The Writer (Updated)

I’m Cla, a random girl who happens to love blogging. I’ve been doing this since I was in my senior year in high school. Writing is not my forté nor is it my hobby. It is just one of my ways in letting out my thoughts and opinions as well as my way of relieving stress and pressure. But lately, I haven’t written much and I’m just posting news on this blog because I’m too caught up with my job and I want to avoid hurting myself because of TVXQ’s current situation. I actually miss voicing out my opinions on different issues concerning JYJ or TVXQ through writing so from now on, I’ll try my best to write op-eds more often.

I’m an internet enthusiast, a music lover, a career woman and a Cassiopeia. I have mixed feelings and opinions about the current situation of DBSK but one thing’s for sure, I love them and I’ll be waiting for the day that they will perform together as five again.

  1. diana says:

    hi there i saw ur msg on my blog
    u r trying to get the concert tix to thai smtown concert?

    cos where im booking my tixs from
    only accept group booking min pax not known yet
    but can check out their forum…..

  2. lovetohateme says:

    ^^ thanks!

  3. Dorien says:

    Hello!! OMG! I love this site! I recently found out about it, I love it!! I wish I would have know about this earlier! I’m from Belgium, and DBSK is not really known here, so I have to find out everything through internet! This blog is awesome!! Thank you so much for sharing these information with other DBSK-fangirls who don’t have any other chose than to look things up on youtube and stuff!! Keep up the good work!!! I sure read your blog everyday!!!
    Big Belgium Hugs! -xxx-

  4. lovetohateme says:

    @ Dorien: Thank you so much for reading my blog and you’re welcome. It’s my pleasure to share info about DBSK. I’m glad I’m helping you by providing you with some info. Rest assured that I’ll update you guys with news about DBSK as often as I can. Again, thanks! =)

  5. Anonymous says:

    omg i love dbsk so much’

  6. JuNe says:

    OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! Only just by seeing part of these HOTTIES Mirotic MV had made my nose bleed much!!! Wait ’till the full MV officially comes out, and the second thing i’ll noticed is that i’m facing the ceiling of the hospital… For almost 2 years they dissappeared… Then suddenly they came back and *BANG* !!! 5 HOTTIES showed up and cast spell on all over the girls on this planet!!! Now, i’ve fallen for them!!! I’m under their spell….o_0

  7. lovetohateme says:

    ^^ The full MV is officially out. It came out just a few minutes ago. I’ve posted it here so just go and check it out. Just type Mirotic MV Full version on the search box above if you can’t find it. =)

  8. jana says:

    i really like your site! i can so relate to your “fangirl” mode since i was also recently introduced by my friend to the world of dong bang shin ki! *sigh* they really are so amazing! ;-) hontoni kawaii!
    by the way, extra thanks for the lyrics of afterglow! it is such a beautiful song…their voices here are heaven-sent! wooooot! hehehe.
    keep up the great work! ;-)

  9. lovetohateme says:

    ^^ you’re welcome. :D thanks for visiting, too.

  10. chocho says:

    I’m in my late 20’s and rediscovered DBSK very recently. I knew who they were but I wasn’t really interested in them because they were still like little boys back in 2004. When they came back from Japan with the new Korean album, Mirotic, OMG….they blew my mind away. They were HOT and their performance was incredibly great. I never knew Xiah Junsu was that HOT and sang beautifully. I just fell in love with them. I’ve become their loyal fan already.

  11. fara says:

    helo there ….
    i’m sooooooooooo lovin’ ur blog!!
    we have somethin’ in common here
    1. i also discovered dbsk through a friend
    2. n i have a huge,major crush on jaejoong!!

    keep on posting fabulous entries
    especially on those bout our hero =p
    i discovered ur blog n omg!!
    its lyke heaven!

    got to know these hot guys so recently
    post their comeback to korea tru mirotic
    wish i knew bout them earlier *sigh*

    nway nice knowing ya
    keep up the good work

  12. lovetohateme says:

    @ fara: thanks for being here, too! i’m happy you enjoy reading my posts and glad to know more fellow jaejoong fans here. :D

  13. anonymous2 says:

    hi there, I love how you’re biased towards jaejoong but you never ever put down others for the sake of glorifying him. And you’re not overly crazed like, “i wanna marry jj and have his children” or something like that haha.

