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Max Matsuura just posted something on Twitter 2 hours ago and I think it’s really something interesting and uplifting for all the fans of DBSK. Here’s a screen cap of his tweets:

Credit: Max Matsuura’s Twitter
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*Yes, he did write it in English and he posted the same reply to two different people successively. I hid the names of those people to keep their privacy. ;)

I was so happy when I read this. I just know in my heart that we WILL see the five of them together again.

I will wait for you no matter how long it takes for you to come back.


NOTE: By the way, some international fans made a special video for Max Matsuura as a form of thank you for everything he has done for the boys. Check it out HERE.

This is an important news especially to those fans who bought the tickets for the SM Town concert that was to be held last year but was canceled “indefinitely” by SM Entertainment.

100430 Agencies Must Pay An Additional 10% In Compensation If Concert Is Canceled

It has been decided that if a concert is canceled due to the fault of the production company, that company must not only give full refunds for tickets but also pay an additional 10% for compensation.

The Korea Consumer Agency’s Consumer Strife Arbitration Committee recently held a conference and settled a verdict on the dispute regarding the canceled ‘SM TOWN Live ’09’ concert that was to be held by both SM Entertainment and Dream Maker Entercom.

According to the committee, the two companies put the concert on hold indefinitely on August 7th, ten days before it was to be held and refunded all tickets. The reason given for the postponement was the exclusive contract suspension injunction filed by three members of TVXQ against SM Entertainment.

However, 729 people who bought tickets stated, “Because the concert was suddenly canceled, we had to pay cancellation charges on all events we had planned for the concert as well as on all transportation for overseas and rural area fans,” and filed for a group strife request that demanded additional compensation.

The committee made a verdict of, “SM Town Live concert is an event that is held every year and as plans to reopen the concert were not made even to this day and tickets were refunded, this concert is not postponed indefinitely, but unable to be carried out at all.”

They also stated, “The reason for the indefinite postponement was something that could have been predicted and stopped beforehand, so the fault of the breach of contract for the concert lies on SM Entertainment.”

Regarding SM Entertainment’s statement that, ‘Dream Maker Entercom was in charge of planning, producing and promoting the concert so we are not at fault and should not have to pay compensation,’ the committee stated, “When taking into consideration all factors such as concert poster outlines, mentioned items on concert tickets, reports and press conferences, both companies are contracting parties of the concert.”

The committee also told both companies that they had to pay a total of 9,130,750 Won (approximately 8,200 USD) in additional compensation.

According to the ‘Consumer Strife Settlement Criteria’, if a production company cancels a concert due to reasons related to the company, they must fully refund tickets as well as pay an additional 10% of the ticket price as compensation.

A representative of the committee said, “This is the first decision that has put the brakes on companies who cancel or indefinitely postpone concerts and just give refunds for the tickets. It is also the first decision to recognize the compensation responsibilities of such companies with regards to the Consumer Strife Settlement Criteria.”

Source: [yeonhap news+DNBN]
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I think most, if not all, of the fans who filed a complaint against SM regarding this matter are members of Cassiopeia so I guess we can consider this as a “win” for Cassies. Yay! =)

Looks like SM is blaming the producer of the concert for its cancellation. Pointing fingers again, eh? Tsk. SM Entertainment is HOPELESS. After everything that has happened, the company still doesn’t know how to take responsibility towards its actions. As a person who studied business management, I would say that SM Entertainment is such an ill-mannered and irresponsible company and its management is the WORST possible out there.

I am happy with this news even though I am not directly affected by it. You can call me cruel but I just have to say that all of SM’s sufferings give me JOY. The company deserves this and MORE as payment for every evil thing it has done.

Here comes episode 3. Like always, these are raw video clips. I will post the subbed version once its available. Just regularly check the “Sunao Ni Narenakute Episodes” tab for updates. Watch it now before it gets taken down on YT again.

I’m loving JaeJoong more (if that’s even possible considering how much I’m in love with him now) in every episode! He’s SUPER CUTE and ADORABLE during the first scene where he was looking at his phone and thinking of Haru. He looks like a high school student who just saw his crush! Gawd, I just want to hug him and kiss his cheeks! LOL. I love the scene under the rain, too. I don’t know but I just find it so romantic when JaeJoong hugged her back. Awwww… I wish I was in her place!

