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It’s my first time posting and commenting on the music video of Junsu’s title song ‘TARANTALLEGRA’  from his recently released solo album “XIA’. I had the chance to watch this video only a few days ago after my internet connection was fixed (it was down for more than 2 weeks).

Just some comments on Junsu’s title song and music video:

TARANTALLEGRA is quite a catchy song that reminds me of Junsu’s songs Xiahtic and Intoxication. It’s evident that, like what he mentioned during his press conference, this is his style of music. I listened to it a couple of times and I must admit that the chorus really sticks to my mind for a while after listening to it, but I think I still like Xiahtic better. I’m not saying that TARANTALLEGRA is a bad song – I actually love the chorus – but I guess I still need to listen to it a couple of more times before I completely get used to it.

For the music video, all I can say is that it’s epic. And I mean it in both ways – good and bad. It’s epic in a good way because the effects were good and the editing is waaaaayyyy better than their Ayyy Girl music video. It actually looks like an MV that SME or other big companies would produce. In short, it’s at par with the quality of MVs that big companies make for their artist, which usually requires a lot of money to produce.

It’s also epic in a good way because of the dance parts, especially the dance intro. The choreography is superb – it is both fierce and sexy. Jeri Slaughter is really a great choreographer and I’m happy that our boys are working with him. We can clearly see in the MV how great of a dancer Junsu is. I’ve always been a fan of Junsu’s dancing. He’s been my favorite dancer in DBSK ever since I started to be their fan. There’s something about Junsu’s dancing that is so attractive, charming and amazing. I would love to see him dance this live. :)

As for the MV being epic in a bad way, well this is only my own opinion, but I really did not like some of Junsu’s styling in the MV. His shots with platinum blonde hair were ok but the ones where he has bangs and that one shot where he looked like a girl are quite awkward. Don’t get me wrong here. I love Junsu and I think he looked pretty on that one shot where he looked like a girl, but I’m not particularly thrilled to see him looking like a girl. I have a hard time seeing/imagining him look like a girl because I’ve always seen him as a handsome or sexy or cute guy. I can’t exactly explain why I don’t like it. I just don’t. It’s awkward.

Overall, the song is ok and the MV is good. This kind of music may not be the style of music I love to listen to but I think it’s a pretty good song and I might like it more once I get used to it. For the MV,  I love watching the dance parts but I’d probably skip the parts where I don’t like Junsu’s styling. :)

120526-120527 Post of JYJ Tweets

Why must you be secretive about it XD
(Jea Hyung, 9:53pm KST, 120526) @1215thexiahtic Junsu-chan ㅠ You followed me back ㅜㅜ Thank you~~~
(Junsu, 12:39am KST, 120527) @fraktaldj haha~ I secretly followed you back. lol

I’m guessing he’s talking about his dad? Any other guesses?
(Yoochun, 4:01am KST, 120527) If only I could hold his/her hand… and be with him/her… At least once in my life… I’ll return to show you one of my dramas

Nawwww cute kid <3
(Jae Eun, 10:41am KST, 120527) Seok Jun, I’m fine with you wrapping the big towel around yourself after you shower and pretending to be Superman, Batman and Lightning Power, but can’t you put your pants on first? He’s been running around with nothing on but a towel for the past 10 minutes. Why are you doing turns in front of the full-length mirror every now and then. Narcissism. hahahaha
(Junsu, 11:38am KST, 120527) @beyondmonica Cute Seok Jun.. be my son^^
(Junsu, 12:02pm KST, 120527) @beyondmonica Tell him it’s a good thing haha

Glad he’s having fun! :D
(Junsu, 12:36am KST, 120528, English tweet) I love~~bangkok!!♥
(Junsu, 1:37am KST, 120528) ☆☆☆☆

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120528 JYJ’s Junsu, Drives 4000 Fans Wild During His Concert In Thailand

JYJ’s Junsu excited 4000 fans during the opening night of his Asia Tour in Thailand.

The first concert of the Asia Tour for Junsu’s solo album “XIA”, which opened at 6pm on 27 May at the Royal Paragon Hall in Bangkok, Thailand, ended successfully.

On this day, Junsu presented dynamic performances beginning with the new track “Tarantallegra”, which was released on 15 May, followed by hit songs such as “Breath”, “Fever” and “Intoxication”, driving the audience wild. He also touched the fans with his overwhelming vocal abilities during the ballads including “You Are So Beautiful” and “Even Though I Know (알면서도)”.

The fans showed their enthusiasm as they sang along with all the songs which were released in Korean, and held placards which said things such as “XIA TIME” and “We’re always supporting you”. When Junsu sang the encore song “Fallen Leaves”, he was moved to tears, and said, “I am happy to be able to begin the Asia Tour this way. To everyone who has given me your support you, I thank you from my heart.”

