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I was supposed to post these pictures yesterday morning but my favorite friend with the name “laziness” paid me a visit so here I am posting these pictures  way past midnight despite the fact that I’m SO SLEEPY. Very nice indeed. *sigh*

Anyway, here are some pictures of the boys from their SBS Gayo Daejun performance. Just a warning: some pictures can really cause major nosebleed so please be ready. :D

[Credit: as tagged + dnbn]

And of course, a special fancam of JaeJoong’s INSANELY SEXY STRIPPING. Come on! You knew this was coming, right?  After all, what would you expect from a JaeJoong fangirl like me? :) By the way, just before you watch the video, may I just say that THIS IS WAY BETTER THAN THE ACTUAL CLIP OF THEM RIPPING THEIR SHIRTS. I swear if you screamed while watching Jae strip duirng their performance, I’m sure you’ll scream your heads off AND spazz non-stop after watching this fancam. Whoever took this fancam really is an angel sent from heaven for all of us JaeJoong fangirls.

Warning: Again, this may cause major nosebleed or even a heart attack so watch it at your own risk. Don’t even try blaming me for not giving you a warning. :D

[Credit: deevinne]

To end this post, let me give my comments on their performance since I’d like to believe I’m now back to my senses. LOL.

First of all, I would like to say that the outfits were better this time. Thank goodness they said goodbye to those fur thingies and plaid suits they were using during their performances prior to this one. In fact, I loved their outfits and their look in general. The boys were so stunningly handsome that I actually want to hug their stylists (one of the few times I want to do this) and congratulate them for a job well done.

Second, the performance of Wrong Number + Mirotic was just AWESOME. I especially love how they mixed up the parts for Mirotic. The arrangement was so unique and lively plus the violin part was just AMAZING. Contrary to what I have expected, the boys were also so energetic. No sign of fatigue or whatnot. They were so confident and playful on stage. I love how they changed the dance choreography and added in their “personal touches” to Wrong Number and Mirotic. Their performance was so bold and daring.  With the effort and energy they put on their performance that night, it was like it’s the last performance of their life – a performance where they gave their all. No question about it, DBSK really owned SBS Gayo Daejun’s stage that night.

Oh, and last but not the least, to those who are curious about them singing “UNDER MY SKIN” rather than “UNDER MY SKY”. There are two reasons for that according to some fans:

1) They are allowed to sing and perform the original version of Mirotic from 10pm onwards. Since their performance at SBS Gayo was way past 10pm, they were allowed to sing “under my skin” rather than “under my sky”.

2) Some fans said that singing “under my skin” was deliberately done by DBSK to make a statement regarding the restriction on Mirotic. Their very bold and daring actions and new choreography last night were said to be intended to “rebel” or to “send a message” to the  government on the decision of putting a restriction on Mirotic (well, at least that’s what the fans think). Want to know what I’m talking about? Watch the video of their performance again and try to observe these things:

* Yoochun saying “Yeah, everybody ready? This is what I’m talking about… What?! Are you trying to teach us?! Hell no! Yeah!” during the start of the Mirotic performance where Yunho and Junsu first had their solo dance.

* Junsu’s tongue-showing action wherein it seems like he’s provoking or teasing someone, which was also during the intro for Mirotic.

* The new hand movements from the “sexy chin” part of Mirotic. First, they point their index finger above (for Junsu, Yunho and Changmin) / makes a silencing gesture (for Jae and Chun), then the “gun shot” pointed to their head (or it may also be a symbol for: a) saying that someone is crazy or b) someone isn’t thinking properly), then the peace sign, and lastly the shaking of the index finger which most of the time  means “no way”. Now, it’s up to you to interpret the meaning of those hand movements. :D

* Junsu’s emphasis on the line  “…BREAKING  MY RULES AGAIN” (although I think he always tries to make that sound different from the recorded version, I guess the emphasis was just even greater this time? hehehe)

* And the ultimate statement of all is their stripping in the end.

So, what do you think? Was that performance really DBSK’s way of sending a message to Korea’s Commission on Youth? Well, you be the judge. I’m outta here because I really feel so sleepy now. LOL.

