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[Credit: kiarastrablue]

I soooo envy Nate (the host of the show)! I would really trade anything to meet and greet DBSK and SHINee as well as experience being part of Cassiopeia in a concert like that! He’s one freakin’ lucky guy! LOL.

Anyway, I hope DBSK being featured on this show will make them known in the States. I mean, I don’t expect them to be THAT popular easily but I hope this could be a means for the boys to be known and their talent to be recognized in America. :D

Way to go to the Rising Gods of the East and Asia’s Top Star! <3


[Credit: eternalmerkamoon4]

Awww… poor Junsu! He’s been bullied by JaeJoong and the rest of the guys again. The wasabi must have tasted really strong for him to almost tear up like that. And as if that’s not enough, looks like his takoyaki wasn’t that favored by the members and the host either. Does it taste that bad that Yunho almost choked it out and Changmin, the food prince, even said “It was scary”?! Man, I think even Junsu himself didn’t like his “masterpiece”! LOL.