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Although it is unplanned, TVXQ and BIGBANG will encounter each other early next year. Yunho and Changmin of DBSK will produce a new album on 5th January.

TOP and G-Dragon of BIGBANG have also formed a Duet earlier. Debuted in 2004 and 2006 respectively, both DBSK and BIGBANG have risen to top positions in the showbiz but they have never competed with each other until now. That’s why such a 2 to 2 encounter sparks interest among people.

(omitted info on GD&TOP and DBSK)

The Duets comeback of DBSK in early next year after resting a long time will definitely arouse rivalry between the two groups. The Korean showbiz said the encounter of these two groups as ‘ the huge effects brought by the comeback of these two groups will definitely worth paying attention in 2011′ . They said they will not only exert influence on Korean music industry but also that of the whole Asia market.

Let’s see what the results will be with both groups whose colors are different yet distinct and whose fan bases are both large.

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Kim Hyun Joong and his Intimate Buddies

Just like the phrase ‘birds of a feather flock together’, Kim Hyun-joong’s network consists of -literally- ‘beautiful flower boys’. His ‘buddies’ include majority coming from well-known stars in showbiz. Including JYJ members Hero Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun, Big Bang’s TOP, actor Lee Min-ho and Kim Bum etc are his buddies as well.

● Hero Jaejoong…
During those times when DBSG and SS501 possess the highest of fame, both did not hesitate to give advices and help to each other. Beginning since the tough trainee days, both had begun to share each’s troubles, and with this built friendship, of course it does not change easily. It differentiates them all the more since both starred across in movie [Heaven’s Postman] and drama [Boys over Flowers] in the beginning of 2009 respectively. In 2010 January, both even went for a holiday in Canada together. While holidaying in Canada’s Vancouver, they event spent new year and enjoyed their rest. Both of them even appeared like twins to everywhere they go as they even stayed under one roof together. Even when Kim Hyun-joong’s contract with former agency DSP Media ended, he was rumored to collaborate with Jaejoong to form a new group.

●Mickey Yoochun…

Since Kim Hyun-joong is so close with Hero Jaejoong, it was inevident that he turned into friends with Mickey Yoochun as well. Whenever these three had time to pop, they will gather at the mini ‘inn’ nearby their living area and share their friendship. Recently also, Mickey Yoochun’s drama KBS [Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal] and Kim Hyunjoong’s MBC [Playful Kiss] also gave them the name of “Intimate Rivals”. Both expressed relief that they weren’t fighting during same time-slot, “We’ve heaved a thousand sighs of reliefs when we know we aren’t fighting in the same timing slot. If that was the case we won’t be able to see each other’s face for a few years then I guess”. Both did not forget to monitor and give acting suggestions for each other as they show care for buddy. Kim Hyun-joong says they were rivals beginning since SS501 and DBSG debuted, it’s like being rivals is their fate. We said ‘fighting’ to each other before our dramas began and also promised to meet up to drink after drama ends, but until now we haven’t met up, still”.

They share the senior-junior relationship since middle school days. Thanks to Kim Hyunjoong’s introduction, Top and Jaejoong became close as well. In the MBC University Campus Festival in 2008, the band stage both of them showed had left deep impressions on fans. Kim Hyunjoong played the bass guitar, while Top – the keyboard. They had sung to David Craig’s “Rise and Fall”. After that, Top starred in drama [IRIS] and movie [INTO THE FIRE], while Kim Hyunjoong was busy moving into new agency etc, though they didn’t have time to meet up often like before, they still send frequent messages and make phone calls to each other as they look out on each other.

●Lee Minho, Kim Bum…
Through drama [Boys over Flowers], these two are his friends whom he met during his debut as an actor. As they build fame as ‘F4’, they still really do associate with one another even after drama ended. They all have a common favourite sport which is soccer, and they do meet up at times to enjoy soccer when they don’t have schedules. In addition, they also promise to cheer on for one another by ‘catching it live’ as whenever any one’s drama / movie shows.

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Yes, you read it right. As we all know, JaeJoong, HyunJoong and TOP are really close friends (and drinking buddies. lol) and it turns out that JaeJoong invited both HyunJoong and TOP to join him on his trip to Canada. But since TOP is busy filming for a drama series, he wasn’t able to go and have some vacation with his best buddies. Too bad he was filming, it would have been really nice seeing the three of them together. Or maybe, it would have been better if Yoochun also went with them, then we’ll see the “F4” of Kpop have some bonding time. Hahaha.

Kim Hyun-Joong Accompanied Jaejoong Traveling in Vancouver

SS501 leader Kim Hyun-joong recently flew to Vancouver, Canada last Saturday with TVXQ member Hero Jaejoong for vacation.

Few days ago, they strolled to local supermarket and were easily recognized by fans, Jaejoong was being very friendly to give signs for the fans.

According to Jaejoong and Hyun-joong, together with Big Bang’s T.O.P they’d been very close old friends, and hung out together occasionally.

Hero had always wanted to go to Canada for vacation, and coincidentally Hyun-joong was free to travel together too, however for T.O.P who was currently busy filming “Into The Gunfire” with Kwon Sang-woo, hence was unable to join.

source: yahoo!hk

Regardless of the difference in total views, I would like to congratulate both JaeJoong and TOP for a job well done. Their respective movies seems to be really good and interesting to be able to attract that much viewings. I hope they climb the charts higher in the coming days. :D

TVXQ Vs Big Bang

TVXQ member, Hero Jaejoong’s movie has won Big Bang’s member, TOP’s movie by an obvious difference.

