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I was supposed to post these pictures yesterday morning but my favorite friend with the name “laziness” paid me a visit so here I am posting these pictures  way past midnight despite the fact that I’m SO SLEEPY. Very nice indeed. *sigh*

Anyway, here are some pictures of the boys from their SBS Gayo Daejun performance. Just a warning: some pictures can really cause major nosebleed so please be ready. :D

[Credit: as tagged + dnbn]

And of course, a special fancam of JaeJoong’s INSANELY SEXY STRIPPING. Come on! You knew this was coming, right?  After all, what would you expect from a JaeJoong fangirl like me? :) By the way, just before you watch the video, may I just say that THIS IS WAY BETTER THAN THE ACTUAL CLIP OF THEM RIPPING THEIR SHIRTS. I swear if you screamed while watching Jae strip duirng their performance, I’m sure you’ll scream your heads off AND spazz non-stop after watching this fancam. Whoever took this fancam really is an angel sent from heaven for all of us JaeJoong fangirls.

Warning: Again, this may cause major nosebleed or even a heart attack so watch it at your own risk. Don’t even try blaming me for not giving you a warning. :D

[Credit: deevinne]

To end this post, let me give my comments on their performance since I’d like to believe I’m now back to my senses. LOL.

First of all, I would like to say that the outfits were better this time. Thank goodness they said goodbye to those fur thingies and plaid suits they were using during their performances prior to this one. In fact, I loved their outfits and their look in general. The boys were so stunningly handsome that I actually want to hug their stylists (one of the few times I want to do this) and congratulate them for a job well done.

Second, the performance of Wrong Number + Mirotic was just AWESOME. I especially love how they mixed up the parts for Mirotic. The arrangement was so unique and lively plus the violin part was just AMAZING. Contrary to what I have expected, the boys were also so energetic. No sign of fatigue or whatnot. They were so confident and playful on stage. I love how they changed the dance choreography and added in their “personal touches” to Wrong Number and Mirotic. Their performance was so bold and daring.  With the effort and energy they put on their performance that night, it was like it’s the last performance of their life – a performance where they gave their all. No question about it, DBSK really owned SBS Gayo Daejun’s stage that night.

Oh, and last but not the least, to those who are curious about them singing “UNDER MY SKIN” rather than “UNDER MY SKY”. There are two reasons for that according to some fans:

1) They are allowed to sing and perform the original version of Mirotic from 10pm onwards. Since their performance at SBS Gayo was way past 10pm, they were allowed to sing “under my skin” rather than “under my sky”.

2) Some fans said that singing “under my skin” was deliberately done by DBSK to make a statement regarding the restriction on Mirotic. Their very bold and daring actions and new choreography last night were said to be intended to “rebel” or to “send a message” to the  government on the decision of putting a restriction on Mirotic (well, at least that’s what the fans think). Want to know what I’m talking about? Watch the video of their performance again and try to observe these things:

* Yoochun saying “Yeah, everybody ready? This is what I’m talking about… What?! Are you trying to teach us?! Hell no! Yeah!” during the start of the Mirotic performance where Yunho and Junsu first had their solo dance.

* Junsu’s tongue-showing action wherein it seems like he’s provoking or teasing someone, which was also during the intro for Mirotic.

* The new hand movements from the “sexy chin” part of Mirotic. First, they point their index finger above (for Junsu, Yunho and Changmin) / makes a silencing gesture (for Jae and Chun), then the “gun shot” pointed to their head (or it may also be a symbol for: a) saying that someone is crazy or b) someone isn’t thinking properly), then the peace sign, and lastly the shaking of the index finger which most of the time  means “no way”. Now, it’s up to you to interpret the meaning of those hand movements. :D

* Junsu’s emphasis on the line  “…BREAKING  MY RULES AGAIN” (although I think he always tries to make that sound different from the recorded version, I guess the emphasis was just even greater this time? hehehe)

* And the ultimate statement of all is their stripping in the end.

So, what do you think? Was that performance really DBSK’s way of sending a message to Korea’s Commission on Youth? Well, you be the judge. I’m outta here because I really feel so sleepy now. LOL.

