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Vogue’s 10 Questions to Tohoshinki

1. What do you respect about one another?
Yunho: Regardless of what work or task it is, he faces it calmly.
Changmin: His character is optimistic and energetic, and he can adapt well to situations.

2. Living together, has there been any happy or difficult issues?

Yunho: We don’t always stay at home, sometimes we go out together too. Also, Changmin’s room is very clean, he lives in a very organized lifestyle
Changmin: There isn’t really anything in particular. But perhaps it is that to understand one another, it takes a really long time.

3. What is something you want the most right now?

Yunho: Recently my iPod broke, so I can’t listen to my music now. So I want a new one. (He probably has a new one by now.)
Changmin: Clothes.

4. When and where do you feel the most happy?

Yunho: As expected, the happiest moment is when I am on stage. That’s when I feel the most alive, and also because I can bring our music to the fans.
Changmin: 2010’s SM TOWN. For Yunho and I, that was a stage that that we were able to stand on after a long time. At that time we realized that the stage was really where we belonged.

5. During difficult times, what kind of magical words are able to encourage yourself?

Yunho: When experiencing diffuclt times, listening to these words makes me happy, “If it’s Yunho, then it definitely can be done.”
Changmin: I have to work harder for my future wife.

6. What is the most precious thing to you?

Yunho: I feel that everything I have has its own special meaning, so I can’t think of one specific thing in particular.
Changmin: 5.1 Dolby Sound System.

7. What kind of characteristics must a friend have?

Yunho: Mutual trust, and having the same beliefs.
Changmin: Mutual understanding.

8. Do you wish for your girlfriend to dress up fashionable manner?

Yunho: I would want her to wear cute clothes or a long T-shirt over jeans style, to give a tough feeling. And also wearing white suits, giving off a peaceful feel.
Changmin: It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy. As long as it suits her, anything is fine.

9. Do you have any expectations from your future partner?

Yunho: No matter what happens, I want her to trust me and to live her life positively, and someone with a kind heart.
Changmin: Because of the kind of work that I do my lifestyle is not exactly regular so I hope she can understand that.

10. In 5 years time, where would you want to be and doing what?

Yunho: I want to hold concerts not only in Asia but also go to other places, to bring our music to other fans who are supporting us. But personally I hope to be with the person I love, and be able to travel and do volunteer work with her.
Changmin: I think I’ll still be doing the work that I am doing now.

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Japanese Fans Angry at Avex’s “Killing JYJ”

Because Avex, the former agency, is thoroughly blocking JYJ (the 3-member unit resulting from the splitting of TVXQ consisting of Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu), it is incurring the anger of Japanese fans.

JYJ was enthusiastically giving their strength towards the restoration of Japan from the earthquakes, for instance putting forth the donation of 600 million KRW for the restoration of the northeastern region of Japan from the large earthquakes and also relaying the earthquake crisis of Japan in the World Tour due to start on April 2nd. There was also word that they will hold a charity concert in Yokohama Arena in June and would donate a portion of the performance fees and proceeds to the affected areas.

However, the news that Avex requested the Sports Newspaper (see and (other) influential newspapers that it wishes them to refrain from publicizing the news of JYJ’s concert and thus blocked them was reported in the daily newspaper Cyzo (see on the 24th.

According to the reporting, the Daily Sports Online which had posted this news deleted the news a few hours later, and it became so that in other newspaper agencies too, one could not find his news. That the news of a concert by JYJ, a group that receives tremendous support of fans, was not posted in any place whatsoever, makes it hard to erase the feelings that there were some backhanded dealings.

According to a records affiliate, Avex is restraining JYJ in order to promote/push the 2-person TVXQ which had its comeback. Avex believes that if JYJ, which has JaeJoong — the member who had the highest level of popularity in Japan – was to actively participate in Japan, it would interfere with (the 2-person) TVXQ that had its comeback, and therefore aims to thoroughly block JYJ’s activities, it is said.

On Avex’s actions that interfered with JYJ’s activities, there is the uproar of the “JYJ Excluded from Records Charts” which Oricon confessed. (see On the 7th, Oricon put up an announcement which said that it will “exclude the JYJ DVD and albums which were released on March 2nd.” As for the reason, it is because (JYJ) received a command from Avex, the rights holder to the records, to cease all activities.

That (Avex) would release and sell new albums but will eliminate (all) promotions and rankings (charts) is without mistake an act of complete disregard for JYJ. However, there is high possibility that because Avex which boasts #1 power in Japanese music industry had requested, Oricon complied.

