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Ok. I am perfectly aware that it’s already waaaayyy past midnight at this very moment that I’m typing this entry and I should be asleep already. But I JUST have to express how elated I am right now because if don’t let this feeling out, I might not be able to sleep AT ALL due to too much happiness. Hahaha.

So, why am I SOOO HAPPY???

Well, it’s really not a big deal. It’s just that I just opened the multiply account of our online shop a little while before making this entry and I found that a lot of people viewed our website and are saying that they’re intrested in buying our product. One person even ordered 6 pairs of TSINEELAS in just one go! Hahaha. All of this is of course thanks to Ms. Donna Cuna Pita of THE PHILIPPINE STAR. She was kind enough to include our product, TSINEELAS, in the list of the great accessories for summer she listed in THE PHILIPPINE STAR’s Y-Style section today. I bet all those who visited our multiply site have read today’s newspaper. Hehehe.

I told ‘ya its not a big deal, really. I’m just really happy because at least little by little people are recognizing our product, TSINEELAS. Moreover, this would also help us in marketing our other product line (it’s still a secret for now. hehe) which will be released next month. I’m excited because personally, I love it’s concept. Its another product that will boost one’s creativity and will encourage self-expression and individuality. Hehehe.

I just hope we can be featured in some more magazines or maybe tv shows? (But the problem is no one among the 8 of us has the guts to talk in front of the camera). Anyway, whatever happens in the future only one thing’s for sure: we at Loophole Inc. will continue to strive harder to make our product known to a lot of people. =)     

 ***by the way, by “today” i meant friday, March 28. i only noticed my mistake when i re-read my post. hehehe.

Last tuesday, Jamie asked me and Patti to go food tripping with her after school. I’m supposed to go home right after my last class for the day but since Jamie told us its gonna be her treat, I decided to stay and go with her. Hey, its not everyday that Jamie would treat us out so better take advantage of it, right? Hahaha.

Our class ended at exactly 4:10pm and the girls (Kathy, Carla, and Patti) and I went to my condo because Carla had asked me to lend her some of my DVDs which she’ll watch this holy week and Kathy’s driver won’t be able to fetch her ’till 5pm. All we did was to eat some ice cream (Kathy was able to eat 1 pint of ice cream in one sitting!) and just hang-out. At around 5pm, Kathy and Carla left me and Patti at my condo. Patti and I just talked about our current addiction on korean artists while waiting for Jamie’s meeting to end. We’ve stayed at the condo for a long time that Patti even witnessed the craziness of our condo’s “regular visitor” who goes by the name Mary Rose Pascual since her and Aicon’s class ended a bit early than usual. Finally, Jamie’s meeting ended at around 6:30pm and off we go to Rockwell, Makati to eat at this Thai diner, which apparently is very popular nowadays because of the great food they’re serving.

I won’t recount our transpo adventure because it would be quite long. All I can say is that it was one hell of a cab and walking experience for us. People, just read between the lines and I’m sure you’ll have an idea of what we’ve been through. Anyway, the Thai diner where we’ve eaten is called Som’s Thai something (I can’t actually remember it). Since I’ve said that its quite popular nowadays, you might think that its a luxurious restaurant or something. Well, its obviously not just by looking/hearing its name. But I was surprised to see that a lot of people – and I mean people coming from the higher social class – were dining there. You would really see all these expensive cars parked near the place and almost all the people are wearing rather “formal” outfits, which suggests that they are somehow part of the higher echelon of society. Because it was full of people,  we even had to wait for some of them to leave before we got a table for ourselves. But I can say that the transpo adventure and all the waiting was worth it because they really serve delicious Thai food. Jamie ordered a variety of Thai dishes and my god, am I full after eating. I was so full to the point that my tummy wants to burst because of all the food I’ve eaten. The food was great, well except for that certain soup which really did not fit my taste. I love the red curry dish – it has just the right amount of sweetnesss and spiciness in it. Its simply the best! Hahaha. I suggest you go there and have a taste of their dishes. I’m sure you’ll love it too plus its also affordable. Try it! :)

After this food tripping experience, the three of us decided to have a food tripping day at least once a month. Hahaha. I just don’t know if we’ll be able to do that since we’re quite busy with school. But knowing the three of us who love to do some escapades from time to time, I think we’ll be able to do it once in a while. Hehehe.

