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Black Beat’s Sim Jaewon & BoA indirectly respond to Junsu’s tweet?

A member of SM Entertainment’s choreography team and former Black Beat member, Sim Jaewon, left an indirect message for JYJ through his personal Twitter.

On January 7th, he wrote, “I can’t just hold back any longer.. Hey, little brother, that’s not right at all.. Who do you think you are pointing fingers at?  Don’t act like you’re so upset.  Who’s the real one that’s hurt in here…?  So ungrateful, how could you do this?

Fans have speculated that the tweet was responding to an earlier tweet made by Junsu in regards to Yunho’s “Thanks To.”

BoA later re-tweeted Sim Jaewon’s tweet, and suggested that her followers take a read.

Source + Photos: Newsen via Daum

And here’s another one:

Super Junior’s Sungmin and Shindong defend TVXQ on Xiah Junsu’s tweet

Ever since Xiah Junsu tweeted an emotional series of messages to U-know Yunho, it seems like more and more SM Entertainment artists are coming out to defend the two TVXQ members. The latest of these public dissidents are Super Junior’s Sungmin and Shindong, who each took to their Twitter or mini-hompy to express their thoughts on the controversy.

On January 7th, Sungmin wrote,

“After keeping it in after sometime, I’m leaving this message because I feel this has gone too far. Does (he) not remember the old days when we said we’d work hard together? We were happy even when we were practicing. Did (he) really forget the times when we thought going on broadcast even just once felt like a dream? I’d like it if (he) could look in the mirror once again and think whether (he) has forgotten his rookie mindset~ I understood and forgave them for leaving us without a single word so they could find their own paths, but I don’t know why they are making fools out of people who are quietly doing well by saying all kinds of these absurd lies and hurtful sayings.”

Meanwhile, Shindong, who followed BoA and retweeted Black Beat’s Sim Jaewon’s tweet, also added,

“Enemy (敵): An opponent who wants to fight or hurt another.

Ingratitude (背恩忘德): An attitude of one throwing away their indebtedness to someone and betraying them.

In other words, saying that my family wants to fight or hurt another is an attitude of one throwing away their indebtedness to them and betraying them!”

Source: Newsen via Daum Media, Shindong’s Twitter

Seriously, other people who aren’t involved in this should mind their own business. I know they are part of the “SM FAMILY” and they might be just defending Yunho and Changmin but do they really need to get this far as to bash Junsu (and probably JYJ)? I thought that since they used to be close friends with the three members, these people would know better than to add fuel to the fire through these kinds of tweets.

It’s hard enough for fans to see both sides (HoMin and JYJ) seemingly clashing but these idols still needed to complicate things even more by involving themselves in this drama. I am seriously pissed off and disappointed because they’re just adding to the pain that the five members and Cassiopeia are experiencing now.

I really have high respects for these artists especially to their so-called “sunbae” but because of this, I really don’t know what to think of them. I am just so disappointed right now.

  1. Annie-Singapore says:

    From the beginning during the interview, JYJ has been hoping that the group can be formed back. I don’t understand why others want to put such a stir between both groups. People must be jealous that they were so close to eachother in the past. That could be the reason for them to put such a stir between both group.
    All fans actually hope that they can all stick back to the group. Don’t anyone feel that it will be greater if they are good friends again. It’s quite sad to read the message from Junsu. His heart is genuine and same to the rest of the two members. Why make them like a bad person? If you are the died hard fans and had been watching them from the time they debut. They are not that type of person that they bad-mouthed.

  2. wasabi says:

    The five of them need to sit and talk this out because it seems as if there are a lot of bottled up emotions and unresolved conflicts between them. And Suju and BoA really shouldn’t get involved because it’s just gonna start more fan wars :(

    The two people that should have said something regarding all of this still haven’t given a response. :\

  3. purplicious says:

    I am SO SAD with all that is happening between JYJ and Homin now. To add to all this, the SM artiste are now bashing JYJ. It seems having them perform together someday is not going to be very likely. Why is this happening? I’m just so disappointed with the whole situation. I wish they could just meet up and talk this out. T T

  4. Shana Xangai says:

    I really wish Junsu hadn’t said anything…I really hope that bad feelings aren’t developed between the two groups as a result. I think Junsu was a bit wrong to publicly blame Yunho and it’s nice to see that people want to defend Yunnie. That being said, I really wish people not get too upset and remember that once they were all close friends.

    I wonder what Yunho and Junsu are thinking right now???

  5. younadesu says:

    i am the only one that sees the sadness and pain in junsu’s words.i love dbsk but if evryone is chasing jyj away,i will

  6. younadesu says:

    with my own life if i could.i love homin but why evyone sees jyj as the guilty ones.i’m so pissed.leave them alone!

