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The boys are featured in another magazine again. Seriously, I already lost count on how many magazines they’ve already been featured in and to think we aren’t even done with the first quarter of the year. Our dear boys are really in demand nowadays, eh? :D

The magazine is a Japanese magazine called B-Pass and DBSK are featured in the April 2009 issue.  I have a question to our Japanese friends who are reading this post. I’m just curious… are magazines in Japan released/sold way before the actual month/issue? Just asking. =) Anyway based from the pictures, I think the concept for this one is to show a “relaxed” DBSK. All the members look so innocent and peaceful in the pictures as opposed to the cute and dorky images they’ve shown in Pinky magazine. Check out the pictures! :D


bpass02 bpass03 bpass04

bpass05 bpass06 bpass07 bpass08

bpass09 bpass10 bpass11 bpass12

bpass13 bpass14 bpass15 bpass16

[Credit: as tagged + dnbn]

And here’s a translation of a staff report. It’s all about the events that happened during the photo shoot of B-Pass magazine.

Junsu Gets Bullied by Jaejoong and “The Prank Five”

The cover shot was supposed to be completed in 2 hours this time, and the schedule was individual shooting -> individual interview -> group shooting -> group interview, so the entire procedure was a little messy.

First was individual shooting, and the order was Yoochun -> Jaejoong -> Junsu -> Yunho -> Changmin, and this took place simultaneously with the individual photo taking. The set was made up to resemble their homes, and the theme of this photoshoot was to take pictures of them looking relaxed and at home. The props included a guitar for Yoochun, a mug for Jaejoong, computer/laptop for Junsu, camera for Yunho and a book for Changmin.

The camera Yunho carried was a special collection of the cameraman Yamada. Actually, the black-and-white pictures shown on pages 22-23 were taken by this camera. Thus this camera really had film inside it, but when Yunho unknowingly clicked on the camera and the flashlight shone, he got a shock and his expression was really cute. -laughs-

Next was the group photo-taking. When shooting the cover, the five of them received instructions to “Stand closer together”, whereby they stood further apart instead. The crew immediately burst out in laughter. They especially made fun of each other during the group photoshoot, and played pranks on each other. The five of them really share a close relationship.

After that, Jaejoong pinched Junsu’s cheek for fun and Junsu just allowed him to get on with it.
Yoochun noticed the gomuku set in the set immediately as he arrived, and had a game of it with the crew but, regretfully, he lost. Changmin was listening to music the entire time he was waiting. Yunho’s personal best recently for bowling, which he likes a lot, was 224, and he even plays table tennis with Junsu. Yunho likes pomelo-scented smells.




[Captions clockwise from top left]

Shooting in progress… ->

01. the “Prank 5″ who play pranks subconsciously even when taking photographs ->

02. But they always become serious when work starts, this is the cover shot ->

03. Yoochun, who really starts playing the guitar during his individual shoot ->

04. Shooting Jaejoong’s relaxed poses from various angles ->

05. Yunho, who starts smiling as the photographer inches closer ->

06. Junsu’s looking at the notebook, what’s on the screen? ->

07. Changmin, who did a lot of poses with the book ->

08. Yoochun, who takes his game of gomoku with the staff very seriously during his free time ->

09. Everyone’s poses when they received instructions to be “relaxed”.

Credits: 郑氏の小熊@baidu
Translations by: Banana-chan@TVXQfever
Shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

Finally! Yay! :D

After the supposed controversy regarding their non-appearance in Music Station despite them making it to the top spot in Japanese charts, finally the much awaited guesting on the show will happen this coming March 6, 2009. Many netizens and music personalities said that JE has something to do with them being “banned” from the show before but looks like everything’s fine now. At last, they’ve been invited to appear on the show all by themselves (I heard they already appeared at MS before but they were with Koda Kumi for the performance of “Last Angel”). Looks like JE’s softening a little towards our boys, eh? =)

Anyway, some people are still doubting this news so to show that this news is indeed TRUE and OFFICIAL, here is the screencap of  their schedule which I got from their website. I enclosed their Music Station guesting in a red box so you’ll easily see it. Add to this our friend ICHIKO of Bigeast has CONFIRMED that the boys will indeed be appearing on Music Station on March 6, 2009 (Thanks, ICHIKO! :) ). They will be performing their 26th Japanese single “Survivor”.


[Credit: Tohoshinki official website + lovetohateme@wordpress]

Every DBSK fan is excited for their upcoming Japanese album entitled “The Secret Code” (I love the title! :D ). This album will include four of their five songs that reached the top spot in the Oricon Weekly Chart namely Beautiful You, Why Have I Fallen In Love With You (Doushite…), Spell – Mirotic and Bolero. I’m actually excited for the release of this album as well as for their next live tour in Japan. I’m sure this will be another successful album and concert tour for DBSK.

