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It was reported before that JaeJoong will be featured in the April 2010 issue of AnAn magazine. The release date is finally announced in magazineworld’s website and the issue is scheduled to be released this coming 7th of April. It wasn’t mentioned what kind of pictures there will be in the issue although there was unconfirmed news before that he will be in the “How To Make Love” issue. But I guess we don’t have to worry anymore because it looks like JaeJoong won’t be bearing too much skin.

I’m not sure if this is official but it was mentioned that this is a preview of what we can expect from JaeJoong’s AnAn issue.

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Yes, he IS wearing a shirt and pants. (By the way, I love his shirt)

Alright girls, I know some (or maybe most of you) are disappointed to see a “fully clothed” JaeJoong. His sleeve is even long that you can’t see his arms. Now, now don’t be too disappointed ladies. That’s just a preview anyway. Honestly, I think there might be some pictures that are similar to his Mirotic era fashion – you know, the i-forgot-to-button types of top and chest-and-arm-revealing vests. So yeah, don’t lose hope just yet. LOL.

More pictures of JaeJoong from Sunao Ni Narenakute! :)

This is from Tohomobile. I’m guessing JaeJoong is filming a scene for the drama here.

And these pictures, I’m not sure if they’re scans from magazines or what. But looking at them, they’re more likely to be scans from a publication. are from The Television Magazine.

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LOL @ JaeJoong’s face in the second picture. He looks so engrossed with his phone! I wonder what he’s looking at?  Let me make a guess… Maybe he took a picture of himself and checking if he looks good on it. Hahaha!

Here are some pictures and information from the official website of Sunao Ni Narenakute.

OMG, it’s the last day of March here and tomorrow, it’s gonna be April already! JaeJoong and Changmin’s dramas are gonna be aired soon! Yeah! :)

Sorry if the pics aren’t so HQ. I tried my best to zoom the page and take large screencaps from the website. Just click the pictures to see larger versions.^^

Source: Sunao Ni Narenakute official website

Someone from O! translated the information related to JaeJoong’s character from the website. Below is the translation:

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It’s becoming a habit for our boys to break Oricon records one after the other. Seriously, they are unstoppable right now. I really don’t mind if they continue with this habit because it’s definitely a good one. :D

Congratulations! DBSK jjang! :D

“Splendid Acheivement!” “First Time in 31 Years!” Broke The History of Billy Joel and Mariah Carey


Korean group of five, TVXQ accomplished a splendid achievement for the first time in 31 years. Their 30th single “Toki wo Tomete” which is released last week on the 24th made the first place of the single ranking with 195,000 pieces in sales.

Also on the 4/5 week raking at Oricon, their new album “TVXQ NONSTOP – MIX VOL.2” entered the third place of the album ranking with 38,000 sales. Both with their single and album sale, TVXQ recorded TOP 3 at the same timeline.

For both single and album sales to be the top 3 in the ranking in Japan by the overseas artist was achieved 15 years 3 months ago by Mariah Carey’s “Lover’s Christmas” (single ranking/third place) & “Merry Christmas” (Album ranking/first place) in 1995.

For the male foreign artist, it is the first time after 31 years 8 months which was achieved by Billy Joel on 07/31/1978, with his single and album, “Stranger” (single ranking/ third place) & “Stranger” (LP/third place).

TVXQ’s first place acquisition of their single piece is the second time this year, after their single piece “BREAK OUT!” which was released this January, and it is the continuation in a series of eight first places in total by TVXQ. (*Their eight single pieces made top/number one in sales ranking in Japan.)

Their single piece “Toki wo Tomete” which was released last month on the 17th is single cut music from their best album “BEST SELECTION 2010”.

In addition, their album “TVXQ NONSTOP – MIX VOL.2” is their second re-mixture album following “TVXQ NONSTOP – MIX VOL.1” which was released in 2007. “TVXQ NONSTOP – MIX VOL.2” includes, “Doshite Kimi wo Sukininatte Shimattandaro”, and “Beautiful You”, etc.

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Some pictures of “salesman JaeJoong” from the drama Sunao Ni Narenakute. These pics were published in Women’s Weekly magazine.

Looks like we’ll see Jae wearing suits often in this drama. Wooohooo! It doesn’t matter if he isn’t playing the role of a doctor. I’m more than happy to see him wearing suits! LOL.

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I’m just curious, why does Women’s Weekly always has news or gossips about JaeJoong in their magazine issues? He’s the only member who’s always featured in this magazine? *wonders*

B-PASS magazine reminisce the past 5 years of DBSK in Japan.

B-PASS Magazine – March 2010 Issue – “Red Is The Colour Of Love”

TVXQ’s first best album, [BEST SELECTION 2010], which includes all of their top hits since their debut, was released on 17 February 2010. In this issue, our magazine will reveal pictures that were taken for previous issues that were never seen before.

TVXQ have the power of “people who achieved their dreams” and subsequently earned the label as a miracle, people who “achieved dreams”. I feel that there are very few people around who have this kind of experience, and even fewer who can succeed. However, the 5 people that make up TVXQ, have this kind of existence. After listening to their first best album, [BEST SELECTION 2010], it changed my views completely. 16 hit songs, from their debut Japanese single [STAY WITH ME TONIGHT] (released April 2005) until their 28th single [STAND BY U] (released 1 July 2009), were released as a “2CD+DVD” package. One CD consists of the 16 songs and the other consists of the songs that the members handpicked; from their debut until now, this is everything they have done in the past 5 years. Through this album, they use their voices to show the roads they have taken in chasing their dreams.