    Ah I really really love jaejoong too! Have never seen anyone like him who captures my heart so, even though I can’t understand a word of korean or japanese. His mellifluous voice, eyes, multi-faceted personality…He is just really special. Frankly all the artistes I’ve liked before him seem so bland in comparison. I can totally imagine myself growing along with him, watching him stay on or fade away from the entertainment circle, marry, have kids, age..And I think I’ll always support him.:D

  14. lovetohateme says:

    ^^ hahaha. i don’t put down others simply because i don’t need to. i’ve always believed that supporting and loving an artist doesn’t include badmouthing others. =)

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hi! I saw you found our blog, thanks for coming over ^_^
    I`m a Jaejoong fangirl too =D but I obviously like all of them…I mean, how can you not like all of them? They`re so adorable and funny <3
    Nice to meet you =]

  16. lovetohateme says:

    ^^ hello there! you’re from sujucupcakes, right? i just checked the link when you commented the other time. nice blog you have there! :D

  17. AprilSunshine. says:


  18. ezra says:

    OMO, I’m a DBSK fangirl, particularly a JUNSU fangirl. <33 My fave couple is YooSu couple, but JUNSU and Yunho tops my list. :))


  19. suki says:

    hey, im from jamaica and well i swer its just me and my lil sis ho know and love dbsk. so thanks alot for your blogs all about dbsk, it reallllllly helps. pls kep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!! dbsk hwaiting!!!!!!!!!

  20. Elia says:

    i live in thailand my youtube account is
    umm the thai dbsk tickets are at
    you can change it to english on the topm left of the screen..
    its postponed to feb though!!
    im going!!
    my friend got VIP SEATS WOOHOO!!

  21. jaesarang says:

    HELLO! i really REALLY want to thank you SO SO SO much for posting up all these! :D this site is AWESOME.
    i have a question though!
    do you happen to know where can i purchase the 2009 calander online from? cause i live in singapore. and there’s seriously nothing here in singapore that has to do with dbsk. I’M DESPERATE.
    please tell me! D:

  22. lovetohateme says:

    ^^ you’re welcome and you can go to to buy the calendar. i know they’re selling it there. hope that helps! :D

  23. Jennifer(: says:

    Hi there ! I recently came upon your blog a few weeks ago & I’ve been checking in for news about DBSK ever since. I’m from the US , & there’s really not much stuff on Kpop here, so your blog is a big lifesaver! I’m currently in the “fangirl mode” too. Just yesterday I made collage of Hero w/ one of my friends :D So yeah , I just wanted to say hi, & to let you know that I have been tuning into your blog. Especially since I saw your post about not wanting to have silent readers. Well then , keep up the good work ! (:

  24. lovetohateme says:

    @ Jennifer: Thanks for visiting and taking time to read my blog. :D Just leave your comments if you feel like it and join our little discussions. Hahaha. It’s fun having conversations and sharing opinions and thoughts with fellow fans. :D

  25. Jennifer(: says:

    Haha , yeah , I agree, chatting is A LOT of fun (: But I’ve never really posted comments on people’s blogs or anything . I mostly chat w/ friends on Myspace or AIM. Blogging’s pretty new to me ! :D

  26. Anonymous says:

    OMG i luv dbsk too <3
    i knew them since i was little cuz im KOREAN :D
    well i dont live in korea anymore but i agree with u
    HERO is the hottest guy who EVER lived <3
    going to a concert sumday…^^
    so if u need any help with translating i can help u?
    unless u hav friends to do that lol.

  27. lovetohateme says:

    @ Anonymous: Hi there! Sorry if I only replied to your comment now. Somehow I missed it because I had to reply to a lot comments at the same time. But anyway, thanks for being visiting! :D Oh, so you’re Korean? Cool. =) I’d love it if you could help in translating some stuff since I really don’t have friends who could help me in translating. Actually, I often check DNBN for some updates but since I don’t understand Korean, I only end up checking for pictures and not for news. I only get the translated Korean news from other sites or forums. Hahaha.

