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110129 JYJ / THE BEGINNING : Worldwide Concert In Seoul Edition (2CD+1DVD)

Sales Price : USD21.34
Release : 2011-02-10
Shipped From : Korea

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< JYJ Worldwide Concert In Seoul Edition >

– JYJ Vol.1 The Beginning (New Limited Edition) + The Beginning Making DVD + 6 Tracks CD
– 2CD + 1DVD
– Case Size : 20cm * 20cm * 1.8cm (PET Box Package)

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101217 ‘JYJ 1st Concert in Seoul’ organizers releases apology note

After the first JYJ Concert in Seoul organized by Maps International (27 and 28 of November) I would like to express my gratitude to the fans who came to watch the show despite the cold weather.

In this concert the 3 members of JYJ wanted to release new songs because this was their first show, greeting Korean fans into the most beautiful concert hall using the installation on the roof prepared to withstand rainy weather or wind as a brilliant stage production with excellent sound system, we hoped you fans would make unforgettable memories.

However, by completely unexpected temperatures on the morning of the 27th with snow and freezing weather, snow piled on the side of the membrane and melt off the roof and caused unforeseen circumstances. This changes in the weather caused an emergency meeting to find anyone who could fix this disaster, and because of safety considerations we arrived to the conclusion that the first gig should be canceled. JYJ didn’t want to disappoint Korean and overseas fans who wanted to see their first concert in Korea, and even if they couldn’t offer you a lot of what was promised, it was determined to dismantle the roof membrane over five days so the show could be held.

Windy days then made delays in the process of dismantling of the roof, set seating, rehearsal schedules, etc. It all was delayed more than expected turning into the situation of late entry to the show and the starting time also delayed.

We wanted to create lasting memories for the fans who could join JYJ concert, but since the state of road surfaces was slippery it was judged to be dangerous, so the organizers of the event felt sorry to see there was no point to show the secondary stage.

So around 10 pm the show had to finish because of the rules of the stadium, we also apologize for even finishing the inevitable encore performances.

But to not disappoint the fans who came from afar, the organizers were ready to do our best performances rather than held a cancellation, so please feel free to send questions and quarries to understand a little bit more and be able to do a fantastic concert next time. Promising to meet the expectations of the fans, I would like to offer apologies once again.

We are grateful to the fans who weren’t stopped to come and watch the show even under the unexpected cold weather. Once again thank you fans, let’s continue cheering for JYJ.
Thank you.

December 15, 2010
Maps International CEO, Hwang Jong Ook

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[EXCLUSIVE] DBSKnights Interviews JYJ Dancer Telisha Shaw

Interview by: Rachel (MrCKDexter)
Photos by: Anthony Cabaero

Touring with JYJ in America and performing in the JYJ Worldwide Showcase in Seoul has turned dancer Telisha Shaw into an enthusiastic new Cassie.

Only two days after her return to LA, still slightly jet-lagged, Telisha agreed to a phone interview with DBSKnights. She was excited to share about her experience with Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu (whom she called “JJ, Micky and Jun”). In the past, Telisha has also danced with artists such as Janet Jackson, Christina Aguilera, and Green Day. But her experience is not limited to dancing, her “first love”. Telisha has also acted in television shows Weeds and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and in the Hollywood film Step Up 2; The Streets as Felicia.

DBSKnights: So how did you get involved with JYJ?

Telisha Shaw: I knew of an acquaintance out here in LA that I had worked with before and he randomly gave me a call and asked if I knew anyone that could choreograph for this new group that they were working with. I immediately thought of Jeri (Slaughter). Based on our friendship and his repertoire, I figured he’d be a perfect fit especially because it involved the artist dancing. … I suggested him for the job and everything worked out. … [JYJ’s management] fell in love with him. And after Jeri came aboard, he brought me on as a dancer. … Pretty quick process! (laughs)

As the JYJ trio were busy in Korea, Jeri Slaughter sent them footage of the choreography to learn. At the same time, the dancers started rehearsals in LA. A few days before the New York concert on November 12th, they finally all met in a studio in New York.