News regarding the ticket applications and lottery (is that the right term?) for the Thanksgiving Concert of JaeChunSu.

100429 Tohoshinki 3 Members Thanksgiving Concert – Over 1 Million Applications

Tohoshinki’s Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu, and Hero Jaejoong’s 3 member “Thanksgiving Live in Dome” concert has received over 1 million applications.

Their Japanese management company AVEX’s vice-president wrote in his blog– “In regards to the 3 members’ concert ticket-drawing, I believe the outcome must have disappointed many. We have received over 1 million applications, so I ask of everyone’s understanding.”

Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu, and Hero Jaejoong officially formed a new 3-member unit last month on the 15th. To express their gratitude for their fans’ support, they will be holding Dome concerts and the applications were opened from the 19th to the 22th. Despite the fact that ticket prices were a hefty 6800 yen each (t/n: approx. 72 USD), fans still did everything they could to be able to watch the concerts: resulting in over 1 million applications.

The picking of lots was finished on the 28th, and only 180 000 people were chosen out of the million.

After the picking of lots, normal ticket-selling will become a problem. Starting from May 22, general ticket-selling will be very inconvenient for Korean fans that don’t live in Japan. There have been discontented complaints of “what are overseas fans supposed to do?” or “since there’s still leftover seats, what is the point of going through the picking of lots?”

Nevertheless, Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu, and Hero Jaejoong will perform at the Osaka Dome on June 5 and 6 and the Tokyo Dome on June 12 and 13.

Source: [baidutvxq + DBDN)
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So the original price is only 6800 yen (or 72 USD) and yet there are “scalpers” who re-sell the tickets for 100,000 – 150,000 yen (or 1080-1630 USD). Isn’t that too much? And what’s worse is that these people even call themselves “DBSK fans”. Yeah, right. Some “fans” you are.

The Kim twins safely arrived in Singapore last night for ZUNO’s showcase. I heard many fans waited for them at the airport to welcome them. Here is a fan account and some fancams from their arrival.

100429 Junsu and Junho at Changi Airport Singapore

Today I know that Junsu and Junho will be arriving in Singapore, I specially asked for a shift changed so I could go chase them!
I ended work at 630 and met my friend CLN at T3.
but at that time, I’m still wondering if i should just use my pass and go into the terminal to see them. cause since im an airport staff, i have the airport pass =)
we waited at mcdonald till 9pm and finally decided to go into the terminal.
i contemplated for so long because its gonna be terrible if i get caught going in when its not for business or work purposes xP
so i went in and met another friend Rainny who is working at that time.
we went to T2 together and tried to find where is the place he will be passing by discreetly.
and thanks to CLN, cause she doesnt have the airport pass, she cannot go in with me, but she worked there before so she know the place quite well.
so after we finally settled down, we sat and waited for a while.
but im so freaking scared we waited at the wrong place so we walked around T2 for a while,
but went back to the original place later. cause Rainny was calmly saying, “if you see them, you’ll see them, if you dont, you dont, its fate”
when im so paranoid over there, cause im a junsu fan when she’s a jaejoong fan. lol.

CLN called me a while later, and i kept complaining i didnt see him yet, is it we’re at the wrong place
a car whisk passed me!
it’s an indoor airport car, so it’s like, u know, those small types one like u use in the golf course without the roof.
I STUNNED AND STARED AT JUNSU, and tears started welling, for no reason, still, and got crazy immediately
since we’re in the airport, and inside the terminal, we cannot over react but people around obviously knows what’s happening.
and the car is not very fast, just normal, and then quickly grabbed Rainny and chased the car.
and i saw a few fans, maybe on the same flight as him, and some airport staffs chasing the car.
compared to our fast walking, the car is faster, and it soon went out of sight,
but the sharp eyed Rainny saw where the car was moving and pulled me along,
the car just brought Junsu one small round around the place, i dont know for what, maybe to distract cause i see other cars moving around too.
and we soon followed the car back to our original place.
and back to that place, there was an escalator going down to the immigration check out point or something,
but its a place that Rainny’s and my airport pass cannot go to, if we go, that’s it. =P
so we stayed on top and watched him go down the escalator and out.
and i see a few airport staffs following them behind, obviously their pass allow them to go to that point too.

