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It’s been a very long time since I last posted a blog entry that solely contains what I feel and what’s been running on my mind. After the whole issue about DBSK splitting to JYJ and the new DBSK composed of HoMin, I haven’t written a lot of opinionated posts anymore. I actually missed writing such posts and I have attempted a lot of times to try and write one again but I just don’t seem to have the motivation to write anything anymore. Maybe it’s because most of the time, voicing out what I feel and what I think of the situation hurts so much. I just stopped writing because I wanted to avoid the pain.

But tonight, I just can’t help but express what I feel by writing an op-ed. I’ve been holding back for so long that I think it doesn’t matter anymore if I’m being re-acquainted with the pain I felt because of DBSK.

For the past few days, I’ve been checking out information about SM Entertainment’s new group EXO. I was curious because a lot of the people I know who likes to listen to K-pop has been talking about this rookie group. True enough, they are indeed an interesting bunch of guys. I think their songs are good, they have powerful dance choreography and the members Luhan, Kris, Sehun and Suho really caught my attention. I was ALMOST ready to join in the EXO bandwagon and start fangirling over them.

But then everything changed when I saw a video yesterday while looking  up for some videos of EXO. It was a video of DBSK’s performance of Bolero during their 4th Live Tour in Tokyo Dome. I clicked it and watched the video and suddenly, I found myself mesmerized by DBSK all over again. I suddenly found myself crying while watching my precious boys singing and I ended up watching a lot of their old videos and cuts from their concert tours.

Watching their videos made me realize so many things that I think I have tried to neglect and forget ever since they split into two groups.

I realized that because I was trying to avoid the pain of seeing them separated, I slowly and unconsciously drifted away from DBSK. I busied myself with work and attempted to try to look for another K-pop group to like and support. But even though I’ve been trying to ‘discover’ other groups for months now, I still can’t find a ‘suitable’ one to replace DBSK. I don’t see myself following their careers and sharing their happiness and pain like I did with DBSK. At first I thought I might really be losing my interest in K-pop, that maybe I’m getting tired of it. But now I know why I can’t seem to love any other K-pop group. It’s because DBSK is really irreplaceable. What other Cassies say is true, once you’re into DBSK, there is no turning back. I think if you’re a hardcore DBSK fan, a Cassiopeia, it’s really hard to like other groups because DBSK is just so great that it would be hard to look for a group who could match their greatness. What they have and what they can do is beyond anyone’s imagination. I have not seen any other group that can produce a beautiful harmony as DBSK. DBSK is the most precious miracle that happened in Asian pop.

I also realized that no matter how much I’m hurting over the fact that Yunho and Changmin still uses DBSK as their name and no matter how much I try to ignore them in hopes of reducing the pain and disappointment I’m feeling, I still care for these two guys so much. I may be more vocal of my support to JaeJoong, Junsu and Yoochun and I may be indifferent towards Yunho and Changmin but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them anymore. Yes, it still disappoints me whenever I hear them use the name DBSK to refer to their two-member group, it still hurts whenever I look back at the interviews where they said a few statements that could have hurt their brothers but then I realized it’s impossible for me to hate any of the five members because they are still, and always will  be my most treasured boys who hold a very special place in my heart.

And lastly, I realized how much I miss Cassiopeia. I miss the Red Ocean, that awesome fandom who is willing to do anything for our five stars. Part of the reason why the separation of DBSK is such a hard thing for me to bear is because along with the group’s split also came the division of Cassiopeia. For someone like me who draws strength from the knowledge that Cassiopeia is still one and united, the division of the fandom was something that really broke my heart. During the early period of the split, I had managed to keep my hope and faith intact but when I realized that Cassiopeia is slowly breaking into two just like DBSK, I lost hope and I myself began to take sides. But after looking back at Cassiopeia’s efforts for DBSK in the past, after looking at how beautiful a united Red Ocean looks like, I realized that I shouldn’t have given up and that I should never give up. Yes, it’s painful to know that K-pop’s most awesome fandom is in chaos right now but I believe that there are still those Cassies who still believe in the five members, those who are still keeping the faith. I also believe that those who have tried to run away and find comfort in another group/fandom will still come back to Cassiopeia and DBSK in the end, just like what happened to me. After all, once a Cassiopeia, always a Cassiopeia.

What DBSK and Cassiopeia has is a special bond like no other. We are at a point wherein our relationship is no longer that of an idol-fan. DBSK and Cassiopeia have become one in heart, mind and soul. We are no longer two separate beings who can easily turn away from each other. Through the years, we have shared each others’ happiness and pain and we’ve been through a lot of challenges together. This is another challenge that we have to face and we just have to stay strong for each other. One day, I believe that we can pass through this and all of this will be over. We just have to ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH.

It feels great to be back home where I truly belong – to DBSK and Cassiopeia. :)

120424 JYJ’s Junsu, Praised By Popular American Choreographer… “There Is No Limit To His Abilities”

Famous American choreographer Jeri Slaughter has praised JYJ’s Junsu’s abilities.

On 24 April, the first series of teaser photos for Junsu’s solo album was revealed on JYJ’s official Facebook page and Youtube channel. It is planned for teaser contents to be released everyday, leading up to the release of Junsu’s album in mid-May. Junsu’s management agency, C-Jes Entertainment expressed their anticipation for the album, “Junsu’s unique identity and originality is the focus. As there are many top experts participating in the project, we believe that the best results will be produced.”

