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120520 JYJ Junsu, First Solo Concert Drives Fans Wild

(T/N : The original title of this article is JYJ Junsu, First Solo Concert Drives Fans Wild…Fans Faint Continously)

JYJ member Junsu held his first solo concerts, sending fans into a frenzy.

On 19 May, Junsu held his first solo concert 「XIA 1st Asia Tour Concert in SEOUL」 at Jamshil Stadium, with more than 8,000 fans going wild. His management company said, “It was a fantasy-like stage, and fans were unwilling to leave the concert hall for more than 2 hours after the concert ended.There were also many fans that fainted during this concert, so we have an ambulance on standby today.” Fans from Korea, Japan, China, Malaysia, Canada, Chile, France and other countries came for this concert.

His management company said, “Fans from all over the world came, to celebrate Junsu’s first solo concert”

In his first concert, Junsu performed the 11 tracks from his first album, as well as numbers from his musical, a total of 17 songs.

During this performance, he showed his ability consistently, and showed the essence of dance with his team, and his sexy performances for songs such as “Lullaby” and “Intoxication” drove the fans while. Also, he showcased his perfect vocal power in “Even though you already know”, “I don’t like love”, “You are so beautiful”, with his own unique feelings and delivered an emotional stage.

Kim Junsu’s concert will also be held on 20 May, at 6pm.

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120520 JYJ Kim Junsu’s Solo Album Highly Popular, Beats Justin Bieber On Itunes Chart

Kim Junsu has released his solo album under the name “Xia”, and it has been recieving great attention in Japan

His entertainment company C–JeS Entertainment said, Kim Junsu’s first official solo album “Tarantallegra” had reached first place on the pop charts of itunes on 17 May. On the same day, Canadian superstar Justin Bieber’s “Stay Alive” was at no. 2 and American superstar Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” at number 3.

Kim Junsu’s popularity is phenomenal offline as well. After news of Kim Junsu’s album was released, it topped the preorder chart for Japan’s record store Tower Records since the start of the month. After its release on 15 May, the album has also been no.1 in popularity on Rakuten and Amazon Japan.

Kim Junsu will be holding his solo album release commemorative concerts on 19 & 20 May at Jamshil stadium, and will then embark on an Asia Tour to 7 cities.

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Junsu’s ‘Tarantallegra’ attains massive success in Japan

Junsu‘s (XIA) solo album ‘Tarantallegra‘ is receiving an explosive reaction in Japan.

On May 18th, CJES Entertainment revealed, “XIA’s first solo album has taken the #1 spot on Japan’s Itunes. What is even more surprising it that he surpassed Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber to receive the #1 spot, proving XIA’s massive popularity in Japan.”

Pre-orders for ‘Tarantallegra’ grabbed first place at Tower Records Japan as soon as the release date of Junsu’s album was announced earlier this month, and the album completely sold out on the day of its release. Junsu’s solo album also snagged the #1 spot for sales in Japan’s Rakuten and Amazon site.

A music official from Japan stated, “After the explosive amount of pre-order sales, the album is now becoming a scarcity. This is even more surprising because Junsu has not had any activities in Japan lately.

A representative of CJES Entertainment said, “Japan’s response towards XIA’s first album is really hot. The Japanese public has been looking forward to Junsu’s music and performances, I think it is because of Junsu’s solid fan base in Japan. Another reason why this album is gaining so much popularity is because it’s compelling in that it attempts to be exceptional and sensational at the same time. It’s just a well-made album derived from Junsu’s own skill.

In related news, ‘Tarantallegra’ is also running short in stock on Korean online sites, and gaining many favorable reviews.

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120516 JYJ’s Kim Junsu, “Difficulties With Broadcast Activities? Times Have Changed”

JYJ’s Junsu, who released his solo album, spoke honestly about his feelings towards being unable to appear on broadcast activities.

On the early afternoon of 16 May, Kim Junsu held his first solo album “Xia Tarantallegra” release press conference at the Seoul Lotte Hotel, and said, “‘Being unable to do broadcasting activities could be a minus point, but nowadays the situation is different from before,” he said honestly.

JYJ are in a situation where, aside from appearing in concerts, dramas and musicals, they are unable to do broadcast activities such as music shows and variety shows.

To this, Junsu says , “If you release an album, you have to attend the basic broadcasting activities, but these activities cannot be done at all. Even while creating this album it was already assumed that “broadcasting activities cannot be done” but as the album still had to be released, it was a helpless situation.” “Therefore, we had to prove ourselves even more with the quality of the album, and the music video. Although it is just one album and music video, we had to show something even better” he emphasized.