Telisha: That’s when we learned the power of their work ethic. ‘.Cause usually when you send an artist material, 9 times out of 10 they really don’t go over it or they come in and you can tell they have no idea what’s going on. [JYJ] knew things better than we did. They were correcting us. I remember one day Jun came in and started going like, “No, that part goes here” and we were like “Are you kidding?” (laughs)

From the getgo, Telisha Shaw knew this experience would be extraordinary. “It was just like an establishment of a little family – the JYJ family. We had heard how amazing they are to work for … but instantaneously when they walked in the room, it all set in.” On November 15th, she tweeted “Thank you God/Universe…thus far this is the best gig I’ve ever had.” DBSKnights asked her what made it one of the best gigs:

Telisha: It’s really rare that you get a total package from the artist where a) they act real in front of you, B) they’re not afraid for you to shine around them and just other variables that you really just don’t encounter.
As a whole, from top to bottom, I’ve never worked on a job where there was so much good energy. There was not one negative person or a weak link. Even when people were tired or even, you know, having one of those days where you’re just messing up, there was always this camaraderie, this support. I’ve danced with Janet (Jackson) in the past, and in all honesty, that was a very high bar. Because of her work ethic and her just being an amazingly nice person. And surprisingly, it got topped. I never thought it would get topped and it did by this experience.

Telisha explained that before October, she didn’t know anything about of K-pop and didn’t realize how deeply rooted the K-pop fandom is. When the the US tour began, Telisha and the other dancers were shocked by the turnout. ‘When we were in New York, we all had friends and family coming to the show and [they] were just like, “Um, the line is a couple of avenues long.” I was like, “No way, you’re exaggerating.”’

Thus followed the whirlwind tour through New York, Vegas and Los Angeles. Directly after the show at the Galen Center in LA, Telisha and the JYJ dancers hopped on a plane for Seoul. (We showered in the USC locker room and then got on the plane. I was like “Whoa, this is so rockstar!” (laughs). Then in Seoul, they began rehearsals for the two day finale on November 27th and 28th.

Telisha: On our first day, JJ lost his voice so everybody was kind of nervous about that. Everybody was getting sick cause you just get so run down. I don’t know if people understood this but the show that Jeri put on in Seoul with his team at Slaughterhouse – usually a show like that takes two months to rehearse. We had nine days to do it together. We knew some of the material just from the US shows but we had brought in additional cast members so that’s teaching them, learning the (new) material and we did all of it in nine days.

In addition to the time crunch, the production was plagued by bad weather. Although the Jamsil Olympic Stadium was covered by a canvas roof for the JYJ concert, the roof was torn and had to be taken down because of snow and hail early in the morning on the 27th. Both the performers and the fans were exposed to the elements.

Telisha: When we rehearsed outside, I had on three pairs of leggings, some tights, three shirts and a down vest. … To go from that to literally a bustier, leggings, a small skirt and some boots (for the show) and to stand there during the intro – I was like “Oh my God!” There’s ice on the steps, there’s snow on the ground.
When we came off stage, you know, you try to find a portable heater just to warm up a little bit. It came to a point where I couldn’t feel my fingers one time. But you just keep going and try to do the best show ever.

Telisha and the JYJ dancers were very impressed by the fans who attended the showcase in Seoul.“This is really fandom right here. Because the fans were like, ‘I’m freezing and I’m sitting here watching this entire show.’ They were definitely troopers.”

DBSKnights: Was there a difference between fans in America and fans in Korea?

Telisha: No, not really. As a whole, their fans are consistent. Whether it’s two thousand or twenty thousand, you’re still going to get that intensity regardless of if it’s in America (or Korea). … As far as the intensity, and the pride of being a Cassie, there was no difference to me. Across the board, it’s a strong support system and I know [the fans] traveled and came from all walks of life. It was amazing to see.

DBSKnights: What was Thanksgiving like in Seoul?

Telisha: It was kind of unexpected. We just walked in. … It was one of those days where we were like, “Is it Thanksgiving here or back home?” We couldn’t figure it out. And finally I was like, “Oh no, it’s Thanksgiving here.” They had taken care of us, getting a turkey – I have no idea where they got this turkey from! We had a pretty nice Thanksgiving dinner.
Jun was teaching us magic tricks backstage. He’s really good with cards and sleight of hand! We were just cracking up, like, “Oh my god!” We couldn’t figure it out. (laughs)

DBSKnights: From your tweets, it sounded like Junsu hung out with the dancers more. Was that the case?

Telisha: JJ and Jun hung out with us the most. … Micky is amazing at disappearing. Like literally, you could be in a full on conversation and see him across the room and you look again and “Where’d Micky go? Did you see Micky? Where’d he go?” (laughs) He’s so good at vanishing! It’s like he evaporates. I remember at the after party, he did it again. We were just like, “Have you seen Micky? Okay. Wow. He’s gone.”
Definitely Jun hung out with us and so did JJ. JJ was super playful, getting on the aerialist ring and goofing off. It was super funny! (laughs) … They were just amazing people, amazing guys to work with. Really deserving of everything that they get.

