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Found this one posted at Soompi. It’s a translation of the members’ date plans on Valentine’s Day and a  short description of each member. I’m not sure if this is a Korean magazine or a Japanese magazine but I’m assuming it is a Korean one since they mentioned about girls giving guys chocolates on Valentine’s Day. From what I know, they do that in Korea but I’m not sure if that is done in Japan, too. Please correct me if my assumption isn’t right.




Usually a surprise is always loved.

“Eventhough Valentine is a day when boys get chocolate from girls, but I really want to hang a lot of chocolate on a tree in a park to give her a surprise surprise!”

“I really want to see her surprised/happy face, by that I can be very glad as well.”

“Then it’s alright to send her a normal meal, I think it’s enough.”

“Valentine or Christmas, both are important. The most important thing is to spend them in great mood as a special day for both of us, and I want to make her feeling lot happier. Thus I want to make a perfect surprise.”

“The…. plan is secret”

“(By doing a surprise for her) I would like to then cherish the day together with her with strong feeling in the future.”

In Korea, the 5 members of TVXQ were used to live together.

But last year, it’s said that Yoochun had moved to a different place.

The reason is “The family who was in U.S finally came back to Korea, so I bought a house for us to live together.”

He’s a kind who cherishes his family more than anything, but also appreciates more to the relationship with other members and fans.

Regarding this, Yoochun said, “My girl should be a very nice person (so that she can respects his family and other members also).”

As the composer of “Kiss The Baby Sky” which was released on January 21st, and also is responsible as the arranger, he really shows a great talent.



When being asked “10 years later, which year’s memory is so far considered as the best memory?”, all members simultaneously answered, “2008!” with no doubt.

“In last year, everyday we’d been working so hard, being grown up, and since we went through each day with pressure, I really want to spend days with someone whom I love in usual/relaxing ways. Such as going to a restaurant without worrying to be noticed by people, eating delicious food in a place where we can view illuminations.”

“It’s nothing but just a date ‘to-do-with-happiness’.

I really want to spend days in good time like this with my gf.

If the time is enough, I also want to go to the sea… resting under the palm trees.

Do nothing but quiet… But I think it would take a lifetime to each moment (laughs)

Junsu is the mood maker of TVXQ. He can sing all of sudden during a shooting, and can’t stop his face from smiling.

He’s very polite, always appreciate the staffs, and says “thank you” to his manager.

Behind his cute face, there’s a deep feeling of a sweet boy hidden.



My Valentine’s day’s date is very very simple.

If I can spend that day with person whom I love, it’s already good enough.

I won’t ask anything from the girl I loved, if the two of you can be together in one day, it’s just perfect.

If I have time, I want to write her a song. For example, as the return for her chocolate, I will write a song that is sung only for her. I will sing in a capella, and if suddenly she asked “Why is no music?” I will answered, “Because it’s sung only for you.”

Because I love to give something to people, if a woman asked me to do something, if I can do it, then I will do.

“Instead of doing solo, it will be better if I can grow up together as Tohoshinki.” Yunho said.

In fact, when Jaejoong was shy at shooting time, he would talked first to him, and when the other members were too noisy, he would said “Please quiet!” … or just calling the others’ attention naturally.

Yunho is a kind of leader that will makes us saying “I will follow you!”

“I want to do more and more busier work!” he said in such passionate. He’s maybe a kind of husband in dream.

source: beyondyuchuntokyo + dnbn
japanese-kor trans: Tami
kor-eng trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

The date plans of the three members are sweet but my most favorite is Yunho’s date plan. It’s simple yet romantic. I’m sure any girl will be touched if ever he does that plan of his. :D

Can’t wait for JaeJoong and Changmin’s parts. I hope they’ll be translated soon. I want to know their date plans (especially Jae’s) so badly. Jae is creative and Changmin thinks in a “different-than-normal” kind of way so I’m excited to hear how they’ll go about their dates. LOL.

Soulmate couple went to guest on the show called M-On Music (did I get the title right?). Jae and Yoochun were so cute in this episode. Below are the YouTube links to this episode. The subs are on the sidebar.