  28. Mizuna says:

    i noe y it doesnt come up now!
    i typed in wrong spot :3
    o and i commented bak on ur bloggy.

  29. lovetohateme says:

    Hahaha. I actually thought there’s something wrong with my blog since your name isn’t appearing. LOL. Thanks for coming back to leave a comment! :D

  30. mizuna says:

    LoL its nice to talk to a fellow fangirl XD do u have msn?

  31. mizuna says:

    ehh ur talking so much and im talking so little. my apologies. that never happens lol :D i talk more when im chatting hehe.

  32. lovetohateme says:

    Huh? I didn’t quite get your last comment. Hahaha, I’m so slow today. LOL. Unfortunately, I don’t have msn. I used Yahoo Messenger since it’s what most people here in the Philippines use. :D But I think I should consider using msn too since a couple of readers here are asking if I have msn. Hahaha.

  33. suki says:

    hey, being a fellow fangirl n all, dont u kinda miss dbsk wen they go to japan because they appear less on tv shows n stuff, cause weirdly i do…….

  34. lovetohateme says:

    @ suki: Well, they’re actually appearing in a lot of shows in Japan but the problem is, most of them are music shows so all they do is a little talk and they proceed in performing their songs. Unlike in Korea, they appear in variety shows where they play games, make lengthy interviews, and show their dorky selves. I guess that’s what I miss most because I’m enjoying their Korean TV show guesting compared to the Japanese ones.

  35. Dorien says:

    Hellow there!!
    I’m very sorry for people doing stuff like this to you!! But, I don’t think you should stop doing what you love most in this world!! They should pay for what they did to you, you shouldn’t punish yourself! Your not only an amazing writer, you seem to be a very smart girl as well! Your comments are funny and make a lot af sense (it’s not just some random opinion). You think before you write, and you do it in such a way that it is very easy and fun for us readers to read it!
    You should continue doing this!! I can’t say I know how you feel, because I was not the one being wronged, but you’re doing an amazing job here, and I bet you have a lot of fans, who keep up with your site every single day!
    Continue to make us proud being fans of DBSK!
    I’m positive that if DBSK knew they had fans like you, sharing info and admiring them, they would be very thankful!!
    Just like I am very thankful!! :) Cheer up! Keep the Dong Bang love high and alive!! -xxx- Dorien

  36. lovetohateme says:

    @ Dorien: Awww.. thanks for your kind and comforting words! I’m really touched. I’m glad to have readers like you who keeps on encouraging me at times like this when I’m feeling down. After reading your comment as well as the ones left by the others, I started to feel better. Thank you! Don’t worry, I won’t stop updating this blog. But I just need to take a short break because my work is seriously demanding so much from me right now. But I promise I will be back soon and hopefully you and the other readers would still be reading my blog by that time. :D

  37. Dorien says:

    AAHHH WELCOME BACK!!!! :) So happy right now!!!! *throws you a virtual -welcome back- party*
    UHUM…. *starts speech* We are all gathered here to welcome back the great writer of this blog! Let us all get drunk with Dong Bang love and keep on praying that we can continue our support for these 5 amazing MEN till at least the year ‘9095’ (get it?… OF COURSE you get it!! LOL) and please let the writer of this blog be “haengbok yeongwonhi” with Jaejoong Sshi (Can I have Junsu Oppa? *begs*!). Let us all continue the love and respect each others hard work!! *drinks soju AKA watches DBSK videos*
    [ps: I sincerely apologize for the silliness of the message… but when I’m happy… I’m HAPPY :)!!!!!]

  38. lovetohateme says:

    @ Dorien: Cheers! :D Hahaha. Thank you for that welcome back party and for that very nice speech. I love it! :D

  39. nessa says:

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    we’re looking for new author..and i don’t know why i like u here in wordpress hehehe..but i was very busy so i rarely come to wordpress..
    would u join us in sweetfig team???u’re from phil rite?we have phil author too,,she’s raissa,,
    so how bout it??
    it’s ok if don’t want to^^

    can u answer it to email?

    thx before^^

  40. gun sae says:

    omg, i like dbsk too and my favorite member is hero too and i think he gave hotness a new definition as well. But it is nothing special since there are countless others who think the same thing.

