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I know a lot of people are excited to hear the new songs from DBSK’s 4th Korean album’s newest version (version C), which will be released this coming November 12. But before we spazz about the new compositions of Jae and Chun, let me increase your anticipation and excitement for version C’s release by posting up this one:


[Credit: yes24 + lolly88@ soompi]

Yes, the picture above will be the album cover of the Mirotic album’s version C. Cool, eh? I like the concept and the boys’ style. In contrast to the album covers of the first two versions, they are actually FULLY COVERED on this one. Hahaha. I actually like their look except for Yoochun. I think the turtleneck was too high, which is actually a pity since it’s covering his neckline and Yoochun has one of the nicest neckline I have ever seen. He should stop covering that and flaunt it more! LOL.

Anyway, I can’t wait for the release of this version of the album! I’m really tempted to preorder it now. But there are rumors that there will still be a version D and E so I also want to wait. Ah, what should I do? *sigh*