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110128 TVXQ First Place On Music Bank For 3 Consecutive Weeks; Undefeatable

The group TVXQ has won first place on “Music Bank” for 3 consecutive weeks.

On the live broadcast on KBS2 “Music Bank” on the 28th, TVXQ won first place for the third week in a row with their title song “Why (Keep Your Head Down)”.

On this day, as TVXQ had to perform at TV Asahi’s representative music program “Music Station”, they were unable to claim their award in person.

With this week’s award and including those on the 14th and 21st, this is their third win on “Music Bank”. Also, TVXQ won first place on MCountdown on the 20th and two consecutive wins on SBS Inkigayo on 16th and 23rd respectively. Since their comeback, they have won first place 6 times, showing their powerful climb up the charts.

On the other hand, their title song “Why” is a song that shows of the powerful side of a man’s charisma and this song also showcased TVXQ’s vocal abilities as well as high difficulty performances. Since its release on the 3rd, this song has garnered high popularity and climbed up various album, download and MV charts.

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TVXQ’s Music Bank Comeback Stage Receives Positive Reviews

After two years since the release of their last album, TVXQ has finally returned to the Korean music scene with a strong performance on KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ broadcast on January 7th 2011. Their comeback stage was as dramatic visually as their music video, and their performance was just as intense as their first single, Why (Keep Your Head Down).

It was not an easy comeback stage for either of them, especially Yunho who was sick with a cold. With such a long period between their last performance, TVXQ only had roughly eight minutes to impress the audience. But even when they are fatigued from the intense practices and the larger part they had to take in the performance, both Yunho and Changmin showed a great performance that captivated the audience.

When interviewed backstage, both men admitted to feel nervous and excited all over again, a feeling that was not different to their first time performing on stage when they debuted 7 years ago. Working for the first time with the TV’s younger generation of staff, they commented that it felt like being a rookie instead of a returning artist. But they also admitted to feel like they were home. Yunho commented that delivering a good performance is important, but more important than that is giving the best performance they can. “At a later date, when we look back, the first stage and the first performance seems to be the one we remember the most.”

The first song they performed was “How Can I?”, a ballad track composed by Park Chang Hyun, who also composed their debut single “Hug”. The two members shown a great maturity not only in their vocals, but also in their emotional representation of the song. The combination of their voices captivated the audience, combined with the warm melodious harmony of the song presented a soft charm from the two men.

A special dance stage was next, with both Yunho and Changmin presenting an intense and masculine routine that showcased their strength and power.

They concluded their comeback stage with a brilliant performance of Why (Keep Your Head Down), an impressive SMP style song in which a strong and masculine appeal was delivered with heavy kick drum and the bass synth, and a compelling guitar riff song. Through a very dynamic and intensive routine of their choreography, TVXQ kept a strong vocal performance which only adds up to the eruption of cheering from their fans.

Excited fans who came to cheer for TVXQ gave positive comments, claiming the stage to be “insane” and how the performance was “a big hit that words can’t even describe it“.

TVXQ is scheduled for another performance at MBC-TV on the 8th, where a mini fanmeet would also be held.

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110102 Explosive Anticipation For TVXQ’s First Comeback Stage On Music Bank

TVXQ will have their comeback via KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank” on the 7th of January.

The producer of “Music Bank”, Kwon Jae Young PD said, “TVXQ will perform in Music Bank on the 7th”. In MBC’s “Show! Music Center” on the 1st, it showed a TVXQ teaser as well as announcing their comeback to be on the 8th of January. However, the appearance on “Music Bank” which airs a day earlier is confirmed, making their “Music Bank” stage the first comeback stage.

Even though details like the stage concept and such are unconfirmed, Kwon Jae Young PD said, “Recently, Music Bank has been geared towards promoting new artists”, but for a group like TVXQ making their comeback, the anticipation is huge.