  41. donalduck luv mickyoochun says:

    hye!!!!anyone knows about Jae’s Heaven’s Postman????



  42. lovetohateme says:

    @ donalduck luv mickyoochun: LOL @ your username .:D About Heaven’s Postman, I think it will be aired around August or September. I’m not sure.

  43. katherine says:

    Dong Bang Shin Ki Hwaiting!!

  44. lovetohateme says:

    @ katherine: Thanks! :)

  45. VANESSA! says:

    heey, your blog is really updated (:
    i am also in fangirling mode currently :D
    update more,

  46. lovetohateme says:

    @ VANNESSA!: Hahaha. Thanks for dropping by my blog. :)

  47. NyNy says:

    Hey, it’s NyNy!
    Want to share links? I like your blog and Yoochun is a SEXY mofo.
    The new pictures of aadbsk3 look great.

  48. lovetohateme says:

    @ NyNy: Sure. I’ll add you up to my blogroll once I’m one replying to the comments. :D

  49. minhngoc says:

    It’s thoughtfull of U lovetohate me, I’m sure.

  50. natasa says:

    hey, your site is awsome, keep it up……I have to say you are the best source of new information about DBSK,lol….I already put it in my favorites:))

  51. lovetohateme says:

    @ natasa: Thanks! :D

  52. Schan says:

    Hi! I just found this site tonight! I have bookmarked it so I will definitely be visiting as often as possible!!
    Thank you for supporting DBSK in such a big way!! I am sure that the boys would greatly appreciate it!! >.<
    I too love Jae..but Changmin maybe just slightly more!! (Although Jae's voice is the only thing that can calm me when I am upset hehe).

    ^-^ Arigatou!!

  53. lovetohateme says:

    @ Schan: Hello and welcome! Hahaha. I’m glad you found this blog interesting. Thank you for coming here to read. Hope you enjoy and just feel free to leave comments if you have anything to say. I love it when readers are active. :D

  54. Schan says:

    Thank you!! You are so amazingly dedicated to the boys it’s wonderful!! Whenever I have time to read an update, I know where to come to find the latest information and pictures >.< etc!!

    ^_^ It's so nice of you to pour your passion into this!!

  55. sandranguy says:

    Appreciate you and your blog so much!! <3 ^_^
    Psst… Jaejoong is my favourite too ;)

  56. dnna says:

    Hey.. I loooooveeee your blog
    i like the way you commenting for every details also :D
    and especially because i also love Jae.. lol (not that i dont like the other 4, i nearly cried when i saw dating on earth and HTTG too. okay that was too much hehe)
    anyway, i’ll keep on reading your update ^^
    and um, i added you on my Yahoo Messenger Contacts if you dont mind :D
    have a great dayyyyy~<3

    • lovetohateme says:

      @ dnna: Thanks for visiting my blog! It’s nice to meet another Jae fan. :) I approved your YM invitation. You’re on my contact list already. :) Hope to talk to you soon!

  57. DBSKrockstheworld says:

    I loveeee your blog soooooo much!!! You give so many updates on DBSK so frequently! I discovered your blog last year and I’ve been coming to your blog almost everyday since then. All your opinions and comments on issues related to DBSK and the 5 boys are always fair. It’s great to see that!

    I love Jaejoong a lot too just like you! And I’m also a GREAT fan of Yunho and YunJae xD I think the 2 of them are soooo cute together!

    Btw how do you find so much time everyday to give updates on the boys? You’re really so dedicated to DBSK, I’m so glad to see that! Your blog is essential to us DBSK fans, and I’ll always coming to your blog as I’ll always be a fan of DBSK! You rock!!! Thanks a lot for creating this blog!! <3

    • lovetohateme says:

      @ DBSKrockstheworld: Thank you for continuously reading my blog posts and for taking time to leave some comments. :D I’m happy to know another DBSK fan, especially a JaeJoong fangirl like me. Hahaha.

      As for your question on how do I find so much time to give updates on DBSK everyday, well let’s just say that this has become a habit for me. Whether I’m tired and busy or has a lot of free time, as long as I have an internet access, I always make it a point to check on some updates on the boys and then post them here so that other fans could also be updated. It feels like my day won’t be complete without me knowing what’s new about DBSK. :)

  58. Kay says:

    Hey! :D
    I thought I’d leave a comment to say thank you for providing so much news and videos and everything else about DBSK! I’m a daily reader of your blog for nearly a year now and I love it! I’m also a big Jaejoong fan!

