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The first version (drama version) of the PV for TVXQ’s new Japanese single called どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? (Why have I fallen in love with you?) is already. The boys weren’t in the PV yet. I think their appearance will be on the second version which has no definite day of release yet (or will they release it simultaneously with the official release of the single?). Here’s the PV:

(Credit: t20031226q@ YouTube)

Uhm, the PV was ok although I didn’t enjoy it that much. I think I’d love it more if the boys were the actors on the PV instead of some other guy. I guess that if the boys were the ones acting, the feeling and emotions of the song would have rubbed on me more. But nevertheless, the PV is still worth watching. I’m pretty excited to watch the second version because I can’t wait to watch the boys pour out their emotions in singing this song. =)

P.S. The guy on the PV’s first scene looks like Lee JunKi, or was it him? Hahaha.

I found these pictures at Soompi and I found them hilarious so I decided to post them up. In these pictures, JaeJoong is being compared to a panda. LOL. I swear their positions and poses are very close if not extremely similar. I nearly died because of Jae’s cuteness and dorkiness. These pictures are certainly <333 and kudos to whoever (originally) made these pictures! =D [by the way, there’s some JaeMin and JaeHo pics, too. hahaha]

Credits: baidu + westkitsune + moosicISlove44@ soompi

Extreme cuteness, right? Hahaha. I just looove the last pic! JaeJoong’s cuteness to the highest level! LOL.

At last a short preview lasting for only about 15 seconds of the PV is finally out. I’d have to say the boys look good in white. JaeJoong looks so angelic on his close-up while Yoochun seemed kinda, I don’t know… sad, maybe? Anyway, can’t wait to watch the full version of this PV! =)

Credits: Alohamsk@ YouTube

The Dong Bang boys participated in a lot of different concerts lately, Super Triple Concert being the most recent one. I don’t really have much information to share on the said concert since it’s not as highly dramatic as this year’s Dream Concert therefore there’s nothing much to say about it (no, I’m not implying that it’s not news worthy. But you do get my point, right?). I just found a couple of pictures of the boys from the concert, thanks to those fans who upload them so freakin’ fast. But I won’t post them since I’m pretty sure a couple of people will surely post them on their respective blogs (like what I’m doing) and thus you can easily search them up on the internet. Just trying to avoid too much redundancy here. =)

BUT I will post the pictures of JaeJoong since I love him too much (yes, I know I’ve mentioned this for the nth time already. I’m just trying to reiterate it. =D). Apart from my love for him, I JUST HAVE TO comment on his new hairdo. I think if I was to choose something worth fussing about that concert, that would be his MUSHROOM HAIRSTYLE that night. Yes, that FREAKIN’ hairstyle that got his stylist on my “to-kill” list, next to Yoochun’s of course.  So without further ado, I present to you Jae’s killer hairstyle!

Uhm… JaeJoong, did you actually find SHINee’s Taemin’s hair SO adorable that you just had to have it? Or maybe your stylist is the same culprit who did it to Taemin’s hair and apparently she wanted to try it on you, too? Ok, chill Taemin fans. I.was.just.joking. I have nothing against him so don’t you worry. *peace* I just think they resemble each other’s hair (even for just a bit), don’t they? Actually, Jae’s hair isn’t as bad as I might have made it appear to be. It’s just that I think this is not one of his best hairstyles, although all he did was cut his fringe. THAT IS ALL HE DID BUT HOW COME IT MADE A LOT OF DIFFERENCE ON HIS LOOKS (or at least that’s what I think)? Well, I don’t know if he really cut his fringe (but I sure hope he did not) or if his stylist only combed it in such a way just for that night’s performance. Either way, I’m still not a fan of the mushroom hairdo. =/ I’m not hating it but I sure am not loving it either. If he really did cut it, I hope it grows SOON – as in before they do their promotional activities in Korea for their 4th album. BUT good thing Jae has GOOD LOOKS so he can actually pull off any kind of hairstyle (or outfit, for that matter) anytime of the day. Just look at the face where that charming smile and electrifying pair of eyes can be found plus listen to his soothing voice and you’ll surely forget about whatever kind of hair he’s sporting. =)

BUT (again. how many times will I have to use ‘but’ in one post?) I got some pictures where he looked so gorgeous. His new hairstlye isn’t that obvious on these pictures because of the angles the pictures were taken. It looked like he’s sporting his ‘normal’ hair to me. =D

Gorgeous, isn’t he?

Next, let’s look at the ‘pretty’ face of Jae that probably every girl is jealous of. Heck, I swear HE looked like a SHE on these pictures, especially on the first one! He’s even ‘prettier’ than the members of SNSD and Wondergirls! Gawd, his pose on the first pic is sooooooooo adorable that I want to just go there and pinch his cheeks! Hahaha! Damn it, even Jae’s muscular arms can’t save him from looking like a girl on the first picture. XD

And last but not the least, these two pictures are my treat for all fellow JaeJoong fangirls out there. Are you ready? =)

JaeJoong’s so-called smexy tounge habit…

…and his infamous irresistable arms.

Now, how good was that? Eye candy, yeah? =) YEAH! JaeJoong, WHY DO YOU KEEP ON FLAUNTING YOUR TOUNGE AND YOUR GORGEOUS ARMS FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE??? DON’T YOU KNOW YOU’RE KILLING US??? I swear I’m risking my peaceful life by continuously indulging myself on looking at his arms and enjoying his little tounge habit since for sure if my friends get to read this post, I am so getting a lot of teasing from them in school, but WHO CARES?! It’s not like it’s my fault, right? It’s YOUR fault, JAEJOONG. YOURS AND NO ONE ELSE. lol.

