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DBSK on Inkigayo today performing Wrong Number:

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In my opinion, this is the best Wrong Number performance of DBSK so far. I love the outfit (although I still prefer their all-black suit). They look so hot and handsome wearing those suits. =) But apart from the their outfit, I super love the performance itself. I think they have more energy in performing this one compared to their previous performances. For the first time since they’ve started promoting Wrong Number, ALL the members seemed so energized in performing it. In their previous performances, it seemed to me that they weren’t performing 100%. They always looked tired especially JaeJoong who looked so wasted (sorry Jae! but I still love you. :D). But this time around, they looked so fresh and full of energy.  JaeJoong looks like he’s ALIVE again and seemingly, he’s been more confident with his rapping. All the members looked like they enjoyed the performance and they appear to be well rested. I wonder if these guys were given a full day of rest yesterday? Well, I sure hope so. :D

They didn’t win mutizen this week but it’s ok because they gave out a great performance. I hope they’ll have the same great perfomance (or even better) next week if ever they’ll appear on Inkigayo again. I also wish they won’t fall short of winning the mutizen next week. They haven’t won any award for Wrong Number yet so I really want them to get their first really soon. :D

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*NOTE: The video has english subtitles. Just make sure the “cc” button is on so that you would see the subtitles. =)

OMG. This is another SUPER HILARIOUS video of DBSK! Its a video of them guesting on a Korean gag show. It was aired a few days ago but I was only able to see it now since, like always, I’ve been doing a lot of things that I merely have time to catch-up on all the news about and videos of DBSK. T_T But anyway, this was the second time (if I’m not mistaken) that they’ve guested on a gag show (the first one was during their “Balloons” promotional activities before). I have to say that this one is a 100x funnier than the first one. I swear I nearly died of laughter while watching this video just like what happened to me when I watched Yunho and Yoochun’s silly ad. :D

All the members – except for Jae who isn’t with them AGAIN T_T – where EXTREMELY CUTE when they were acting and delivering their lines. But I have to say that Changmin’s cuteness on this one was TO DIE FOR. I swear I wanted to pull him out of my computer screen and give him a big bear hug. :D His cuteness nearly caused the death of me! LOL. Ah~ I can’t get enough of our maknae’s aegyo! <333

It’s really too bad that JaeJoong wasn’t on the show. I wanted to see how he’ll act cute since as we all know, JaeJoong is a dorky guy already and for him to act cute, that would be a double treat for JaeJoong fangirls like me. The show would have been doubly hilarious and full of cuteness with him around. Awww… I miss JaeJoong already. :(

There’s no way to describe the craziness of these two. THEY ARE JUST OUT OF IT. LOL. Just watch the videos and laugh like there’s no tomorrow. Hahaha! Please, just make sure that you’re at a well ventilated place so as to avoid lack of oxygen due to excessive laughing. :D

Extreme 2U dorkiness on the way! ;p



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*NOTE: Make sure that the “cc” button of the YouTube player is on in order for you to view the subtitles. If it still doesn’t work on the embedded video, try watching it HERE and HERE.

OMG. They’re so HILARIOUS! Can they get any crazier than that?! LOL. I was rolling in laughter while watching the videos. I swear watching these videos made me forget about how tired I am today. It’s really a good medicine for those who are stressed-out and depressed. :D

By the way, I just have to say that Yunho looks so handsome on these videos! I love his look! *turns into a Yunho fangirl for today*

FYI: If you’re wondering where these videos are from, they are for a new Haptic ad campaign and UCC contest.

Let’s try to close the chapter on the bad incident that happened to Changmin at the airport and let’s celebrate on two things that the boys have accomplished recently. :D

First up, the will finally be participating on the 2008 Kohaku in Japan (which is usually attended by popular artists in Japan). This will be happening on December 31, 2008 and DBSK will be part of the White team.

[Credit: redberry94]

For those who are wondering what Kohaku is, here’s a brief explanation by fobbiyo @ Soompi:

Kouhaku is one of the most prestigious end of the year thing. The artists are picked BY HAND and it’s a VERY big deal if you get invited. It says alot about you. I heard they sing enka (traditional) songs on the show. There’s going to be two groups. White team are all of the guys and the red team are the girls. For the past 2-3 years, the men team has been winning ;D This show is really going to boost up Tohoshinki’s popularity no doubt. It totally just kills any MKMF award.