Additionally, TVXQ’s two comeback teasers had been scheduled to air during the CF breaks of KBS, MBC and SBS’ Gayo Daejuns, Entertainment Awards and Acting Awards during the 29th till 31st of December. At the same time, a near-minute long special performance teaser had been released on TVXQ’s official homepage and SM’s youtube channel, garnering even higher anticipation.

TVXQ’s new album “Why” (Keep Your Head Down) will have a special edition to be released on the 5th of January, while the normal edition is to be released on the 12th. On the 3rd, before the release of the album, the main track “Why” (Keep Your Head Down) will be revealed through online music sites.

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Yoochun left a message to Korean Cassies on the day of his birthday.



Hello Everybody!

Everyone!^^ I am Yoochun who is across the sea~~
Cassies’ little cutie Micky Yoochun!!!

We’ve really not met for so long! Isn’t that so?
To be honest, it’s not because today is my birthday,
but it seems everyone seems to be doing well?~

All along, every time I see all of you, I’ve been wanting to say this…
So I’ve written this here
I believe those who’ve read these words will understand my heartfelt feelings~^^

It’s my birthday again…
I’m really thankful
no one forgot about me… all those who wished me (Happy Birthday) again!!!

On my birthday morning when I woke up my first thoughts were
“faith passes by like a shadow”
As for what it means, please take it however you understand it…^^

Reading this… are you guys!!
No matter when or where we can meet again
Everyone will still be around right?

My heart is again slowly leaning towards you…
This will let us be together always.

Goodbye… Us.

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Awww… that message was so sweet. Every time I read the boys’ messages to Korean Cassies, I always feel that they really hold a special place in the hearts of the boys more than any of their fans. Oh, please don’t take that statement in a negative way. I am very sure that DBSK loves all of their fans and we all mean so much to them but I also can’t deny the fact that since the Korean Cassies were their first ever fans who believed and supported them during their debut and who has been guiding and supporting them until now, it’s inevitable that they get a little more attention than any of their other fans. But of course, that’s only MY opinion. Again, I hope non-Korean Cassies won’t get offended by what I said. Besides, we all know that the members love all of us, right? =)

Anyway, here’s a video of Cassiopeia attending Music Bank and showing some signs for DBSK on the camera. It’s so sweet of them to do this but I also find this funny. LOL. Smart Korean Cassies. :D

[Video credit: redberry95]

I read this news yesterday at Coolsmurf’s page regarding the issue of SM artists being banned indefinitely from KBS Music Bank. I forgot to post it yesterday but here’s the article anyway.

SM Artistes Barred Indefinitely From KBS Music Bank

BoA, DBSK, etc will not be appearing on KBS Music Bank indefinitely after SM Entertainment were served with a notice from KBS this month. This apparently was because of DBSK no-show at KBS Gayo Daechuk last year.

DBSK was in Japan for the final 2 days of 2008 as they had to attend the TBS Japan Record Awards and the 59th Kohaku Uta Gassen 2008 respectively and thus couldn’t attend KBS and MBC gayo festivals. But in the process, there was a breakdown in communications between SM Entertainment and KBS resulting in Shinee, Super Junior, etc missing KBS Gayo Daechuk as well.

Competition was fierce to get singers to appear at the year-end gayo festivals for the 3 respective major broadcasters, SBS, KBS and MBC. KBS was probably incensed to see BoA and DBSK appearing at Festival S (SBS gayo festival) but not appearing at theirs. As a form of punishment, KBS has thus decided to prohibit SM artistes from appearing on Music Bank indefinitely.

The worst hit SM artistes at the moment must be So Nyeo Shi Dae who made their comeback recently with their Gee mini-album. They were originally scheduled to make a grand comeback on Music Bank on 9th January. But it was shelved at the very last moment on 8th January and the girls had to make their comeback a day later instead on Music Core. The girls are already handicapped by SM Entertainment problems with Mnet (rumors put it that it was because of DBSK failing to win major awards at MKMF) resulting in the no-shows on M! Countdown, leaving them with only Music Core and Inkigayo.