JaeJoongie and his confidence at playing rock, paper, scissors is really making me laugh. This guy is really a show-off! He said he hasn’t lost any game of rock, paper, scissors in 10 years? Liar! LOL. He’s lost a lot of it as far as I can remember but maybe not as many defeats as Junsu. And he really is a sneaky guy, always trying to trick his opponent by saying “a man does a fist/rock first” and then turns out he won’t do a fist/rock. But look at what’s happening to him – he’s always losing whenever he does that trick! LOL. That’s what you get for being tricky, Jae! LOL.

Yoochun and his addiction to Detective Conan. Actually, I like that anime, too. I find it interesting just like CSI. And his eating expressions are just too hilarious! He’s been shown eating food often nowadays in video clips. Looks like he really enjoyed the ice cream since his expressions were priceless. LOL.

DBSK’s 4th Japanese album will be released this coming 25th of March entitled “The Secret Code”. On the same month, their 26th Japanese single entitled “Survivor” will also be released. The tracklist for the 4th Japanese album and the 26th Japanese single were posted by loveprincemax at Soompi. I think she got them from Changmin’s baidu bar. I’m not sure if these are the official tracklists but I’ll post them anyway.

4th Japanese album – THE SECRET CODE tracklist



26th Japanese Single – SURVIVOR tracklist


[Credit: as tagged + baidu]

*To our Bigeast friends who may be reading this blog, can you please confirm if these tracklists are real? Thanks! :D

If ever the tracklist of the 4th Japanese ablum is real, then it’s surely a great album. Imagine four out of the five (so far) songs of DBSK that reached number one on the Oricon Weekly Chart are included in the album. Can anything be any more amazing than that? Hahaha.

As for the 26th Japanese single called Survivor, I can’t actually comment on that as of now since I haven’t heard the preview yet. But I’m sure it’s going to be another great song and a big hit, too. =)


Bolero placed 1st on the Oricon Weekly Chart. This is the fifth CONSECUTIVE time that DBSK was able to get the top spot on Oricon Weekly. Again, they broke the record they themselves set the last time they were number one on the said chart for Mirotic.

Congrats to the boys for making it to the top spot again! :D They really are amazing for setting new records and breaking these records that they set at the same time. I’m so proud of them! =)

The TV appearance of the boys for Hey!Hey!Hey! was aired today. I actually looked for videos on YouTube of today’s episode but most of the videos were already removed. I guess it’s because of copyright issues. Japan’s quite strict when it comes to that matter.

Anyway, luckily I found the clip of JaeJoong playing the “hotdog peeling” game against the Obama look-alike and a girl named Kaela. Jae was the fastest of the three in peeling the hotdogs and so he was the winner. His expression while peeling them was kinda funny. He looked like he’s a pro in doing that. LOL. I guess him being a cook has something to do with that? Hahaha. And when he finally won, the members were so happy that it seemed like they won an award! :D By the way, I just noticed that the hug between Jae and Yunho lasted for quite a while (I can already hear YunJae fans screaming. LOL) and was that Yoochun who ate the hotdog? Were the hotdogs already cooked or are they still raw? *curious*

Well, go check out this video before it gets removed again. Sorry, no subs for this one.

EDIT: The videos with English subs are finally available. Check them out and Enjoy! :D

Part 1 (Talk)

Part 2 (Talk)

Sausage-peeling game

[Credit: purplefanatic91]

Even though his birthday is over, I still want to share this great fanvid created as a gift for his birthday. This was the one I was talking about on my birthday post for JaeJoong. Finally I found a link that actually works (well, at least if works for me at this very moment). Although I think you guys already saw this one, I still want to post it just because I like this clip very much. No matter how many times I watch it, it never fails to make me emotional. Check it out. :D

[Credit: jaeluvfied]

Here’s another clip of JaeJoong’s interview at FM Yokohama’s Himitsu Series. He’s the third one to do it, actually (first being Junsu and then Yoochun). I think they do this every year? Please correct me if I’m wrong. By the way, the clip includes English subs so yay for us! Hahaha. Enjoy!

[Credit: jaeluvfied]

Check this out! It’s  quite a funny and somewhat chaotic interview of the boys. They kept on teasing each other. Hahaha. And of course, the funniest part involves our birthday boy, JaeJoongie. Read on and have a good laugh. :D

[TRANS] DBSK on PINKY magazine: Counselor’s Office

Fan 1: I am also interested in the boy my best friend likes. We’re not dating, but we’ve been meeting up in secret and I feel guilty about it.

