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As I’ve posted before, Korea’s Commission on Youth has restricted DBSK’s song “Mirotic” to people with the age of 19 years and above. They’ve also asked to have the song’s lyrics changed if DBSK still wants to keep performing it on shows, concerts, or radio. SM has taken legal action regarding the matter but the company still complied with the Commission’s request to release a clean version of Mirotic.

Dong Bang Shin Ki’s “Spell-MIROTIC” Modified Version to be Released to the Public

Dong Bang Shin Ki (SM Entertainment) is to release a modified version of “Spell-MIROTIC”.

Dong Bang Shin Ki will be at the Seoul Olympic Park on December 10 for the 2008 Golden Disk Awards to perform the modified version of the title song for the first time on stage.

TVXQ will change the “Spell-MIROTIC” lyrics ,ordered by the Commission on Youth Protection Administration, from “under my skin” to “under my sky”.

Anyways, TVXQ’s 4th album has sold more than 460,000 copies (as of November 30) and then later raised the attention of music fans and is gaining support.

The modified version of “Spell-MIROTIC” will be available on online music sites.

credits: newsen + dnbn + geekazoinks@soompi
translation: tvxqslave@soompi

And if you want to hear the preview of this version, CLICK HERE.

OMG. Am I the only one who finds the new lyrics a bit funny but at the same time cute?  “I got you under my SKY”?! LOL.

But seriously speaking, I wish the lyrics weren’t changed because I think the song practically lost it’s “appeal”. It doesn’t give the same feeling anymore because I really think that the line “I got you under my skin” is really what gives Mirotic that addictive feel. Changing the lyrics of the song makes it different. IT’S NO LONGER MIROTIC. T_T

An article written by coolsmurf:

Mirotic Among Others Deemed Inappropriate For Youths

After judging that Rain’s Rainism was harmful and detrimental to youths last week, the Commission of Youth Protection has acted again by labelling DBSK’s Mirotic, Solbi’s Do It Do It, Trust Me and Make Up Sex from Dynamic Duo’s 4th album, etc in the same category as Rainism. This has created an uproar once again in Korea with the ruling taking effect from this week onwards.

According to sources, the Commission of Youth Protection usually examines around 100 songs every month to see if they are harmful or detrimental to youths in Korea. But this is the first time that their scope is targeted specifically towards popular mainstream singers in Korea right now. In the last month alone, 110 songs were judged to be inappropriate with 32 of them Korean songs, setting a new record in the process. The reason for banning Mirotic was the same as Rainism in that part of the lyrics were inappropriate.

The ruling will come into effect from 4th December with the song being banned from playing on tv or radio before 10pm. The Mirotic album will have stickers affixed to them that indicates “unsuitable for people under 19 years old”. The song lyrics will have to be modified if they are going to perform this during concerts or events. Action will be taken if any of the above are flouted.

Although affected singers and their companies have expressed that they will adhere to the ruling, they can’t fathom the reasoning behind the ban.

Industry critics feel that this will only heap more misery on the already suffering music industry. And one wonders if the “19-only” stickers restricting the sale of affected albums will actually have any effect. DBSK for example are already done with promoting Mirotic and are actually in the midst of promoting their follow-up song Wrong Number. With album sales already exceeding 300,000, it also means that most of their fans have already gotten the album already.

A Disney-friendly Korean music industry in future? Hope not.

What the heck?! Can anything be more ridiculous than this?