Their first interview was when they released [SOMEBODY TO LOVE] (released 13 July 2005, 2nd single). In 2005, they were like newborn children, unable to reply questions in Japanese, unlike now. At that time, there was a lot that they were unable to understand, and they were filled with uncertainty towards their activities in Japan. Yet, they wanted to proceed no matter what. While they were worrying about all that, they were also searching for someone to guide them in the language. They gave off a very strong impression.

Later on, they would perform acapella at very small venues and when they returned, they would always say, “We were really happy when the people listening to our songs gave off good expressions!” At that time, all of them had the same thoughts – “We want to see everyone’s laughing faces from the stage of the Tokyo Dome.” When we spoke to them again, they said, “Our dream is to hold a concert at the Tokyo Dome” and in 2009, they accomplished this dream. Together as 5, they stood on the stage of Tokyo Dome.

In order to achieve their Tokyo Dome dream, they banded together. Every song in this best album is a step they took towards this dream and every step is connected and shows how they got closer and closer to their dream. Every time they released a new song, it was a chance for them to gain and meet new fans. 16 songs. The listeners must also have deep impressions for these songs.

Yuchun also said this often, “If the songs can become a part of our listeners’ thoughts and memories, we will be really happy.” Their songs are not just in one colour, instead, their songs consist of a myriad of colours, and these colours are brilliant and exciting.

During the interview when they released [BOLERO] (released 21 January 2008, 25th single), when Jejung was asked “What kind of year will 2008 be?”, he replied “A year where we do our best to fulfill our dreams.”

“We’re really busy, but even so, I feel that this is a really happy time. The things that I wanted to do when the new year began, I was able to accomplish by the end of the year; it’s really an unforgettable time.”

The wish he was referring to was to achieve number one on the Oricon charts and their Arena tour. It also referred to their first time attending the NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen.

“2006 and 2007 were also good times. But comparatively, we started off 2008 in an even better way.” (Yoochun)

Following that, they welcomed 2009, a year where they realised their dreams. With an even busier schedule, they completed recording their 4th Japanese studio album in the last half of 2008 and this piece of work, [THE SECRET CODE] (released 25 March 2009), was one that was completed for a lot of people in mind, and also surpassed all age boundaries.

“It’s a secret code that is not only meant for people who like TVXQ. It’s an album that is closer to TVXQ’s heart.” With this album, they began their national tour. Halfway through, Junsu unexpectedly got injured but eventually, at the last stop of their tour, they managed to stand on their dream stage. The memory of the time spent in the Tokyo Dome is still crystal clear.

“To us, having a concert at the Tokyo Dome is like a dream. Has the illusion ended? If possible, I wish I can hold on to time and not let it pass us by.” (Jejung)

“To continue on that note, no matter what, I wish to continue doing activities in Japan.” (Yunho)

They, who have achieved their dreams, did not forget to be thankful to everyone.

“To be able to achieve our dreams was not just our own hard work but also because we have our ever-supportive fans.” This is something that all of them definitely express when you meet the 5 of them. From all their songs, the songs for the best album were carefully selected, and whichever song it is, it’s full of their own thoughts.

“A song is your heart!”
This is a saying that has been in Japan since forever. It existed since the time of Japanese Enka and represents the meaning of using songs to express one’s thoughts and feelings. Every time they bring us new songs, their songs’ lyrics depict love or chasing one’s dreams, and they each have different explanations for the lyrics, thinking back on each members’ thoughts on the songs and singing them wholeheartedly.

Many of their songs are romantic ballads and during interviews, topics regarding their love lives are also popular. In [STAND BY U] (released 1 July 2009, 28th single), they sing of a man who deeply loves a woman who departs suddenly and the lyrics depict the girl’s unhappiness as well as the despondency of the man who was left behind.

The members each have different ‘colours’ on how they view love. The ‘colour’ that represents ‘love’ when they’re singing…

“I think it’s pure white. White is still the colour that best express pure feelings.” (Yunho)

“I think it must be red. Red is a colour that matches well with passion.” (Jejung)

“If it’s me, I think it’s pure black. We meet when the surroundings are all darkness, and it’s like gradually seeking different colours. I want to continue searching while we’re deeply in love.” (Yuchun)

“I think it’s green. When you enter each other’s dreams, the surroundings will gradually disappear. It’s that kind of image.” (Changmin)

“Love is transparent. It’s a feeling like this – from the day the two meet, the colours are slowly added. It’s like the black that Yuchun said, but no matter what colours are added, you can’t see those colours. If it’s transparent then you can see those colours. If it’s bad, it’ll change to black, if it’s good it’ll change to white, if it’s passionate it changes to red, when happy, it changes to green. I think that it’s really good when there are all these changes. Love, has to be honest. When you’re honest and you can trust in each other, that’s when it’s transparent.” (Junsu)

Hearing these replies, you can see how they have each changed so much, and how they each have their own mind. These 5, who are people like that, fill their songs with passion when they sing and put in their feelings as well. Listening to the songs in the best album and the messages sent through these songs, my heart was deeply moved. Personally, they must have also been touched by the love that is portrayed through these songs. Thus, every song connects them to even more fans.

A song is your heart. The song delivers the message of the heart. Fans who received these messages through their characters and their warm voices, till this day, are still the reason behind their success in achieving their dreams.
This best album allows us to really feel that.

Yunho said this to me, “In order to achieve your dreams, you have to work hard everyday and you have to keep believing that you can accomplish it; that’s the most important thing!” As I listen to this album and look forward to my expectations of them, I’ll keep believing that they will continue to walk down the road towards their future together.

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LOL. Junsu is pretty smart to not pick a particular color. But I do agree with him that love doesn’t have a particular color and that it is, in a sense, transparent. :)

“As I listen to this album and look forward to my expectations of them, I’ll keep believing that they will continue to walk down the road towards their future together.” – love this!