YH: Why Did I Fall In Love With You………..? (T/N: The title of their song, どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう 8D)

YC: Idiot~! Ahahaha!!!

JJ: *plainly* Men choose friendship over love!

YC: I’d give up on a girl if my best friend liked her, definitely.

JJ: I’d do something about it to make myself not fall in love with her. I’d look for all her bad points and give up.

PINKY: How about Junsu?


All: *burst out laughing*

JS: If I fell in love with her it would be a showdown! I would fight in order to obtain love.

YC: But isn’t love not something to do with who wins or who’s in the wrong?

JJ: That’s certainly true. For example, if I ended up falling in love with the girl Yoochun liked, I’d say, “Yoochun, I’m going to give up on her so you definitely have to give her happiness.” And then, if Yoochun broke up with her……I’d date her *laughs*! I’d say, “I’ll give you happiness in Yoochun’s place.”

CM: Huhhhh…*sighs* I’ve always thought this, but….if that person really was a best friend I was really close to, a BEST FRIEND (T/N: said in English), I would give up on her first.

JS: Changmin is really that type of guy!

PINKY: Everyone, have you had that kind of experience? Where you stole your friend’s girlfriend or something…Ah, you’re grinning!!

CM: Me?!?! No, not me! IT’S NOT ME!!

JS: No, there was, but he only realized after doing it…


CM: I’ve never told Junsu that……


CM: But he’s right…

JS: I know just by looking at your eyes…

YC: There was, there was something like that! The girl I liked had a boyfriend at first. When she broke up with him and was feeling really depressed, I started dating her myself!

YH: As for me, a long time ago, two months after I broke up with my girlfriend, my best friend started going out with her…

(The five members simultaneously start talking about their own stories)

PINKY: Um~ our reader’s problem…?

YH: I think it might be good for her to talk to her best friend honestly about what’s been going on. And I think she should confess to that guy about her feelings. If you like him that much, you should say so, after all. If not…it would be better for you to give up on him soon.

YC: He may not be the guy of your destiny.

Fan 2: My boyfriend was devoted to me at first, but recently he’s not been making any effort. How do I get him to go back to becoming the kind boyfriend he was when we first started dating?

JJ: IMAGE CHANGE! Even if it’s just the color of your hair it really changes a lot. And by doing so that really gets men interested.

CM: What if the girlfriend cheated on him?

All: OOOOOOOOOHH~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JS: It’s about giving your boyfriend a shock.

JJ: If your boyfriend doesn’t become kind to you even after you’ve gone that far, break up with him! It’d be good if by doing so, you became more and more beautiful.

JS: I understand this girl’s feelings a little, but I think it’s impossible for men to be able to perfectly satisfy women. I want her to understand that. I want all girls to understand that too, a little.

YH: If you keep on saying, “I want to see you, I want to see you,” men come to feel like running away. It’s a balance. When you’re dating aren’t there periods when you kind of want to be separated, when you want to come back together, all kinds? We give thoughts about us and our girlfriends serious consideration too. But men can’t say these things.

YC: I understand that!

Sasaki Nozomi, representative of the PINKY models: All of you who have been living together for so long, what is the trick to living well with someone who is not part of your family?

JJ: *points at a PINKY magazine* The same girl?! THE SAME GIRL?!?!

JS: You have to start by understanding everything, the best points and the worst points, of the person you’re staying with. If you have that, there’ll be no secrets between the two of you, and it’ll be easy for you to be together.

JJ: We’re lucky. Whether it’s the others’ personalities or their emotions we understand them very well, and the fact that the five of us have lived together for seven years, to be honest I think that’s a very difficult thing.

YC: But we each have our own private lives, don’t we?

JJ: Stuff like, “You absolutely cannot touch this.”

CM: Even if both parties don’t say anything, that’s something we understand.

JJ: On the contrary, right now, I think Tohoshinki would not be able to live separately. Everyone, you wouldn’t be able to, would you??

All: *nod*

Fan 3: I am completely unable to do so-called domestic chores, cooking, or anything a girl should be able to. Do men dislike girls like me?

JJ: You have to do them!

JS: It’s okay if you aren’t able to do them, but…

YH: It’d be a bigger plus if you did.

JJ: When you say you’re “unable”, do you mean you’re not good at it? Or is it that you just don’t do it?

JS: “I don’t want to do housework!” That’s no good.