Seriously, are these people out of their mind? I mean, I do get their point that they’re only doing this to protect the youth but I still don’t understand why they need to go this far. Haven’t these people heard of American songs? For goodness sake, Mirotic’s lyrics aren’t even half as bold and descriptive as the lyrics of most American songs. Now, I understand that Korea is more conservative as compared to the US but can’t they think of anything better to do than banning songs like this? Don’t they realize that this could worsen the already bad slump in sales that the Korean music industry is presently experiencing? I’m not saying this just because I’m a DBSK fan but in my opinion, this was a bad move by Korea’s Commission on Youth Protection. There could have been far better ideas than this one. *shakes head*

Anyway, a lot of fans are worried now that this “rule” might affect the sales of Mirotic and thus affect the chances of DBSK in winning a daesang at the Golden Disk Awards. I have to admit that it MIGHT affect the sales of Mirotic BUT it can go either way. This incident might actually boost up the sales of Mirotic since as we all know, Cassies won’t let anything stop them from supporting DBSK and there a hundred ways to purchase the album even if you’re below 19. Hello?! Parents? Friends? Sister or Brothers? It’s so easy to have other people buy it for you. Add to that, like what coolsmurf said in his article, 300,000+ fans already bought the album so it won’t really have so much of an effect now. Having said that, don’t you think this “rule” is ineffective and, to say the least, a bit stupid?

Anyway, I just hope that this will indeed bring about good things to DBSK rather than bad things. I hope this restriction won’t stop the fans from supporting the boys.

DBSK, fighting! =)

The full MV of DBSK’s newest single “Wrong Number” from their 4th Korean album “Mirotic” is finally out. Check out this video:

[Credit: farahmicky]

Do I even need to say how AMAZING this MV is?

It practically screams HOTNESS.

Man, I love every bit of the MV. The setting is so COOL while the Dong Bang boys are SMOKIN’ HOT. All the 5 boys did great but because I have my personal bias towards JaeJoong, I’d have to say that his parts were my favorite. His scene lying on the carpeted floor JUST KILLED ME. And gawd, how can he just dump an expensive phone like that in a glass of wine?! That’s a  ANYCALL HAPTIC phone! I’m dying to have that and he just dumps it like that without hesitation?! T_T But seriously, I’m so happy that JaeJoong got his solo dance part on this MV. I’d have to say that his dancing really improved. His rap part was also amazing. He didn’t sound and looked like a first timer. I’m so proud of him! =)

As a closing note, I’d say that I love this MV more than the MV for Mirotic although I still like the song Mirotic than Wrong Number. The dance steps for Wrong Number looks easy but I bet it’s more difficult to learn than Mirotic. Aw, I haven’t even started learning the choreography for Mirotic and now I have to learn the choreography for Wrong Number, too? I guess I really have to find time to learn these steps. *Sigh*

Wow, I haven’t posted anything in days! Hahaha. Sorry, I was too busy with a lot of things so I couldn’t find time to post plus my laptop’s charger isn’t working so I can’t use it. T_T

Anyway, there were a couple of news about DBSK the past few days I haven’t been posting. Just a quick rundown of these news/videos:

>> Mirotic MV dance version

>> Preview of the show “Introducing Star’s Friend” with Yoochun, Junsu, and Yunho

>> DBSK’s Mirotic and Love in the Ice winning number 1 and 2 (respectively) @ Music Bank

>> BEST Mirotic Live Performance @ NongShim Love Concert

>> DBSK members attended Super Junior’s anniversary fanmeeting a few days back to show their support to their hoobaes and brothers. :D (Sorry, I didn’t save the few pictures I found so I can’t upload anything)

BUT the hottest topic about DBSK nowadays is concerning their repackaged album. Many news/rumors (I can’t actually qualify them on either side) are circulating right now regarding the contents or “additions” to the repackaged album (version C) or if there will be another version which will be released in December. I myself is getting confused but to give you guys an idea of what’s going on and what MIGHT be released by SM in the coming days, here are the rumored additions to the repackaged album/s (to be safe, I placed a “/s” since I’m not sure how many more versions will be released). I got these news from Soompi:

>> 4 new songs, 2 of which were composed by JaeJoong and Yoochun (included in version C)

>> 40 paged jacket (said to be included in version C)

>> A collaboration of DBSK’s Xiah Junsu and Choikang Changmin and Super Junior’s Ryeowook and Kyuhyun for the song “WISH”, which is one of the 4 new songs (said to be included in version C)

>> Autograph messages plus a Photo story 2008 (said to be included in a special edition of the album)

There you go. Those are the RUMORED additions to the repackaged Mirotic album/s. Again, I would like to emphasize the fact that I DO NOT KNOW IF THESE ARE CONFIRMED OR NOT. I’m just posting them up to somehow inform and give you an idea of what to expect in the coming days. This might also help you decide which version you will buy. =)

And to end this entry, here’s a new picture of the boys, which is also said to be included in the repackaged album (version C).