The ban was initially dismissed by SM Entertainment who said that the girls wanted more time to prepare and so their Music Bank comeback was delayed to 16th January. But it was strange that they would say that since it was only a day later before they would appear on Music Core. But fans didn’t make too much fuss over it since Shinee was on the 9th January episode of Music Bank. But after seeing Shinee and So Nyeo Shi Dae missing from the 16th January Music Bank lineup, the ban looks like it’s being enforced by KBS.

In an interview with a Music Bank PD, “Currently, SM Entertainment artistes are only barred from appearing on KBS Music Bank. It will not affect their appearances on other shows on the KBS network. The ban is indefinite.”

There were also talks that Tae Yeon of So Nyeo Shi Dae was actually considered by KBS to take over from the outgoing Seo In Young as the MC of Music Bank. But the ban effectively puts an end to that and announcer Park Eun Young will take over Seo In Young instead from today’s episode onwards.

Credit: Coolsmurf

Seriously, although DBSK isn’t much affected by this ban since their activities in Korea are already finished, I think that the SM artists should not suffer just because of a miscommunication on the part of SM and KBS. Whenever issues like this come out, I think both parties always end up on the losing end. Both SM and KBS will experience negative effects on this, regardless of who was really at fault. I just hope this issue will be solved soon and won’t take long unlike the similar issue SM artists have gone through when they were banned from a station’s (was it MBC?) shows for a long time.

DBSK performed at Music Bank yesterday (was that a Christmas special or a Year-end special?) and they were awarded the 2008 MVP award. I honestly don’t know what MVP stands for (all I know is that it stands for Most Valuable Player in basketball) but I guess it’s something to be happy about since after all, it is still an award and the other nominees were big too. Here are some videos from yesterday’s Music Bank special:

DBSK’s Mirotic performance

DBSK winning the MVP award

Mirotic encore performance

[Credit: farahmicky]

As usual, here’s what I have to say regarding the videos ^^:

The outfits – I’d rather not comment much on this one because I don’t want to sound too rude and harsh on their stylists. I guess I’ll just sum up what I have to say in one sentence: their stylists are really asking for their death in my hands. Enough said.

DBSK winning the MVP award – The boys looked so happy when they were announced as the winners. JaeJoong’s smile made me forget about their deadly (and I mean that literally) costume even for just a little while.

JaeJoong giving his bouquet of flowers to THAT girl – Ok, my jealous side is showing again and I hate it but what can I do? I unintentionally saw  that small but heartbreaking detail on the second video. T_T I was trying to not comment on it but I just can’t. I just found the scene so irritating. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, well check out the second video and watch carefully at around 1:39 of the video. JaeJoong gave the bouquet of flowers he was holding to none other than JESSICA JUNG of SNSD. Jae, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DO THAT? My heart is breaking. T_T It will not piss me off if he gave it to some other girl like Yuri, SooYoung, Seohyun, or even Yoona BUT why did he give it – of all people – to THAT girl? I’m sorry if there are Jessica fans out there who might be reading this but I just really can’t get myself to like her that’s why I’m a little pissed. :(

Mirotic encore performance – I don’t know where Jae got another bouquet of flowers but man, whoever among the audience got those flowers is very lucky.

A very short backstage clip of DBSK on their appearance on Music Bank yesterday.

[Credit: redberry94]

It was a very short clip but it gave me a good laugh. :D The boys’ randomness is really out of reach! LOL at HoSuMin’s dancing (I think they’re dancing the steps for SHINee’s “Amigo”, am I right?), JaeJoong’s “I-am-bored-and-uninterested-in-joining-these-crazy-guys’-dancing” face, Yoochun’s total randomness, and Junsu’s attempt to punch Changmin. I bet Changmin returned the “favor” to Junsu when they got home. Hahaha!

My, my… these crazy guys… how can we not love them, right? :)