while i was staring at him excitedly, Rainny took a picture of him.
not very clear, but you still can see him in his very airport Junsu outfit. lol.
and that 2 girls in pink behind are the airport staffs and obviously is following Junsu. *admire*
so now that knowing he is going to be out,
i went out through the staff exit and i met very nice people who knows that Rainny and i are chasing Junsu and let us out first.
and i thought the police would do something, but he seemed like he know, and smiled a bit and let us go. lol.
so much for getting scared of getting caught. lol.

went back to the arrival belt there and met CLN.
wait for about like 30minutes and people screamed.
at first i thought i saw Junho walking out.

around 15minutes later, screamings started again and then Junho walked out again, i turned to look at CLN, confused,
cause i thought Junho went out already just now, and only then i get the situation right.
that was a fake Junho just now!
and because of that turn to look at CLN, i missed Junsu by a bit and saw only his back view. =(
Rainny, CLN and i ran outside to the bus and tried to see either one of them,
but i dont know if its the bus, or the seats, or what, i cannot see them, i can only see other people in the bus.
strange but, i didnt catch them all the way until the bus left =(

but good enough, i get to see Junsu in the car right infront of me,
and i couldnt stop smiling after the whole thing,
and would just smile out of nothing on the way home! ^^

credit: Emily Poh@sharingyoochun


[Credits: lostyanting13 + hanaliulia + shasha17n + yaone8 + TVXQPOWERFULLGODS8]

I’m sure this will be a hit beacuse YooSu teamed up for this. LOL. :D

BARKS Interview: Junsu’s Comments about Beautiful Love Drama

– First, Yuchun will have his Japanese drama debut by starring at BeeTV drama “Beautiful Love~kimi ga ireba~”, and since you’re in charge of the theme song, can you please give us your thought about the drama?

Junsu: Despite the fact that Yuchun also appear in the drama, still I think the drama has a great content, I worked hard so that I can heap up the drama with the songs. I visited the shooting location once as well, seeing everyone is working hard to produce good works, including Yuchun, giving me a lot of motivation too.”

– “Kimi ga ireba~Beautiful Love~” is the song that was written for the drama, please tell us your thought that you put into the song.

Junsu: To meet the expectations of the producer who kindly told he wanted me to sing it, the song’s lyrics was written to fit the contents of the drama and I tried to sing it in my own way.

source: BARKS

Check out this video of Yoochun filming for “Beautiful Love”.


Gosh, Yoochun’s looking soooo~ gorgeous with his white suit! I love it! He really looks like a rich kid! :D

Oh, you can clearly hear a preview of the OST sung by Junsu, too! Isn’t it beautiful? <3

And here’s the synopsis of this short drama:

Beautiful Love Synopsis

Magazine reporter Hinata (Aya Oomasa) was visiting South Korea for a magazine interview. Whilst she met one of the baddest man by chance, Yong-soo (Yoochun), the son of South Korean chaebol Yasunori group.

Later on, Yong-soo as the representative of the conglomerate group  came to Japan to buy a major hotel line. When Hinata returned to Japan, she’s surprised to again, encounter Yong-soo who was wandering around the city!?

Hinata was being unaware that he’s the rich son being rumored to lost on street, while Yong-soo has escaped for freedom as he’s fed up of the life bound to be a conglomerate. Through multiple interactions, the two started to understand each other more… without status nor money, what is the thing a human actually needs? While Yong-soo and Hinata sought for it together, how will the love story between them will finally head to?


June 4th, 2010 – Start

Cast: Yuchun, Aya Oomasa, Nobuo Kyō, others

source: beetv

It sounds like your typical Cinderella story but I think what would make this special will be on how Yoochun and the other actors will attack their roles. Anyway, I’m excited to see this! Hopefully someone can upload this in HQ versions since this will be shown through BeeTV only.