DBSK on Inkigayo today performing Wrong Number:

[Credit: farahmicky4]

In my opinion, this is the best Wrong Number performance of DBSK so far. I love the outfit (although I still prefer their all-black suit). They look so hot and handsome wearing those suits. =) But apart from the their outfit, I super love the performance itself. I think they have more energy in performing this one compared to their previous performances. For the first time since they’ve started promoting Wrong Number, ALL the members seemed so energized in performing it. In their previous performances, it seemed to me that they weren’t performing 100%. They always looked tired especially JaeJoong who looked so wasted (sorry Jae! but I still love you. :D). But this time around, they looked so fresh and full of energy.  JaeJoong looks like he’s ALIVE again and seemingly, he’s been more confident with his rapping. All the members looked like they enjoyed the performance and they appear to be well rested. I wonder if these guys were given a full day of rest yesterday? Well, I sure hope so. :D

They didn’t win mutizen this week but it’s ok because they gave out a great performance. I hope they’ll have the same great perfomance (or even better) next week if ever they’ll appear on Inkigayo again. I also wish they won’t fall short of winning the mutizen next week. They haven’t won any award for Wrong Number yet so I really want them to get their first really soon. :D

[Credit: yuulinajoongie]

DBSK performed their newest track ‘Wrong Nmber’ from their 4th album Mirotic yesterday at Music Core. Was this their first ever live performance of Wrong Number? Or did they already perform it on other music shows like Inkigayo? I’m not that updated on their music show guestings nowadays. Hahaha.

Anyway, I have nothing to say about this performance but it is PURE HOTNESS. Gawd, they look so FREAKIN’ GORGEOUS wearing those black suits! They look SOPHISTICATED but at the same time they look HOTTER THAN FIRE. I think whatever they wear, they will always look mighty fine. Ah, if only all the male species in this world look like them then maybe it would be heaven for all of us ladies. LOL.

Also, I have to say that JaeJoong’s rapping live (or at least I think that’s live) was FANTASTIC! He’s really very good for a first timer. And please take note that I’m not praising him because I love him but because it’s the truth. He’s still far from perfect but I’m sure that as they continue on promoting Wrong Number, he’ll be doing it like a pro in no time. :D

The full MV of DBSK’s newest single “Wrong Number” from their 4th Korean album “Mirotic” is finally out. Check out this video:

[Credit: farahmicky]

Do I even need to say how AMAZING this MV is?

It practically screams HOTNESS.

Man, I love every bit of the MV. The setting is so COOL while the Dong Bang boys are SMOKIN’ HOT. All the 5 boys did great but because I have my personal bias towards JaeJoong, I’d have to say that his parts were my favorite. His scene lying on the carpeted floor JUST KILLED ME. And gawd, how can he just dump an expensive phone like that in a glass of wine?! That’s a  ANYCALL HAPTIC phone! I’m dying to have that and he just dumps it like that without hesitation?! T_T But seriously, I’m so happy that JaeJoong got his solo dance part on this MV. I’d have to say that his dancing really improved. His rap part was also amazing. He didn’t sound and looked like a first timer. I’m so proud of him! =)

As a closing note, I’d say that I love this MV more than the MV for Mirotic although I still like the song Mirotic than Wrong Number. The dance steps for Wrong Number looks easy but I bet it’s more difficult to learn than Mirotic. Aw, I haven’t even started learning the choreography for Mirotic and now I have to learn the choreography for Wrong Number, too? I guess I really have to find time to learn these steps. *Sigh*

I know these pictures are kinda old already (well, a few days old that is) but I just want to post them up because the car and the place are SERIOUSLY MARVELOUS.

The car – an Aston Martin Vanquish to be specific – and the beautiful hotel called M Boutique Hotel shown in the following pictures were used by DBSK for the shooting of their next music video for the song Wrong Number. I have nothing to say regarding these pictures but LOVELY. The car is so damn hot and the hotel’s design and style is simply fabulous! Father SM is really willing to spend so much for the boys, eh? LOL. :D

[Credit: dnbn + baidu]

The hotel was simple yet it looks so modern and spacious. I guess the combination of colors  and choice of furniture made it look so nice and clean. In fact, it doesn’t even look like a hotel to me. It looks more like a small, modern house. It gives of a very homey and relaxing feeling and I really like it!

About the car… do I even have to say HOW COOL IT IS? I guess the car itself says it all.

Regarding the MV, I really thought the next single they would promote out of the Mirotic album was You Are My Melody or better yet, Crazy Love. Well, at least I hoped it was one of those two. I think I would have preferred them promoting Crazy Love after (Spell) Mirotic since it’s very catchy and the techno beat is just  as addictive as Mirotic’s beat was. But I guess Wrong Number is also a good choice since we’ll get to hear and see JaeJoong’s rap live during their promotional activities. I’m really curious how he will deliver his rap parts once they’re performing the song live. His rap on the album itself was good enough for a first timer like him but of course rapping during a recording is a lot different from rapping on a live performance in front of many eager fans. I just hope his rap would be as good, if not even better, than the one we hear in the album.

I can’t wait to see the MV for Wrong Number! Based from these pictures, the MV screams LUXURY. :D

I uploaded the FULL versions of all the songs from the 4th album on Imeem. You can LISTEN to them so that you’ll have an idea of what the songs in the album are like.













