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Yes, for the first time ever the boys performed the song “Don’t Say Goodbye” live during their appearance yesterday at Music Bank. For those who aren’t familiar with the said song, it is one of the four new tracks included in their Mirotic version C album. Here’s a clip of their performance:

[Credit: eternalmerkamoon4]

OMG. I really love this song! I mean, I love all the four new tracks but I’d have to say that “Don’t Say Goodbye” and ” Don’t Cry My Love” are more appealing to me.

I love the recorded version of this but I’m also loving the live performance. The performance of the boys wasn’t perfect since there were minimal mistakes but I gotta say that it was lovely. Their voices were so soothing and were filled with emotions that I, as an audience/listener, was moved by the performance to the point that I didn’t even care about their minimal mistakes. It was indeed another heavenly and heartwarming performance by DBSK. I’m looking forward to even better and perfect performances of this song in the future. <3

Everything about the performance was beautiful to me EXCEPT for JaeJoong’s “fur”. What’s with Jae recently? It’s actually the third time in just a few weeks that I’ve seen him wear something that  has fur on it (first was during the MKMF, second was  during one of their trips to Japan/Korea, and the third one is this). Seriously Jae, can you please get rid of that fur or whatever that is called?! It doesn’t look so nice to me. In fact, it only serves as a distraction whenever I see him wear that kind of thing. Besides, I think Jae wouldn’t want to be criticized and accused by the animal rights enthusiasts of killing animals just to have that fur on his outft, right?  LOL. But seriously, I hope I won’t see him wear anything like that in the near future or I might actually hunt down his stylist and murder her for letting Jae wear something as ridiculous as that.

Here are the four new songs included in the Mirotic Ver. C album of DBSK. Honestly, I haven’t listened to them since I don’t have a headphone with me at the moment but I just want to share them to you guys. I’m sure that all of them are beautiful anyway, especially the compositions of JaeJoong and Yoochun. I’ll try to listen to them tomorrow when I get home. Here are the YouTube links for the songs:

DON’T CRY MY LOVE (JaeJoong’s composition)

LOVE BYE LOVE (Yoochun’s composition)

WISH (DBSK’s Junsu & Changmin + SJ’s Kyuhyun & Ryeowook)


[Credit: farahmicky]

I’m dying to listen to the songs! I want to hear JaeChun’s compositions (especially Jae’s) and I want to hear the collaboration between DBSK and Super Junior! I really curse this computer shop for having just a few headphones. T_T

Tell me what you think about the songs so at least I’ll know what to expect when I listen to them tomorrow. :D

By the way, Mirotic Ver. C will include the following:

40 paged photo jacket

Autograph messages from the members

Four new songs

Gawd, version C is so tempting! But I have to restrain myself from buying and wait for the other versions because if not, I’ll turn broke from buying all the versions. LOL.

I know a lot of people are excited to hear the new songs from DBSK’s 4th Korean album’s newest version (version C), which will be released this coming November 12. But before we spazz about the new compositions of Jae and Chun, let me increase your anticipation and excitement for version C’s release by posting up this one:


[Credit: yes24 + lolly88@ soompi]

Yes, the picture above will be the album cover of the Mirotic album’s version C. Cool, eh? I like the concept and the boys’ style. In contrast to the album covers of the first two versions, they are actually FULLY COVERED on this one. Hahaha. I actually like their look except for Yoochun. I think the turtleneck was too high, which is actually a pity since it’s covering his neckline and Yoochun has one of the nicest neckline I have ever seen. He should stop covering that and flaunt it more! LOL.

Anyway, I can’t wait for the release of this version of the album! I’m really tempted to preorder it now. But there are rumors that there will still be a version D and E so I also want to wait. Ah, what should I do? *sigh*

I knew this was coming! DBSK’s 4th Korean album “Mirotic” will have a repackaged version (version C) wherein the album will include four songs, two of which were written by the members (one by Yoochun and one by JaeJoong). Here’s the tracklist of the newest version of the 4th album:


01. Wrong Number

02. 사랑아 울지마 (Don’t Cry My Love / Sarangah Uljima) – Composition and Lyrics by Kim Jaejoong

03. 주문 (MIROTIC / Jumun)


05. HEY! (Don’t Bring Me Down)

06. 소원 (Wish / Sowon)

07. 넌 나의 노래 (You’re My Melody / Non Naui Norae)

08. 노을.. 바라보다 (Looking At The… Afterglow / Noeul… Paraboda)

09. 무지개 (Rainbow / Mujigae)

10. 사랑 안녕 사랑 (Love Bye/Hello Love / Sarang Annyeong Sarang) – Composition and Lyrics by Park Yoochun

11. 낙원 (Paradise / Nakwon)

12. 악녀 Are You Good Girl? (Angnyeo)

13. Flower Lady

14. Don’t Say Goodbye

15. 잊혀진 계절 (Forgotten Season / Ichyeojin Gyejol)

16. Love In The Ice

Credit: dnbn + ‘ ANITA@soompi

* The ones in BOLD are the four new songs.

Man, LSM sure knows how to make money and to make the fans go broke! Curse him! Why is he doing this to us? T_T

Anyway, I’ll think about it if I’ll buy the new version or if I’ll wait for some more time because SM might release another version which is better than this one (maybe the next version would include all the members’ compositions? LOL). BUT I DESPERATELY WANT MY OWN COPY OF JAEJOONG’S FIRST EVER SOLO COMPOSITION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! What do I do? I’m so torn between buying and waiting! T_T

For all those who are interested, the release of this version is said to be on NOVEMBER 12, 2008 (that’s in Korea but Yesasia will release it on November 14). Here are links of sites where you can preorder the repackaged version:

YesAsia: Dong Bang Shin Ki – Mirotic (Korea Ver. C)

DVDHeaven: Dong Bang Shin Ki – Mirotic Ver. C (without poster)

DVDHeaven: Dong Bang Shin Ki – Mirotic Ver. C (with poster)