Here’s the official tracklist for the 4th Japanese album “The Secret Code”. I got it from their official Japanese website and I had to cut it into three parts since it’s too long. Hahaha.




[Credit: Tohoshinki official website + lovetohateme@wordpress]

And here are the enlarged pictures of the jackets for the said album.







[Credit: Tohoshinki official website + dnbn]

I like the covers of the album. They’re simple and has a “mysterious” air to it. But I’m distracted by the numbers, though. I know that their purpose is to serve as the “secret codes” but I think they were placed at the wrong places. In the first picture, it’s just so awkward seeing random numbers near the feet of the boys. It totally killed the mood. While on the second picture, I just think they placed too many numbers and just like on the first one, they’re pretty much placed on awkward places. In my opinion, it would have been better if the numbers were not really that obvious. It would have been better if they really seemed like “secret codes” that would only be seen by fans if they carefully scrutinize the pictures. But well, that’s just what I think. Maybe the photographer (or whoever thought of the concept for the CD jackets) has something in mind that we don’t know. :D

I’ve been out for a couple of days again and seems like I missed quite a good amount of interesting news about the boys. *Sigh* Yet again, I’ll be doing the catching-up and backtracking thing this weekend. It seems like it’s been my hobby these past few months. LOL.

Anyway, here’s a preview of one of the songs from the 26th Japanese single. It’s entitled “Take You Hands”. Just like “Survivor”, it is somewhat an upbeat song. To be honest, I don’t like it that much based on this preview. It isn’t catching much of my attention and it isn’t the type that really got me into playing the preview over and over again. I still refer “Survivor” over this one. But still, you should check it out. :D

[Credit: farahyuchun]

* Changed the embeded video since I found a longer preview. =)

[Credit: atimura36]

OMG. This PV screams HOTNESS. I can’t find the words to describe it but simply HOT. The boys wearing those black outfits, flaunting their gorgeous bodies, and dancing like that just KILLED ME while I found them so innocent-looking wearing those white outfits. The contrast was just perfect. I also fell in love with Jae’s look! I love that “messy”  hairstlye of his. And did you see how he opened that door towards the later part of the PV? It was INSANELY SEXY. Looking at him and THOSE ARMS of his is just HEAVEN. Oh, I also like Changmin’s look. Dang maknae, HE IS SO MANLY NOW. So hard to resist! :) And looking at Yoochun wearing that bandana or whatever you call it suddenly made me remember his exceptional hairstyle in their OJBH MV. LOL.

Anyway, regarding the song “Survivor”, I have already made up my mind on my judgment. My verdict? I like it! :D I’m so addicted to the chorus right now. It keeps playing in my mind! It’s really catchy! Hahaha. :D

A longer preview of the 26th Japanese single “Survivor” is finally out. Thev audio quality isn’t that great since you can barely hear it but at least you’ll still hear something. Guess you’ll just have to set your volume to the maximum.

[Credit: ichigoKJJ]

Thanks to ICHIKO for the link! And oh, she also provided us with the info regarding the 27th Japanese single (another thank you! ). I guess this single is somehow dedicated to the anime “One Piece”? Because most of the songs are for the anime… I think. Hahaha. Just correct me if I’m wrong. Anyway, here’s the info regarding the 27th Japanese single.

April 8th, 2009 OUT
TVXQ 27th Single “Share the world/We Are!”

* Share The World
* We Are!
*Tomorrow will come(Asu wa kurukara) [bonus truck]
* Share The World (less vocal)
* We Are! [less vocal]

* Share The World MV
* Off Shot Movie

* Share The World
* We Are!
*Tomorrow will come (Asu wa kurukara) [bonus truck]
* Share The World(less vocal)
* We Are!  [less vocal]
* Untitle [remix]

Again, thanks to our friend ICHIKO from Bigeast for providing us with helpful information. We really appreciate it! :D

I just want to post this beautiful fancam of JaeJoong’s solo performance from last night’s Mirotic concert. :D

JaeJoong solo stage – Geugeotmani Nae Sesang (Full)

[Credit: jaejoongified03]

Breathtaking performance as always. <3 This one’s better than the fancam taken on the first day since it’s much clearer and it’s the video of the whole performance. I love JaeJoong’s voice so much! It never fails to captivate me whenever I hear it. Add to that, I think Jae shows more emotions now whenever he sings. He definitely improved on that department. Looks like Junsu’s a good teacher, eh? LOL.