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110618 Park Yoochun Moves People With His Sentimental Narration In The ‘MBC Special’

Park Yoochun’s narration left a deep impression on people.

During the MBC Special ‘The Hometown I Used to Live in’, Park Yoochun’s voice made a special appearance as he took on the job as the narrator.

The program was divided into four sections of ‘Our Hometown, Two Months worth of Records’, ‘Shock, the Scene of Destruction as Seen from the Sky’, ‘The Scenery isn’t the Only Thing that Changes’ and ‘Seomjin River Citizens’ Rage’ and showed the last moments of serene peace and scenery that we wish to return to, but will disappear forever.

Park Yoochun’s unique, sentimental and baritone voice added another level of sincerity to the documentary that highlighted the painful reality that lay for our hometowns as they are uprooted by the government’s development plans.

Netizens gave Park Yoochun positive marks for his first narration as they said, “As I was watching the MBC special, I teared up as the sad reality and Park Yoochun’s voice molded together”, “Park Yoochun’s voice is really nice” and “I was able to get into it more because of Park Yoochun’s narration.”

Park Yoochun is currently working on a tight schedule as he films for MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Miss Ripley’ but decided to take on the narration job as he agreed with the theme of the program.

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110617 Park Yoo-chun proves star power on TV screen

Whether singing, acting, or narrating, he guarantees Asia-wide promotion. K-pop star Park Yoo-chun, who is taking on his second major TV drama, is proving his star power, as the show has drawn big attention both in the country and overseas.

The MBC drama “Miss Ripley,” in which Park plays an heir to a resort empire, had already been exported to Japan and the U.S. before it was finished, in a deal worth 1.8 billion won ($1.6 million). The chances are high that it will enter markets of China and Southeast Asian countries soon.

In Korea, the drama is the most watched one among Monday-Tuesday evening TV dramas, reaching high viewer ratings since its first episode. As many of his fans are Japanese, the drama website provides Japanese language service for the drama.

Park Yoo-chun (MBC)

Although he achieved fame as a singer at the boy band TVXQ and later JYJ, his acting has earned him even more popularity.

His previous drama, KBS’ “Seongkyunkwan Scandal,” which portrayed student life in the Joseon period, also attracted great viewership and won him the rookie actor of the year award at the Korea’s Paeksang Arts Award. His choice for playing a historical character for the first time has surprised many, but he later received praise for his acting.

He also narrates MBC documentary “The Hometown Where I Used to Live,” which airs on June 17. The MBC staff figured Park’s soothing voice would fit the concept of the documentary, depicting disappearing rural villages under the influence of urbanization in Korea.

“Miss Ripley” airs Monday and Tuesday nights at 9:50 p.m. on MBC and “The Hometown Where I Used to Live” will air Friday at 11:05 p.m.

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“Miss Ripley” Advertisement Spots Sold Out for June… Thanks to Yoochun!

Finished Selling the Publication Rights for Japan and the US Even Before the Drama Airs. Additional Negotiations in Place for China and Southeast Asia and Such.

The power of the actors Kim Seungwoo, Park Yoochun, Lee Dahae, and Kang Hyejung gathered have been shown.

The MBC Monday-Tuesday mini-series Miss Ripley has sold out the advertisement spots for June. An affiliate of the production of Miss Ripley said on the 15th: “Even before the drama aired, the advertisement spots for the ten episodes that will be aired in June has finished selling.”

Miss Ripley can sell 28 advertisements per episode. The unit cost for an advertisement that airs around 10pm, which is the time slot in which Miss Ripley airs, is about 13,500,000 KRW (approximately 13,500 USD). Therefore it is that Miss Ripley has raised sales of about 1,080,000,000 KRW (approximately 1,080,000 USD) through its advertisements over ten episodes.

Miss Ripley has also gotten the support of the Korea Trade Insurance Corporation an Insurance for Cultural Export amounting about 2,000,000,000 KRW (approximately 2,000,000) on the 2nd. At the time the Korea Trade Insurance Corporation revealed: “Because we evaluate it to be a cultural content that has the possibility of succeeding in viewership or exporting, we wish to aid it so that it can be developed smoothy.” Miss Ripley has succeeded in securing an export contract of about 1,800,000,000 KRW (approximately 1,800,000 USD) through contracting its publication rights with Japan and the US. Furthermore they are in the middle of additional negotiations with China and Southeast Asia and other Asian countries for exporting the publication rights.

Miss Ripley’s affiliate said: “Although the ratings are momentarily wavering, it had excellent evaluations because it is a drama that has veteran actors such as Kim Seungwoo, Kang Hyejung, and Lee Dahae and also Park Yoochun who is leading the new Korean Wave.”

