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A very short backstage clip of DBSK on their appearance on Music Bank yesterday.

[Credit: redberry94]

It was a very short clip but it gave me a good laugh. :D The boys’ randomness is really out of reach! LOL at HoSuMin’s dancing (I think they’re dancing the steps for SHINee’s “Amigo”, am I right?), JaeJoong’s “I-am-bored-and-uninterested-in-joining-these-crazy-guys’-dancing” face, Yoochun’s total randomness, and Junsu’s attempt to punch Changmin. I bet Changmin returned the “favor” to Junsu when they got home. Hahaha!

My, my… these crazy guys… how can we not love them, right? :)


Yes, for the first time ever the boys performed the song “Don’t Say Goodbye” live during their appearance yesterday at Music Bank. For those who aren’t familiar with the said song, it is one of the four new tracks included in their Mirotic version C album. Here’s a clip of their performance:

[Credit: eternalmerkamoon4]

OMG. I really love this song! I mean, I love all the four new tracks but I’d have to say that “Don’t Say Goodbye” and ” Don’t Cry My Love” are more appealing to me.

I love the recorded version of this but I’m also loving the live performance. The performance of the boys wasn’t perfect since there were minimal mistakes but I gotta say that it was lovely. Their voices were so soothing and were filled with emotions that I, as an audience/listener, was moved by the performance to the point that I didn’t even care about their minimal mistakes. It was indeed another heavenly and heartwarming performance by DBSK. I’m looking forward to even better and perfect performances of this song in the future. <3

Everything about the performance was beautiful to me EXCEPT for JaeJoong’s “fur”. What’s with Jae recently? It’s actually the third time in just a few weeks that I’ve seen him wear something that  has fur on it (first was during the MKMF, second was  during one of their trips to Japan/Korea, and the third one is this). Seriously Jae, can you please get rid of that fur or whatever that is called?! It doesn’t look so nice to me. In fact, it only serves as a distraction whenever I see him wear that kind of thing. Besides, I think Jae wouldn’t want to be criticized and accused by the animal rights enthusiasts of killing animals just to have that fur on his outft, right?  LOL. But seriously, I hope I won’t see him wear anything like that in the near future or I might actually hunt down his stylist and murder her for letting Jae wear something as ridiculous as that.