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Just because I’m still happy with their win at yesterday’s 2008 Golden Disk awards, here are some more fancams from the event:


Awww… they really looked so happy when they won the award especially Yunho. He was actually praying just before the announcement of the winner. His speech together with Yoochun’s was also touching. I can feel that their words were sincere and from the heart. I think the other members were on the verge of tears too. This just goes to show how this means to them. DBSK really deserves this award for all their hardwork and sacrifices. I’m so happy for them!

By the way, LOL at Shin Dong Yup’s random comments! He’s so freakin’ funny! Hahaha!


[Credit: mickytoho]

I mentioned on my post yesterday that their performance of Mirotic during the event proper was my favorite so far. After watching this encore performance, I could say that this is the most touching Mirotic performance I’ve ever seen. It warms my heart to see the other artists, along with all the fans, singing along and enjoying the song and the performance itself. This only shows that DBSK’s music is the kind that can reach out to everybody. I’m also positive after watching this video that the boys were trying to hold back their tears. I mean, it’s pretty obvious in some parts of the song where they almost couldn’t sing in their normal voices. Awww… that’s ok boys… just cry if you want to. =)

Here are some additional pictures of the boys from the event proper. The ones I posted yesterday were just red carpet pictures.




I love these shots especially the last one. It shows the love and brotherhood of DBSK. It’s so touching it makes me want to cry! T_T

And as a bonus (especially to Jae fangirls out there), here are some gorgeous pictures of JaeJoong from this year’s Golden Disk awards.


OMG. JaeJoong killed me with those EYES. I’m in HEAVEN. <3



I love these two pictures, too. He looks so great with his outfit. So elegant-looking. :D


One of the few times we fully see Jae’s smile. I hope we’ll see more of his gorgeous smile in the future!


HOT and SEXY. Enough said. =)

[Credit: as tagged + dnbn]