JJ: Not good at all.

JS: If you’re still not good at it, or haven’t done it before, that’s completely okay.

CM: Please do it *laughs*.

PINKY: What would you all say to your girlfriends if they didn’t do the housework?

JJ: “Do a little hard work for me”, or “Give it a shot”. If I say that and she still doesn’t fix herself, it’d be the worst, I might even consider breaking up with her…

YH: I’d say, “I wanna eat this~”, or something with that kind of mood. “I really love motsunabe~♡” or something. (T/N: Motsunabe is hot pot with offal) This is just an example! I wouldn’t be able to say it firsthand.

YC: Anyway I think when you fall in love with someone, you naturally start to cook.

YH: If you meet someone you really love, your heart is moved.

Fan 4: I don’t have a good relationship with my parents. When I speak to them we do nothing but fight and I just can’t be obedient with them.

JJ: What if you drank sake with them?

JS: The most important thing is to create opportunities for you to talk.

All: *nod violently*

CM: But I think it’s all about your own intentions…

YC: You want to become obedient with them, don’t you? If you have that kind of heart, you’ll be alright.

YH: If you watch movies or play sports together, you’ll naturally be able to talk to them.

YC: A first date with your parents.

JJ: Night-time jogging or something.

All: *burst out laughing*

JJ: You naturally become able to talk while running.

CM: It might be good for you to live by yourself, be separated from them once. That’s one method. You will understand once you’re separated. That you have to treasure your parents after all.

Fan 5: My boyfriend is really a narcissist. He cares about nothing but his clothes and his hairstyle, and that’s really not manly.

All: *look at Jaejoong*

JJ: Caring about things like that…saying that’s not manly, isn’t that a little strange?? Aren’t there manly people who care about things like that??

PINKY: You’re rushing, aren’t you? *laughs*

JJ: I myself care about my clothes and stuff quite a lot…..

PINKY: You’re saying that caring about your clothes and not being a man are different things, right?

JJ: Right!!

JS: Huh……*sighs* Please break up with him…

YH: Please break up with him…

CM: Not being manly and being a narcissist have nothing to do with each other. If you really dislike that about him I’d want you to break up with him…

YC: If you really hate that part about him.

JJ: …But, that boyfriend might be strange………yeah.

PINKY: Why all of a sudden??

JJ: I thought about this question one more time….this guy is definitely a narcissist, who ISN’T manly. But there are QUITE a lot of narcissists who are!

PINKY: And who are you talking about here?!


All: *stare at Jaejoong for a short period again*

YC: This interview is fun.

JJ: That guy definitely, probably behaves like a girl, right?

JS: Because narcissism is an instinct to men, women have to accept this. Moreover that girl might have begun to date him based only on his appearance. You cannot date someone until getting to know his personality.

Fan 6: I was told by my parents that I have no sense of humour. What can I do in order to become someone who is called funny by others?

CM: Please follow Junsu’s example.

JS: There is one method. Whether it’s funny or not, you’re sort of telling a joke, right? Whether the person you’re telling it to laughs or doesn’t laugh…

YC: You yourself must ABSOLUTELY not laugh!

JS: Right! That way even if the other person doesn’t laugh, they won’t know you were trying to tell a joke.

PINKY: That’s an amazingly sneaky trick!!

JS: That is the point of comedy. That itself might be funny. But if you don’t laugh at that point, that is the end of everything!!

JJ: I am also bad at jokes……..

CM: I’m the same as well. I…am not very funny. So I don’t work hard to make people laugh.

All: You are funny! CHANGMIN!!

[Credit: pinkulemon@LJ]

I just knew that the members will pick on Jae on the “narcissist” question. They  all stared at him the moment the question was raised and they even advised the fan to BREAK-UP with his narcissistic boyfriend. Hahaha. Very supportive people. *please note the sarcasm* It’s funny how Jae suddenly became defensive and all after hearing the question and being stared at by his members. He even said that he is NOT a narcissist. Yeah, right! Whatever *rolls eyes at Jae* But to be fair to our dearest birthday boy, I’d have to say that he’s a “manly” kind of narcissist. And besides, it’s not bad to care about one’s appearance, right? There’s no rule that only girls should be vain. Guys are allowed to beautify themselves too, right? *c’mon, let’s just agree with Jae for now since it’s his birthday after all. LOL* :D