    I just want to say thank you for updating everything about DBSK and also for being so prompt! I also love reading your comments/entries as some are funny and some are really touching.

    Keep up the good work for us DBSK fans out there!
    Thank you soooo much! :D

  59. DBSKrockstheworld says:

    Oh ok I see… Well what a pity that I don’t have a lot of free time everyday cos I’m a student with lots of schoolwork to deal with everyday… Nevertheless, I will still make it a point everyday to find out more about DBSK just like you. I will find time to check the latest updates and news of DBSK everyday no matter how tired or busy I am. Anyway, your dedication to DBSK is really so touching!!! We DBSK fans are 4ever counting on you for the latest updates on DBSK!!! We all appreciate you and your blog posts so much!!! Thank you so much once again!!!!! :D :D

  60. DBSKrockstheworld says:

    Oh and btw, I’m just curious to know. At the top right hand corner of your blog there’s a part with the question “If DBSK breaks up, what would you do?” And the 5 members answers are there also. May I know when did the 5 of them say that? I’m so touched by that and am curious to know about it. THANKS :D :D

    • lovetohateme says:

      @ DBSKrockstheworld: I don’t know the date but I think this isn’t really recent. I saw it on Soompi before and I believe it’s an excerpt from one of their magazine interviews. I posted it in this blog last year (around August) and I just decided to post it on the side bar just as a reminder of how much DBSK means to each of the members. :)

  61. DBSKrockstheworld says:

    oh ok I see. Thank you so much anyway!! :D

  62. venil lovely says:

    hi! you’re from the Philippines, too? Wow…that’s very comforting to know that I have someone who feels the pain of DBSK’s separation who is close to home. ^_^ Where in the Philippines are you from?

    Sigh… I’m getting so depressed about all this rubbish that’s been going on. Everyday I wake up and wish that when I look into soompi, I’ll get a better news about our boys…but it just doesn’t happen. It’s really sad and though I could get through the day and still able to do activities of daily living…I still find myself staring into space and just thinking of our boys. I miss them so bad…I know everyone here can relate. I just don’t get it why they are not saying anything to us, fans. I think it would really help if they’d somehow appease our fears and all.

    I have been a fan ever since their debut…yet, even with that loyalty…my faith in them has slightly wavered. Please help me guys. I need encouragement…I need to believe once again that them being back as 5 is a reality and not just an imagination. T_T

    • lovetohateme says:

      @ venil lovely: Hello! Yup, I’m from the Philippines, too and I’m from Pampanga (but I used to stay in Manila back when I was in college). How about you? From what province/city are you?

      Well, I guess we can’t help but feel depressed over this but really, being depressed and frustrated over this won’t do us any help. It won’t change anything at all so it’s better if we try to just stay positive (although I know it’s hard) and hope for the best. I know this was said a million times but that’s really the only way we can do now. Although fans are doing a lot of projects for the boys, at the end of the day these can only serve as encouragements for the boys. It is impossible for us to take part in this lawsuit because they are the only parties legally involved in this. It’s a sad reality but all we can really do is wait.

      I agree that it would help if the boys would speak but I guess they can’t speak to us and appease us if they themselves doesn’t know what’s going to happen. I think it is so easy for us to say that they should just come out and tell us what’s happening but in reality, this could be a really hard thing for them to do. They’ll have to be sure and careful with everything they say if ever they’ll have a press conference and I think in this state where things are complicated, it is hard to say things that they might regret in the future. Yes, I want them to say something to us and let us out of the dark in this situation but I want them to do that once they’re ready. I want them to tell us everything once they’re sure of what they really want to do. Until that time, I will patiently wait. :)

      I know you’ve probably heard this from a lot of fans already but really, you just have to keep believing. None of us can say that they will surely be back as five again because I think even the boys are not sure of that as of now. It’s ultimately your choice if you’ll let your faith completely disappear or if you’re going to hold on to that hope – even if how little it is – that the boys will be together as five again someday. It’s up to you if you’re ready to let them go after more than 6 years of being their fan just because of this period of uncertainty.