On the 16th, the total number of tickets sold for each movie through the cinemas show that the movie which had went on-screen from the 11th, <Heaven’s Postman> that stars Hero Jaejoong and Han Hyo Joo, is placed 6th with a total number of 34158 viewers. The total number of viewers from the 11th to 15th was 70495.

For TOP, who starred in the movie <19-Nineteen> also went on-screen from the 11th, had a total number of viewers from 13563, giving it the 7th place. The total number of viewers from the 11th to 15th is 26687.


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Well, I guess you really can’t control some fans. I hope staff members would understand that it’s not everyday that these fans see their idols so these “screaming” fans might be too excited. On the other hand, I also hope that these fans who visits these filming locations should also be considerate of the artist and the whole production crew. They need to work and finish the drama and they could not afford any delays. Fans shouldn’t interfere on the shooting and just watch and support their idols silently. I think it’s ok to the directors and the production staff that fans attend the filming as long as they don’t cause any commotion or delay. It’s a give and take situation. Everybody just needs to be considerate, right?

U-Know Yunho, TOP…Popular As Can Be

“Protect the star.”

In some drama filming locations these days, there is something of more important than finishing a high-quality scenes. It is the ‘Star Protection’ of the lead roles.

From top stars who are making a comeback to dramas from movies to popular idol group members, most of these stars are taking on lead roles in dramas and every time they go outside to film, the streets end up being clogged up with fans and neighborhood people hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars.

The reason staff are so focused on protecting the stars is because the fans who come to the locations do more than come to support their favorite celebrity. The fans come as many as 200 at a time and not only does this interfere with filming, it also affects the other actors there as well.

The filming crew with the biggest problem regarding fans who visit the filming location is crew of MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Heading to the Ground’ that stars popular idol group TVXQ’s member U-Know Yunho.

As three members of TVXQ are having a dispute over their exclusive contract with their agency, fans come on location to support TVXQ as well as to see U-Know Yunho’s transformation from a singer to an actor.

One representative of ‘Heading to the Ground’ said, “The fans are interfering the filming process by screaming and shouting out loud every time U-Know Yunho does even the smallest action on location. We’re filming small scenes for a couple of episodes but our first episode airs on September 9th and we still haven’t completed filming the entire first episode.” He also said, “There’s the problem with the lawsuit, and we heard that the fans are usually very passionate, so we are protecting U-Know Yunho with one manager and one bodyguard constantly at his side,” and also pleaded to the fans by saying, “Please help U-Know Yunho and all the other actors concentrate on their scenes.”

The same goes for KBS 2TV’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Iris’ that stars Lee Byunghun and Kim Taehui. Since there are these two famous ‘Hallyu Stars’, as well as popular idol group Big Bang’s TOP, there are always lots of fans on location. The main filming location for this drama is an arts centre in Seoul Songpa-goo Moonjung-dong. A rumor that ‘If you go there, you can see Lee Byunghun and Kim Taehui’ has already spread and has resulted in countless fans and neighborhood people visiting the building.

On representative said, “To give the stars presents and to get a glimpse of the stars’ faces, we have at least 50 fans who visit a day. We cannot stop them from coming to give their support, but we would like it if they could cooperate and let the actors do their jobs,” and “Also, we’ve closed off the entrances to the building but fans swarm around the entrance where cars go in and out and we fear there might be an accident soon if fans aren’t careful.”

This was also the case during the hit drama ‘Boys Before Flowers’ early this year. Since the ‘F4’ members, Lee Minho, Kim Hyunjoong, Kim Bum, and Kim Jun, received explosive popularity, the staff had a hard time dealing with fans who visited on location. They were only able to finish filming by using guerrilla tactics such as changing scenes that were supposed to be filmed outdoors to scenes filmed indoors or taking the least amount of people needed and secretly and quickly finishing scenes

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A cut from Sang Sang Plus season 2.

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LOL @ HyunJoong’s imitation of Jae and TOP! I don’t know about TOP but he really sounded like how Jae would usually talk. Hahaha. Jae and TOP are extreme opposites when answering the phone based on HyunJoong’s re-enactment. JaeJoong talks softer and gentler(?) while TOP is a little rough and sounds like someone who’s drunk. Hahaha.

Since the clip has no subs, I’m sure you’re dying to know what Jae usually says when he answers HyunJoong’s calls (based on HJ’s imitation), right? Well, here’s a translation by kelly0092:

“oh hyunjoong-ah, you bastard. why are you not calling me, you bastard.”

Ok, I realized that captions were finally added to the video so we can actually see the subs now. Hahaha.

ROFL! :D Poor HyunJoong being called a bastard just because he has no time to call JaeJoong. My goodness, Jae! Doesn’t the thought “he might be busy that’s why he’s not calling me” crosses his mind? Hahaha. Now that I’m actually imagining him saying that using a soft voice, I just can’t stop laughing! The Prince of Dorkiness strikes again! LOL. :D

Here’s a small treat to all DBSK and Big Bang fans out there. The following are pictures from their “Star Wars” pictorial for the upcoming SBS Gayo Daejun special stage.

Have fun and spread the BigBangShinKi love! :D





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ROFL @ Jae’s dorkiness! What the heck is he doing up there?!? AND why did he do those kinds of pose???  Having too much fun with his alone time, eh? He’s caught in his own little weird world again! Hahaha! I just love my dorky prince Jae. <333

Junsu and SeungRi sitting beside each other on the last picture! I bet SeungRi was so happy to be sitting beside his idol, Junsu. I wonder if his Junsu fanboy-ness (oh, is that even a word?!)  surfaced during this shoot? LOL.

Yunho and Top looked like ganster brothers on the second picture. Coolness! =)

I’m really looking forward to their special stage this coming December 29, 2008 for SBS Gayo Daejun. They’ll surely rock the stage!