  7. findoutthetruth says:

    if fans can’t stop themselves from speaking out for or against, then how much more frustrated do you think the people in the inner circle are feeling-those who KNOW what is going on. ask yourself why they speak out. besides, JYJ never spoke about being TVXQ again until after YH & CM announced their comeback. hmmm.. why, i wonder

  8. Aisha says:

    Now, I read your blog everyday but don’t post anything. But this is something that I must post to. I truly think that the other artist shouldn’t have said anything. They don’t know has truly happeened between the 5 of them, so they have no right to a say in the situation. I wish I could ask them if they asked Yunho himself or Changmin what really happened and why this is happening because I highly think Junsu would just go and put something like that on the Internet. This is the type of stuff that really makes me mad. For them to say that Junsu and the others aren’t suffering but it’s on Yunho and Changmin. They can go kiss a monkeys butt for all I care. Until you (SM artists) have heard both sides, don’t say a thing because you are making a complete a** of yourself.

  9. michelle says:

    JYJ sings “W” ,”I HAVE NOTHING ” and cried when they sing those songs ,is it not enough ,and how about what they said after that…?And there are few times they already said they missed their brothers,they ‘re not TVXQ if they’re not 5 together,so ,who ‘re saying that “JYJ NEVER SPOKE ABOUT BEING TVXQ AGAIN UNTIL YH&CM ANNOUNCED THEIR COMEBACK..”,please check ,and make sure before you spoke or say the comment…

  10. jooons says:

    all five members seriously need to sit down and have a good long talk and settle everything out. it’s really too bad that this won’t happen anytime soon since it seems like SM is never gonna let that happen. i think i remember reading that jyj tried contacting them, but haven’t been able to reach them.

    and for the SM artists that are defending homin, they really shouldn’t be saying anything negative at all to jyj. honestly, they only know one side of the story. they obviously know how homin are doing cause they can see them everyday and talk to them. but who are they to say that jyj isn’t hurting as well. it doesn’t make any sense. they obviously don’t (or can’t because of SM) talk or meet up with jyj like they do with homin.. how do they know that jyj isn’t hurting as well? if they want to say anything it should be something positive. not something that puts other people down.

  11. Aysheh says:

    Seriously? Sumgmin and Shindog should mind their own business!! What the HELL is UP with SME entertainers..what is SNSD also going to join the “support”line?? It well within Junsu right to tweet what ever the hell he wants…from where im standing it seems to me that SME can say whatever it wants and no body can say anything but when Junsu/Yoochun/Jaejoong open their mouth they are overcome with criticism from their so called “friends.”

    As for Shindog..SERIOUSLY?? please now that you see yourself as a”big boy” you think you can come and say shit like this! Are you saying that Hankyung is an enemy and ungrateful??!

    Ive said this once and im going to say it again… i support HoMin with all my heart and i am happy that they are getting back into the swing of things…but why is it JYJ”s fault for leave??! what if HoMin had left would those comments be made towards them and would all the other be supporting the other three.. From what im seeing SME entertainers are backstabbers! they turn on someone as soon as they choose another path!

    how dare they call them the enemy…you (shindog,sungmin, BoA, Black Beat’s Sim Jaewon) should be ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!!!

    I for one want TVXQ back as FIVE not TWO or THREE, but this is not going to happen if we keep getting shit like this everywhere!! instead of the other helping they are just making this worse!!!

  12. Milo says:

    I love Suju, but I Sungmin and Shindong’s tweeds made me really really made, specially the later. Your own member left the family because of mistreatment, and now you are calling another a traitor for doing the same? Are you implying something? Please follow Eunhyuk’s lead, who is best friends with Junsu’s but also supports HoMin. He is not being biased and showing how a true friend acts, not picking sides. Junsu is human, so is Yunho, and so are Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Changmin. Stop getting involved, it’s immature, and don’t use such strong words. Sungmin’s frustration I understand, and while it’s just as wrong to reply, Shindong just made me mad.

  13. Fan says:

    I fully agree with you. I don’t see any reason why these people should interfere at all. Even if they are “sunbaes”, this has nothing to do with them. And even if they want to defend Yunho and Changmin, shouldn’t they at least think first? Think that Yunho and Changmin are both grown up men and can defend themselves! The two members have not said anything about this issue, yet other people try to act like they know it all. Doing all this will not decrease the gap between the members.