      For me, I chose to keep the faith and continue believing because of the simple reason that I love them and I can’t let them go just because of this. =)

  63. Demi Boudesteijn says:

    OMG this site is sooooooooooo awesome!! I just found out about it and now I’m checking it every day to see news about those 5 hotties again XD I’m so glad that you made this blog!

    I just have a question about Jaejoong, Mickey, Xiah and that lawsuit because I don’t fully understand the whole thing that happened. I’m from Holland and maybe you can help me and explain it a little I would be really happy if you would thanks

    Ps. I sometimes have a little trouble with writing in english I hope I’m not making too many mistakes XD

    • lovetohateme says:

      @ Demi Boudesteijn: Hi! Thanks for reading this blog. =) Uhm, what do you want to know about the lawsuit? I’ll try my best to answer it.

  64. Demi Boudesteijn says:

    Uhm… well I don’t really understand what happened with jaejoong, junsu and mickey and SM like why did it happen and why they were unsatisfied with there contract? and what I don’t understand either is that their (I don’t really know how to explain this XD but I’ll try) song toki wo tomete was released while the lawsuit was still there (I hope you know what I’m trying to say XD) and the last thing is that I read on another site that Junsu, Jaejoong and Mickey aren’t alowed to see or have contact with Yunho or Changmin is that true? :( I hope not

    Well I hope you can undestand what I’m trying to say, like I said I’m not always so good in english XD and I hope you can awnser some of my questions thanks :)

    • lovetohateme says:

      @ Demi Boudesteijn: It’s pretty hard to explain since a lot has happened already and it’s been going on for months but basically, JaeChunSu filed the lawsuit because of their unfair contract under SM Entertainment and they want it to be fixed. As for the release of Toki Wo Tomete, they were actually allowed to release that even though the lawsuit is going on because they are still a group under Avex and SME. Although the Court has granted the three of them the freedom to accept individual projects without the need of SM’s consent, their contract with SM is not yet totally nullified. Besides, JaeChunSu also said that they are still willing to do group activities despite filing the lawsuit. And for your last question, it isn’t confirmed yet but it is said that SM is is forbidding any contact between the members since last November. Some sources (as in people) came out and said that this is true.

      It is hard to explain everything so I suggest you just read the articles I posted here from August to November 2009 to understand what’s happening. You can just navigate through the archives in the side bar.

      I hope that helps. :)

  65. Demi Boudesteijn says:

    Thank you so much I think I understand now :)

  66. Demi Boudesteijn says:

    OMG!!! I read everything from August 2009 till November 2009 AND NOW I HATE SM!!!! I already did but now I really want to burn them a million times!!!! It’s so unfear that the member can’t even talk to each other but don’t HoMin want to be involved in the lawsuit like the other members and be free to so they can be five happy member again?? :(

    I really really really love this blog! :)

  67. Jae* says:

    I think that’s the big problem. HoMin not saying anything. Yes, I understand their dilemma right now and why they can’t say anything, but it is because of this that the speculations continue and the rumors of disbandment. Even though i have full faith in them, I think Homin should at least say something to the media about forever staying as DBSK and not splitting. But I guess SM would not like that. No matter what the reason though #alwayskeepthefaith

  68. michelle says:

    I think ,If they want to talks ,they want to share ,and they want the world see how strong of their love to the fans ,to DBSK they’re already talks.They came out from one business show and introduce their name :I’m Yunho from DBSK ,and the other : I’m Changmin ,DBSK.just like nothing happen on the last few months…It hurts so much when I saw Jae ,Chun,and Su cried a lots in stage on those last few day,keep singing and waiting ,give out the messages for Y and C ,and then no where to found the two brothers.Those Brothers’re keeping the silent ,again .I wonder what the things SM already done for this terrible silent ?I wonder ,what they’re thinking right now ,and for the last few months,Y and C ,How can they leaves everything out ,just like that?

