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An OST? I wanna hear this! I’m really curious how they made Mozart’s pieces into rock style. Haha.

Mozart OST To Be Released

<Mozart!>, which is being hailed as one of the best productions of the first half of 2010 that has captivated musical lovers, is set to be released through OST.

<Mozart!> was the center of attention from the start as the Vienna, Austrian musical that infused classical and rock music was to be performed in Korea for the first time. The music was created by the hands of world renown lyricist Michael Kunze and Grammy Award winning composer Sylvester Levay.

<Mozart!>, which began showing on the 20th, garnered the attention of fans by bringing top notch musical actors such as Lim Tae Gyung, Park Gun Hyung, Park Eun Tae, Min Young Gi, Yoon Hyung Ryeol, Seo Bun Seok, Bae Hae Sun and Jung Sun Ah together on one stage.

Also, as news spread that TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu was cast as the lead role of Mozart and would be debuting as a musical actor, ticket reservation sites crashed and presented the musical with an explosive popularity. Xiah Junsu set the record for ‘All performances sold out’ and showed his enormous ticket power.

After the first performance, viewers didn’t hold back with their praises and said, “The large scale stage and amazing harmonies that perfectly portray the life of a genius musician left a lasting impression in our hearts and moved us deeply,” and “They did not let us down.”

In fact, the musical holds music of a great variation of colors ranging from an operatic aria to a majestic and overpowering orchestra piece, a powerful solo of the main character attempting to find his true self, a ballroom piece that portrays the jealousy and envy that pervades in Vienna, and a chorus that transitions from being bright and light to calm and sedated.

The 28-man live orchestra’s deep choruses create a sturdy foundation for the plot and bring a richer atmosphere to the performance.

After the performance, many said, “The ensemble and individual voices are extremely charming,” and “We want a Korean OST and DVD of the musical.” However, only the German version of the musical is available domestically and only slight previews of Park Eun Tae’s rehearsals give a glimpse into the Korean version of the songs.

A representative of the production company Ttaeyaruteu said on the 29th that, “We are currently preparing a Mozart OST, and we are making slight changes in the actors’ schedules to do so,” and “It will take around two weeks till it is released.” This means that we may be able to get the Korean version of the OST before or after the Lunar New Year.

However, the representative said, “Because this is a licensed performance, we have no plans to create a DVD as of now due to copyright issues.”

On the other hand, <Mozart!>’s composer Sylvester Levay will be leaving Korea on the 30th. During his stay, he watched the performances at the Sejong Arts and Culture Center, and took pictures with his Korean fans.

He showed his content by saying, “I could not contain my amazement at how much passion and talent each of the characters have in Korean,” and “Each one of their voices tug at the heartstrings.”

The musical <Mozart!> depicts Mozart’s longings for love and freedom through a blend of Rock’s passion, Pop’s sweetness and Jazz’s smoothness. It will be showing until February 21st in Seoul and then will be performing in Daegu, Changwon and Pusan.

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One of the readers (from Singapore, I assume), Laura, has emailed me and asked me to post about voting DBSK on According to her, Sistic is a “website that anyone is allowed to vote for the celebrity they want most to come to Singapore. They don’t send a confirmation email, so it doesnt matter whether the email you use is real or fake. But with each email, only one vote is allowed a day.”

The last time I checked the site, DBSK was at 2nd place following SNSD. Laura said this has been voting/survey has been going on for months now and there’s no definite deadline to it. So if you have time, especially the Singaporeans out there (who knows? DBSK might really be able to have a concert there if the demand for them is high), you can check out the website and vote for DBSK. Whether they can really bring DBSK to Singapore or not, I think there’s no harm in trying to participate on this, right? :) Here’s the website:

JaeSu/Nightmate is one of my favorite DBSK pairing and this picture from Tohomobile really got me into a frenzy! Hahaha. Sweet! :)



While photographing ~☆

Having rest in the room with tatami floor, Jejung & Junsu!
Lying alongside, playing games!

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Here’s one message from JaeJoong which was coursed through their lawyer:

Jaejoong’s message for ChunJaeSu’s lawyer

On Jaejoong’s b-day, Korean fans thanked their lawyer, and this was his reply:

The lawyer said that Jaejoong asked him to tell the fans something, but the lawyer didn’t think the time was right. he said

“If its not too late now, I would like to tell everyone.”

“Jaejoong said – Everything will be okay as long as the fans will wait for us, when we are in the situation with our company, and before the outcome of what will happen with TVXQ, until the end, if the fans could wait for us then everything will be alright. I will work harder- “

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Again, our boys received praises from fellow celebrities in Japan. :)

Hiroshi Tamaki: “TVXQ and BoA Who are Advancing to Japan are Great.”

I fell in love with Tamaki’s role as Chiaki in Nodame Cantabile dorama. I think he livened up the genius conductor student Chiaki perfectly <3 and he looks the most handsome in that drama too XD

Hiroshi Tamaki, an actor-singer who is active in Japan praised South Korea singers.

