ever.

Q: This time, Aya Ueto acts as a OL making a mistake with photocopying. In your everyday lives, everyone must have done something that embarrassed them.
Yoochun: After watching the movie that Junsu recommended, I copied the hairstyle of the lead actor which was a failure.
Junsu: It wasn’t that bad in the beginning, until he grew fat (laugh) which made it worse (laugh).
Yoochun: It was on that day when “Choosey Lover” was released in Japan.

Q: In fact, we have the picture from that time. Everyone, let’s see.
Everyone: ….
Aya: I feel that it is still handsome!
Junsu: That’s after~! During that time, it was okay!
Yoochun: That’s… That’s enough. (smiles bitterly)

Q: Below, Changmin’s most embarrassing moments “Open Zip!”
Changmin: During live performances, because everyone was changing clothes quickly, sometimes, I would forget to zip up and I would go up the stage.
Jaejoong: It was a ballad song, but the fans didn’t look at Changmin’s face. Instead they were looking at the lower part of his… And they would smile secretly.
Junsu: They were pointing, too. (laugh)
Yunho: I feel that this made the fans love Changmin even more.

Q: Lastly, Junsu’s chilling jokes (that make you shudder)
Yunho: Everytime Junsu makes an oyaji gag, I feel the whole place suddenly becoming cold. Then seeing Junsu’s reaction after, which looked interesting, it makes us laugh.

Q: A few days ago at the Tokyo Dome, it seems like Junsu made an oyaji gag again.
Junsu: I didn’t do it on purpose. (laugh)
Jaejoong: At the beginning, it was maybe just for our own entertainment. But after one night, riding on a bicycle, we met two policemen. “Ah~ Isn’t this Tohoshinki? I always hear your songs! How about making that “ballpoint pen joke?” The policemen asked that of me. (laugh) Asking for a joke that Junsu made. (laugh)

Q: (laugh) Being said by everyone that “It’s cold,” Junsu must feel sad. How about having everyone sing a song to make him feel better?
Junsu: (immediately) It’s okay!
(The other four members talk about it)
Jaejoong: Are you ready?
Junsu: (softly) Yes.
Jaejoong: Ready~!
The four members: Doumini coopere~ Junsu wants to tell a joke that would make people angry?
Jaejoong: Compared to singing to Aya-san, it was different (the feel). Facing Junsu to sing, there isn’t much feeling in it…
Junsu: That’s our teamwork! (laugh)

Ok, this is unbelievable. DBSK members are on a roll! Just after less than a week of the confirmation of Yunho’s participation in the drama “Heading to the Ground”, here we go again with another shocking news involving another member. Looks like the boys are starting to have acting careers because after JaeJoong and Yunho, it’s Changmin’s turn to act on a drama. Read the following articles below:


A Samhwa Networks and SM Entertainment Joint Collaboration

Popular group TVXQ’s Max Changmin (21) has been chosen as the main character of the drama “Paradise Meadow.”

Having produced dramas like “Mom is Mad” and “First Wives Club”, Samhwa Networks come together with SM Entertainment to co-produce the drama “Paradise Meadow”, and it has been made known on the 28th that Max Changmin has been casted as the main character.

“First Shop of Coffee Prince’s” Jang Hyun Joo and “Into the Sun’s” Suh Hee Jung co-write “Paradise Meadow” as a romantic melodrama. They start shooting next month at Jeju Island.

Samhwa Networks says, “It is a bright and light story, with beautiful music that harmonizes with the melo picture, and at the end of the year, we will start to broadcast the program in Japan and South East Asia.”

credit: Naver News + translation by squeaky

and this:

After members Hero JaeJoong and UKnow YunHo, Max ChangMin of Dong Bang Shin Ki will be the next to have his drama debut.

Recently Max ChangMin has been casted as the male main character for drama ‘Paradise Meadow’, and is the 3rd member in Dong Bang Shin Ki to have his drama debut.

SM Entertainment said on 28th July, “Max ChangMin has been casted for youth melodrama ‘Paradise Meadow’. He will start filming for it end of next month and is currently practising acting.”

The drama is a collaborate drama between SamHwan Networks, which brought us dramas like ‘Mother is angry’, and SM Entertainment.

Members Hero JaeJoong has previously been casted for ‘Telecinema’ to be aired later this year and recently UKnow YunHo has also been casted for MBC drama ‘Heading the Ground’, and with one more member trying out acting, more anticipation are in for how these idols will succeed as actors.