Ok it’s already 1am here and the whole neighborhood including my family are already sleeping soundly but here I am still wide awake even though I’ve been freakin’ sick since last friday (as in I have fever, colds and flu) just because I waited for the videos from the recently held SBS Gayo Daejun to be uploaded on YouTube. Yes, I was THAT excited.

Here are the uploaded videos of DBSK’s performances so far:

Piano Battle between Junsu and TaeYang

Let me first start commenting on TaeYang’s performance. His was actually good. He played the piano pretty well and man, his English is just SO GOOD that I think he even speaks better English than Yoochun. Even though I think he missed some of the notes JUST A TINY BIT and there was a part where his voice cracked a little, I think he did a good job with his performance.

As for Junsu, his performance was GREAT. I love the song “My Everything” since it is one of my most favorite 98 Degrees song and the way he sang it was just SUPERB. He sang it with a lot of emotions and his high notes just made me go “wow!”. I guess it could have been a perfect performance for him if only his English was as good as TaeYang. Just some more practice on his English speaking skills and Junsu will surely nail performances like this.

In conclusion, I loved this whole piano battle. The two performers gave out worth-praising performances. Cheers to both of them! :D

Dance Battle

I didn’t enjoy the performance that much. I think it was a bit lacking. The atmosphere while the performers were dancing was not as “fun” and “energetic” as I have expected it to be. Plus the songs they used were not that appealing to my ears. I guess I was used to hearing very upbeat songs being used for dance battles such as this. But anyway, all of them still did a good job. My favorites were Yunho’s and Eunhyuk’s dances although I seriously think Eunhyuk looked like an astronaut with the costume he’s wearing. LOL.


O.O *stares with wide eyes*


Am I seeing things already or did they really do that??? *goes back to watch the video again*



OMFG. That last pose was SMOKING HOT and it was totally unexpected! Oh my, what are these HOT and SEXY MEN thinking?! Do they really want us fangirls to die this early? Why are they freakin’ doing this to us?!

Waaaahhhh!!! I can’t get enough of what they did! I am sooo dying to scream right now but I just can’t do that because people might just wake-up from their sleep. But OMG, I’m totally out of my mind right now! What the boys did is just INSANELY SEXY. Gawd, I’m spazzing right now. I know I am and I can’t freakin’ stop it!

I’m really sorry if I can’t give a sensible comment on their performance right  now because the last pose that they did just made me forget all about the rest. I was totally STUNNED and my JAW DROPPED when I saw them showing their upper back/shoulders. What made me freak out even more is the fact that JAE’S BACK LOOKS A THOUSAND TIMES SEXIER BECAUSE OF HIS TATTOO! My goodness, Jae just killed me again!

Man, what a way for DBSK to end their 4th Korean album activities! They did not only end their 4th Korean album activites with a ROCKING performance, they also ended their last performance with a BANG! Oh, I’m sure Cassies will never forget the boys even if they’ll have to stay in Japan again starting next year because of that wonderful treat from the boys. OMG, I soooooooo envy all the Cassies who went there to watch it live. I wish I was there to witness that mind-blowing performance, too!

Anyway, since I can’t get enough of DBSK’s SEXINESS, here’s a picture and a GIF of their last pose. Enjoy! :D

PICTURE *OMG! Jae’s tattoo!*


GIF *having fun repeating it all over again. lol*


Ok, I need to calm down now. *tries to breathe properly* For a moment there, I forgot I’m actually sick. LOL. I need to sleep now and I’m confident I’ll be having a good night (or  I think it’s more like good moring) sleep. Tomorrow will surely be a day full of smiles and daydreaming for me. :D

[Picture credits: dnbn + baidu]
[Video credits: myluvforDBSK + retros]


A very simple yet lovely MV. Yet again, the boys looked stunning wearing their suits and the gorgeousness of their side profiles left me speechless. As if that’s not enough, their stares  were just so electrifying. Their eyes held so much emotions which perfectly matched the song that’s why every time they stared at the camera,  I can’t help but be trapped in those beautiful and soulful  pairs  of eyes. The black and white effect of the MV also made it more appealing and helped set the mood of the whole MV.