  69. Candesse says:

    I want to know DBSK’s latest news and it is so hard to know what’s happening over there… =S
    though the latest “in” group now is “B2st”…I don’t really like them, and other friends are like “DBSK is so out”…this makes me really angry!!! and they call themselves a “fan” when while going after the latest “in” group???!! sheeesh!!!i hate these glory seekers!!! anyway, the point is, I don’t know anything new because their news are not reported here and there’s no one to talk to me about DBSK… T______T
    i want them back!!! and so that i can say “HA! IN YOUR FACE Biatch!” when DBSK makes their come back…and is Hero alone in US or with Micky and Xiah?

  70. Hangie says:

    i like your frank way of speaking! I log on this page everyday!
    seems like this page is known by more and more people when I ask them on FB. Congratulation for your hard work!
    I hope there a forum here and we can talk more and more and understand each other and share our dbsk ! ^^

    • lovetohateme says:

      @ Hangie: Hello! Thanks for visiting this blog everyday. People from FB knows this site? I didn’t know that. =) Well, I can’t exactly make a forum here since I think WordPress doesn’t have that option but you can always leave comments and reply to other readers’ comments. It’s almost the same as having a forum. :D

  71. Akimi says:

    Love ur new layout~ It’s something new…
    Keep it up. XD

  72. lovetohateme says:

    @Akimi: Thanks! :)

  73. tantan1501 says:

    Hi! I love your blog!!!! it’s been like almost a year that I first visited and now I come to your blog everyday to get the news of the boys =] so it’s all thanks to you that I get to know more of their activities =]
    please continue with your daily updates!!! ^^
    oh and btw… I wanted to share a link with you… it’s a very bad article on the boys >.<
    was so frustrated when I first read it! and yeah I'm still frustrated actually –"

  74. w. says:

    JJ biased….Horray! All the better for me. :)

  75. lu says:

    i love jeajonng too!!! hes not just hot guy, but cute and a nice guy, i saw all their videos and i like hes personality, i like a guy whose speak the truth, im sorry if a write wrong is because im fron argentina and my english is not good, so i hope yo understand what im mean

  76. JY says:

    Love your blog. Thanks for translating JYJ’s twitter since I can not read Korean.

  77. Kwonshi says:

    Hi~ I love your blog and how the news are presented ^^ It makes me wanna read it ㅋㅋThat’s funny cuz first I read your blog name in the japanese way like LOVE ha-to-me and I was like wth does it mean?! oO… and then I figured out it was actually ENGLISH XDD LOL (reminds me of Su and his fail Jungrish :p) But oh well I guess I was maybe a bit too deep in THSK’s lyrics lately… XD Sorry ㅠ
    And oh why did u choose that name in the first place? Do you really love to hate yourself? O_O lol j/k :)

    Anyway, I’m off to read your articles~ ^^ See yaaa

    • lovetohateme says:

      Hi Kwonshi! Thank you for visiting my blog and reading the articles I post. Well regarding your question on why I chose the username “lovetohateme”, there’s really no special reason behind it. I just thought of it because before, I always use the phrase “I hate myself” whenever I make a mistake or do something stupid that I don’t usually do. Hahaha.

  78. Kwonshi says:

    LOL okay :) Mine would be “why am I so stupid?!” but i wouldn’t go that far to hate myself… >< Actually that never really happened.. yet xD But oh well everyone has their own reactions kkk ^^
    I read that you were from the Philippines ^^ Do you like Charice by chance? lol Cz I really love that girl and her voice ^^b She's simply amazing! =D
    So if I may ask, what are you doing for a living? I'm still a college student but I feel like you're older than me :)

  79. lovetohateme says:

    Yup, I’m from the Philippines. I’m not totally a fan of Charice but I do love her voice and I watch her performances especially when she’s in Korea. :)

    I’m already working for a company as part of the marketing team. I’m the one in charge of the advertisements. May I know from what country you are and how old are you?