  14. cancertwin1 says:

    this just goes to show you that SM Family is bs…i’ve been a dbsk fan for years and have never bought it and now i never will. it’s every man for himself, which is why suju did not stand with han geng to sue SM…but they will blast Junsu for speaking to his hyung.

    but i’m not surprised, Suju have been doing a great job of making less popular through the thoughtless things they say. there’s loyalty and then there’s cowardice…what they did is the latter. never been a fan of Boa because she doesn’t have a personality and you know what they say…if you don’t stand for something…you’ll fall for anything.

    and jaekwon who? black beat what? lol

    if Junsu was talking to Yunho then i doubt any of these ppl know what they were discussing, they don’t know tvxq members business so they should keep their mouth’s shut…did they help anything by cyber bullying?

  15. kay says:

    Let them do them!!!
    DBSK are grown ass men and can decide their own choices in life. Be it bashing on each other or not.

    Ya’ll sound like whiny little girls who need to change ya’lls tampon. There are no evidence whatsoever that even slightly indicates that these men are getting back together. This was decided they day they split. So face reality!

    In regards to the fellow SM artists, they are simply doing the same shit ya’ll are doing…voicing their opinions. But it’s all good cause at the end of the day their opinions will matter to the media whereas these comments wont :D

  16. shinnokina says:

    I think Junsu must have been really angry to vent his anger publicly on Twitter. Or probably he didn’t have other means to get the message across to Yunho. In any case, that’s a matter between Junsu and Yunho and other SM artists shouldn’t butt in. Especially calling Junsu names like immature and ungrateful. These guys have been through a lot and I cannot fucking imagine that the other SM artists are so damn grateful to Lee Soo-man, when that friggin company is notorious for making slave contracts with trainees. Even BBC made a remark about this. JYJ had the GUTS to break away and openly say “we had enough”. they are considered ungrateful buy SUJU and Boa? What the hell? TVXQ brought in more money to SM than all the other artists they had at the time, probably with the exception of Boa, and they repaid what SM invested in their training probably a zillion times already. They milked these guys 365 days a year around the clock and let them live in a 50 square meter flat sleeping in one friggin room! Ungrateful? These SM artists are nothing more than fucking liars and hypocrits.

  17. skyblue234 says:

    I don’t know how to react now…
    Junsu’s tweet was really mean. I’m confused..I don’t blame the other artist who defended yunho and changmin(since I’d do the same if I were in their position.) Junsu, don’t make it seem that this was all SME fault and please stood with your tweets their mean…I’d suggest u and the rest of the other members sit down at get thing cleared up…because your fans are clearly getting hurt by this. I mean it took so long to actually believe there is a possibility of reuniting TVXQ but now it seems in possible… I hope u guys can settle this…and I’M not scolding junsu don’t bash me…I’M stating a fact!

  18. skyblue234 says:

    I also think fans should not scold suju for voicing out THEIR opinion. Here is a question to all of u whose opinion was it? Yours? I highly doubt so…so shut up! Lest look thing from the other angel! What if suju was reallying speaking the truth!? What if junsu was really at fault… I’M not a fan of both groups as a matterof fact I really don’t give a damn on what they are doing but after reading all your USELESS comments…I really think u shut up!
    Let them say what they want! BTW all of u are being bias now!
    And about my earlier message I really meant it! I wasn’t confused on how to react about TVXQ but on you’re behavior! I suggest all of u zip up your mouth and don’t waste your breath here…it’s gonna start a fan war! I doubt you will listen but I’d like to remind you that it’s THEIR opinion not yours so why are u blaming them?! For heaven sake open your eyes now all you see is suju butting in ! I would like to remind u that jyj chose to leave ! I would also like to get u to watch bow grateful SM artist are to their company! Do you see bruises on any artist! None! So slave contract I believe was made up! But of course nobody bothered to get to the bottom of it!

    • lovetohateme says:

      I don’t often reply to comments left on this blog nowadays but I just felt like commenting on some of the things you (skyblue234) mentioned in your post.

      I think I would have to disagree on this statement on your post: “I would also like to get u to watch how grateful SM artist are to their company! Do you see bruises on any artist! None! So slave contract I believe was made up! But of course nobody bothered to get to the bottom of it!”.

      First of all, JYJ has been grateful to SM Entertainment because it was PART of the reason why they became successful – a big part of their success was them being talented and lovable individuals. I still think that the three of them are still grateful to SM Entertainment but that doesn’t mean they have to endure the injustice they’ve experienced when they were still with SM Entertainment and is still experiencing now that they are not with the company. No matter how much gratitude you have for someone, it is not enough reason to let yourself get disadvantaged in any way.