At the (current) “Kill JYJ” by Avex which comes at the heel of the Oricon incident, the Japanese have become extremely angry. They exploded in their complaints as follows:

“I don’t understand the reason to stop them from not just anything but this concert which (JYJ wishes to do in order) to help Japan. Is it more important for Avex to “Save/Put Life into 2-person TVXQ” than to restore Japan?”

“I don’t know whether this article is to be believed. But it is true that because there was the recent Oricon incident and such, there is suspicion. Without mistake, #1 in Oricon was as good as made.”

“(JYJ) even made a donation, but to have Avex think only in terms of money, Avex is too much.”

“As a Japanese (like Avex), I am ashamed.”

At the same time, JYJ’s agency denied the article saying that the June 7th Yokohama Concert was not in the schedule. Nonetheless, the anger of the fans hinges on more than the truth and the falsity (of this particular mater). They are expressing their disappointment, saying: “It cannot be helped but be suspected, as there was the Oricon incident also,” and “Already there is nothing but bad images for Avex. Avex’s power is all a glory of the past.”

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Masaharu Fukuyama highly praises Tohoshinki

Masaharu Fukuyama, born on February 6 (same as Yunho) 1969, is a Japanese singer-songwriter, record producer, actor, radio personality, and photographer from Nagasaki. He is one of the top male artists in Japan.

During the opening commentary of his radio show, Fukuyama mentioned Tohoshinki, expressing his praise by saying, “Even though it’s just the two of them, they’re still as remarkable as ever. Their choreography is clean and beautiful.“ He then proceeded by introducing their new song ‘Why’, saying how the ‘keep you head down’ parts were very handsome.

Later, after the intro of the song, Fukuyama continued by saying, “This song’s PV is also very masculine, especially the Korean version!“

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110209 TVXQ Appear On A Japanese Show And Spread The ‘Sea Mustard Soup Culture’

On the 6th, TVXQ appeared on the Japanese music and talk program MUSIC JAPAN on member U-Know Yunho’s birthday and talked about sea mustard soup.

On this day, when asked, “How do Korean people celebrate their birthday?” TVXQ answered, “We eat sea mustard soup.”

Choikang Changmin went into further explanation of the Korean sea mustard soup culture as he said, “My birthday is the day my mother endured the pain of childbirth to give birth to me. Because women lose a lot of blood when they give birth, they eat sea mustard soup because it’s good for their health. We eat sea mustard soup on our birthday to remember the pain that our mothers endured.”

Having heard of this, netizens left comments like, “TVXQ is so cool for teaching others about the Korean culture,” “They explained the deep meaning behind sea mustard soup…” “They’re so cool and handsome. What gods,” and “Two superior guys!”

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Tohoshinki’s Interview on SCawaii March 2011

Mr. Gentleman who is gentle and exudes manliness: Yunho

“Sometimes he’s my friend, sometimes he’s my older brother, sometimes he’s my younger brother,” says Yunho, the leader of the new Tohoshinki, further strengthening his bond and trust with Changmin.

Yunho is such a gentle yet fortuitous man with amazing magnanimity. So I am really surprised when he says, “I love children! I want to be married by 30 and become a good father.” But I see why.

My battle dress is suits! But when I sleep……

A suit-wearing Yunho appears dashingly in front of the camera.

He says, “Suits is my battle dress for dates!” As expected, he looks fantastic in suits. Perfect! For dates that determine his victory or defeat, his choice is “a meal at a restaurant with beautiful scenery”. Yunho is a complete gentleman inside out <3.

He continues, “But I sleep in my underwear only”. This difference is also unforgettable.

A passionate man who hides his enthusiasm beneath a poker face: Changmin

Poker-faced Changmin stands quietly beside Yunho who is talking amiably.

“Actually, I cry easily. I often cry when I watch movies. But recently, I shed the most tears over work.”

Hidden in these words is his real sensitive side. However, now that he’s coming back as Tohoshinki, there is a fire burning quietly in the depths of his clear eyes.

I will lose to girls deliberately

Changmin is shy and introverted originally. But regarding love, he expresses, “I won’t have elaborate plans or play any tricks, I will act as my instincts tell me.”

He’s the initiative type!

He continues, “I will deliberately lose to girls. If I fight with my girlfriend, I will correct my mistakes, and apologize first by saying ‘sorry’.”

Whao, this tenderness, if anything, is very very manly.


Q: 2011 marks a brand new start with the rebirth of Tohoshinki. How do you want to spend this year?

YH: 2011 is a turning point and I’ll always remember it in my heart. I want to participate actively in different areas to show fans our best sides.

CM: I want to grow and improve consistently.

YH: I would like to have more interesting challenges and improve my dance skills.