  80. Kwonshi says:

    Oh I see ^^ I’m a Korean Frenchie born and raised in my freshman years and I’m 18 (soon 19 yay! lol) :)
    Do you like your job? Cz I’m a med stud for the moment but it’s so damn hard that I’m thinking about changing my major ^^’ haha And I was considering working on a company… =)
    and if you dunno yet, I’m following you ^^

  81. samvill says:

    i found me a Pinay!!!
    I’ll read ur blog later at home. i’m at the office you see… LOL
    I’m already excited to read your page… ^^

  82. dinieluvyunho says:

    thanks for all ur updated news.. i really love ur blog.. i also mad to homin but i cant stop loving them (i love jyj too) and that why i never stop praying that homin gonna leave SME then join jyj sooner.. i know it’s sound crazy but i keep praying that SME will be more push homin harder from before until homin get fed-up then leave SME just like jyj do…

  83. Regina says:

    Hi !
    I’m very glad to find some awesome articles from you.
    I’m from Indonesia =D and I’m Cassiopeia too…

    I feel very touched when I read your article about the messages from our beloved five boys to their fans…
    Maybe it is too late for crying or feeling touching about it, but sometimes I open again all about them when they were still as 5… their songs, their music videos, their variety shows, etc…
    And, all about them still can make smile or tears at my face… Those things can grow up my faith bigger and bigger everyday…
    Many Cassiopeia Indonesia still hoping that oppadeul will reunite one day and won’t separate again, so do my friends and I…
    We still love and supporting both of them now, JYJ and HoMin…

    And, after I read about your update here, I start to confused…
    Why don’t you keep support HoMin too?

    “I do not hate them but I am disappointed with their recent behavior and words towards the three people who they once called their brothers.”
    May I know their recent behavior and words that make you very upset?

    Thank you, jeongmal gamsahamnida…

    mianhae, sorry if my english’s very bad =)

  84. anna says:

    annyeonghaseyo …
    honestly .. new to me including Yooochun & JYJ .. after I saw Yoochun acting in Miss.Ripleys & SKKS … (because I am a Korean drama lovers..hehe..) and now .. I really love Yoochun also members of other JYJ … thanks you’ve made this blog, because all the fans JYJ must need news about them … once again .. thank you very much for news about JYJ … keep the spirit and keep writing ok … success

  85. kanahagino says:

    I’ve read your articles and your comments and would like to say how much I LOVE your them. I can really sympathize with you. And this is a first. I’ve been away from the fandom for a bit over 8 years, so I didn’t know the whole tragedy of their break-up.

    I just couldn’t ever sympathize with DBSK (or JYJ) fans, because they’ve been so immature, close-minded and plain crazy that I couldn’t get or talk to them. They’re the actual reason why I left the fandom back then. And even though I occasionally still feel like “Why am I doing this to myself. The fans’ comments just make me depressed and angry” Posts like yours remind me that good people still exist!

    Thank you for your blog.

    • lovetohateme says:

      Hi! Sorry for the super late reply. I haven’t been opening my WP account that often anymore since I stopped writing on this blog already and I rarely see the comments left here.

      Anyway, thank you for your comment. It’s true that the attitude of some DBSK/JYJ fans has become intolerable especially in the past few years. I actually feel so sad and disappointed when I come across these fans. But believe me, there are still a lot who are very mature and open-minded (especially those who have been genuine fans since their early years/before the break-up) who either support both groups or who support one group without bashing the other.

      I just wish the fanwars of 2DBSK vs JYJ fans would stop. It’s sickening to read their insults and bashing towards one another. I just hope they learn to live in peace and move on just like how the 5 guys have moved on already.

      • kanahagino says:

        Oh, I didn’t know you replied to me, sorry!
        Yeah, I’ve seen that you stopped posting. I feel it’s unfortunate that so many people have stopped blogging, but I’m not one to say that as I’ve abandoned my blog too.

        These fanwars are even more horrible as they blame the other group too and spread rumors about them.
        And I’m just unable to hate DBSK or JYJ. Because I can see how hurt both groups are. It’s just obvious. And I would be heartbroken if the fans or me bash them hard enough until they develop depression. I cried a lot when I heard about Kim Jonghyun, so… I don’t want that to happen to any of them. I want them to be happy.

        And what they (or other idols, like Super Junior or FT Island or as I’ve heard: Exo, even though I don’t know them) go through because of their fans is beyond horrible. I think the Kpop stars are not safe enough. Why do I barely hear anything like this about my favorite japanese stars? Why are they more safe than korean stars?
        Sometimes, I remember why I stick to japanese singers more than korean singers. Despite me growing up with japanese music.

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