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Many people left comments on my post about SM Town’s concert in Bangkok a few months ago. Many were asking me for more information. As promised, here I am with some more info that I hope this would help those people who are anticipating this concert just like me. =)

Where: Rajamangala National Stadium

When: November 29, 2008

Time: 17:00 – 22:00pm (5pm-10pm)

Ticket Prices: 800. 1500, 2500, 3500, and 4500 Baht

[Credit: Pingbook Entertainment + nuch1291@Soompi]

I really want to watch this concert! I really do hope that I’ll be able to catch this one. Anybody there who can give me an advice on how to TOTALLY convince my parents to let me go? Hahaha. :D

By the way, for Thai fans out there you can check out SMTOWN LIVE ’08 in BANGKOK’s website for more information and if you’re kind enough, can you tell me if there are some new info on the site? I can’t read and understand Thai language so it’s no use trying to get info from there. =( I really hope someone can update me (err, us – including all those who doesn’t understand Thai). Thanks! :D


Ok, the original title of this article I got from is “TVXQ banned in Japan?”. But I think that title is ridiculous and too exaggerated because they aren’t actually banned in Japan (for goodness sake, Japanese people love them that’s why they were able to make Oricon Charts history!). I guess it is to make the article more intriguing (well, I honestly think the topic of the article is really intriguing). Anyway, I thought of a more appropriate title fot this because I refuse to use that title. Mine isn’t any better but at least it’s a bit more on topic. =) Here’s the article from

According to S-San’s Blog (a Japanese staff member for TVXQ/Tohoshinki/DBSK) the rumor that TVXQ has been blocked from Music Station was confirmed. On his blog he wondered why TVXQ was on Music Station’s #1 list this week, yet weren’t invited to perform. Music Station is a highly popular music show in Japan, similar to MTV’s TRL here in the states.

Rumors and conspiracy theories were created when TVXQ received many #1’s on both the Oricon Daily and Weekly charts, yet weren’t invited to the Music Station show. Almost every other artist who were in the top 10 let alone the artists who’ve reached #1 were invited to perform. Many people believe the reason for this is because Johnny’s Entertainment has a secret pact with Music Station. Some people think that TVXQ poses a threat to Johnny’s therefore the non-invites.

This is an unfortunate situation, but at the same time if the situations were reversed – I could see Korea doing the same thing to a Japanese artist. (thanks to Melissa & Sandra for the tip)

There’s only one thing I can say on this issue: IT’S MUSIC STATION’S LOSS AND NOT TVXQ. They’re actually foregoing a chance of guesting such talented artists on their show. Although it is a popular program in Japan, TVXQ was able to survive even without its help. THEY BECAME SUCCESSFUL AND POPULAR IN JAPAN EVEN WITHOUT GUESTING ON THAT PROGRAM. So I really think it’s Music Station’s loss. I also think that sooner or later, Japanese fans will begin to ask them why the boys aren’t guesting on the show despite their achievements in Japan. Good luck to them in devising reasons to appease those fans. ;p And IF ever the secret pact between Music Station and JE is indeed true, then sucks for both of them. Is TVXQ really that scary? Well, can’t blame JE because TVXQ is really a force to be reckoned with. :D

EDIT: I found a translation of S-San’s original blog entry from this site. Here’s the translation:

Brief summary/translation of his post:
He hasn’t written in a while. It’s been really hot in Japan and he’s been thinking about various things when working.

The boys wonderfully reached #1 in the weekly singles chart with the fans’ strong support.

Also the members are really happy, and their self-confidence has been boosted.

The TV-promotion continues busy this week. They’re being in more shows than ever before this time, they’re for the first time in 「THE M」 and 「CDTV」

T/N: I translated this part sentence-for-sentence because I think this is what interests people:

There’s a certain really popular program where the boys haven’t been able to appear since they’ve [the program] been rejecting any interest the [Avex] promotion-team’s been showing that way.

The promoter in charge has been fighting hard and will keep trying. The boys have reached #1 in this program’s ranking, but when it comes to the offer about guesting in the show and a performance…Even after three weekly #1s, there’s nothing from that direction.There hasn’t really been any kind of an explanation offered about the issue either, but the team will keep working hard for an appearance in that show!

But if it continues like this and the inquiries keep coming from the viewers as well, how can a music program explain this kind of behaviour?