One of Telisha’s favorite foods is kimchi, and when the JYJ boys discovered this, they teased her. “They thought I was kidding. But no, I really love this stuff! So every time they came out, they were like, “Teli!” – which cracks me up that they call me by my nickname – and they were like “I see you! Stop eating everybody’s food!” (laughs)”

Telisha talked briefly about the JYJ boys learning English and I was struck by her great respect from them as artists. “I think it’s an extension of them communicating with their fans and having their music come across more clearly to a wider audience,” she told DBSKnights. “I think it has to have been hard. … When it comes to verbalizing and expressing yourself, to not be able to – I know sometimes they were getting, you know, a little frustrated because they couldn’t express themselves. That’s what they are, they’re vocalists. But I can definitely see them learning English even better because it will give them another channel for them to reach people with their music.

DBSKnights: Any final words for the fans of JYJ?

Telisha: For JYJ fans, I want to thank them for welcoming me and being such an amazing support group for the boys. They’re really amazing people and really amazing artists to work with. I can’t wait to do it again. I can’t to see everybody’s faces again. … I’m so overwhelmed and so overjoyed by the support that they get. And I think it’s really amazing. I loved it, I really did. And I can’t wait to experience it again.

Telisha says, “I’m super geeked to be a newfound Cassie now and so excited that everybody accepted me so well!” Please welcome her at @telishashaw. This December, Telisha will be going in to the recording studio to record with Justin Timberlake’s artist Free Sol. We look forward to seeing much more from you, Telisha!

Welcome to the fandom! We’re happy to have you!

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101201 JYJ Seoul Concert Contributed Huge Economic Ripple Effects with Ten Billions Value Added

Male group JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) showed off powerful tickets power on the foreign fans, and once again proved that they’re still the central point of Hallyu wave.

In commemoration of the release of their worldwide album ‘The Beginning’, JYJ announced to conduct the large scale two days concert on last 27th and 28th at Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium entitled ‘JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul’.

There were around 3000 international fans came visiting South Korea in order to watch the concert from Japan, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, and other Asian countries, while there were also fans coming from United States and Europe. Due to these fans’ visit, the local tourism market in November finally got the long-awaited boost.

JYJ concert was even mentioned in a tourism industry magazine prior to the D-day, “There are expected as many as 20,143 Japanese visitors will come to South Korea. JYJ’s Seoul concert that will be held on November 27th and 28th is the large factor.” Another tourism official said, “Out of 4,113 people, at least 2,500 are ‘Hallyu Tourists’ who come to watch JYJ’s concert.” The group’s immense popularity can be proven on these statements.

In fact at the day of concert, five hours before the concert started a lot of fans from all over nations already gathered at Jamsil Olympic Stadium. There were fans especially from Japan, China, Thailand, Philippines, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and many other fans from around the world were wandering around at the venue area, transforming the concert event to be an international festival instead. Inside the concert venue, there were also guidances written in China and Japan, added even more feeling of watching an international event.

A travel agency official who was spotted at the scene, commented, “People who are watching this concert has been the cause of the growing number of tourists in South Korea.” and “JYJ have always proven their power as Hallyu stars, they’ve been doing this great job from all these times.”

He also revealed, “Due to the flock of tourists in Seoul, it was really difficult to do advance reservation at downtown hotels (around the date). Probably through this concert a ripple economic effects values about ten billion won would have occured.”

In meantime, it was only a month ago these JYJ stage performances received a comment as “JYJ activities must give bad influence to Hallyu.” from Korean Federation of Pop Culture (in short, Munsan) who sent requests to local and cable broadcasters to refrain from distributing the appearance of JYJ on their programs, thus stood in negative position.

Munsan sent a memorandum to each local station on last October 11th, “(JYJ’s TV appearances, etc) would throw cold water to South Korea’s cultural Hallyu wave and the country image as a whole.” and also, “Our popular Hallyu wave culture will walk on degradation (due to JYJ)” as they pointed out.

