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Happy Birthday, Kim Junsu!

Posted: December 15, 2008 in Xiah Junsu
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It’s our dolphin boy’s birthday today! :D

And as a tribute to our dear Junsu on his birthday, I’m devoting this whole entry to him and I’m going to post up some pictures of him together with my short birthday message.




Junsu has gone a long way since DBSK’s debut. From being an innocent-looking little angel, he has turned into a charismatic guy who brought a lot of screams from his fangirls. Before, he melted a lot of his fans’ hearts by doing his famous “angel” pose and stealing away Changmin’s cute image. But now, he has grown into a fine and appealing young man who constantly awes his fangirls with his every move, his every smile, and every high note that he effortlessly hits.



But one thing hasn’t changed throughout the years. Kim Junsu is the same passionate young man who debuted as one of the members of DBSK. Through the years, Junsu’s passion for music and his drive for success never left him. His genuine love for music is what made him THE KIM JUNSU that he is today. I actually realized that I was wrong when I kept on saying he was a born singer. No, he is not. HE IS NOT JUST THAT. Rather, he is a born STAR whose light will surely become brigther in the coming years.



[Picture credits: junsu’s birthday thread @ soompi]