T/N: Here we go for the record store-issue:

Of course the promotion-team is striving for the best possible set-up in the stores (but obviously, so are all of the other artists’ promotors as well).
It depends on every store (chain) where they put the releases; and some of the stores have the Tohoshinki in the “Foreign acts” -section instead of “Jpop”.

The store’s bought the CDs so naturally they can advertise it how they want to and how they think it will sell the best.

They’ve been trying to have some type of an agreement on this, but especially now when they changed the release date for “Kimisuki” in such a short notice, it became even harder to get the majority of the shops to put the single in the Jpop-section instead of Foreign acts.

It’s better when you have time to talk to the stores way before the release and assure things, because all the things are mostly decided abour 6 months before the release already. So a date-change doesn’t make things easier at all.

So they had to cancel the space reserved for the CDs in the stores for the original release week, and ask for another setting for the new week.

Of course that messes up the stores’ plans and they have to be quick and get a Plan B up. And most of them decided to give the maximum exposure by putting Kimisuki in the foreign-shelves.

-more stuff about the Jpop- and world-corners in the shops-
Tohoshinki will continue releasing Jpop (with good results).

They hope that the fans will understand the managing team and the stores’ policies. The team will keep working and he believes that the sales will do well during the next few weeks.

He apologizes for the long entry, but thinks that it will be useful for the people interested in the music industry in general.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Source: S-Diary –
Blog entry dated: July 24, 2008 12:41:30
Translation Credits: aleyna @ JpopMusic Forums

Since I can’t seem to sleep tonight, I decided to check some videos in YouTube and I found these videos at ichigotvxq88‘s channel. I think they’re newly uploaded videos since I haven’t seen them a while ago (unless I missed out on them). Anyway, these are the performances of DBSK at Music Fair 21 of their latest single Doushite… and Summer Dream, which is one of their past singles that also made it to the Oricon Charts.


The boys started a little shaky and awkward again just like during their Music Japan performance but they pulled it off towards the middle and end parts. I think they’ve slightly improved on this one especially Yoochun, whose performance in Music Japan was a bit different than normal. I also have to say that they’re expressions while singing in this performance were priceless. Seeing their faces is pure <3. They don’t look that tired anymore compared to their Music Japan performance. I mean, they are still tired (obviously) but there is a certain calmness painted on their faces. They’re facial expressions towards the end especially when they were shown individually was really striking and moving. Plus, the magnificent stage effects, the blinding light behind their back, made the performance more beautiful. They looked like heavenly creatures singing a sad and emotion-filled song. Really, this performance is a must-watch.


I love this performance not only because Summer Dream is one of my favorite Japanese upbeat song by DBSK but also because everytime they sing this song, it looks like they are having so much fun. Again, credit to who ever arranged the stage because it’s really beautiful and fitting for the boys. I like the dance steps for this song, very simple yet lively. They look like little kids happily playing in a playground. I also love the smiles on their faces while singing. Any performance of them with genuine smiles on their faces will always be beautiful and worth watching to me. It’s just a pity that they did not do the ‘follow-Junsu’s-moves’ part towards the end. I was eagerly waiting for them to do that just like during their T concert. Nevertheless, such a fun performance. =)

[Credit: lovelyent + ichigotvxq88@Youtube]

Here’s a video (actually, it’s an audio) of JaeJoong, Yoochun, and Yunho guesting on the radio show “Starry Night” which was subbed and uploaded on YouTube by mickytoho. It’s about the UNICEF auction project where different artists donated some of their personal items to be auctioned by the fans. The stars set a price for each item and whoever (fan) gets the right price set by them will get the item. All proceeds will go to UNICEF. The items donated by the DBSK members are as follows: JaeJoong – ring, Yoochun – postcard, Yunho – sunglasses, Changmin – cap, and Junsu- necklace. Changmin and Junsu aren’t on this video since I think they guested on a separate date.

