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110414 Choikang Changmin Says, “I Think It’ll Be Hard For A Woman Over The Age Of 30 To Have A Baby”

TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin has stated that, “I don’t want my wife to be over the age of 30 when I marry her.”

tvN’s ‘On Location Talk Show: Taxi’ will be airing the first episode of ‘NEW Taxi’ with TVXQ as their guest stars. The episode is set to show TVXQ’s Myeongdong outing that paralyzed the streets with fans, as well as the members’ open-minded feelings about dating and marriage, amongst other things.

U-Know Yunho drew the attention of many when he said, “If I were to start dating, I want it to be behind closed doors,” and “I want to get married by the time I’m 32.” Choikang Changmin, on the other hand, stated, “I don’t want my wife to be over the age of 30 when I marry her.” When asked why by MC Lee Young Ja, Choikang Changmin had everyone cracking up in laughter as he replied, “Because it’ll be hard for her to have a baby at that age.”

They are planning to openly talk about the difficulties they faced during their 2 year and 3 month absence from Kpop. TVXQ even visited MyeongDong and Eewa Women’s college and spent time with their fans there. There was even a fun challenge where U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin had to buy a present with just 10,000 KRW that would surprise and touch the hearts of their girlfriends.

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Is Changmin crushing on IU? :)

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110411 IU’s 3-Level Expression, Max Changmin Became Shy

Singer IU shows off a ‘3-level expression’ after her ‘3-level octave’, impressing TVXQ’s Max Changmin.

In the April 10 broadcast of SBS ‘Heroes’, the cast took wedding pictures with TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin.

During the broadcast, MC Noh Hong Chul asked Max Changmin before the actual wedding photoshoot, “Which Heroes member do you most want to complete this photoshoot with?” and upon hearing IU’s name, Changmin gave a surprised expression, sending a secret signal to Yunho at the same time. Although Changmin expressed that “I was only shocked (upon hearing her name)”, one could see his inner feelings when he exchanged glances with IU.

The cast and TVXQ had to look into each other’s eyes as part of the process of choosing their partners (for the photoshoot). Max Changmin was composed when he looked into the eyes of Seo In Young, Kahi and Shin Bong Sun, but shyly lowered his head in front of IU. IU sent a ‘3-level expression’ to Changmin using her bright eyes, causing Changmin to be unable to look her in the eye. He finally looked down shyly, arousing laughter from everyone.

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110318 MBC Discontent About TVXQ’s New Song Lyrics, ‘Know This (Before You Go)’ Underwent Lyrics Modification

TVXQ’s repackaged album title track ‘Know This (Before You Go)’ has been going through lyrics modification.

TVXQ released their repackaged album of ‘Why (Keep Your Head Down)’ on last March 16th, announcing a brand new title song ‘Know This (Before You Go)’. This album title track is out the SMP boundary, unlike their previous hit ‘Why’ as it’s highly influenced by R&B style.

However after the album release, the song was announced in MBC Radio with a slight different lyrics. The lyrics part “So stupid was I, an idiot who couldn’t even protect you” was modified by replacing word ‘idiot’ to be ‘like a fool’.

SM Entertainment side clarified the news to Newsen on the 18th, “According to MBC radio and TV standard, the lyrics is not appropriate, thus we changed word ‘idiot’ to ‘like a fool’.” Yet SBS and KBS passed the song without any problem.

Therefore TVXQ is expected to perform their new song ‘Know This (Before You Go)’ in MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ with the revised lyrics version, meanwhile for the rest KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ and SBS ‘Inkigayo’, the group will sing the original lyrics. TVXQ has finished the pre-recording of their debut performance of ‘Know This (Before You Go) original version at KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ on today the 18th.

As soon as ‘Know This (Before You Go)’ was out, the album went to top the album sales daily real time chart of Hanteo, showing the power of highly popular group TVXQ.

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110318 TVXQ, Beast In SBS’ “Welcome To The Show” Cast

“Welcome to the Show” is a new concept drama series re-enacting real scenarios. In actual fact, it is used to showcase the dazzling stories and incidents behind the scenes of the magnificent stages of SBS’ “Inkigayo”.

In this series, apart from Nickhun, Sulli, Seulong and IU, who will be playing the roles of the emcees in “Inkigayo”, there will also be behind-the-scenes stories of TVXQ, Beast, Lee Jung, ZE.A and many more other celebrities.

The concept in “Welcome to the Show” where singers are acting out a real-life scenario drama has gained much attention. In addition to that, “Welcome to the Show” has prepared varied and magnificent footages to be broadcasted, like behind-the-scenes footages from the start of the live broadcasting of “Inkigayo” in the morning until the end of broadcasting, how the live footages of “Inkigayo” are shot, how singers prepare for their live performances and backstage scenes in their dressing rooms.

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110314 TVXQ’s ‘Know This (Before You Go)’ to Debut Through MuBank On Coming March 18th

TVXQ’s repackaged album title song ‘Know This (Before You Go)’ is already alarming a high popularity.

Ever since the song was launched on March 14th, 00:00 at various music sites such as Melon, Dosirak, Bugs, and more, ‘Know This (Before You Go)’ currently has been showing a steep rise at those music sites’ charts.

‘Know This (Before You Go)’ is an orthodox ballad R&B song that emphasizes mostly to the voices of two members U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin, the overall song arrangement was composed in a simple manner to highlight the vocals.

The song has a unique melody in which vocal is not merely moving in conform to the rhythm but sometimes it leads the rhythm movement, such as at one point the vocal melody took the 8 beats, then it switched to 32 beats, this vocal development successfully gives a different feel to the rhythm.

Previously on March 11th the music video trailer of ‘Know This (Before You Go)’ that was made in cinematic format has also attracted many fans’ attention.

Meanwhile, TVXQ will present their comeback stage featuring the new song ‘Know This (Before You Go)’ on the afternoon broadcast of KBS2 ‘Music Bank’ on March 18th.