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As promised, here’s some info regarding the 3rd Asia Tour – Mirotic Concert in Bangkok.

TVXQ! The 3rd Asia Tour Concert “Mirotic” in Bangkok


4nologue will be an organizer for TVXQ! The 3rd Asia Tour Concert “Mirotic” in Bangkok” with more than 70 million baht budget with the best sound-effect at Impact Arena Maung Thong Thani which can contain more than 25,000 audiences.

Date: 27 and 28 June 2009
Ticket Price: 800 / 1500 / 2500 / 3500 and 4500
Sale date: 30 May 2009
More details soon
Pre sale : 7 – 10 May 2009 via

For those who register for Asia Music Centre within this 5 May 2009, you will get a chance to buy the ticket before the official PRE-SALE via
You can join Asia Music Centre club on 1 May 2009 at Asia Music Centre, 3rd Fl at the Central World (member fee is 1,000 baht yearly with the following priviledges)

1. Get ASIA MUSIC SIM card from AIS One-2-call and you will get the free download anf Wi-Fi internet at Asia Music Centre.
2. Get 10% discount when purchasing goods from Asia Music Centre
3. The priviledge in purchasing CD/VCD/DVD from Asia Music Centre with the very special price.
4. The chance of MEET & GREET with your favorite artists (from Thailand and other countries)
5. The chance to sit in the front seat at your artists showcase (Asia music centre will make the activity event every month)
6. Get a chance to join our special event and activities
7. Get discount or priviledge in purchasing the concert ticket that would be organized by Asia Music Centre.
8. Get a chance to fly to watch the concert in other countries (more than 2 times a year)
9. Get a chance to watch the movie at the special time at SF cinema once a month and more and more priviledges

Trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

Me and my friend originally planned on watching this concert in Bangkok but due to the not so good situation there right now, I think we’ll just watch the Shanghai concert this coming October. But if things in Thailand goes a bit well in the coming days, who knows I might actually push through with the plan.

By the way, are there any Filipinos (specifically those from Manila) out there who are planning to watch this concert? JUST IN CASE I decide to watch this one than the concert in Shanghai (since obtaining tickets and other stuff seems easier on this concert than the one in Shanghai) and my friend doesn’t want to watch with me anymore, I need companions. Hahaha. Add to that, who can help us (if ever) obtain tickets? It’s kinda hard buying it at Pingbook since the site is in Thai (or does it have an English translation option, too?).  Well, that is just one possibility. I’m still looking at other options right now but better ask now and be ready than cram once the sale of tickets commences, right? And I’m sure some of you has the same problem/questions, too.

Just feel free to add other information on easier ways to obtain tickets , ask questions and converse with other people who are gonna watch the concert using the comments section. I won’t mind if you use it as a small forum. :D

They did it again!

Tohoshinki single, Share The World/We Are! which was released on April 22nd won the top of ORICON WEEKLY chart, thus makes them as the first foreign artists who places their single 6th times as ORICON weekly winner and set a new record.

Share The World/We Are! also became #1 ORICON Daily at the release date, April 22nd.

On April 28th at ORICON website said, “Tohoshinki makes another hit in their career as they ranked #1 at weekly chart for 6th times for their Share The World/We Are single. They set record as the first foreign artist who got the most No.1 on weekly chart.”

Accordingly, the other Tohoshinki’s singles who got #1 at ORICON weekly are: Purple Line (January 2008), Beautiful You/Sennen Koi Uta (April 2008), Doumini coopere Kimi Wa Suki Ni Natta Shimattan Darou? (July 2008), MIROTIC (October 2008), and Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/Wasurenaide (May 2009).

Meanwhile, to commemorate the winning of this 27th single in ORICON Weekly single chart, Share The World/We Are will be released in Korea on May 6th, 2009 with CD, CD + DVD versions available. There will be subtitles for the DVD and a high reaction of the local fans are expected.

Source: Newsen
Translations: Sharing Yoochun

There’ really no stopping them from making it huge in Japan. These boys just keep breaking the records they themselves has set. Really, there’s no words to describe them but INCREDIBLE. I’m telling you, SOON DBSK will take over the WORLD. LOL. :D

Congrats to the boys for another remarkable achievement! Let’s all celebrate and hope for more success in the future! Cheers!


Interview translations of JaeMinSu from JJ magazine May 2009 issue.




[Credit: dbsknights@blogspot]

OMG. Jae is such a sweet guy! He’s such a romantic guy that never fails to melt my heart with his every word. Gawd, his idea of a date is really fantastic. I wish I could go on a date like this with him. If that happens, I’ll probably be the luckiest of all the lucky girls in the world! I like how “possessive” he is to his girl. I mean, his is not the annoying type of jealousy but the  rather the one that would really move and make a girl feel loved. Jae’s  definitely my dream guy. He’s nothing but the epitome of perfection. I hope I could meet a guy like him someday (or better yet, I hope I could meet  Jae and be his girl. hahaha).  I love you, Jae! <333

I like how Changmin described his type of girl. Looks like his type isn’t that complicated. He just wants someone who is natural and real. Simple as that. His idea of a date is also pretty simple yet romantic, too. Bringing his date on a drive is a good chance to get to know each other. And LOL at his mini skirt comments. Dang, Changmin is really on a roll these past few days regarding “those” kinds of things. Hahaha.