[The bonus at the last part of the video was from A-Nation. :D]

LOL at Yunho’s answer when asked about their present condition. Is there such thing as a “pure” condition? :D

I think the host’s question of “Are DBSK members close friends for real?” is such a stupid question to ask. Isn’t it obvious that they’re close? I mean they even treat each other as blood brothers, for goodness sake! His question is somehow giving me an impression that some people regard their closeness as fake (but well, that’s just me). I think there’s no need to ask that question anymore. The close bond that they share is proof enough. =)

Changmin, the secretive and mysterious DBSK member. Hahaha! I was laughing at their statements about him. Poor Minnie. His hyungs are at it again. And Yunho’s reaction was so funny when the host told Changmin to call and say something about the topic. Scared, much? LOL. I wonder if these three didn’t get “it” from Changmin when they got home after the program. :p

“Money is deadly even among the members”. What a statement by JaeJoong! Now we know what issue would rattle the members. Hahaha. Just kidding! :D But seriously, DBSK’s personal fear is money? o_0 I never thought anyone would fear money. And LOL at Yoochun for saying on air that Junsu haven’t given back the money he borrowed three months ago! =D Junsu, Junsu, Junsu… Yoochun’s already hinting for you to give back what you borrowed! Hahaha.

The boys’ greatest public fear (as the host would like to put it) right now is their upcoming 4th album. I can somehow sense their apprehensions about their comeback since they were on hiatus in Korea for about 2 years. But really, I think they shouldn’t be afraid because Cassiopeia and their international fans are behind them all the way. I mean, are the 200,000 pre-orders for their fourth album and the overwhelming support of Cassiopeia during the concerts they have participated in Korea recently still not enough assurance that they’re still well loved by the Korean audience? Really, no need to fear because DBSK will always be DBSK no matter how many groups come out in the Kpop scene. Nobody can match what the Rising Gods of the East can do. So to DBSK, don’t worry. We have your backs covered. :D

Awww… the part where JaeJoong said that he can’t eat by himself because he’ll just cry was so sad. It’s very rare for JaeJoong to actually say in public that he cries every now and then because of something. We all know what he had gone through before he became part of DBSK and I really feel for him. It must have been really hard for him to live alone. T_T At least now he has the members to accompany him and be his second family. I just really hope he’ll never feel lonely and alone ever again. In fact, I hope that the love from his fans is somehow making him forget all those sad memories he had in the past. JaeJoong, fighting! =)

And lastly, about the items they donated… I WANT JAEJOONG’S RING! I REALLY, REALLY WANT IT. I mean, it’s the genuine thing, the one worn by JaeJoong and not just an imitation like those available in Yesasia. But as if I can get it. I mean it’s possible but I’d have to go through a lot before I get it. :( On Yoochun’s item, I guess he really wants that postcard. He’s even thinking of taking it back! Hahaha! Such a dork. :D And Yunho and his socks! LOL. Maybe even if ever I’m a die hard fan of Yunho, I would not want to buy the socks that he used the day before especially when he said that it doesn’t smell good. Er, at least put it in the laundry first? =) But well, that’s not the item he donated so I guess it’s ok. I wonder how the sunglasses look like. I’m quite not good at picturing descriptions so I didn’t get it when they described it. Hehehe.

Oh, I almost forgot to say that JaeJoong left me laughing my heart out when he said “I love you” after the host asked them to say a ‘word’ to their fans. LOL. His “adorkable” side just really leaves me dying of laughter everytime. But anyway, all I can say is “I love you too, JaeJoong oppa!”. <333 :D

DBSK guested on Music Japan and performed their latest single どうして君を好きになつてしまつたんだろう?. The episode aired yesterday but it was pre-recorded weeks/days ago. Here’s the video of said episode:

080724 Music Japan: Talk + どうして君を好きになつてしまつたんだろう? performance (YT link)

080724 Music Japan: Talk + どうして君を好きになつてしまつたんだろう? performance (DNBN link)

I provided the DNBN link along with the YouTube link so that just in case the video gets removed  on YouTube, you can still view it at DNBN. Just making sure.

It isn’t subbed yet so I really don’t understand what they were talking about with the host. I edited the YouTube link and got the subbed version already. =) I just have to say that the guys look good in white. I think that’s the same outfit they wore on the PV, am I right? And Yoochun’s pants made laugh. That guy is really into slightly cropped/rolled-up pants nowadays. LOL.