Again, I uploaded them just to give you an idea of what kind of songs to expect from the 4th album. and also to encourage you to buy the album. Please support the boys and BUY the album instead of downloading them. I mean, I am guilty of downloading, too (where else could I have gotten these songs if I didn’t download them, right?). BUT although I’ve downloaded the songs, I already ORDERED my own copy of the album at YesAsia. The only reason why I downloaded the songs is because I can’t wait for October to actually receive my own copy and listen to it. So having said that, IF YOU HAVE NOT ORDERED OR BOUGHT A COPY OF THE ALBUM YET, PLEASE REFRAIN FROM DOWNLOADING THE SONGS FROM THE ALBUM AND SUPPORT DBSK BY ORDERING/BUYING IT NOW. I promise you’ll not regret it because the songs are REALLY GREAT AND INCREDIBLY AMAZING. Let’s help make the boys’ hardwork worth it by making their 4th comeback album a very successful one. Our goal as fans should be for MIROTIC to sell 1M units, ok? We can do it! :D

And here’s my personal review and comments on each song:

1) Mirotic – Do I still need to comment on this song? I think my 100+ times of replaying the song speaks of how good and addicting this song is.

2) Wrong Number – The intro reminded me of the BSB song “The Call” because of the phone ringing on the background. Hahaha. The line “you’ve got the wrong number so don’t call me no more” also reminded me of the Chinese fans calling the boys’ hotel room during one of their visits in China this year. Yoochun said almost the same thing to them. LOL. And Jae’s rap on this one got me so shocked and surprised. He sounded different but in a good way. Jae’s rap was exceptional especially for a first timer (not counting his rap during the A-nation tour when Yunho was not around). Way to go, Jae! You’re one talented HUNK! :D

3) Picture of You – This was the song written by Junsu. I really like it considering how I love listening to ballads, especially those sang by DBSK. I like the boys’ voices here because it certainly fits the song so much. Junsu and Jae’s “Please be mine” line is just… heaven. Now, if only Jae’s really asking that question to me…LOL. And oh, Junsu’s high note towards the end? I had goosebumps while listening to it! It’s soooooo goooood!

4) Crazy Love – I love this song! It sounded a bit retro and techno at the same time. Feels like I’m back in the 70’s and 80’s. Hahaha. So addicting!

5) Hey (Don’t bring me down) – I’m finally getting used to this song. I remember at first when the whole audio was leaked, I gave it a rating of 7.5 out of 10. If I were to rate it now, I’ll give it a perfect 10. ;)

6) You Are My Song – This song is actually another favorite of mine among all the songs in the album. I am seriously into it! The very first time I heard it during the mini concert, I liked it right away and now that I heard the actual track in the album, I LOVED IT. I swear I can’t get enough of this song. Listening to it gives me a light and fluffy feeling like I’ve taken drugs or what. LOL. That’s how much I am in love with this song. The a cappella-like ending was TO DIE FOR. There’s no other way to describe my feeling towards this song but PURE LOVE. I can’t wait for them to sing this live! <3

7) Rainbow – I actually thought at first that this will be the Korean version of their Japanese single “Rainbow” but it turns out that it’s a whole new song. This may sound weird but I find it oddly nice. Hahaha. I wasn’t impressed the first time I heard it but when I tried listening to it again, I thought it’s good. But I really don’t like the way the song ended. It sounded a bit awkward to me. Maybe they could have given it a better ending.

8.) Paradise – I don’t know what genre or style this song is but like Rainbow, I found it oddly nice. LOL. I also did not like it that much when I first heard it but it finally fit my taste after a couple of replays. I have to say that I like the chorus part the best. =)

9) Are You A Good Girl? – This song is like a disco song. So techno and I think the boys’ voices were synthesized. It sounded werid at first since I’m not so used to hearing DBSK sing that way but when I listened to it again, I actually liked it. It certainly gives off a different feel.

10) Flower Lady – It’s a very nice song. I don’t consider it a ballad but I also don’t consider it a dance song. I think its style is the same as that of their Japanses single “Beautiful You”. I like the beat… it’s SO GOOD. The blending of voices was also SUPERB. This is certainly one of my favorite songs in the album.

11) Forgotten Season – As usual, JaeJoong did a splendid job in singing this song. Just like in his past solo songs, he was able to inject so much emotions to it and thus giving it the “perfect feel”. Not that I am biased, but I must say that I think this version is better than the original one. JaeJoong definitely owned the song. His soft, angelic voice is just so endearing and it never fails to have a calming effect on me.

12) Love in the Ice – What more is there to say about this song? No matter what language, Love in the Ice is just EXCEPTIONALLY BEAUTIFUL. Enough said.

After listening to all of the tracks in the album, I am seriously dying to have my copy with me… my MIROTIC, where are you???!!!