However, looking from the result which JYJ achieved this month in Seoul, as well as other 6 Asian cities in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, China, and also 3 major cities in United States through the group’s previous showcase tour that successfully mobilized thousands number of international fans had become evidences to put the weak published claim of Munsan to the ground, also giving proof of the group’s huge ticket power.

credit: todaykorea

JYJ’s Seoul concert had a mammoth economic impact

Through JYJ’s ‘Worldwide Concert in Seoul’, held recently on November 27th and 28th, the trio once again showcased their popularity among international fans, and proved why they are considered the central axis of the Hallyu Wave.

A total of 3000 international fans flew into Korea to watch the show, including fans from Japan, China, Taiwan, and Malaysia, as well as those in America and Europe. Due to this, flight agencies were able to see a visible bump up in sales for November 2010.

One magazine company in the tourism industry stated before JYJ’s concert, “2143 of JYJ’s Japanese tourists will fly into Korea in November, with JYJ’s Korean concerts on the 27th and 28th having a huge influence on this.” Another representative of a tourist agency expressed, “Of the 4,113 tourists our company is serving, 2,500 are tourists who came to watch JYJ’s concert.”

A horde of fans gathered at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium five hours before the concert even began. The concert venue transformed into a global festival, where fans from Japan, China, Thailand, the Philippines, America, England, and Germany were able to meet.

“The number of tourists entering Korea made a great jump upwards because of this concert. Through this, JYJ have proved their power and devotion as Hallyu stars,” explained a tourist agency representative at the concert venue.

They continued, “It got to the point where it became difficult for travelers to book rooms at hotels in Seoul. This concert would probably have raked in an economic value between $800,000 to $8 million USD.”

Meanwhile, just under two months ago, representatives of the Korean Entertainment Producers Association stated that, “JYJ’s activities will have a negative influence on the Hallyu Wave”, and sent out letters of request to various public and cable TV shows, asking them to avoid broadcasting JYJ on TV.

Despite this, JYJ have been traveling for the past month to six cities in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and China, as well as three of the biggest cities in America, in order to hold the concerts for their worldwide showcase, which attracted an enormous international fan base and thus proved wrong the flimsy allegations against their negative influence on the Hallyu effect.

Source: Today Korea
Credit: Allkpop

It;s amazing that it suddenly started to snow during JYJ’s concert while they were performing on stage. I think it was a sign from the heavens that these precious boys are truly blessed. :)

101201 JYJ Welcomed the ‘First Snow’ Together with 35,000 Fans

JYJ welcomed the ‘First Snow’ together with 35,000 fans, perhaps the heaven wants to join in for the concert as well.

JYJ (JaeJoong, YooChun, JunSu) tears because of snow, smile because of snow.

At the nights of 27th and 28th November, JYJ held their first ever concert at Seoul Jamsil Sport Stadium. On the 27th of the concert, due to the strong snow rain and hail that ripped off the huge ceiling, they had no choice but to remove the ‘dome’. And because of that, the concert which was schedule to start at 7pm had to delay for an hour.

To set up such ceiling at this type of huge sports stadium was a first in Seoul, therefore it had attract many attention. However with the removal of it, not only audiences but JYJ themselves had to bare in the cold.

But a movie like scene happened at the second day of the concert just like a miracle. When the concert had reach its climax, suddenly the sky was filled with snow, the members were smiling in the snow and wipe away all the sorrow.

Before his solo stage began, YooChun said, “Is this the first snow? Having to welcome the first snow with the love ones, I will take this as the first snow”, which had led to an explosive respond from the fans.

JaeJoong also expressed, I read a tweet from a fan yesterday, she said, ‘perhaps the heaven wants to watch oppa’s performances too’, I had received so much comfort after reading it”, and was very thankful to his fans.

At the end of the concert, JYJ stated, “Seeing the snow during the concert, felt like we had created a lovely memories together with our fans. Due to the cold weather, our concert couldn’t go as planned, though we have some regrets, but after seeing 70,000 fans who were shouting and supporting us in the cold, we are really touched and thankful.”

Although this is the coldest autumn ever, but it cannot stop the enthusiasm of fans for JYJ. The lovely snow that falls during the concert had added a romantic effect to the stage, which is a ‘special stage effects’ that human can’t achieved.

After the concert, satisfied fans expressed, “We can’t felt the cold, and this is a stage of the artists and the fans.” They said, “Listen to JYJ songs had melted away all the coldness; hope to see them more often at other stages.”

This is a crisis situation like a roly-poly that stayed un-waved and strong, JYJ had overcomed all unexpected obstacles with their passion and enthusiasm to present a sparkling nights. At the end of the concert, the snow which had a short paused begins to fly again.

Source: TodayKorea + BaiduTVXQ
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