On his third visit to South Korea as a singer, Newsen visited and had an interview with Hiroshi Tamaki. “South Korea singers who have activities in Japan such as TVXQ and BoA, I think they’re amazing.” he said.

Hiroshi Tamaki continued, “They even sing in Japanese, it’s not easy to do that kind of thing and they look great.”

“When I see the features of Korean singers having activities in Japan, I had a thought that the gap between Korea and Japan is somehow getting closer. Hopefully I can be someone who bridges between the two nations as well.”

source: newsen

Here are some info on the songs that will be included in the “Best Selection 2101” album of DBSK, which will be released in February. A new song called “With All My Heart – You Dance Summer” is included and I’m wondering what kind of genre would this song be? If I would base it on the title itself, I think it will be somewhat an upbeat song, most probably something like “Sky” and “Step by Step”. Or it could also be something moderate like “Song for you”. Anyway, I’ll just wait for it to be released. I’m excited! :)

Tohoshinki’s New Song 「With All My Heart 〜君が踊る、夏〜」Included In Best Album

According to the magazine 「BACKSTAGE PASS March Issue」which was released on 27 January, a new song 「With All My Heart 〜君が踊る、夏〜」(T/N: With All My Heart~ You Dance, Summer~) has been recorded in CD2 of the 「2CD+DVD(A)「RZCD-46503〜4/B」version of Korean popular vocal group Tohoshinki’s best album 「BEST SELECTION 2010」.

Besides the song 「With All My Heart 〜君が踊る、夏〜」in CD2, the members also selected the following songs: 「Forever Love(JUNSU)」「SHINE(YUCHUN)」「Love in the Ice(JEJUNG)」「Beautiful you (CHANGMIN)」「HUG(YUNHO)」and two more songs 「甘く果てしなく」(T/N: Eternally Sweet) and「BREAK OUT!」will be included, making it a total of 9 songs.

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The article below is similar to the one written on the 2nd paragraph of the article above but this one is only in list form for easier reading.

Tohoshinki’s “Best Selection 2010” 2CD+DVD Version – CD2 Tracklist

T/N: The songs for CD2 is selected by the members, and were not revealed previously.

#1: Forever Love (Chosen by Junsu)
#2: SHINE (Chosen by Yuchun)
#3: Love In The Ice (Chosen by Jejung)
#4: Beautiful You (Chosen by Changmin)
#5: Hug (Chosen by Yunho)
#6: 甘く果てしなく
#7: 時ヲ止メテ
#8: With All My Heart~ 君が踊る、夏~
#9: BREAK OUT Remix

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Hmmm… I think the members’ selection were ok. I kinda expected “Love in the Ice” and “Hug” to be there but I wonder why no one chose “Proud”, “Begin” or “Purple Line” (especially since “Purple Line” is their very first single to make it to the top spot of Oricon Charts)? (Begin and Purple Line are already included in CD1. My bad. Hahaha) I never imagined “SHINE” will be chosen but I guess Yoochun is kinda unpredictable, right? Hahaha.

Our dear DBSK has a very big chance of getting their 7th number one Oricon Weekly with their latest single “Break Out!”. The single has been consistently holding the top spot of the Oricon Daily Chart  since its release date last January 27th, where it had a sales of almost 170,000 copies – the highest first day sales for any of DBSK’s Japanese singles ever since they released their very 1st single in 2005. Unless, the sales for the other artists’ releases for this week suddenly goes up to about 200,000 units for the remaining days, we can already consider this as another addition to the list of Oricon Weekly number one by our dear boys. I won’t even be surprised if their total sales for “Break Out!” this week will reach 300,000 units by the time the ranking is announced. Anyway, let’s wait for the official ranking for the Oricon Weekly Chart and hopefully, the results will give us a good reason to celebrate. :)

Tohoshinki is Heading towards Having First-Place Single on Oricon for the 7th Time

The 29th single of Korean dance-vocal group Tohoshinki, “BREAK OUT!”, sold an approximately 170,000 copies on its first day, and ranked first on Oricon’s daily chart on 1/26. While being in the middle of break-up turmoils, this is a good start that is probably going earn them first place on Oricon weekly chart for the 7th time.

The title song “BREAK OUT!”, which contains encouraging messages to young people who are trying their best, is the theme song for NHK’s drama “Tomehane! Suzuri Koukou Shodoubu”. The coupling song is Junsu’s solo “XIAHTIC”.

Tohoshinki released their single “HUG” in November 2004 to mark their first time coming to Japan, and officially debuted in Japan in April 2005 with their single “Stay With Me Tonight”. They first entered the Oricon weekly chart with their 7th single “Sky” (on sale in August 2006), which ranked 6th of that week. They have constantly been on the top 10 of the chart since then. Starting from their 18th single “Purple Line” (on sale in January 2008), they’ve had 6 singles that rank first on Oricon weekly chart, and are currently holding the record for being the only foreign artist to acquire that achievement.

They are planning to release their first best album “BEST SELECTION 2010″ on 2/17.

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