Credits: Sookyeong

this, too:

First, it was Jaejoong. Then, it was Yunho. Now, DBSK‘s maknae Max Changmin has joined the group’s ever-growing acting club, as he is set to star in an upcoming drama titled “Paradise Meadow”.

Besides Changmin’s casting, few details have been released so far about this Samhwa Networks-SM Entertainment romantic melodrama. First Shop of Coffee Prince‘s Jang Hyun Joo and Into the Sun‘s Suh Hee Jung co-wrote the script, and shooting starts at the end of August in Jeju Island, but as of now, there are no news of any rumored or confirmed co-stars.

Changmin’s entrance into the acting world means that the only non-acting DBSK members are Yoochun and Junsu. Heck, at this point, they might as well join the drama party, so networks could broadcast one of members’ shows every single weekday. South Korea, DBSK-less for so long, needs it’s daily dose of Dong Bang.

Credit: Allkpop

Those were only three of the many news articles I’ve read so far regarding Changmin’s casting on a drama. I posted them just in case some of you would not believe it. :D

I’m happy for the boys because they’re starting to expand their careers by trying different fields. I’ve read some fans’ comments that they don’t like the boys acting on dramas because this only means that they’re doing SOLO works and doing solos doesn’t make them “Dong Bang Shin Ki” anymore. Although I know we are entitled to our own opinions, I think that doesn’t make sense. The members doing solo activities doesn’t mean they are not Dong Bang Shin Ki anymore. I think that no matter what they do, whether solo or group activities, will always be representative of Dong Bang Shin Ki. Whatever projects they participate in, they will always carry the name of Dong Bang Shin Ki with them. Besides, their acting stints doesn’t necessarily mean they’re disbanding. It’s just their way of trying to learn and develop skills other than singing and performing. It’s their way of showing their fans as well as their detractors that they can do more than just singing ballads, dancing to upbeat songs, and composing. It’s one way of telling the world how talented and dedicated Dong Bang Shin Ki members are.

Having said that, I just hope us, fans, will just be happy for what’s happening to them right now. Let’s not be pessimistic and think that these solo projects will lead to something that we all don’t want to be happening. Let’s just support the boys because they really need it considering they’re new to acting. :D

And lastly, I wonder if another surprise of Yoochun and Junsu acting on a drama will surface in the coming days? LOL.

So, Heaven’s Postman will air this coming October, eh? Finally! I just hope they won’t push it back again. I’m dying to watch JaeJoong’s acting debut (Banjun drama and Vacation series are not counted). I’m excited to see Yunho’s mini drama, too. It seems like it has  nice story. I also hope the other members will make a cameo appearance on one of the episodes. LOL. :D



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Just want to share another nice article/interview of the boys from Nikkan Sports. The words in red are the ones that struck me the most. I love them so much for being the same humble and grounded DBSK. They always impress me not only through their songs and extreme success but also to the kind of attitude they have towards their “passion for music and performing” and the kind of tight relationship they have with each other. :D

“The Gods” who Brings Up The Hottest Summer

The 4th Session in A-Nation


The name who has awaken the entire pop world. Tohoshinki, their popularity and talent are growing rapidly. After making debut in 2005, they’re experiencing a steady high-speed growth until now. In August a-nation 09 held in Nagai stadium (29th, 30th), as reported by Korea Daily News, they would make the 4th times appearance. In addition of the first concert at Tokyo Dome which turned to be successful, Tohoshinki, for has been noticed, is running their very own “best summer”.

A Crushing Force

Tohoshinki is having their sweeping attack. Yunho, the leader, “We just happened to finally realize that our popularity is growing high recently. It’s an unbelievable feeling. Thank you very much for that.” he said in wide smile. Hero Jejung who is responsible as the main vocal of the group explained what it means by just realizing their popularity. “More people now could suddenly aware of our appearance” he said. “Before, when I had no make up on, I could walk around without everyone notice, but now, even when I’m wearing a hat to undercover, people just suddenly knows. For example, when I’m in convinience store, I could hear people starts to questioning who is me, like ‘Don’t you think he’s just like TVXQ member?’ and another one will say ‘No, he couldn’t be!’” Jejung laughed. “But I better pretend not to hear anything.”

