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Woah, I didn’t even know that Toki Wo Tomete has reached more than 250,000 unit sales until I read this news.

Congratulations, boys! Hopefully this won’t be your last platinum single as Tohoshinki. :D

100412 Platinum Certified! “Tokiwo Tomete” by Japan Record Association

Platinum Certified: Toki wo Tomete
Artist: TVXQ
Release Date: 20100324
Maker: Avex

Certified between January 1st through March 31st, 2010.
Platinum Level: Over 250,000 pieces of sales.

Source: Japan Record Association/RIAJ
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The pictures are a bit LQ since they’re from Tohomobile.

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I like Jae’s poses in his pictures and his muscles are gorgeous but I’d have to say that his expression kinda scares me. Maybe it’s because of the lighting or because of the quality of the picture but looking at his eyes in those pictures really gave me the chills (in a scary way).

Looking at Changmin’s muscles in his picture, it doesn’t look as toned and big as it looked like in the actual CD jacket photos. I wonder if his arms in the jacket photos of Toki Wo Tomete were photoshopped or do they look thinner in this Tohomobile picture because of the angle of the shot?

Yoochun and Yunho’s pictures were okay although Yoochun’s pics look a bit identical (maybe because he was leaning on the same side and his expression is almost the same) and Yunho looked like he was deeply thinking of something serious in his close-up pic (second picture). LOL.

I like Junsu’s shots the most. He’s just oozing with charisma! :D

It’s becoming a habit for our boys to break Oricon records one after the other. Seriously, they are unstoppable right now. I really don’t mind if they continue with this habit because it’s definitely a good one. :D

Congratulations! DBSK jjang! :D

“Splendid Acheivement!” “First Time in 31 Years!” Broke The History of Billy Joel and Mariah Carey


Korean group of five, TVXQ accomplished a splendid achievement for the first time in 31 years. Their 30th single “Toki wo Tomete” which is released last week on the 24th made the first place of the single ranking with 195,000 pieces in sales.

Also on the 4/5 week raking at Oricon, their new album “TVXQ NONSTOP – MIX VOL.2” entered the third place of the album ranking with 38,000 sales. Both with their single and album sale, TVXQ recorded TOP 3 at the same timeline.

For both single and album sales to be the top 3 in the ranking in Japan by the overseas artist was achieved 15 years 3 months ago by Mariah Carey’s “Lover’s Christmas” (single ranking/third place) & “Merry Christmas” (Album ranking/first place) in 1995.

For the male foreign artist, it is the first time after 31 years 8 months which was achieved by Billy Joel on 07/31/1978, with his single and album, “Stranger” (single ranking/ third place) & “Stranger” (LP/third place).

TVXQ’s first place acquisition of their single piece is the second time this year, after their single piece “BREAK OUT!” which was released this January, and it is the continuation in a series of eight first places in total by TVXQ. (*Their eight single pieces made top/number one in sales ranking in Japan.)

Their single piece “Toki wo Tomete” which was released last month on the 17th is single cut music from their best album “BEST SELECTION 2010”.

In addition, their album “TVXQ NONSTOP – MIX VOL.2” is their second re-mixture album following “TVXQ NONSTOP – MIX VOL.1” which was released in 2007. “TVXQ NONSTOP – MIX VOL.2” includes, “Doshite Kimi wo Sukininatte Shimattandaro”, and “Beautiful You”, etc.

Source: oricon news
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With the MR version, the fans removed/reduced the accompaniment on the song that’s why we can clearly hear only the vocals of the boys. And gosh, their voices and so good! I especially love Jae’s voice because it’s just so soft and soothing. It is with these MR versions of songs made by fans that we can really prove how GREAT and AMAZING our boys are when it comes to singing. They’re one of the very few singers out there who still manages to amaze the listeners even after the accompaniment was reduced.

I swear you should hear this! You’ll surely love it! :D

[Credit: dirah9311]

In fairness, for a song that has already been included in the Best Selection 2010, it still sold a lot on the first day. 124K is surely a big number and most importantly, it adds up to the long list of the Oricon number 1  achievements of our dear boys. :)


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The boys’ messages in the Bigeast version of “Toki Wo Tomete” CD.

100323 Tohoshinki 30th single Toki wo Tomete – Tohoshinki Messages to Bigeast

Toki wo tomete!!
It really a soft and sweet song so I want everyone to listen to it and relax.
bye bye~ ^^

Toki wo tomete..!!
Please listen to it alot..!
Its a song that makes your heart skip a beat ^^
Byee ^^
– Jejung

(T/N Jaejoong wrote, “またね”.
which could mean ‘bye’ or ’see you again’ in a casual way)

Toki wo tomete
You cant actually Toki wo tomete~ (stop time) HaHa
So try your best to not regret~

Gokigen Uruwashu (* ^u^*) (How are you in very formal Japanese)
Is there a time that you wished time stopped out of all your memories??

(T/N Yoochun said after the is there a time that you wish you can stop?and he wrote “P.S. For me its now”)

Toki wo tomete is a really sad song.. makes you cry ^^*
Please listen to it alot~☆

After filming the planetarium scene for the music video
he found a Armillary sphere!
“there’s cassiopeia but there’s no bigeast so I wish I can make it!!!”
he said passionately.


Dear everyone in Bigeast.
Yoochun writing a message!
While saying “the kanji [ kigen ] is hard” he was practicing and writing it♪


He found a astronomical telescope and started to play with it.
Due to the filming that took till early morning he seemed become a little weird (^^


Until the very last minute of the real filming he was checking the lyrics!
He was trying his best since this filming was going to take long (*^^*)


While he was on his break, he seemed to be relaxed and talked with the staffs he hasn’t seen in a while.
He gave us a “smile with a peace”~☆

trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun
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“Due to the filming that took till early morning he seemed become a little weird” – Uhm, I think JaeJoong is always weird.. well, weird in his own way. Hahaha! :D

“Is there a time that you wished time stopped out of all your memories?? – Yoochun” – Well, for me it has to be the time where DBSK performed in Tokyo Dome. They looked so genuinely happy that time and it was a dream come true for them. If only all of us, the boys and the fans, can stay as happy as we were in that moment…

The guys are so cute in this offshot movie! They’re all goofing around, making faces and being their adorkable selves. JaeJoong is especially “high” when they were shooting the PV. He’s just so talkative and plays with everything he sees! LOL. :D

Too bad there isn’t any scene in the clip where the five of them were shown together. I was hoping they’ll show the clip of the filming of the scene where they’re all singing together. T_T

But at least they’re smiling. I think that’s enough for now. As long as I can see those smiles on their faces, I think I’ll have to be satisfied of that for the mean time. Hopefully we’ll see them mingling with each other again soon. We’ll always be waiting, boys! :D

[Credit: dirah9311]