Hmmm… what cuisine will be our next target? Any suggestions? :) 

Instead of studying for my freakin’ exam in my Introduction to Philosophy (INTPHIL) class tomorrow, here I am typing yet another nonsensical blog entry.

 Well, it’s not like I WANT or NEED to post an entry. Its just that I DON’T WANT to study for the test tomorrow that’s why I’m finding ways on how I could momentarily escape my dreadful review session. Yeah, I know. I’m such a lazy head. But what can I do? There are so many readings that even just by looking at them I want to tear them into pieces and dump them in the nearest trash bin I could find. Yes, that’s how frustrated I am right now with all the readings I have to finish. And yes again, what a way for me to get rid of them, right?  I could have started reading to get it over with but here I am, whining like mad as if it can do me any good. Great. Just great.

The weather isn’t helping to get me in a better mood either. This is what I hate most in this dear country of mine. Its raining BUT its still freakin’ HOT. What the hell, right? Talk about climate extremes. How am I supposed to conentrate on studying if I’m being disturbed by the sound of heavy rain and at the same time almost fainting because of dehydration due to the VERY HOT feel of the atmosphere around me. Tell me, who could concentrate in this kind of setting? Well, some people might be able to bear with it but NOT ME. Oh, I’m such a whiner today.

ANYWAY. I couldn’t believe I created a LiveJournal account yesterday just to be able to read my friends blog. You guys might think that I’m a blog freak but lemme say this – I AM NOT. I have no plans of posting entries on my LJ account. I’ll just use that to access my friends’ so-called “private” online journals (I guess the traditional idea of journals/diaries being kept to oneself is still alive, huh?). I’ll stick with my blog here in WordPress and in Blogger coz its easier to post here (and there?).

So, that’s it for now. I guess I have to begin reading if I don’t want to flunk my first exam in INTPHIL tomorrow. Who knows? Maybe after reading all those piles of handouts, I could be sensible and philosophical next time. Whatdayathink? =)

Aside from my new K-pop addiction (or should I say DBSK and Super Junior addiction? :D), downloading videos from Youtube is another of my new found hobbies. Again, a very big thanks to my friend Patti for this new addiction of mine because just like how she introduced me to Super Junior and DBSK, she was the one who taught me how to download videos, which I bet is due to her annoyance of me asking her to download videos for me.

Ever since I learned how to download videos, I got so fond of doing it that I had downloaded more than 70 videos as of late. And mind you, I still have A LOT of videos waiting in line to be downloaded. Hahaha. Now I can say that I can sympathize with DBSK’s Changmin’s interest in downloading videos – well, almost. Of course I’m not downloading the types of videos he (or maybe any guy for that matter) is downloading, but I can say that it can really be addicting once you get to try it. Actually, as of the moment while I’m typing this entry, I’m in the process of downloading a video. Its currently 45% complete. Honestly, I hate downloading here at home because the connection is too slow unlike when I’m using WiFi connection. Using WiFi, I can download almost 20 videos a day if we’re lucky enough to have a connection for one whole day (hahaha. talking about “stealing” WiFi signals. lol).

So, you may ask what kind of videos do I download? All of the videos I’ve downloaded so far are MVs of songs of DBSK and Super Junior or the Korean programs that they’ve guested in. Most of the videos I’ve downloaded are variety shows, concerts, interviews, talk shows, game shows, and some gag shows – all with DBSK or Super Junior in them. The very first videos I watched, which are also the reasons why I got addicted to videos, are the first 3 episodes of Exlorations of the Human Body hosted by Shin Dong Yup and Super Junior. Its a show that aims to test the different parts of the body. Its such a fun show to watch and educational, too. But sadly, it ended after the 13th episode because Super Junior has to visit different Asian countries for their concert called “Super Show”. Since then, I started searching Youtube for videos of DBSK and Super Junior. But for the past weeks, since I’m getting more addicted to DBSK day by day – a very big thanks to Kim “Hero” Jaejoong, I found myself downloading different videos of programs where they’ve guested in even  if it was shown a couple of years back. THAT is how addicted I am to DBSK now. :)

But Patti and I are not the only ones addicted to Korean videos in our “meangirls group”. Just like how Patti has infected me with her Korean craze, the two of us was also able to infect our friend Kathy with this illness. Well she’s not YET a fan of DBSK or Super Junior nor does she download videos just like us, but she sure loves watching the Korean shows that Patti and I have downloaded. Since I have so many videos in my notebook, I decided to copy them in a CD so that I can erase them afterwards. Every time I have new videos which I transfered in a CD, Kathy would always borrow it from me and watch them at home. She even tells us that her two sisters watches the videos with her and they’re enjoying them. Hahaha. Talk about spreading the so called “love-for-korean-shows illness”.

