120524-120525 JYJ Twitter Updates

Posted: May 29, 2012 in JYJ Twitter Updates
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120524-120525 Post of JYJ Tweets

Great job Yoochun♥
(Yoochun, 7:11pm KST, 120524) We’ve reached the end of Rooftop Prince, an ending more beautiful than any other production so far…^^ Thank you so much for all the love you’ve given me. Thank you. I’ll love you, even if 300 years pass~^^ Silly~~~~~!!!!
(Heartj, 7:17pm KST, 120524) @6002theMicky Great job :)
(Yoochun, 7:20pm KST, 120524) @heartj0126 Great job~^^ Everyone was drowned in a sea of tears^^

Nawww, I’m going to miss this couple :(
(Yoochun, 7:18pm KST, 120524) Lee Gak Park Ha~^^ http://yfrog.com/kju22zqoj
(Yoochun, 7:23pm KST, 120524) ^__________________________^ http://yfrog.com/od1hujij

Great job Yoochun, Good luck Junsu! And Jaejoong \o/
(Junsu, 1:18pm KST, 120525) Yoochun, great job on everything you’ve done till now…^^ Rest well while you can….! Your Highness…;;
(Young Ki, 1:20pm KST, 120525) @1215thexiahtic I agree!!!^^ Great job!!! It was so fun
(Junsu, 5:10pm KST, 120525) @poimin73 Thank you as always, hyung~^^
(Yoochun, 7:21pm KST, 120525) @1215thexiahtic Thanks~^^ Good luck on your tour!! You’re the best!!

They were still filming??
(Yoochun, 7:22pm KST, 120525) Done filming for another day~^^!!! http://yfrog.com/esuiditj

:’( So long, your Highness
(Yoochun, 10:00pm KST, 120525) Lee Gak, you’re the first drama character that I found myself leaning on… I’m going to miss you… Goodbye.

lolol Bet Lee Gak’s happy to have his name cleared X)
(Yoochun, 10:22pm KST, 120525) Oh!! And I take back what I said about thinking that Gak was a bit of a player.. I take it back!!^^ Thanks for everything~

Troll-worthy photo~
(Woosiq, 10:15pm KST, 120525) I won’t forget this pic.twitter.com/hLWZwASU
(Yoochun, 10:43pm KST, 120525) @woosiq I won’t forget this… http://yfrog.com/ocp9bbgoj

You want to be MORE tired than you are now?!
(Ji Hye, 10:42pm KST, 120525) @6002theMicky Oppa, great job! A really, really great job! You couldn’t even sleep because you were always memorizing lines like there was no tomorrow.. You suffered from the heat during the day and shivered because of it was cold at nightㅠㅠ
(Yoochun, 10:44pm KST, 120525) @jihye5555 haha Great job to you, too~^^ haha Let’s tire ourselves out more in the next production^^

Source: [Junsu+Yoochun+Others’  Twitter]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net


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