Junsu’s idea of a date is really interesting. His is something where real effort on his part is involved. I guess any girl will be touched if Junsu was to try to do the things he doesn’t normally do just to surprise her and make her happy. I guess whatever the outcome of a date may be, knowing that the guy made so much effort to make the girl feel special is what is most important. I would want to taste Junsu’s cooking, too! He may seem like the “worst” out of the five members in cooking but I guess his pizza will be great. Besides, it’s the thought that counts, right? =)

The following pictures are scans from their Mirotic concert photobook.

Warning: Some of the pictures *coughJAEJOONGcough* are oozing with SEXINESS so I suggest you should get your hearts (and eyes, as well) ready because we don’t want anyone fainting or dying of heart attack here.


*Just because I love JaeJoong, I’ll post bigger versions of his SMOKIN’ HOT pictures. Pardon my fangirling – I just can’t help it. These pics are sooo TO DIE FOR. <333






[Credit: as tagged + dnbn + baidu]

JaeJoong!!! I can’t get enough of his IRRESISTIBLE, ENTICING, and INSANELY SEXY body. Why must he torture me like this? He’ll really be the cause of my death! My goodness, I can’t get over those MUSCULAR ARMS and BROAD SHOULDERS. Aren’t those the GREATEST thing?! A SEXY BEAST like him shouldn’t be allowed to have pictures like these if you want to save the lives of a lot of girls. I’m telling you, JaeJoong is INHUMANLY PERFECT. LOL. Good thing it’s a Saturday and I don’t have work today because I’m sure I won’t be able to work AND think properly the whole day and I’ll be lost in my own little world again. Dang, JaeJoong has really mastered the art of seducing and alluring his fangirls because of his half-naked antics!

Besides Jae’s heart-attack-causing pictures, I equally love his backstage/rehearsal pictures (those tagged with TVXQevent) as well as his singing pictures. He looks so “pretty”, dorky and delicate all at the same time. No matter what his expression is or what angle his pictures are taken, he always manages to look good. I guess that is because he naturally has IMPECCABLE LOOKS so yeah, no wonder.

I think Junsu’s cuteness on his pictures is also worth-mentioning. Gawd, he’s SOOOOO CUTEEEEE!!! I want to pinch his cheeks! And his side profile is amazing, too! Love the shape of his face. =)

Yoochun’s pics are good, too. I like the angle of his pictures and they look so natural and candid since he’s not looking at the camera in most of his pics. Also, I don’t know why but think he really looks great wearing a beannie or a cap. I guess that’s because I can’t see his hair which is what I always complain about him? LOL.

Yunho really has an adorable personality and we can see it not only on videos but on his pictures, too. He can go from being totally dorky to being so manly. And just like Jae, his arms are AWESOME.

Changmin’s facial expressions are just love. From the pictures, looks like he’s the one who’s always caught off-guard. Hahaha. He looks so teenager-ish on these pictures. Don’t ask me why because that’s the impression I got when I saw his pictures. Maybe it’s the clothes and the haircut? :D

DBSK boys did it again! :D

TVXQ Share The World at Number 1

With Tohoshinki / TVXQ / DBSK’s newest single Share the World selling 58,952 units on it’s first day, they have achieved their 7th Number 1 Single (broke their own record for foreign artists) on the Oricon Daily Charts.

Share The World joins Summer Dream, Purple Line, Beautiful You, Doushite, MIROTIC, BOLERO as TVXQ’s Daily Single Chart Toppers. With a strong first day of nearly 60,000 sales, Share The World should be on it’s way to the Number 1 spot on the Oricon Weekly Chart.

Credit: Allkpop

Honestly, I didn’t expect this single to sell this much on it’s first day but as usual when it comes to DBSK, I should learn to expect the unexpected. Hahaha. Congrats to the boys for another job well done and for breaking their own record again. These guys are simply amazing.

As an additional update, Share the World got the top spot again today in the Oricon Daily Charts with a total sales of almost 17,000 units. They’re doing good so far and I hope it’ll continue in the coming days for them to bag the top ranking for Oricon Weekly. Again, congrats to our Dong Bang boys! :D

[Credit: jaynerox1991]

ROFL. Changmin and his perverted thoughts! Hahaha! I knew that was coming the moment he said he wants to be honest. LOL. Jae and Yunho looked like they were expecting that too but were still startled with Min’s bluntness. Changmin and his big mouth and perverted mind. Hahaha!

*Note: Please make sure to turn on the “cc” button to see the subs.

[Credit: iscreamshinki]

There’s no way to describe the video but “a-DORK-able”! I was laughing so hard with YooSuMin’s dance. Was that Kara’s “Pretty Girl” dance? And OMG, Jae looks so adorable! I love his shots! It looks like they enjoyed hanging in the air, too. Isn’t that suppose to hurt? Or will it only hurt if you use a harness (spelling?)? But on a side note, am I the only one who thinks their pants looked kinda awkward? I mean I think all of their pants are TOO FIT for them. I’m not trying to sound like a perv here but really, it’s kinda disturbing. Do you guys get what I mean? LOL.

Anyway, here are some screencaps of these adorkable boys. :D

[Picture credits: as tagged + sharingyoochun@wp]