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I’ve been waiting for this part when I watched the whole episode of Introducing Star’s Friend since I read from a news source before its airing that Junsu and his twin brother Junho will have a duet on the said show. I was pretty disappointed when I found out they cut that part out when the show was aired. But finally, the clip of them doing a duet is finally available on YouTube. Thank you so much to whoever uploaded it! :D

[Credit: Yunise87]

Talent really runs in their blood, eh? Man, Junho is so talented just like Junsu! Not only can he dance but he can rap, too! His singing voice might not be as good as Junsu but his rapping is just superb. I even think he raps better than Yoochun. LOL *peace Yoochun fans!* His stage presence is also awesome. I can’t see a hint of shyness or whatever. He can move just like a real performer. With how talented Junho is, I won’t even be surprised if one day we’ll see him work his way to stardom just like his twin brother Junsu. :D