[Credit: as tagged + dnbn]

JaeHo/YunJae much? LOL.

But seriously, another fabulous picture of the boys except that Changmin’s pose was a bit awkward. Is it just me or does his pose look a bit “gay”? His hand doesn’t look right…

I know a lot of people are excited to hear the new songs from DBSK’s 4th Korean album’s newest version (version C), which will be released this coming November 12. But before we spazz about the new compositions of Jae and Chun, let me increase your anticipation and excitement for version C’s release by posting up this one:


[Credit: yes24 + lolly88@ soompi]

Yes, the picture above will be the album cover of the Mirotic album’s version C. Cool, eh? I like the concept and the boys’ style. In contrast to the album covers of the first two versions, they are actually FULLY COVERED on this one. Hahaha. I actually like their look except for Yoochun. I think the turtleneck was too high, which is actually a pity since it’s covering his neckline and Yoochun has one of the nicest neckline I have ever seen. He should stop covering that and flaunt it more! LOL.

Anyway, I can’t wait for the release of this version of the album! I’m really tempted to preorder it now. But there are rumors that there will still be a version D and E so I also want to wait. Ah, what should I do? *sigh*

I knew this was coming! DBSK’s 4th Korean album “Mirotic” will have a repackaged version (version C) wherein the album will include four songs, two of which were written by the members (one by Yoochun and one by JaeJoong). Here’s the tracklist of the newest version of the 4th album:


01. Wrong Number

02. 사랑아 울지마 (Don’t Cry My Love / Sarangah Uljima) – Composition and Lyrics by Kim Jaejoong

03. 주문 (MIROTIC / Jumun)


05. HEY! (Don’t Bring Me Down)

06. 소원 (Wish / Sowon)

07. 넌 나의 노래 (You’re My Melody / Non Naui Norae)

08. 노을.. 바라보다 (Looking At The… Afterglow / Noeul… Paraboda)

09. 무지개 (Rainbow / Mujigae)

10. 사랑 안녕 사랑 (Love Bye/Hello Love / Sarang Annyeong Sarang) – Composition and Lyrics by Park Yoochun

11. 낙원 (Paradise / Nakwon)

12. 악녀 Are You Good Girl? (Angnyeo)

13. Flower Lady

14. Don’t Say Goodbye

15. 잊혀진 계절 (Forgotten Season / Ichyeojin Gyejol)

16. Love In The Ice

Credit: dnbn + ‘ ANITA@soompi

* The ones in BOLD are the four new songs.

Man, LSM sure knows how to make money and to make the fans go broke! Curse him! Why is he doing this to us? T_T

Anyway, I’ll think about it if I’ll buy the new version or if I’ll wait for some more time because SM might release another version which is better than this one (maybe the next version would include all the members’ compositions? LOL). BUT I DESPERATELY WANT MY OWN COPY OF JAEJOONG’S FIRST EVER SOLO COMPOSITION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! What do I do? I’m so torn between buying and waiting! T_T

For all those who are interested, the release of this version is said to be on NOVEMBER 12, 2008 (that’s in Korea but Yesasia will release it on November 14). Here are links of sites where you can preorder the repackaged version:

YesAsia: Dong Bang Shin Ki – Mirotic (Korea Ver. C)

DVDHeaven: Dong Bang Shin Ki – Mirotic Ver. C (without poster)

DVDHeaven: Dong Bang Shin Ki – Mirotic Ver. C (with poster)