And of course, the song is just so beautiful. I really won’t run out of praises for Bolero.  It’s another magnificent song by DBSK. What I especially love about it is that all the members had their share of high notes to hit just like in Love in the Ice. I have a certain weakness for singers hitting high notes so I really found this song very good.

Here’s a small treat to all DBSK and Big Bang fans out there. The following are pictures from their “Star Wars” pictorial for the upcoming SBS Gayo Daejun special stage.

Have fun and spread the BigBangShinKi love! :D





[Credit: as tagged + dnbn]

ROFL @ Jae’s dorkiness! What the heck is he doing up there?!? AND why did he do those kinds of pose???  Having too much fun with his alone time, eh? He’s caught in his own little weird world again! Hahaha! I just love my dorky prince Jae. <333

Junsu and SeungRi sitting beside each other on the last picture! I bet SeungRi was so happy to be sitting beside his idol, Junsu. I wonder if his Junsu fanboy-ness (oh, is that even a word?!)  surfaced during this shoot? LOL.

Yunho and Top looked like ganster brothers on the second picture. Coolness! =)

I’m really looking forward to their special stage this coming December 29, 2008 for SBS Gayo Daejun. They’ll surely rock the stage!

Ok to lighten the mood a bit (since my previous posts has been tearjerkers), here’s a good news for all of us. Bolero MV preview is finally out and  OMG, the boys look SO GOOD. They look so handsome wearing those black suits and their facial expressions are just perfect for the song. I’m dying to watch the whole MV! :D 

[Credit: atimura36]

Some translations of the members’ messages during their fanmeeting yesterday which I got from Soompi just now.

Junsu’s message:

JaeJoong’s message:

Yoochun’s message:

Dang, these boys managed to make me cry loads of tears just in one day. If I get dehydrated, it’s gonna be their fault. LOL. Just kidding! I was just trying to make my mood lighter. But seriously, embarassing as it may sound, I can’t stop crying when I watched/heard/read their messages. I can’t help but be emotional because somehow, I can feel the sincerity, pain, and gratefulness in every word they uttered. Cassiopeia is really lucky because DBSK ‘s love for them is unmatched. DBSK cares for them so much and they’re the only ones who manages to make the boys be this emotional.

DBSK and Cassiopeia will always be one. <3

[Video credits: eternalmerkamoon4 +  farahmicky]

* EDITED on December 28, 2008: Added videos w/ eng subs.

DBSK had a fanmeeting yesterday to celebrate their 5th anniversary. During the fanmeeting, a video made by Cassiopeia was played and shown to the boys. After watching the video, Junsu was left crying while JaeJoong bravely said some words but eventually broke down in the end. Here’s an audio fancam of the said incident (with english subs):

[Credit: farahmicky]

This is really sad but at the same time touching. Their tears and Jae’s words just proves that the boys were really worried about their absence in Korea. I was also in tears when I listened to this one especially when JaeJoong finally broke down. Jae has always been a tough guy and out of all the members, he’s the one who doesn’t usually show his emotions. We never see him cry because he wants to live up to his cold and tough image. But lately, he’s been breaking down pretty often. For him to be doing that only means he really is worried and affected by the things happening to him, to the group, and to the fans.

The members shouldn’t worry too much about them being forgotten by the fans because that will never happen. True fans will never leave their side no matter how long their absence may be. The boys might not know this but they already have a special place in the hearts of their fans which can never be replaced by anyone. And like what I have said in my previous post, Cassiopeia and all their fans around the globe will always be there to support and shower them with love no matter where they may be. DBSK should know that the fans’ love for them is unconditional and would not depend on whether they are physically present or not. They should know that they will always be with us because they are already part of our lives and nothing can ever change that.

So to our dear DBSK members, CHEER UP, BE STRONG and HAVE FAITH. Forget all your worries and insecurities because we’ll always be with you no matter what happens. =)


DBSK and DBSK fans always go hand in hand. As long as we believe and hold on to each other, nothing and no one can break us apart.

* EDITED on December 28, 2008: Changed the embedded video.