      I personally don’t think the existence of bruises or wounds are necessary to prove that one artist – or any person for that matter – is under a slave contract. Slavery isn’t always about physical damages or physical pain. Slavery comes in many forms – physical, verbal, emotional, mental, and environmental conditions to name a few. In JYJ and Super Junior’s Hankyung’s case, it’s a mix of everything. I would not try to convince you to believe in JYJ’s slave contract because you are entitled to your own opinion but I would just like to share the reason why we, the fans who stood by JYJ in their battle for freedom against SM Entertainment, believed that such a thing as a slave contract exists. It is because we saw what they’ve gone through while they were in SM Entertainment and the courts also ruled that the contract between JYJ and SM Entertainment is indeed unfair and invalid with respect to the standards of a fair contract in South Korea. Same thing happened to Super Junior’s Hankyung’s case. His contract was also deemed unfair and invalid. If this is not proof of SM Entertainment’s slave contracts, then I don’t know what is.

      As the author of this blog, I’d have to be honest and tell you that I am not very fond of how you stated your opinions in opposition to the comments left by other readers before you. I do not think you are in the position to say that the comments made by others are “USELESS” and thus we should just “SHUT UP”. Like what you said about not blaming SuJu for stating their opinions, I hope you also respect others opinions. Walk your talk. I might have misunderstood your comment but it sounds to me like you’re the one who would most likely start a fan war because of the way you used accusatory statements in your comments against other commenters. If you haven’t noticed, whether readers agree and disagree in one topic, there isn’t much of a fan war here because we always try to stay civilized and respect each other. As the author of this blog, I request you to please refrain from using such words and be mindful of the tone of your comments because it may affect how others would take it. I am open to everyone’s opinions, whether positive for negative, but I hope you would be more careful with your manner of writing/speaking next time. Thank you.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I wished i did not stumble upon this page. Too much anger..

  20. Anonymous says:


  21. unbiasedfan says:

    I was listening to KYHD and it reminded me of this issue.

    Honestly, I think it’s a bit immature for people to be biased in regards to this article. If you look at it in a third person’s point of view. Junsu, Sungmin, Shindong, BOA are all humans. They have the right to voice out their opinions and when you say that they should have not aaid anything is truly hypocritical because the fact that people are even commenting about what they feel about this whole disput is completely contradictory. How can you not say that they don’t know what happening? They obviously do, they ARE family. And if you disagree with their opinions, just don’t say anything. I think they posted those things to express what they felt about it… They were not trying to convince fans to side with them. And if you put yourself in their shoes, for example you have a friend who is fighting with someone, even if you aren’t directly involved, you would obviously try to defend your friend right? Although people might misinterpret the situation that I gave, the main point is that maybe those artists share the same opinion or also felt frustration seeing their friends leave. We as fans, don’t actually know them as well as we think we do. We should be happy that people like them are brave enough to voice out what they want to say and share to use what they think about the situation in order for us to grasp the situation. Although on the other hand, to avoid confusion they ALL shouldn’t have just posted things like that. And do you honestly think that Junsu’s controversial tweet won’t lead to anything? Don’t kid yourself. I know i sound biased but reading those comments made me feel frustrated. We have to accept that idols are humans too and we all interpret and react differently to different situations. I admire the people who are fans and yet do not pick sides becausee that means they can understand these people well. Some comments by these idols that we look up to may be harsh but we ourselves must admit and accept thae fact that life it all rainbows and butterflies all the time. I honestly think that if homin were the ones who released these comment and opinions people wouldn’t be so judgemental and biased. I love JYJ and i wish them success.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Junsu just reached his limit. I remember this issue well, really well. A few days before “the tweet”,Junsu posted lyrics for “Fallen Leaves” that he wrote for HoMin and Cassies and he was really in a nostalgic/hopeful mood, really looking forward to the day that DB5K would be reunited again. Then KYHD came out, and I was immediately devastated for Junsu. I could just picture his expression of hurt and the feelings of betrayal he must have felt.

  23. danyc9ro says:

    Don’t forget that SM controls everything, Artists, fones, messages, minds, weight. They can send those messages in the name of these artists. It’s my opinion after I read more and more.Yunho thanked SM and this displeased JYJ.
    I belive in JYJ and in all of them.

  24. broham says:

    Junsu can say what he wants because he earned it. He became the artist all the guys and gals SM wants to be, the jyj guys might not have the same exposure due to corruption but they’re legit artists now and not dolls bring pumped from a factory. Fact is you can replace any member from any group in SM and it makes no difference, you can’t create another junsu. That’s what separates groups like Big Bang from others, their members aren’t replaceable because they’re unique cuz of themselves not the producing team behind them.

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