Second, they won the GOLD ARTIST AWARD for 2008. I read somewhere that this is their second time in a row winning this award. Congrats to DBSK for adding up another one on their long list of achievements! :D


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After Emerald told me and gave me a YT link of the “hitting” incident of Changmin at the airport, I wasn’t really sure if it’s true since the fancam wasn’t clear towards the supposed “hitting” part (or at least it wasn’t so clear to me). Being my curious self, I decided to visit Soompi and check on some news about the said incident and here’s an interesting fancam I saw:

[Credits: myluvforDBSK]

It’s actually JaeJoong’s fancam so you won’t actually see the “antis”, who are rumored to be claiming that they are JaeJoong’s fans, hitting Changmin. With that regard, I’m still not sure if Minnie really got hit. But one thing I’m sure of is that they were cursing/insulting Changmin. You can clearly hear their voices on the fancam’s background and even though I’m not Chinese and can’t understand Chinese, the way they were shouting at him wasn’t really good to my ears. Moreover, you could see on the fancam that JaeJoong, Yoochun, and even Junsu looked back at what was happening behind them and their faces do not look amused or happy to see the scene at all. That definitely says something. And did you see how Changmin held his head at the end of the fancam? To me, he looked like he was in pain and not just fixing his beanie like what others are claiming. But like what I have said, I do not speak nor understand Chinese so I may be wrong on my assumptions and observations. If anyone speaks and understands the language, you can affirm or negate my assumptions above.

I really feel bad for Changmin if ever this is true. He didn’t do anything wrong to deserve this kind of treatment. But apart from the physical pain and the embarrassment he might have suffered at the airport, what worries me more is that he might take this incident too seriously. We all know that although Changmin is the youngest and the most reserved member, he’s the kind who takes most things that happen around him personally. Add to this, it was bad enough that he was hit and insulted in public but what’s worse is that the girls who did this to him claim themselves to be DBSK’s (specifically JaeJoong’s) fans. Is this what a fan should do? Even if they only like JaeJoong and not the other members, is there a need to hurt them like that? Seriously, these two girls – if ever they are really fans of JaeJoong – should be ashamed of themselves. Don’t they realize that they did not only hurt Changmin but also indirectly hurt JaeJoong because of what they had done? JaeJoong won’t be happy to know this and I’m very sure of it. He might even feel guilty at some point since the two attackers are supposed to be “his fans”. Really, those two girls should stop calling themselves as ‘fans’ because it sure doesn’t fit them. No fan would want to hurt his idol AND his idol’s loved ones like that. Never.

Chinese Cassies are pretty furious about this incident and I’m pretty sure Korean Cassies are red with anger, too. I mean, who wouldn’t be? But more than the feeling of anger, I pity those antis (yes, I refuse to believe on their claim that they are “fans”) because they just don’t know what they got themselves into. If ever they really did that to Changmin, I hope they know the consequences of their actions because for sure all of Cassopeia (Korea, Chinese, etc) won’t let this pass just like that. We all know how protective Cassies are to DBSK so I suggest those girls better be careful. I got news that Chinese Cassies already got hold of their names and other personal information and when they have that information, I bet you guys know what might happen next. If I were those two antis, I’ll start hiring bodyguards or learning self-defense. LOL.

Anyway, I just hope that Changmin’s ok now. I wish he won’t take what happened too seriously to the point of over thinking things. Those are just crazy antis who are desperate for attention (and wants to die early. LOL) so no need to think too much. All of Cassiopeia and us, unofficial DBSK fans are behind them all the way, right? :D

I have nothing much to say since the boys are their same old gorgeous self on these pictures. I like JaeJoong second picture and Yoochun’s first picture. They looked so relaxed and casual. Yunho and Junsu’s pictures, on the other hand, show so much of their “charismatic” side. Changmin’s second picture is just <3. Now I know why his fans call him “Prince”. He really resembles one. :D

Anyway, hope you’ll enjoy these pictures of our beloved boys. :D













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