About their performance… It was good! It’s true that they started a bit shaky especially JaeJoong and Changmin and they sounded tired (especially JaeJoong and Junsu who sounded a bit hoarse) but considering how hard it is to sing the song and they’re still neophytes in singing with that kind of style, I really think they did good. At some point of the song, I can’t even distinguish if its live or it’s the CD version since it somewhat sounded the same. If that’s the case, I think that’s a good thing because that means they’re slowly getting used to that style. Maybe with some more performances and a good amount of practice, they’ll soon sing it flawlessly. I also have to commend JaeJoong for a job well done. Man, he nailed all the high notes on this performance! I have a weakness for singers who can hit high notes so this only made me love him more. <3 Plus, the boys sang with so much emotions which gave justice to the song. I like how they try to inject as much emotion as they can in singing it and how they tried to absorb and take in the meaning of the song’s every line. I think this is one of the things that sets them apart from other groups. In my opinion, only DBSK can move and affect audiences this much just by doing a single performance. So as a whole, I think the performance wasn’t one of their bests so far but it’s definitely beautiful. I don’t mind watching it a couple of times again. =)

To make this post a little more sensible and worth reading, here’s DBSK’s interview with Ray Magazine about their newest single どうして君を好きになつてしまつたんだろう?. Credit goes to for the news and translations.

Before I finally go offline for the day and continue reviewing for my economics test for tomorrow, I’ll do one final update. This is a Yunho focused fancam taken today during their Zoom in Super Stage appearance. I think this is the first time they actually sang どうして君を好きになつてしまつたんだろう? live in Japan (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong). This fancam isn’t their actual performance but rather one of their rehearsals in front of the audience before their actual performance. To be honest, it didn’t quite sound good to me. I think the boys were a bit off-key and Changmin even forgot the lyrics when it was his turn to sing. Their voices didn’t sound so good and personally, I could detect just from merely listening to their voices that they’re really tired. But well, that’s just me. Here’s the video uploaded by ichigotvxq88 and judge it yourself:

One more thing I noticed not only in this video but also from recent pictures and fancams that Yunho has been, I don’t know, pissed off maybe? It seems to me that he’s been quite disturbed lately.  It’s so evident in this fancam and even on his pictures during the KBS concert, which I found but opted not to post. I really don’t know what happened to him/them but I can feel that something’s bothering him/them. But then again, that could only be my gut feel. Anyway, I just hope that if there really is something bothering them, they would be able to deal with it and solve it soon. It’s really getting worrisome to see the boys especially the usually calm Yunho looking so disturbed and it somehow affects their performance.

Good luck to the boys’ succeeding performances of どうして君を好きになつてしまつたんだろう? in Japan. I hope they’ll be in their proper element the next time around. I know they can do better than that! Afterall, they’re DBSK, right? :D

Finally, the long wait is over. The result of the Oricon Weekly Chart is finally out and guess what?! The boys are number 1! Yay! They finally made history in Japan by being the first non-Japanese group to have reached the number 1 spot of the Oricon Weekly Chart three times. They obtained the highest sales among all those who released a single the past week. A big congratulations to the boys! I just knew they would be able to make it especially considering how beautiful their song “Why have I fallen in love with you” is. And take note, they haven’t done any official promotions for the single since they were in Korea during its release but still, they made it to the top spot! They’re just about to begin their promotions the coming days so I’m sure their single sales will still go up. This is another remarkable achievement for them and I’m sure their happiness is inexplicable as of the moment. Their many years of hardwork in Japan finally paid of. The Dong Bang boys are continuously breaking and making records both in Korea and Japan. I just hope they’ll make more history and break more records in the future, not only in Korea and Japan but in Asia as a whole.


U-Know Yunho, fighting! :D

Choikang Changmin, fighting! :D

Youngwoong JaeJoong, fighting! :D

Micky Yoochun, fighting! :D

Xiah Junsu, fighting! :D

We, your fans, are so proud of you! =)

EDIT: Here’s the news from Oricon’s site. It’s in Japanese and nobody translated it yet but I just want to post a proof (although its not necessary, really). =)

Ok, mkalis12 at Soompi posted a translation so here it is:

The five member idol group Tohoshinki’s third single- Doumini coopere kimi wo suki ni natte shimatandarou- sold 68,000 copies in its first week. This is Tohoshinki’s third consecutive #1 single on the weekly charts, making them the first group to achieve this.
Tohoshinki’s singles- Purple Line (1/28) and Beautiful You (5/5) and lastly Doumini coopere kimi wo suki ni natte shimatandarou attained 1st place on the weekly charts. They are the first foreign group to achieve this feat. The last two groups who held the record were Ame no gyodo(?- sorry, not a native speaker) in 1971/72 and Ravisu Ova in 1984 whom each had two consecutive #1 weekly singles.
Tohoshinki, the male idol group, debuted in February 2004. The five members are Yunho, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Changmin, and Junsu. They debuted in Japan in April 2005 with their single, Stay with me Tonight.