Miss Ripley’s rating on the 14th for its 6th episode was 12.7%. 14.3% which was recorded for its 2nd episode is its highest rating so far.

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110614 “Miss Ripley” Script Mentions “Hallyu Star” And Park Yoochun “Was Shocked?”

“Hallyu Group” JYJ’s member Park Yoochun, showed a stern expression on his face when the drama he is participating in mentioned the word “Hallyu Star,” creating a lot of laughter.

[Contains Spoilers]

In the episode of “Miss Ripley” aired on 13 June, a scene shows heir to Mondo Resorts Song Yoo Hyun, as well as Ha Chul Jin, Jang Myung Hoon, Jang Shi Yeon and others in a discussion about the marketing plans for hotel a.

Ha Chul Jin said, “If we used Hallyu stars for the promotions, wouldn’t the effect be better?” and Jang Shi Yeon objects, saying “Recently, hallyu stars have been getting too much exposure, so…” and throughout this conversation, Song Yoo Hyun remains quiet with a stern expression, looking at the two people.

Netizens who saw the episode said, “ The Hallyu star is right beside you!” and “I think there must have been a lot of NGs due to laughter for this scene” and other comments.

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110614 “Miss Ripley” Lee Da Hae – Adverse Effect Of Lying? Viewership Ratings Fall Again

Is this an adverse effect from Lee Da Hae’s continuous lies?

As reported by AGB on 14 June, the 5th episode of Miss Ripley, which was aired on 13 June scored a rating of 12.1%, which was a 1.6% decline from the 4th episode at 13.7%.

[Contains Spoilers]

This episode showed how Jang Miri managed to successfully get close to Jang Myung Hoon, then later finds out about Song Yoo Hyun’s real identity. Her 180 degree change in attitude caught the audience’s attention.

On another note, KBS2’s “Baby-faced Beauty” which shares the same time slot as “Miss Ripley,” took top ratings spot for Monday-Tuesday dramas at 15.2%, and SBS’s “Lie to me” had a 10% viewership rating

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Ripley Park Yoochun, Ardent Tears Performance Without NG’s! Film Set Solemn.

Actor Park Yoochun showed off his ardent emotional performance to make the film set solemn.

Park Yoochun, who is showing a heated acting as Song Yoohyun who is the second generation of a chaebol (T/N: extremely wealthy) family, plans to induce the viewer’s tears by his performance on the 5th episode to be broadcasted on the coming 13th—his eyes to shine with tears in visiting his birth mother’s grave. To play the birth mother of Park Yoochun, actress Yang Migyung made a special appearance.

Song Yoohyun currently has a happy family with his stepmother Lee Hwa, but inside has an ardent heart for his mother who passed away when he was young. Song Yoohyun who visits his mother’s grave with a bouquet of flowers remembers the happy times he spent with his mother when young and becomes sentimental.

An affiliate gave high marks to his tears performance, saying that “Park Yoochun’s tears performance was ardent that the atmosphere was solemn.” According to this affiliate, Par Yoochun showed off a tears performance as soon as the filming began to get an okay sign without any NG’s as he put himself into the emotions before the performance was due.

On the other hand, “Miss Ripley” is making expectations rise as the Zhang Miri – Zhang Myunghoon – Song Yoohyun love triangle, the end that Zhang Miri’s like will bring, and the conflict between Zhang Myunghoon and Song Yoohyun over the running of the hotel gather attention.

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110610 Park Yoochun Treats Production Crew To Generous Meal

Playing the role of Song Yoo Hyun, the Mondo Resorts Group heir in MBC’s drama “Miss Ripley,”  the person in love with Jang Miri, Park Yoochun prepared a generous meal for the staff.

The production crew of “Miss Ripley” worked through the whole night for the shoot, and Park Yoochun felt bad for all the hard work that the crew had put in. While shooting at Jeju island on 8 June, Park Yoochun placed a dinner reservation at a sashimi restaurant in the Sogwipo area and treated the production team to rated top-quality oriental sea bass, to thank them for their efforts.

It is said that this big treat from Park Yoochun at Jeju island gave the production team a great boost of energy as they continued to film throughout the night.

Park Yoochun expressed his thoughts, saying “I’ve always felt guilty towards the staff,” and “we gathered a dream team to film the best drama possible, and I hope that we can encourage each other to work hard till the end.”

During this time, due to Park Yoochun’s fanclubs and such, the production crew has truly been able to feel the “Park Yoochun effect” managed to relax a more after this gathering.

Park Yoochun’s filming at Jeju Island on 8-9 June attracted the attention of many tourists, proving his status as a hallyu star.

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