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This is the blog post by one of the Toho dancers named Ko-san. I love the part where he said he loves DBSK so much (the ones in blue). So touching! :)

Tohoshinki+Toho dancers=Jjang!

Ko-san’s blog, Mentions the Lawsuit…with Love!

2009-08-31 01:01:40

End of summer


I’m so glad that it ended with us standing on this stage with the super awesome weather and no big injuries!
All the staff, all the fans,


and and

I was thinking of all the people who read this blog but couldn’t come today when I was dancing for Summer Dream.

Today we high-fived a lot! I was always looking at Tohoshinki while I was behind them dancing “stand by u” and my heart felt so excited and moved. Almost to the point where I thought that Gen-chan could see from a good place hahah! (A/N: he means that Gen-chan, probably one of the other backup dancers, had a good view of the performance even though he couldn’t see Tohoshinki’s faces.)

My fighting spirit also naturally raised.

And the last thing I really want to say today is
I love the staff, I LOVE them (Tohoshinki)
More than anything, this dancer (me), loves them.

I’m truly, completely happy to be able to stand on the stage together with them.

Up until now, there have been various things that have happened, but when we have a tour again, we will raise above those issues and give birth to our teamwork.

Their existence right now is something that can’t be traded for all the money in this world.


Summer’s ending and fall is starting huh?
I’m so happy that I was able to make such great memories.

Wellllllllll let’s start.
Dont stop!

Always we will be

A/N: Again, except for the first time he mentions Tohoshinki, he always mentions the boys as “they” (彼ら). People have asked why he doesn’t mention them by name and it’s like… it’s weird mentioning them by name all the time in Japanese? Everyone obviously knows he means Tohoshinki when he says “them” or “they.” It sounds more personal, more intimate, because there’s the implication that we all share the knowledge of who and what these people (DBSK) are.

Another thing is that what I translated as, “their existence can’t be traded for all the money in the world,” has my own spin put onto it. The more literal version would be something more like, “their current existence is something irreplacable.” Let me know if you think my version sounds too political & as if Ko-san’s like, trying to insert a subliminal message in there against SM (cus he’s not). LOL.

ALSO! All spelling mistakes (the ones in the wonky font/colored font) is by Ko-san who wrote them ORIGINALLY in English! Heheh I decided to keep it the way it was (the “appriciate” hehe) because I thought it was really cute. )

I LOVE, LOVE Ko-san so much. He says all the things I am SO sure the boys want to say, but can’t say because of the lawsuit. I love how much Ko-san loves and appreciates life, how much he LOVES and appreciates the boys. Ko-san I GIVE YOU A BIG FAT GIANT HEART!!!

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SM Entertainment, now I’m absolutely sure that you are guilty. You just keep on digging your own grave on this whole issue. Tsk.

SM Did Not Hand In ‘TVXQ Documents’

The Preservation of Evidence request that TVXQ’s YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu has not been followed through.The Seoul District accepted the three members’ request and asked their agency SM Entertainment to hand in all documents relevant to this trial. However, it has been found that SM has not hand in these documents even though the 20 days the Courts gave them expired on the 26th.

These documents are crucial as the Courts even stated at the first hearing on the 21st that they needed documents relevant to this trial to come to a decision. The Courts stated, “After going through all the documents that must be submitted by the 26th, the Courts will come to a decision three weeks later on September 11th.”

This is because these documents will determine whether SME’s claim that TVXQ earned 49.8 billion Won as well as their claim that SME earned 148.7 billion Won is true or not. This means that TVXQ’s income and output will all be revealed. Many fans have stated that the amount SME stated was TVXQ’s total earnings was very questionable. A lot of attention was focused on the trial as many believed they would be able to reveal and eliminate all monetary problems and rumors about the agency and the group.

But in truth, it is hard for SME to adhere to this request. If SME submits all documents including account books, receipts and transaction, all their expenses and true income will be revealed. The secrets that may be revealed include ‘company secrets’ that SME has developed over the years to debut singers.

One representative said, “We have already shown as much as we can for this trial. It is impossible for us to hand in all our documents relevant to this trial.”

Many fans have stated that the amount SME stated TVXQ earned was very questionable. They say that all the money from albums, events, CFs, photobooks, DVDs, and other services adds up to a staggering amount. Fans handed in a petition to the Human Rights Commission of Korea on the 28th stating that SME was violating the human rights of TVXQ with their exclusive contract.

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Obviously, SM Entertainment is hiding something and I hope this act of non-submission of documents by SM will  influence the decision of the court to the advantage of the JaeChunSu. I seriously pray that the court will decide in doing the right thing in this whole case because as early as now, we already know who the guilty party is.

I have one question, though. Is SM allowed to NOT submit the documents asked by the court? Shouldn’t the company be given some kind of punishment or penalty for not complying with the court order? Or better yet, the court should FORCE SM to submit the documents because after all, the request for Preservation of Evidence by JaeChunSu was APPROVED and no matter what happens, those documents should be handed down whether SM wants to or not because they are VERY ESSENTIAL to this case. Isn’t what SM did almost similar to non-compliance to the law? If teh court will just let SM do what it pleases, then what’s the sense of approving the request for the Preservation of Evidence by JaeChunSu, right? I hope the court would exercise the proper punishment/penalty on what SM did and not give them any form of special treatment.

Pictures of the boys from Osaka, the last stop of A-Nation 2009. Yoochun and JaeJoong are so cute on this pictures! I want to pinch Yoochun’s semi-chubby cheeks and JaeJoong is just too dorky for his own good. LOL. And it looks like these boys just love to draw, eh? They’re having “art lessons” again! Hahaha! :D



[Credit: dnbn]

It’s so sad that A-Nation is over. This will also mean that we won’t be seeing the boys together for some time. Their next group activity will be the Mirotic concert in Shanghai in October 2, 2009. I’m really gonna miss watching these boys together. T_T

… and he’s wearing a chicken costume! LOL!

This is a fancam of Yunho from the filming of “Heading to the Ground” where he had to wear a chicken costume. I’m not sure if he was really meant to dance “Sorry Sorry” for the drama or if he just felt like dancing it while waiting for the filming. Nevertheless, this really craked me up. Leader-sshi is so dorky! Hahaha! :D

[Credit: dirah9303]

It’s going to be the song for their 2nd Japanese CF. I think this is for Pinky Candy? Anyone can confirm? Anyway, it’s the chorus part and it’s LQ you can still hear it. It’s pretty nice but I think it’s not that fit for a candy commercial (if ever it is for Pinky). It’s too nice for a candy commercial. LOL.

[Credit: Eternalmerkamoon1]

OMG, the boys look GORGEOUS! So HOT in their all black clothes!

Dang, my JaeJoong is so freakin’ irresistible wearing that black leather jacket and staring (at me. LOL) with those beautiful eyes. Jae, saranghae! <333

I hope Yoochun’s fans won’t kill me for this but he looks like a girl in one of his pictures because of his pose. Go figure which picture I’m talking about. LOL.

Junsu’s pictures have “CHARISMA” written all over them. Enough said.

Changmin looks so innocent on these set of pictures but I hope he would smile more widely. His smile looks like he was only forced to do it. Hahaha!

I like Yunho’s pic holding his cellphone. His smile is so bright that it seems like he got a very interesting text message from some one special. :D

I’ve uploaded a zip folder containing all the pictures from What’s In Web magazine (these and the ones I posted before) as well as the templates for the interview translations. You can download the folder HERE.




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Yunho looks so cute on these pics! So innocent-looking! LOL. :)




[Credit: 한국어 그물 + Toink3@soompi]