On 28 May, Junsu’s management agency said, “The first concert, which parks the start of the 60-day Asia Tour, ended successfully. Although there have not been any appearances on television programmes or other promotional activities, the response for the new album has been good. We think it reflects Junsu’s power.”

Junsu is scheduled to continue holding his first solo album Asia Tour with a concert in Jakarta, Indonesia on 16 June.

Source : [K Star News: 1, 2]
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120527 JYJ’s Junsu expresses his firm determination on his first solo Asia tour


JYJ’s Junsu recently expressed his firm determination on his first solo Asia tour.

Junsu showed up at a press conference that was held at Bangkok Convention Center in Thailand on May 27 at 11. The JYJ member revealed, “I’m really thrilled that my Asia tour begins in Thailand. I really want to do well with the first concert.”

The popular singer also added, “This album is all about me, and through the album, I wanted to show something new rather than following the current trend. I hope the concert will hit it big with Thailand fans.”

Junsu didn’t forget to show his affection towards Thai fans. When a reporter told him that Kim’s twitter page is in the limelight in Thailand, the knockout stated, “I like tropical trees and beautiful beaches, so I love to tweet photos of them. I think I’ll post a photo of Thailand tropical trees. And I also plan to sing a new song titled “Lullaby.”

A reporter from one of the prestigious news outlets in Thailand says, “He is expected to give the greatest performance than ever, and he’s been getting more and more gorgeous as well. We believe he is one of the greatest artists in Asia. We’re looking forward to his concert in Thailand.”

Kim Junsu’s first solo Asia concert, titled XIA 1st Asia Tour in Bangkok, was successfully held at Paragon Hall following the press conference.

Credit: En.korea
Source: Starnews
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Junsu’s ‘Tarantallegra’ ranks on Billboard’s World Albums Chart

After releasing his first solo album ‘Tarantallegra‘, JYJ‘s Junsu (XIA) found himself in the spotlight as the album brought him a lot of success not only in South Korea, but in Japan as well.

To add to his list of accomplishments is the news of his album ranking on Billboard‘s World Albums Chart. Billboard updated the chart, and Junsu’s name can be seen proudly ranking among other artists from all over the globe. ‘Tarantallegra’ came in at #10, and was marked as 1 of 4 albums on the chart with the greatest airplay and sales gains this week.

Congratulations to Junsu!

Source: Billboard
Credit: Allkpop

120524-120525 Post of JYJ Tweets

Great job Yoochun♥
(Yoochun, 7:11pm KST, 120524) We’ve reached the end of Rooftop Prince, an ending more beautiful than any other production so far…^^ Thank you so much for all the love you’ve given me. Thank you. I’ll love you, even if 300 years pass~^^ Silly~~~~~!!!!
(Heartj, 7:17pm KST, 120524) @6002theMicky Great job :)
(Yoochun, 7:20pm KST, 120524) @heartj0126 Great job~^^ Everyone was drowned in a sea of tears^^

Nawww, I’m going to miss this couple :(
(Yoochun, 7:18pm KST, 120524) Lee Gak Park Ha~^^
(Yoochun, 7:23pm KST, 120524) ^__________________________^

Great job Yoochun, Good luck Junsu! And Jaejoong \o/
(Junsu, 1:18pm KST, 120525) Yoochun, great job on everything you’ve done till now…^^ Rest well while you can….! Your Highness…;;
(Young Ki, 1:20pm KST, 120525) @1215thexiahtic I agree!!!^^ Great job!!! It was so fun
(Junsu, 5:10pm KST, 120525) @poimin73 Thank you as always, hyung~^^
(Yoochun, 7:21pm KST, 120525) @1215thexiahtic Thanks~^^ Good luck on your tour!! You’re the best!!

They were still filming??
(Yoochun, 7:22pm KST, 120525) Done filming for another day~^^!!!

:’( So long, your Highness
(Yoochun, 10:00pm KST, 120525) Lee Gak, you’re the first drama character that I found myself leaning on… I’m going to miss you… Goodbye.

lolol Bet Lee Gak’s happy to have his name cleared X)
(Yoochun, 10:22pm KST, 120525) Oh!! And I take back what I said about thinking that Gak was a bit of a player.. I take it back!!^^ Thanks for everything~

Troll-worthy photo~
(Woosiq, 10:15pm KST, 120525) I won’t forget this
(Yoochun, 10:43pm KST, 120525) @woosiq I won’t forget this…

You want to be MORE tired than you are now?!
(Ji Hye, 10:42pm KST, 120525) @6002theMicky Oppa, great job! A really, really great job! You couldn’t even sleep because you were always memorizing lines like there was no tomorrow.. You suffered from the heat during the day and shivered because of it was cold at nightㅠㅠ
(Yoochun, 10:44pm KST, 120525) @jihye5555 haha Great job to you, too~^^ haha Let’s tire ourselves out more in the next production^^

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