Also, “It is not a good thing to not be doing broadcast activities. If you talk about negative factors, it is a minus point. But times have changed recently. Via youtube and various internet sites, everything you are interested in can be seen. If you have watched my music video, I think that to a certain extent, it is more expensive that most Korean music videos. If you look at Korea, in the situation where you cannot attend broadcast programs, it would be impossible to create such a music video.”

Following that, he said, “Although I cannot attend broadcast programs, I think that I hold on to my freedom of expression. I can show more variety of color,” emphasizing on the positive aspects.

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120516 JYJ’s Junsu, “Tarantallegra Is Totally My Style Of Music”

JYJ’s Junsu, who released his solo album, has showed confidence in his title track.

On the early afternoon of 16 May, Kim Junsu held his first solo album “Xia Tarantallegra” release press conference at the Seoul Lotte Hotel, and said, “Tarantallegra is totally my kind of music” he explained. “Tarantallegra” is a somewhat difficult song title, and is the title track for this solo album. It is a dance track with grand sound and a luxurious and sexy performance.

Junsu said, “The current style of music is good, but I felt that the title track had to be my kind of song. “Tarantallegra” is totally my kind of music.” Also, he said, “I felt that I had to avoid the current style at all costs. It could be scary if it were a rookie, but for a singer of 8 years, using the existing style would be like “poison.” Therefore, I created my music with the thinking that I would definitely have to avoid the normal styles.”

(Repeated Portions Omitted)

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In my opinion, Junsu singing this kind of music is ok. He seriously can pull-off the somewhat dark and sexy dance song. But I think for me, the best will always be the Junsu who sings ballads. There’s no doubt that his voice is just so perfect when he sings ballad songs – so moving and captivating.

120516 JYJ’s Kim Junsu, “The Name ‘XIA’ Is My Identity”

JYJ’s Junsu, who released his solo album, spoke honestly about his feelings towards his stage name “Xia.”

On the early afternoon of 16 May, Kim Junsu held his first solo album “Xia Tarantallegra” release press conference at the Seoul Lotte Hotel, and said, “‘I have never even once considered avoiding the name ‘XIA’.”

JYJ’s Junsu, who released his first solo album, uses the name “Xia” in place of Kim Junsu, or Junsu. To this, Junsu said, “This is stage name, and it is like a symbol. We’ll use it if we want to, and won’t use it if we don’t want to.” also, he saidm “Actually, (JYJ Members) Yoochun and Jaejoong don’t really like their previous names (※ Micky Yoochun & Youngwoong Jaejoong), but I like the name ‘Xia’,” he explained.

While being active as part of JYJ, instead of using the name ‘Xia Junsu’ which was used when he was active as part of TVXQ, Junsu uses his name “Kim Junsu,” and said “This is not about wanting to break away. While doing musicals, or for the other members who are doing dramas, using a stage name in these cases could come off as silly. Therefore, we use our real names.” “This is not an effort to avoid using our stage names,” he emphasized. Following which, he said “I dont have any problems with others calling me by the name ‘Xia”. In fact, I think it’s only natural,” and “I even write the name Xia in my signature, and this has not changed from the past till now. The situation may have changed, but Kim Junsu, Junsu, Xia, Xia Junsu, I think it’s fine no matter which name you call me by. I have no problems at all. ” he said.

Regarding the name “Xia,” Junsu defines it as “My identity” and, “I think that the word ‘Xia’ is a one word summary of the image that suits me”, explaining how he feels.

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If any of you guys are wondering why he chose to spell it as “XIA” instead of the usual “XIAH”  that he was using before is to avoid any legal actions that SME might file against him if he uses the stage name XIAH.


120508 Kim Junsu, “First Solo Activity In 8 Years…Working Alone Is An Overwhelming Feeling”

JYJ member Kim Junsu expressed his thoughts about releasing his first solo album.

On 11.40am of 16 May, Kim Junsu held his first solo album “Xia Tarantallegra” release press conference at the Seoul Lotte Hotel, and introduced his new album.

Kim Junsu said, “It’s been 8 years since since my debut, and I released my first solo album, Although I do feel a burden because I had to complete the entire album myself, but this also meant that I could do and sing the genre of music that I enjoy.”

He also smiled and said, “Although I’m very anxious, but I’m also looking forward to it. Recently, every day has been emotional for me.”

Kim Junsu released his first solo album on 15 May, and has kicked off his activities. Among the JYJ members, he is the first one to come up with his own solo official album.

Since he made his debut in 2004, he is releasing a solo album under his own name for the first time, and even worked on the production as well as recording and song writing, showing off his talents. (This album) consists of different genres of music such as dance, pop, ballads and R&B, and he also worked with JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko, rapper Bizzy and others.

Kim Junsu will also be holding his concerts on 19-20 May at Seoul’s Jamshil Stadium, and after his local concerts, will be going on an Asia tour in Thailand, Macau, Taiwan, Indonesia, Shanghai etc till July.

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