Anyway, I’d have to end my post here since I still have to do my annoying paper for my International Business class. Crap, I’m too lazy to do it! =(

Credits: as tagged +dnbn

DBSK’s (or in this case TOHOSHINKI) next Japanese single entitled “Why have I fallen in love with you” was originally scheduled to be released on the 23rd of July but Avex (the company handling DBSK in Japan) decided to release it on an earlier date which is on the 16th of July – a week earlier than the original plan. People are saying that the company decided to move the release date to an earlier one partly because it was already leaked in the internet and also because it will face so much competition if they’ll follow the original date of release, which will not be good since Avex (and maybe even the boys) would want DBSK/THSK to reach the top spot of the Oricon Weekly Charts for the third time to make history in Japan.

I actually don’t mind if they move the release date to an earlier one. In fact, its good since we’ll get to enjoy the song sooner than expected. I also would want the boys to make history in the Oricon charts so I think it’s a smart move by Avex. Nevertheless, I can’t wait for the song to be officially released. I mean I already have a copy of it but I think I would enjoy listening to it more when it’s out offcially. =)

Anyway if you want to hear the song, just click HERE. It’s not of the best quality (since I just converted it into an mp3 format) but at least you’ll get to hear the whole song. I swear you’ll get addicted to it (because I did!). I like it better than their previous single Beautiful You. It’s so catchy and it gives of a different feel, plus their voices are just heaven-sent. =)

I found this video at YouTube while searching for recent fancams of DBSK’s visit in Thailand and their Beijing concert. I found this kinda funny because of the boys’ randomness. It’s actually a fancam of them rehearsing the song “Like Right Now” for their Thailand concert back in 2006 (just look at their hairstyles and you’ll know it’s in 2006).

The boys were talking but I don’t understand majority of it since I don’t speak Korean. But the highlight of this video is the YunJae/JaeHo moment starting @ 0:45:

JaeJoong: Hey Yunho! (take note, he said it in a somewhat sexy voice)
Yunho: Why?
JaeJoong: Let’s try some noisy beat. (well said in english, Jae!)
Yunho: NO. (ok, so Yunho bluntly turned down JaeJoong. LoL.)
*Then Junsu just started beatboxing and JaeJoong started doing some moves following Junsu’s beatboxing.

Seriously Junsu, are you deaf or what? Didn’t you hear Yunho say he doesn’t want some noisy beat? Why the hell did you start beatboxing?! Hahaha. You (Junsu) are definitely one stubborn kid. LOL. And I don’t know if he had so much sweets that day but Junsu seems like he was so sugar high and hyper that particular night. He’s so random. I wish I know what they were saying especially JaeJoong, Junsu, and Micky because they kept on talking and pointing at each other while practicing (were they lipsynching?). Poor Min and Ho, they were practically left out since the other three members seem to have their own little world. Hahaha.

By the way, I love how JaeJoong wore his cap. Just give him a lollipop and he’ll look like an adorable little kid. =D

Credit: yunjin77@ YouTube

Got this piece of news @ Soompi:

for everyone who’s waiting for TVXQ!, SM Entertainment, one of the biggest record company companies in South Korea is going to held hold the a concert in Thailand at the end of this year. There are going to be 6 groups from the SM Town!! Such as Super Junior, Girl’s Generation, and TVXQ!. The concert will be [for] 6 hours!! NON-STOP!!

Source: THAITV Ch.3-Torkaobunterng (Entertainment News Desk)
Credits: Girl’s Generation Thailand + [KHS]cawaeii_tk@
Eng Trans: sele_kara@ cyxionforums

{Note: The words in strikethrough are the original words from the news I got from Soompi and the one enclosed in [ ] is a word I added. I just made some minor corrections so that it would be clearer. =)}

I don’t know if this is already confirmed but if it happens to be true, Thai fans are so lucky! I am so jealous. =/ Why can’t DBSK have a concert here in the Philippines, too? We (meaning their Filipino fans) are so DBSK deprived and I kinda find it unfair how they keep on coming back on other countries to do concerts while they fail to visit others who really want to see them perform live even for just ONE time. :( I’m guessing SM thinks they don’t have enough fans here (although I would DEFINITELY disagree with that) but come to think of it, how can they gain popularity (although again, they’re already popular here) among Filipinos if they won’t show up and perform their stuff? All I can say is PLEASE Mr. LSM, bring the DongBang boys here in the Philippines even just for ONCE. Is that asking for too much? No, I don’t think so. And I swear they have many fans here so no need to hesitate. This call (although he might not be able to read this, but who knows?) is also on behalf of those fans of countries who are dying to see DBSK perform but haven’t had the chance since they never visited their respective countries. Please Father SM, stop tormenting us and heed our call.

Anyway, all I can say is that Thai fans are really lucky… Ok, so how many times do I have to say that? I guess I’m just trying to emphasize how fortunate they are to always see five gorgeous guys performing before them. I’m happy for them but at the same time I’m jealous and frustrated. *Sigh* =/ If this news is true, I would want to go and visit Thailand by the end of this year. Anyone (ahem *Patti*) who wants to join me on my Thailand trip? =)