Famous choreographer, Jeri Slaughter, who was in charge of the choreography for JYJ’s Worldwide album, was full of compliments for Junsu, “To put it in one word, Junsu is a triple-threat. Triple-threat refers to someone who can sing, dance and act perfectly. In America’s context, representative (triple-threats) would be Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and Christina Aguilera. In Asia, I think Junsu is the only one who can achieve that.”

In addition, with regard to the choreography of the solo track, he also mentioned, “Junsu’s world-class abilities seem to know no limits. Choreography with a hard-edge will be used quite a lot to match the music. He executed it perfectly as always.”

Source : [K Star News]
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JYJ’s Affiliates: “We Want to Ask Back Just What Evidence KBS Had To Bring Up the Name of a Real Person.”

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong has conveyed his honest feelings towards the decision by KBS that his song is unfit to air.

On the 28th, KBS laid down the decision that the song Pierrot, included in JYJ’s new album, was unfit to air because the results of its deliberations found the lyrics to be inappropriate.

At such a decision, on the 28th Kim Jaejoong revealed his somewhat uncomfortable feelings: ““You are free to imagine as you will—since you are a human. I am curious as to what sort of a human imagined as such, what kind of a picture will be formed. Boss fighting, Album fighting.”

Continuing, on the 29th, he also revealed his unhappiness with the decision: I have not been able to sleep for 33 hours now and so I do not have my wits about me… but in the middle of this, I am curious about one thing.. Just who created, imagined, the p in President..? The things that follow also..;;”

One affiliate of JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment told MyDaily on the 29th: “KBS has never asked what the term p.s.m. in the lyrics mean. We actually want to ask KBS back—exactly what kind of evidence do they have to bring up the name of a real person and to decide that there was a personal attack.”

Continuing, the affiliate expressed incredulity at KBS: “If you interpret the lyrics in this manner, then all of the variety of newly-formed words, metaphors, and abbreviations become arbitrary—if you put it on your nose, it becomes a nose-ring, if you put it in your ears, an earring. Even if the writer of the lyrics write something with no particular thought, if you interpret the lyrics as KBS did, then you are making an interpretation that is subjective and arbitrary.”

Further, this affiliate revealed: “From the deliberations of both SBS and MBC, Pierrot received the decision that it was fit to air.”

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Source: Compiled from Everyday Economy and My Daily
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110713 Kim Jaejoong Says That If JYJ Were To Appear In ‘I Am A Singer’, Kim Junsu Would Be Perfect

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong revealed that he wants his fellow JYJ member Kim Junsu to appear on MBC TV’s ‘I Am A Singer’.

In an interview with TV Report on the 11th, Kim Jaejoong said, “When I watch ‘I Am A Singer’, I’m amazed and awed by the singers who appear on the show,” and “If we were given the chance to appear on the show, I would want Kim Junsu to represent us.”

He continued to add, “Junsu doesn’t hold back at all. I think he’d be able to showcase a wide variety of music genres.”

He also said, “I talked about it with Junsu and we both think that just getting to appear on ‘I Am A Singer’ itself is a great honor. The rankings wouldn’t matter to us. I think it would be a great honor if we could even appear for just one week.”

Source: [TV Report]
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Finally, the PV for the upcoming single “Break Out!” is finally out!

The PV is simple yet I am not sure if I really understand its “story”. From what I comprehend after watching the PV, the story of it revolves around the members being trapped in a dark place where they met certain “creatures” while they were in the process of seeking to “break out” or escape from it. What do you think?

Anyway, I’d like to say that I like the PV. I’m not really a fan of “dark” themed PVs/MVs but this one is an exception just because the boys look HOT wearing dark clothes. Yes, the random popping of scary-looking mo-hawked guys suddenly on the screen is kinda annoying but once the camera focuses on the members’ faces, I’m automatically swooned and my eyes are glued to the screen again. I especially feel enthralled whenever my BooJae appears on the screen. That man’s  physical appearance is seriously captivating like a Greek god and the sexiness he exudes is indescribable. I’m loving his hairstyle in this PV. Ironic as it may sound, his hair looks perfect being disheveled. And those hands? Damn, how I wish a pair of those are my hands so I could touch a piece of JaeJoongie’s gorgeous body. LOL.

Check out the PV below:

[Credit: tscchamie]

Just wondering… is that OLD MAN towards the end actually Junsu? I think he resembles him a bit. :)

Our dolphin boy decided to dye his hair a different color than usual. He’s currently sporting a slightly-blonde-but-not-really hair color. I’m sorry I suck at describing hair dyes. LOL. DBSK’s innocent kamo butt doesn’t look too innocent with his new ‘do. He actually looks like a hot gangsta to me. Hahaha. I think this hair color isn’t his best but it’s definitely not his worst. I guess it looks ok on him? :D What do you think of his new hair? Like it or hate it?




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Our DBSK boys appeared on a Japanese show called Tokyo Friend Park and here’s a short preview of the show:

[Video credit: DBxToho2]

I’m so excited to watch this show! I love the boys’ reactions. Seems that they had so much fun. :D