Anyway, that’s my video addiction story for you. I still have to download a lot of videos of DBSK, which I found in Youtube a while ago. I hope I could finish ALL of them by this week. I can’t wait to watch them because they seem to be funny. OMG. I’m really into this! lol.

I feel so bored lately. My life seemed to revolve on the same things everyday. Its almost so similar everyday that I don’t even need to make a to-do list just to know what are the things I need to accomplish for the day. I think that as time goes by, my life is beginning to get “stagnant” and unexciting. If I were to compare it with food, it has no variety whatsoever. The things I’m doing for the past months are not enough to “spice” up my life (yeah, spice girls song! hahaha!).

Not that my life before was super exciting and all. It’s just that I think my life nowadays lack some meaning and fun into it. I can’t seem to enjoy to the fullest whatever I’m doing nowadays because I’ve done them so many times already. The feeling is just the same to the point that I’m getting tired of it. Ok, I know I’m sounding a bit weird but I hope you get my point. In simple terms, most of what I do know just doesn’t feel right anymore. I’m getting tired of it and I am not happy at all.

I want to do something different, something that would give me a different kind of enjoyment. Something that I would genuinely enjoy. I want to try out some challenging things that I’ve never done before like playing some sports or learning other languages, or getting myself involved in some meaningful and fun activities. I want to have fun. I want to be productive. I simply want to learn new things.

But the frustrating part of this whole thing is I can’t do it even if I want to. Well, at least not right now. Simply because I’m too busy worrying too much about school (since I’m graduating in a few months time) and getting so stressed in thinking about what would happen to me after graduation. Ever since I entered college, I’ve always worried about my “future” after I step out of college and into the real world. My fear of not getting to where I want to be really bothers me so much to the point that I’m pressuring myself too much. Starting from that time, I’m aware of this kind of pressure but I never noticed that its slowly creeping into me as every school year comes to an end. It was only now that I realized how that “pressure monster” had grown big inside of me to the point of suffocating me. And now, I can’t seem to find a way to escape from it anymore.  Its like this monster is holding my neck so tight that no matter how hard I try to release myself from its grip, it just wouldn’t allow me. And the more I try to escape from it, the tighter its grip becomes making me feel more numb and helpless. Its the one thing which hinders me from enjoying my life now, at least that’s what I think. Its one of the major reasons why I feel so tired and “lifeless” the past months. And the sad thing is I can’t think of a way to fight this monster inside of me, which leaves me with no choice but to just let it be and wait till it decides to let go by itself.

There’s no use complaining now. I guess I just have to deal with it the way a girl of my age would. I also think that its up to me if I would let this monster control the last of my college life or if I would find a way to somehow “soften” things up. I just hope my boring and “bland” life would have some exciting moments even for just once in a while. Just a bit more and this will be over… I hope… 

Hello, people!

After a few months of hesitation, finally I decided to create a blog here at WordPress. Its not my first time to maintain a blog site since I have another blog at Blogger which has been operating for a little more than 3 years now. I created another one here in WordPress due to the simple but weird reason that I couldn’t access my Blogger account when I’m at home. I honestly don’t know what’s the problem but to avoid delaying my posts or of me losing my “enthusiasm” to posts blog entries due to inability to access my account, I finally opted to have two blogs.  

Even though I’ve been blogging for 3 years now, I’m really not the type who updates my page everyday. This is due to the fact that I don’t have the luxury of time to update it everyday and because I often post only things that I feel like posting. Same with my other blog page, I don’t think I can update this everyday but I’ll do it as often as I can to keep my readers updated.

So, this commences my story. I hope to share my life and myself with you. If ever you came across this simple blog page of mine, please do leave a comment to let me know that you’ve been here. No more silent readers! Speak up and be heard! *cough, cough* Hahaha.’

Let’s have fun together! :)