The desire for the 5th stage

Does not lose the original intention even when popularity and capability are zooming

The most eye-catching thing among the members is the increasing number of male fans. “We heard for this year, the number of male fans who get interest to us is increasing plentifully. They said we had good songs. I must say, as an artist, this is overjoyed me much.” Yunho said. However, as an idol group, there’s one possible thing that can’t be avoidable. Following an increasing popularity, is a rapid decreasing of privacy. “We can’t have a truly rest day. There’s no day where you can actually relax all day.” (Hero Jejung), good thing that all members are still in their beginning 20 years old. It’s an agony for popular stars, however, “The hard moments when we have to work all day, abandoning our resting time, yet when we come up the stage in many regions to see a lot of people coming to our concert… the hard times are swept away.” (Park Yuchon) said to keep on faithful day by day. Since 2004 in Japan, five of them are still living together in a mansion in Tokyo downtown. “We talk about a lot of things. We talk about music, about game, about anything people in their 20 years talking. There’s always Junsu who keeps telling jokes. No matter what, we always want to be like this, the five of us. Things we’re impossible to do alone, becomes possible when we all five people do together.” Yunho said proudly about the good teamwork in them.

Hero Jejung on behalf of other 5 members talked about the 5th a-nation, “It’s a great show with a lot of artists performing, there are many people who are not our fans as well. How we can live up the stage with our power, that’s the burden of this big stage.” Yunho added, “Also there are many collaboration stages we can’t do with a lot of artists before, that can be done on this stage. I’m so looking forward to it.” he showed his desire.

Awaken (We’re aiming for a new Tohoshinki’s goal)

Changmin revealed, “Until now, I still have the rookie feeling whenever we perform that never changes.” he told in calm expression of him.

“Of course we’re looking forward to get awards like anyone else. However, to get that, it’s not likely that we will do something we won’t do. We will just work our best, and see how’s the result later. Being number one is not always the most important thing.” Yunho said emphatically.

Ever since January 2008 release “Purple Line” until April this year relese “Share The World”, they already have six continuous Oricon Weekly Chart 1st singles (except planning work). They have become the first foreign artist that record such success. It’s in the end, a result of them not losing their original intention everytime they create a new record album.

source: Nikkan Sports
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

P.S. I was justwondering… They’re living at a MANSION in Tokyo, Japan?!?

Yay! I was waitin for this DVD to come out since forever! LOL. Finally, it’s gonna be out on the 17th of August! :D As expected, the Korean version HAS ENGLISH SUBS so major happiness to all of us! Hahaha. :D Check out the info on the content of the DVD:

[DVD] All about Dong Bang Shin Ki – vol.3 (6disc) [with 60p PhotoBook(first limited)] +Poster

Category : DVD
Genre : Others Korean Music
Production : SM Entertainment & SBSi
Release : 2009-08-14 (Note: But on Yesasia, it says that the expected release date is on August 17)

Detail Features

Region Code : Region 3
Runtime : 839 Min.
Dubbing : Korean
Subtitle : Korean, English
Grade : Over 12 years old
More Features :

– Region Code : 1 , 3
– First Limited Edition : 60p PhotoBook + Hardboard Case
(After First limited Edition is sold out, there is no photobook and case is regular case)


Thanks to miyac@soompi for the info. :D

I don’t know if I just missed it since the list is so long but why don’t I see the “DBSK with their dogs” on the list? T_T It’s included in the Japanese version so it should be here, too right? See the contents of the Japanese version HERE.

Anyway, you can pre-order it at Yesasia by clicking the following links below:

AADBSK3 Korean version (6 DVDs + Photobook + Poster in Tube)

AADBSK3 Korean version (6 DVDs + Photobook + Folded Poster)

Just a friendly reminder: check the REGION of the DVD you’re buying because each DVD plays only on a particular region unless your player can actually play all regions.

More pictures of Yunho during his recent visit at an orphanage. Awww… he really loves kids! I like the pic where he was posing with a kid. He must have felt so happy to be able to bring happiness to the kids by helping there and interacting with them.


A celebrity came to our house!

You guys know TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho, right? ^^

A celebrity visited our house!!

Even has a famous name “U-Know Yunho”

Right now he’s going through the house, and here is the sandtray therapy room.

Everyone showed much interest!!


The moment U-Know Yunho entered! Wow~~

He went into each child’s room…

The U-Know Yunho who said hi with our house’s friends!!

Wonderful feeling…Our family who couldn’t open our own eyes..^^


Our Hyun Woo must be lucky!!

Taking pictures with each child, the one who didn’t scowl when demanded a request and had a smiling face

So, our friends’ smiles felt more bright (Note: very bright, like the sun is shining a white light) ^^


In the middle of cleaning!