Q: So both of you are experiencing the benefits of teamwork again. Anyway, this is kind of sudden, but are your approaches to love similar too?

YH: I will confess directly. And write a song that contains all my feelings as a present.

CM: I won’t confess all of a sudden. But I won’t have an elaborate plan either. I like to begin as friends.

Q: If you start dating, what kind of boyfriend will you be?

YH: I will accommodate to the other party basically. I think I’ve been the leader in most of my relationships so far so I like to be led now. (laughs) Older women are fine!

Q: Then if both of you fall in love with the same woman, what do you do?

YH: If Changmin is my love rival, I will give it up.

CM: Then I will get the girl! (laughs)

YH: But if I give up, the girl may chase after me even more. Just kidding. I’ll really give up! Because friendship is still the most important.

Q: What is the fashion style of the girl you like?

YH: A sweet yet formal style.

CM: Nothing too flashy, and having her own style no matter what she wears. I don’t like deliberate fashion styles.

Q: What are the things a girl does that will make your heart beat faster?

CM: Cooking. The profile of a girl cooking is the cutest <3

YH: When a girl gives me a scrapbook with pictures of us. I was really happy to see handwritten messages in the scrapbook.

Q: Both of you send messages after a date?

CM: Yes. These are standard messages, but I will ask her, “have you reached home safely?”, “I want to meet you already!” etc.

YH: I want to hear these words too~ (laughs). I prefer calls to messages! I will restrict myself to 4 calls a day, but the girl I like can call me as many times as she wants.

Q: If you aren’t a famous figure, what do you like to do the most?

CM: I want to try going to a gokon! [T/N: gokon – Japanese group dating sessions.]

YH: MT (membership training), which is like university orientations. (Similar to club activities in Japan.) [T/N: Membership training is a Korean college tradition. Students from the same major, same club etc. will have a short trip to get to know each other better.]

Q: Lastly, what kind of man do you want to become 10 years later?

YH: I want to get married by 30. And do volunteer work with my lover, children and friends.

CM: A financially capable and good husband to my beautiful wife.

YH: And to continue working as Tohoshinki and become a great presence like Michael Jackson.

Extra Talk

During the interview, friendly Yunho picked up some fruits and recommended them to the staff. On Valentine’s Day, “I’ll be very happy if I receive chocolate-coated fruits.” He really likes fruits? By the way, Changmin said, “I can’t meet up when I’ve work, but when I have no work, I don’t have any girlfriends. I have no luck with Valentine’s Day (cries)!”

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110209 Tohoshinki’s Fan Event After 4 Years Over 15,000 Fans

Yesterday on February 8th, Tohoshinki held a fan event at Chiba Makuhari Messei Event Hall after about four years.

In January 2011 was when Tohoshinki’ Changmin and Yunho had their first performance in Japan for the “SM Town Live in Tokyo” after becoming two members. This fan event targeted fans and buyers of their recently released single “Why”. For a event hall that maintained a capacity of 7500 people, there was a rush of more than 15,000 people. Due to those circumstances, additional performances were decided. Having two performances during the day and night, the total 15,000 fans were able to enjoy a valuable stage.

At this fan event, they performed the song “Why” and along with it “Maximum”. The two members said, “It’s been a long time everyone! Have you all been well? Let’s make today a fun event together!” and showed the fans their smiles and laughter. During this event other than performances, there were also talks, screening of the offshot for their PV, and a question corner for the two members. The two members made sure that all the fans who had come for this event enjoyed themselves 10 times more than they had expected.

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110209 Tohoshinki Japan FanEvent “became our biggest strength to move forward”

Tohoshinki Japan FanEvent “became our biggest strength to move forward”

As two people group, Tohoshinki comes back to Japan earning great support from Japanese fans.

On the 9th, Japan Sankei Sports mentioned, Tohoshinki on the 8th held their 4th year FanEvent, and sang two new songs and held a Talk with fans.

On this day Tohoshinki conveyed their gratitude to the 15000 cheering fans. Yunho greeted everyone with “I want to do all kinds of activities in Japan just like before. Everyone became our biggest strength. Really thank you everyone.”

Changmin expressed “To be able to sing more songs, I have became more keen to learning Japanese” “To be able to have more activities in Japan, we will work harder.”

This day Tohoshinki performed on stage their two songs “Why” and “Maximum” from their new single which had earned first place on the Oricon weekly rankings. Also the two member’s analogy of colors further showed their friendship. Changmin said Yunho is passionate red, Yunho said Changmin’s heart is like the ocean so blue suits him. Red and blue together is even more harmonious.

Also Tohoshinki new single”Why” released in Japan on January 26th with 231000 copies sold took first place for January Oricon weekly charts.

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