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Like father, like daughter. :D

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LOL. Watching the video, it looked like Mari was promoting DBSK’s 27th single “Share the World”. :D And she’s a pretty smart girl to say that he likes them more as entertainers than as boyfriends. I guess she still wants to do a lot of things and wants to live a long life (yah know what I mean). *wink* Hahaha. =)


They did it again!

Tohoshinki single, Share The World/We Are! which was released on April 22nd won the top of ORICON WEEKLY chart, thus makes them as the first foreign artists who places their single 6th times as ORICON weekly winner and set a new record.

Share The World/We Are! also became #1 ORICON Daily at the release date, April 22nd.

On April 28th at ORICON website said, “Tohoshinki makes another hit in their career as they ranked #1 at weekly chart for 6th times for their Share The World/We Are single. They set record as the first foreign artist who got the most No.1 on weekly chart.”

Accordingly, the other Tohoshinki’s singles who got #1 at ORICON weekly are: Purple Line (January 2008), Beautiful You/Sennen Koi Uta (April 2008), Doumini coopere Kimi Wa Suki Ni Natta Shimattan Darou? (July 2008), MIROTIC (October 2008), and Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/Wasurenaide (May 2009).

Meanwhile, to commemorate the winning of this 27th single in ORICON Weekly single chart, Share The World/We Are will be released in Korea on May 6th, 2009 with CD, CD + DVD versions available. There will be subtitles for the DVD and a high reaction of the local fans are expected.

Source: Newsen
Translations: Sharing Yoochun

There’ really no stopping them from making it huge in Japan. These boys just keep breaking the records they themselves has set. Really, there’s no words to describe them but INCREDIBLE. I’m telling you, SOON DBSK will take over the WORLD. LOL. :D

Congrats to the boys for another remarkable achievement! Let’s all celebrate and hope for more success in the future! Cheers!


Scans from the 27th Japanese single “Share the World/We Are!”.

[Credit: as tagged]

I don’t like the individual pictures that much. I think something’s wrong but I can’t quite pinpoint what it is. I especially don’t like Jae’s solo picture (wow, one of the RARE times I don’t like Jae’s pic). I don’t like the angle, his pose, his eyes and his serious expression. His eyes looks so sad… so fragile and yet his face looks so emotionless. Ah, I can’t explain it! I suck at explaining! Hahaha. Anyway, I think the group pictures are good enough especially the ones where they’re inside the treasure chest. :D

A lot people are anticipating the 27th Japanese single “Share the world/We Are!” to have very good sales and to gain so much popularity.

[News] Tohoshinki’s New Single’s “Blast” Expectation

Popular group Tohoshinki’s new single is expected to gain a top popular request.

Tohoshinki’s single, “Share The World/We Are!” which has image of summer and is launched on April 22nd, currently places its main song, “Share The World” at #1 on request chart at USEN, Japan’s largest cable broadcaster since April 15th.

“Share The World” song also becomes Fuji TV’s One Piece opening theme song starting this month and has been hot issue ever since.

There’s an expectation that with this new single, Tohoshinki will break their own sales record from their most sold single in Tohoshinki’s history “SUMMER” at ORICON chart.

In addition, Tohoshinki’s official Japan fanclub, Bigeast is gaining addition of 90,000 new members in last 8 days making their total members to be more than 100,000 people.

source: AP News
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

I guess apart from the boys getting their much deserved recognition in Japan, the fact that it’s a song for one of the popular animes in Japan made the popularity of this single double. I suppose the “SUMMER” single talked about in this news article is their single “Summer Dream” which also gained so much popluarity in Japan. I hope that the 27th single will really do good on the charts and sales-wise because it will definitely be a good boost to DBSK’s on going promotion and concert tour for “The Secret Code”.

As for the Bigeast membership figures (the one I underlined above), I think there’s a slight translation error. I don’t think that they were able to recruit 90,000 members in 8 days. I mean I’m not saying that’s impossible but the way I understand that particular part, what I get is that “Bigeast only had 10,000 members before and they were able to recruit 90,000 members in the past 8 days so the total number of members now is around 100,000″. I know for a fact that Bigeast had more members than 10,000 before. I think they were already around 60,000-70,000 the last time I got an info, which was just late last year. I read another translation by josiebiwasabi at Soompi correcting the error above and I’d like to believe this is really what the article says: “On the 8th of April, Bigeast has more than 90,000 members and are very close in reaching 100,000 in total”. Anyway, I if any member of Bigeast happens to read this post, maybe you can enlighten us on this matter? Hahaha. But putting that aside, I’m really happy that the boys are gaining more fans in Japan. I’m more confident now that they CAN and they WILL fill Tokyo Dome with their fans once they perform there in July. :D

I can’t get enough of the five gorgeous rising gods of the East so here are some GIFs from their newest Japanese MV ” Share the World”.












[Credit: ces@soompi + mizzyuna@soompi]

The PV for the 27th Japanese Single ” Share the World” is finally out!

[Video credit: DBxToho]

I LOVE IT! The effects were SUPER COOL and AWESOME that I was rendered speechless WHILE watching the it and AFTER watching it. I love all the shots of the boys. They look so nosebleeding-ly gorgeous. LOL. I really love everything about this MV… well except for the swimming part AND the floating/flying part, that is. I still find those  scenes WEIRD and AMUSING in a NOT so good way. I just hope they didn’t include those parts. I personally think those kinda killed the beauty of the MV. But putting those aside and ignoring the fact that the boys looked a bit “off” in those scenes, I’d still have to say that the cool effects and the perfect shots of the boys still made me love this MV. :D

Preview of the MV shown on Zoom In Super.

[Credit: DBxToho]

I think the MV is actually nice. I find it cool with the effects and all. BUT I’d just have to ask… what the heck is up with the swimming part? Seriously, it kinda ruins the coolness of the MV. The boys look like astronauts lost in space rather than people (or mermans, perhaps?) swimming and trying to explore the underwater world. Though I understand that it has something to do with One Piece’s theme/story, I think they could have deleted those scenes already. It’s just…how do I say this? It just doesn’t fit the mood and the boys’ image…