After going here and there at Shinaewon, he’s volunteering right now~

For the sake of Shinaewon’s varying programs progression, several big and small places have been prepared.

Exactly that place there’s one taking place!!!

He’s using his complete best strength while cleaning~


Sizzle sizzle ^^

He’s cleaning the stairway that goes down to the dining area!!!

Together with the 85 Club friends, it was a very fun and noisy cleaning time period~

I have one question.

“Does U-Know Yunho use his Junlado satoori accent with his friends? Or no? Keke”

Of course he uses it!!~~

Because of that, it was a more intimate feeling time.


Right now is dining time!!

Passing out food during dinner time!!

While giving out the food to each child one by one, he looked at them in the eyes and told them to eat deliciously~

The children had an expression that controlled their hearts said they didn’t want to swallow their kimchi and wanted to eat it forever~^^

The children that ate the food were all happy.


Having one recreation together

Together with the 85 Club members, they started delightful recreations!


U-Know Yunho hyung and Jae-hyun’s dance parade-^^

After viewing Shinaewon’s dance friends’ performance

The dance time together with Yunho!!

Together with Kim Jae-hyun, dancing Shinaewon’s dance~~keke


The dance time together with Yunho!!

Together with Kim Jae-hyun, dancing Shinaewon’s dance~~keke

It was really a fun time..

Even thinking about it now, it was a time where there was a lot of laughter.

u-know with shinaewon family

Finishing a day’s program by shooting a group picture to remember the day!


“U-Know Yunho hyung, please sign over here!”

Yunho who is smiling whiling signing~

Because of his next schedule, many people couldn’t get his signature immediately, he used his ample heart when he said that he’d send out as many signatures for the children as needed to Shinaewon.

Working hard when volunteering even though it was a short time.

Saying goodbye to each child one by one.

Playing enthusiastically and passionately smiling while playing together with others.

We have had a close look at these appearances while standing in your place.

Thank you. Thank you.

Please come back on the promise made with our children to visit again!! We believe that you will fulfill your promise^^

credit: shinaewon + translation by squeaky

*EDITED: Included the translations.

Another episode of Channel A with the boys in it. They showed some clips of the Tokyo Dome performance and man, the concert looked great especially when they were singing “Stand by U” and the fans unvelied the blue sea. That was really epic. :D I definitely have to buy the TSC Final in Tokyo Dome DVD no matter what happens.

Anyway, this episode is so freakin’ funny! The clips do not inculde subs so there’s no way for me to fully understand it but from the looks of it, they did some exercises/activities to help their bodies relax after the grueling live tour. They did three activities which I would call as the loosening-your-body activity, the mirror exercise, and the laughter yoga.

During the loosening-your-body activity, I found the rotating of the hips as something “interesting” (you guys know what I mean? LOL). JaeJoong seems to be enjoying it since he kept on doing it and was so focused while rotating his hips slowly (and sensually. lol). Yoochun, on the other hand, seems to be embarrassed so he ocassionally stops when the girl isn’t looking. Hahaha. BUT (blames my observant self ) I spot Yoochun’s undergarments when he raised his hand. LOL.

When we talk about mirrors, who else comes in mind but JaeJoong? Watch that particular part and you’ll see how IN LOVE JaeJoong is to mirrors. I swear he can’t live without one. LOL. It’s amazing how their faces suddenly “glowed” after that simple exercise. Their looked less tired than they already are after that. It’s really amazing!

The laughter yoga was HILARIOUS! :D I swear you have to watch it! I was ROFL-ing while watching it. They looked like crazy dorks while doing the exercise. Yoochun seemed to be the one who enjoyed it the most. He was seriously loving what they were doing. His expression especially during the milkshake(?) just craked me up and I was laughing like there’s no tomorrow while watching the clip. But while the other four where having crazy reactions, Changmin was just at the corner with an unexplainable reaction. I seriously couldn’t figure out if he’s enjoying the exercise or is embarrassed of his hyungs reaction. He was always at his “own world” while the other four where spazzing and banging bodies. LOL.

The last part is about the red bean dessert (pat-bing su?) that they will be selling at their stall come the A-nation tour (just like last year’s takoyaki). They were grouped into two – JaeChunSu and HoMin – and they had to make their very own dessert. As expected, JaeChunSu’s team was a mess but in the end, their “Love in the Ice” won over HoMin’s “Prince of Peace” (or was it beans?). :D

I will update this once the subbed clips are out but for now, you have to watch these! It’s finally subbed! :D





[Video credit: TVXQSleeplessNights]